Here Come the Designer Fascists: The Perception Managers’ Last Hurrah



Rumors that Hillary Clinton is tied to a child trafficking pedophile ring that practices Satanic rituals based on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion? Say what?

Some bullet points to set the scene–because time is always against us.

John David Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

His brother Tony Podesta has lobbied for a variety of groups, including Bank of America and BP, and managed political campaigns for Ted Kennedy, George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, and Bill Clinton. He is closely connected with the Barack Obama White House and has repeatedly been named one of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists and fundraisers.

On November 4th, 2016, The Washington Post runs an article titled: “No, John Podesta didn’t drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner.” Yes, really. So why did John Podesta have to deny drinking bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner? Because of emails recently released by Wikileaks that mention “spirit cooking,” allegedly referring to an art project by Marina Abramovic inspired by a Thelemic ritual designed by Aleister Crowley (no citation needed). The ritual allegedly entails the consumption of blood, breast milk, urine and semen.

Rumors began to fly that Hillary was part of a satanic circle and that certain emails between her and Podesta were using words like “pizza” as code for child sex trafficking. This was also debunked (or should that be “debunked”?) in a similar “ha ha isn’t it hilarious what these silly conspiratards believe about our next president?” way, by the Daily Beast (who ought to know better, seeing as how in the past it has run stories on Jimmy Savile and UK pedophile rings within government ; but anyhow).

Most of the Daily Beast’s article’s dismissal (besides relying on mockery) comes down to the fact that the evidence is cited at a pro-Trump group and is therefore invalid. It even has for its closing line: ‘Earlier this year, r/The_Donald had potential moderator applicants fill out a questionnaire that included the questions: “Is white supremacy different than white nationalism?” and “Was 9/11 an inside job?”’

How crazy is that, right?

I want to keep commentary to the minimum, but hypothetically, if the perception managers or “spin doctors” behind this Grand Election Theater knew ahead of time that these Wikileaks emails would come out (or if they arranged it), they would also be capable of ensuring that they first got disseminated by hateful Trump-lovers at (that nasty no-go zone), reddit, as a guaranteed way to discredit the information before it could do too much damage. That, and claim Wikileaks is working for the Red Menace Putin whose Grand Master Plan is to get their man Trump into the Oval office and destroy democracy from the inside–or something like that (shades of 1950s red scare/alien menace). (Assange has his own response to that.)

Either way, the information is dead in the water; like blood that turns red the moment it hits oxygen, it is compromised in the same moment it is revealed: not buried (in the end-times, corpses tend to rise from the dead) but forever tainted.

For those who still believe information can be evaluated independently of the ideology of whoever shared it (I know, radical, right?), here it is anyway (and no, I am not advocating Trump-ism or white supremacy, nor out to tear down Hillary because she’s a Woman!):

Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge, was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of who were not even orphans and had families.

Hillary Clinton has a long history with Silsby. Wikileaks emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Silsby’s NGO. Silsby had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.

Here are the sources provided by the reddit thread: 

Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:

The evil reddit Trumplings inform us that one of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Silsby out of trouble: (PDF)

And that the attorney who represented Laura Silsby was convicted as a sex trafficker:…/323249_-os-haiti-us-legal-adviser-t…

They also claim to have uncovered an email in Wikileaks discussing the costs of transporting children. Judge for yourself (but be careful, linger too long and you might turn into a Trumpkin):

(This was the same group, we are told, that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to traffic kids.)

Some more Clinton emails linked in the reddit thread:


I confess that I didn’t follow up all these links, mostly because I don’t have any difficulty believing Hillary Clinton (or John Podesta, or Donald Trump) could be linked to the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, or, for that matter, to Satanic rituals. In fact, at this point, I’d have a much harder time believing they weren’t; but that’s only because I have sent several years doing my own research into UK elite culture after the Jimmy Savile revelations pointed to where some of the bodies might be buried, and are still being buried. So you could say I am a biased witness.

But there are only so many hours in the day, and (full disclosure) my primary personal interest in finding and sharing the dirt on Hillary is because there are people I care about who have somehow managed to convince themselves that the lesser of two evils = good. Such an extreme level of disconnection from reality is distressing for me, so, rather than simply write off these people as lost souls, I have chosen (I like to think it’s a choice) to try and alert them to a few of these unpalatable truths about the Political System as it is (and probably always has been), such as child trafficking, organized abuse, and weird blood-drinking rituals among the shadowy cultural elite. Besides that, this is all a rich and riveting opportunity to map the machinery of perception management in action. What serious cultural commentator (or liminalist) could resist such a lure?

Returning to the revelation timeline: at the parapolitical forum with a sometimes-emphasis on exposing pedophile rings, Rigorous Intuition, long-time poster Fourth Base starts a thread called “What’s Happening” based on Wikileaks revelations, including the relationship between Donald Trump’s uncle and Nikola Tesla. Things go from freaky to creepy when Fourth Base starts to dig around in Tony Podesta’s art collection. This is unrelated to Wikileaks or reddit or, yes, Donald Trump (except so far as he moves in the same circles as Hilary & Tony). But it is related to Hillary because, well, she and the Podestas are party pals (pun intended), and Hillary and Bill are currently being implicated in some pretty sick parties. Ready?

It starts with this article, the first paragraph of which mentions “relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic” in Tony Podesta’s collection. To let Fourth Base’s words speak for themselves:

I cannot imagine that, given the hurricane of googling the last few days about Tony Podesta and pizza and art, that people didn’t immediately cross-google the very first artist mentioned in the very first paragraph. But, you never know, so…

Anyway, holy motherfucking SHIT, right?

Spirit Cooking plus Biljana Djurdjevic = YEP, right?

Djurdjevic’s artwork:

biljana-djurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey-3 biljana-djurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey-24 biljana-djurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey-6

4dummies a86ac2f01104990c2e4e81e83891c29e biljana-djurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey-20

There’s more.

Fourth Base again:

The one piece of art that Tony Podesta never, ever puts away when he rotates his collection? “The Arch of Hysteria” by Louise Bourgeois. I’m not sure whether it warrants a trigger warning. So, I will just post the link.

The link went to this:


Urm. But, hey, it’s just art, right? Wrong again. Culture and crime are contextually interwoven in ways the average person can only have nightmares about, and then forget.

Fourth Base followed up a few hours later with some more brain-twisting & stomach churning connections:

Trigger warning, again.

(Body of Dahmer victim shown, you’ll see why.)

Picture that grin.


All this is about context. This ^^^ is the culture in which these individuals move. So when there are suggestions of involvement in child trafficking and sexual abuse and blood rituals, all of this art and cooking and stuff becomes as relevant as Patrick Bateman’s doodles at work would be in his murder trial–if one ever happened. Was it all in his imagination (just art, right, Brett?) It might seem so until people start showing up dead; kind of like they do around the Clintons. Hmmm. But anyway, best not to think about that. . .

Fourth Base again:

But that’s not the kicker there, of course.

The Podestas’interest in Katy Grannan photos is.

The ones of the naked teenagers, he means. No images online that I could find here. I guess maybe that’s because they’re illegal? Art and crime, oh yeah, it’s a continuum. I went and forgot again.

At this point, ladies & gentlemen of the jury, we have motive, means, and opportunity. But yeah, it’s all circumstantial, don’t worry about it. It’s all a ploy to get you not to vote against THE MONSTER. To suppress the Shadow, no matter the cost. Fear of fascism ensures the emergence of fascism. Or something worse than…

As I said, my interest here isn’t in discouraging anyone from voting for Hillary. Those people (they do not read my blog) who are so deeply paralyzed by the (carefully orchestrated to be) terrifying specter of Donald Trump looming on their democratic horizon, they are going to vote for Hillary NO MATTER WHAT. And anyway, as my readers and listeners already know, I don’t believe (and never have believed) that votes have anything to do with who is going to be the next president, or that who is the next president has anything to do with what sort of changes are coming, to the US and the world: the neoliberal lockstep: or what I once (at age 20) called the designer fascists. Well folks, here they come.

No, my interest is rather in drawing people’s attention to the masterful and macabre underpinnings of the World Sorcery Theater, in the hope that our attention might move, however minutely and slowly, away from the sleazy spectacle out there, and back to the far-from-cathartic responses being triggered within the nervous system of each and every one of us (at least insofar as we are socialized humans, subject to our perceptions being managed, even when we aren’t looking at the stage). Because, yes, much as it pains me to say it, and to know it, we are all in this together.

The thing is, whether I believe the theater of accusations of Satanic parties, or whether I believe the theater of mockery and denials, either way I feel like I am being duped. Why? Because the information is being disseminated as part of a conscious strategy on the part of masters of perception, and these masters know exactly how to prevent the truth from setting us free, how to use the truth as a weapon against us.

James Shelby Downard talked about the revelation of the method. It’s been a while since I read (or gave much thought to) Downard’s ideas, but I recently summed up the ROM to a fellow writer, as follows: One way to shut down people’s consciousness is to awaken in it in such a way that there will be a corresponding reaction against what’s revealed, so consciousness shuts down even more tightly than before the revelation.

This is something to be aware of. The social engineers and perception managers–the designer fascists–are like master chess players playing against opponents (us) who they have taught to play, and who they have caused to forget we were ever taught these moves. They have taught us specific moves that will ensure we always undermine our own efforts to succeed (that we never allow the truth to free us), each and every time we use these methods. So our perception managers know every move which we–their amnesiac students and now “opponents”–will make; and they know exactly what move to play in order to illicit a given reaction from us. To them, it is child’s play to herd us into the beliefs, values, perceptions and behaviors that will further extend their control over us. To them that have, will be given still more; to them that have not, even the little we have will be taken from us.

The only move our perception managers cannot counter is a movement away from the board; because of course, the game is only a distraction designed to keep us focused on their moves in such a way that we will never see what they are actually doing. They create our reality; and by the time we are beginning to understand it, they have already prepared a whole new layer to lure us into, even as we are reacting to the old one. And so it goes, interminably deeper into the dream-nightmare of history.

This ain’t no party. It’s indefinitely sustained liminality in which the ceremony masters are leading us deeper and deeper into confusion, pain, and endless despair. And yet. There’s only one way they can continue to lead us, only one way, and that’s by holding our attention. The moment we withdraw our attention, they have nothing at all. They have gone from chess masters to lonely solitaire masturbaters.

Withdrawing attention is as easy as turning off your TV. OK, it’s not quite that easy. (Just try it.) But it’s probably not that much harder than deactivating your Facebook account. Just try it.



I wrote this last night (Nov 5th). This morning I found this pic posted at a couple of threads I was following on Facebook (oh, the irony!):


Tom Delonge, John Podesta, Peter Levenda and A.J. Hartley (photo taken before WikiLeaks)


Those who follow this blog know I had a run-in with Levenda recently about the possibility of Crowley’s involvement with ritualistic abuse of children as part of a larger ongoing network of same. The photo of Levenda next to Podesta was taken twenty days ago, before Podesta’s possible involvement in said rituals was made public via Wikileaks. Ostensibly, the reason for Levenda’s posing next to Podesta in the above pic is that Levenda is part of a team of official UFO perception managers, cough, disclosure agents, along with the above gents. Podesta is promoting Ufology!

Interesting to recall how, the last time I got into a long email argument with Levenda, I was working on Prisoner of Infinity & suggested to him that alien abduction experiences might not be what they seem, might not have any relation to ETs or nonhuman beings, at all. As I remember, Levenda got quite indignant about the idea.

At the thread where the image was shared, people were expressing their newfound deep suspicions about Levenda. Someone cited my recent exchange with Levenda.

I got up feeling a bit stunned. The first thing I saw was a mess of feathers on the living room and kitchen floor.

The cat, whose name is Tuco, had caught his first bird.

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77 thoughts on “Here Come the Designer Fascists: The Perception Managers’ Last Hurrah

  1. It frankly baffles me how anyone who is paying attention can even think there’s a equivalence, let alone believing Hillary is the lesser evil. I’m glad you picked up on this. This is potentially a far bigger deal than Saville ever was. The British establishment are old hands at deflecting this sort of scandal the good guy to bad guy ration is in favour of the bad. They simply closed ranks and fed us a bunch of celebrities. Americans still have a vestige of Christian morality in their collective psyche and may feed us some much bigger fish.

      • I was referring to Hillary being viewed as the lesser of two evils. I don’t know of any evidence to suggest that Trump is any more than an astute business man who at worst played dirty in business. If he has hurt anyone I’d wager it was their pockets and egos. He has either been meticulous at cleaning up any messy stuff or he’s relatively clean.

  2. Draw all blames into oneself, said the Buddha.

    It’s okay to react with revulsion and horror to apocalyptic revelations. It’s okay to lose your head, get down on your knees and pray to God, or collect grotesque images as “art”. As long as you keep in mind that only nitwits believe in politics, it is the only living theatre available to us at this moment.

    The only thing that is no longer permissible is living in denial. So relax and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to experience the full spectrum of human …. (fill in the missing word)

  3. This alternative news item came out recently about how the Podesta emails may have been hacked by ufo conspiracy theorists:

    If you search that same site it has lots of articles about Hillary dirty dealings in Haiti. A lot of good tame middle class Americans are voting for her because they can’t make the conceptual leap outside of the establishment. I’m voting for the Green Party which may be stupid but I just can’t vote for the Democrats anymore, they are merely corrupt corporate party #2.

    Re the art I find it ridiculous that WAPO is acting as apologist for art that would offend its conservatism in any other context. I don’t trust anyone who says something is just art, it always means
    something even if it’s unconscious. That arched body in addition to the grotesque rigor mortis connection also reminds me of end stage malaria when the body arches like that as the brain dies:

    The spirit cooking reminds me of some practices in Tantra, which has a dark as well as light side being an enormous body of religion and magic spanning many millenia. There have always been those rulers in the east who have tried to use it for power, which to my sensibilities is always a suspect goal. What’s to stop the modern crowd of despotic folks from doing the same?

    • PS I decided I could never vote for Hillary when I read the damning evidence on that same site OpEdNews about the real state department objectives for turning Livya into a hellhole of anarchy. They had the best irrigation system in Africa and wanted to deploy both it and a common currency across the whole continent to bring it out from under the thumb of western banking interests so of course they had to be stopped.

  4. Weird , man … last night before you posted your article , for some unknown reason i went to the ” mkultra downunder” site and saw all the wiki Hilary pedophile emails , started looking into the very creepy Marina Abramovic; Then i thought ” should send this to Horsley but he wont be shocked stuff it i’ll go to sleep instead …

    These people are using common archetypal imagery to hack the unconscious and have power over us all. This does indeed make using published occult formulas very dangerous and unwise indeed . I am starting to get it , you would end up psychically enmeshed by association .. who knows to what lengths they have gone to booby trap things like the Tarot .
    Depressing really . Thats why i take a break from your work, weird stuff starts happening .

    Have you seen Assanges latest interview with Pilger ?

    • Good to know that the transmission is finally starting to land. Must be all that clean-living I’m doing.

      I listened to most of the Assange interview but found it a bit dull. Maybe I’m desensitized by all the schlock theater.

  5. The serbian connection made me think of a very weird film i came across a few years ago , oddly sitting in the local DVD store
    The statue was in it in the form of a man cutting the head off a woman he was having sex with , the subsequent rigor mortis tightening designed to bring about the orgasm
    Very creepy and dark magic
    Marina Abramovic is Serbian
    “An aging porn star (Srdjan Todorovic) who’s struggling to provide for his family agrees to make a film that, unbeknown to him, contains themes of pedophilia, necrophilia and may end with his death.
    Executive producers: Nikola Pantelic, Dragoljub Vojnov”

  6. Existence is getting very very odd.

    I’ll admit I was taken in by this latest round of wikileaks – I thought surely this will be what takes them all down and the “good guys” will prevail – whoever that is at this point. But of course, this information has been relegated to the Infowars crowd, which conveniently this year has become a mouthpiece for Trump, which means conspiritards are also now deplorables. Hence any and all of the information that Infowars and related parties have disseminated over the years is now directly associated with hateful groups. Pretty convenient how that works.

    The thing that really gets me though is the DeLonge / Podesta / Levenda connection.

    Jasun I’ve run into your stuff randomly over the past year via disinfo. I’d see an article or listen to a podcast that came up, but I wasn’t necessarily cognizant of who you were. But may 2-3 months ago for whatever reason I ran across your podcast and there’s something about your whole aesthetic (the way you speak / your website, etc) and your outlook on life that is in perfect sync with where I have been recently. Even before I came across your stuff, I’ve kind of been really in the middle, just not sure who or what to believe anymore, because continually things that appear to be solid continue to become myst once you get up close.

    Anyways, on a whim I listened to a Delonge interview on Fadetoblack ( I don’t know what it was but he took me in. I guess it was that he did have a slightly different take on the whole thing. He acknowledged that the “aliens” are not good, but his answer wasn’t like Christians in that Jesus is the only answer to keep them away. Basically the answer is some “good” entity, be it Jesus, Buddha, Mohamad whoever.

    He sounded legit too in that he had sources on the “inside.” Looking back his story about how he convinced them to let him “disclose” is ridiculous, he was basically pleading with an Aerospace executive who had invited them there for some invent to basically give him the goods.

    He also referenced several government contacts he had, one of which could put him in touch with the president. It’s pretty obvious who that is now.

    The biggest kicker though was when the host asked him about the presidential election. He didn’t really say who he was for, but he kind of said Hillary Clinton has got a bad wrap. Also he talked about how the “conspiracy” people were immature and we needed to look at all of this like adults. Essentially everything that’s being done by the gov’t / aerospace industry is being done to protect us against the “evil aliens.”

    He also mentioned Levenda, who I actually didn’t know anything about until a few weeks before when I had listened to him on Runesoup.

    All of this stuff was congealing – it was “synchronistic.” I actually went out and bought Delonges book. I was slowly making my way through it, slowly realizing it was written at an 8th grade reading level and that it wasn’t going to reveal any great secrets. It is all the usual UFO tropes put into a terrible narrative.

    Around this time I ran across your encounter with Levenda. I dug into this and it really made me evaluate a lot of the shit I’d been paying attention to. But it got me thinking and I realized that Delonge has an agenda and this whole narrative is bullshit. He had kind of given me hope that maybe things would work out, like hey this whole national security state thing has been a misunderstanding, everything we’ve perceived as being evil has really been to fight off these evil entities (Levenda is spinning the same web – as is Rune Soup).

    This realization occurred literally a week before it came out that Podesta’s emails were hacked. I was in disbelief that my hunch was actually right when emails started rolling in showing not only UFO content, but direct correspondence with Delong. There are some newer emails that I found by clicking into that subredit that contained the photo that confirm everything I feared. It’s a combination of a cash in / management of UFO perception. I don’t know what the ultimate end goal is here, other than maybe to send people who find something real off into a rabbit hole.

    It feels like we’re in the literal revelation period, but my concern is nothing is ultimately going to come of it. If you want to know things, there has never been more information out there. That’s good but also bad because it’s literally to the point where you can’t follow / filter it all, but even worse most of the people out there just don’t want to hear it and will say it’s fake if they run into something that they don’t like.

    I think your advice of withdrawing our attention is the right thing to do at this juncture. There is no good outcome from this election. It’s going to be a shit show no matter what the outcome. Despite the fact I haven’t had any kind of TV service for 2 years now, unplugging still isn’t an easy thing. I’ve unplugged completely for periods of time, but something always draws me back in and at the moment after being soaked in all this information, it feel like my life is going to be a void if I step away.

    But maybe that’s a good thing…

    • hi phantom explorer; that’s a terrific breakdown of the sort of discovery curve that I’ve undergone since writing Lucid View and which I am hoping and trying to assist others in having.

      Your comment gave me chills of the pleasant kind, especially because around the time of my last disinfo post (about the election), I asked myself why I was even posting at disinfo. I realized that spreading the “net” wider is necessary, but not to increase traffic to my site; that happens for a day or two and then it goes back to normal, and the traffic hasn’t actually gone up in the year since I started posting at disinfo. The point isn’t to have more readers and listeners but the right ones: to find those people who might benefit from participating in the great deconstruction project that auticulture is. For every thousand people who don’t get it (over at disinfo), I told myself, there might be one who does and he or she will show up here eventually.

      I recommend Prisoner of Infinity to assist you further in your emergence from the great deception. I plan to self-publish by the end of the year but meanwhile it’s online at the blog, as you no doubt saw from some of my disinfo posts.

      Curious to hear more about this: this whole national security state thing has been a misunderstanding, everything we’ve perceived as being evil has really been to fight off these evil entities (Levenda is spinning the same web – as is Rune Soup).

      I don’t listen to RS, but many people who post here do; can you tell us more?

      • Thanks. It’s nice to hear some validation from someone who has gone through a similar process. Its very tough for others to understand all this or more importantly care – it seems trivial to many, but to me this whole process is kind one of the main points of my life, outside of my family.

        I actually have been working through Prisoners Infinity, I just finished X last night. I had started Occult Yorkshire before I ran into Prisoners Infinity, but I paused that to read Prisoners Infinity because it was more relevant to what I’ve been working through. I definitely will be circling back to Occult Yorkshire given the recent events in the news though. It couldn’t be more relevant. (That’s the craziest thing about all this both David Icke and to an extent Alex Jones have been to a large extent vindicated – but at the moment the mainstream media is still finding ways to call these ideas crazy).

        One thing I was wondering though, is there anything else kind of “essential” to what your message is that I should read? Even as far as how you came to the term liminalism and what made you realize you needed to deconstruct?

        Regarding the national security state. I’m sure you’re aware of 1947 and everything surrounding it. The short story is, a lot of stuff got built up in the US, essentially the military industrial complex was born. When entering this type of research the first level deep here is project paper clip and that being a lot of the reason why all of this occurred.

        What the UFO community pushes (along with RS / Levenda / and Delong) is that this is in fact all influenced by some extra / interdemenisal entities. I’m sure I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before, but basically the entire military build up was a response to that. We got technology from and then we had to defend ourselves from them as well or something.

        Delong paints this a sympathetic picture of the whole operation (If you have some time the link above is worth a listen – if nothing else to get a look at what appears to be the US Gov’ts official stance on “disclosure”). It’s along the lines of they’re developing these weapons to protect the good hard working Americans. They aren’t trying to do bad with these things. They have to do this – but they also can’t tell anyone what they’re doing. They just wouldn’t understand. They also have to keep them secret so the Aliens don’t know we have them (when he said this I kind of thought….hmmm they’re interdemenisal, don’t they probably known?).

        Rune Soup’s Archonology ( discusses this entire topic. Honestly I’ve found it good so far, I haven’t quite finished it and it isn’t very “magic” focused, more just geopolitics and historical. Gordon White isn’t really painting the same picture that the deep state is doing good, but the similarity lies in the fact that all of this build up was done in response to something inter / extradimmenial taking place. This can be expanded into the “9” – which I don’t have a great understanding about, but it’s basically that these 9 rich people summoned these 9 gods and they’re kind of taking directions from them? It’s confusing.

        Levenda I can’t speak to a whole lot. I haven’t read any of his books, just listened to a few of his interviews, but it’s kind of the same deal.

        When you stop and look at this narrative, it isn’t that much different than what Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy people are pushing. There’s are evil forces guiding the rulers of this world. There’s just a slightly different perspective on it all.

        But after I realized (and later had validated) what I did about Delong. I had a thought. What if this entire narrative is a cover/background story for spending massive amounts of money on defense to build up the cold war and to make people rich? People dig into what’s going on, ask where’s this money going, and find it’s going to “black projects” – secret space programs, secret weapons, UFOs, all sorts of sekret stuff. Maybe it’s all just a yarn to keep people who started poking their noses in the wrong places busy. Maybe it’s not, but when someone like Podesta is pushing this narrative, it really makes me question the whole story.

        Regarding RS in general, there’s one thing thing that I’ve had a lot of trouble squaring with “practical magic”, but specially with Rune Soup because of Gordon’s views on geopolitics. If these entities are actually controlling world events (and who knows), why would you possibly consider contacting them directly? What good can come out of it? Why would you believe anything they say? How do you possibly have any idea of who they are?

        I was just listening to Liminalist 87.5 and you said something that kind of verbalized something I’ve been trying to get to for a while. It was something along the lines of “There’s confusion between enlightenment and developing powers.”

        This nails it. This is one of the essential questions once you step outside of mainstream religion. What is your goal with this? It’s basically Left hand path (powers / self building) vs. right hand path (integration / returning to source). As you can probably tell am working to integration and returning to source (whatever that means / entails).

        I started this journey of mine about four yerars ago by realizing I couldn’t be a Christian anymore, it’s claims were absurd. I was an atheist for a bit but eventually I realized they were making claims that were just as absurd – ever read a Richard Dawkins book? I then moved on to Buddhism, and since then have kind of been exploring pretty much anything esoteric. Ironically now though I’ve been coming back to Buddhism more and more. It very purposefully makes no claims other than the world is suffering, here’s a way to make it stop. The story of Gautama whether it’s literally true or not is something I can identify with at this point. He went around trying everything, but nothing brought him any peace or happiness. Eventually he just stopped, sat, and did nothing.

        One last thought. I stopped watching sports about 3 years ago (I was pretty obsessed with it for a while). I kind of take pride in seeing if I can make it through an entire year not seeing a game, how long I can go without knowing who won the Super Bowl or something like that. Wouldn’t it be great to go like a week without knowing who won the presidency? Is that even possible? I think I’m going to see how long I can go.

      • Lol.(or quietly in my inner dialogue) You two are like 85% identical at the meta genetic level(and such metaphors about the very physical, non metaphorical, and nuanced structure the deeper unspoken truths your thoughts emerge from. )

  7. I also fault Hillary for failing to take any kind of moral stand about Standing Rock:

    Her fence-sitting speaks volumes to me about how her administration would handle renewable energy. And to me any support for a company that used a holiday weekend to blast through newly discovered sacred sites before the court could reopen and possibly rule to halt them is unforgivable.

  8. That Levenda photo is crazy. I know it’s logically fallacious to invoke guilt by association but considering how my intuition told me that Levenda was being deceptive in your exchange with him…this certainly does seem to validate my suspicions. I remember in the Basket of Snakes podcast how you asked him why he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and how this may be construed by paranoid types as pointing to his involvement in intelligence and/or occult circles. He dismissed the notion of course…but when you put it all together…if it walks and quacks like a disinfo agent…

  9. Act 3 : the liberal/satanist/blink182 crew pull the blue beam stuff

    re : (the free energy thing in the comment above)
    there could be hidden Tesla towers harvesting atmospheric electricity all over the place
    in the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower.. anywhere

    also, general comment
    it’s nice to forget about the world-apocalypse and enjoy your own
    but the big one is .. well, fun

    • Totally off-topic, but speaking of Tesla towers: does anybody know anything about the big scary towers in Wyoming that spark huge flashes of lightening? I’ve seen them driving along I-80 on cross-continental drives. I’ve never found the correct Google search terms to learn anything about them. They are super creepy, and I’ve just assumed they were for some nefarious purpose because … well, because Wyoming.

  10. Also consider the mural inside of the Comet Ping Pong pizza joint. It’s by Arrington de Dionyso.

    Google search that shit and see what the overall theme is.

  11. There is a discussion at RI about the “war on degenerate art”, in which most of the participants mostly defend the right of the Artist to generate content free of criticism, a view with which I am sympathetic, but…

    I know a guy, friend-of-friend kind of thing, who did a watercolor series on dead birds. He’s an accomplished and pedigreed artist, a technically excellent watercolorist, and engaged in the series legitimately in order to process some personal grief. He was in fact hoping to sell a few pieces, but no luck: nobody in their right mind wants a painting of a dead bird hanging up in their living room.

  12. @fleurdamour: no need to worry about standing rock, the avengers are on the case (! Hemsworth even showed up wearing the Thor costume, so you know its serious.

    Joking aside, and even before celebrities got involved, that story had the unmistakable aroma of Theater. It seems most of what Jasun said about Election Theater can be applied to standing rock and similar stories involving hollywood actors working just super hard to save the planet. In fact, the photos of the “protest” are starting to look like a bunch of hippies at a music festival. Oh, wait: AND
    Perhaps JERRY will rise from the dead, get the band back together and save us all from Big Oil.

    Apparently, some the the locals are tiring of the Theater (

    “The Standing Rock Sioux call this reservation home, and many are not on the frontlines of this months-long, and at times violent, protest. With no end in sight, what does it mean to them? And are they even united in their support?
    The answer to that last question: Not even close.
    No one makes this clearer than Robert Fool Bear Sr., 54, district chairman of Cannon Ball. The town he runs, estimated population of 840, is just a few miles from the action. It’s so close that, given the faceoffs with law enforcement, you have to pass through a police checkpoint to reach it.
    It’s about time people heard from folks like him, he says.
    Fool Bear has had it with the protesters. He says that more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.
    Go down to the camps, he says, and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux.
    “It irks me. People are here from all over the world,” he says. “If they could come from other planets, I think they would.”

  13. You almost–almost (in my humble opinion) because I am a Christian– always hit the nail on the head. I know you don’t like to reply to the person who started the thread, “We have at last reached the “war on degenerate art” phase.” at RI and I totally understand why, but I’d love it if you would respond. If not, is it ok if I copy and paste, of course giving you credit, from your blog?

    PS. I already copied and pasted an article you posted from another thread..I hope that’s ok.

    • I hope I was being clear in my little vignette above.

      It’s a legitimate criticism to suggest that people make art for all kinds of reasons. Disturbing pictures of abused children may represent the artist’s attempt to process past abuse. However, I think the consumption of art is another matter. What does it say about a person if they display a disturbing work of art in a prominent location in their household? At some level, it must resonate with you in a way that you want to reinforce. In other words, I find it hard to see how prominent display of disturbing art can be healing; instead, it feels like a celebration.

        • Well, yes, it could be snuff realism. But let’s just give the opposing viewpoint the benefit of the doubt, and presume that the artist is mining the depths of her soul, attempting to heal past abuse (either actual sexual abuse or some kind of emotional trauma for which the suggestion of sexual abuse is merely a symbol). If so, the artist is not to blame. But what of the patron? Why would you want that kind of content in your living room? Even under the best possible interpretation of the artist’s motives, it still does not look good for Podesta. If in fact that was the kind of art he was purchasing. We don’t know that. What we do know: his favorite piece is a bronze of an opisthotonic corpse. He has a bedroom full of pictures of naked teenagers. That still does not make any sense for a spiritually healthy human being.

  14. Icke be like, “feels good man”

    and for kicks here is a recent “headline” :

    “Kendall Jenner Admits She’s Scared to Fall Asleep as She Battles Anxiety Over Sleep Paralysis”

    Occult garbage, check
    Celeb, check
    Trans Dad, check
    Sleep Paralysis (see Strieber), check
    Marina Abramovic and Kardashian connection (, check

    and while we are at it, they killed Tycho Brahe !

    • “Revelation of the Method is a theory first proposed by James Shelby Downard from his study of antiquarian alchemical manuscripts, and more specifically a phrase contained within them, “Must Be,” concerning the means for inducing inevitabilism (self-fulfilling prophecy) in a target population. Expanded upon by this writer in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Revelation of the Method entails the timed disclosure, for purposes of psychological warfare, of previously well-guarded secrets by the secrets-keepers themselves. One component of the Revelation is the expectation that this divulgence of criminal power and perpetration will not result in any meaningful backlash or uprising on the part of the victims to whom the Revelation was made, thus compounding their mental and spiritual servitude.”

  15. I tried commenting before and i think it got lost at my end cause i was so excited by your article…years ago i came up with a term i called “Designocide”… i had just visited the new railway station here in Chicago designed by Helmut Jahn. it was 1988. There were no benches to sit on, no water fountain to be found and stacks of racks of Vogue magazines with all the same issue. (i thought it was stacks of tv sets, but now i recall they were identical magazine covers.) Sort of like Robert Palmer’s all girl “band” of models. Thank you once again for your work.

  16. This is nightmare fuel. Regarding the Louise Bourgeois sculpture that bears an uncanny resemblance to one of Dahmer’s victims – it is shocking, but it’s also nothing new. I recommend Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder to see further connections between grotesque and sadistic murder and avant-garde / surrealist artists.

    And I must be extremely naïve because, with Hillary Clinton very recently under FBI investigation, I actually thought these recent revelations could break out in a big way. Instead the divide continues.

  17. Jasun,
    I’m a long time lurker here and definitely an admirer of your work for many, many years. It appears I have apparently dragged you into a back-and-forth I had/am having with Peter Levenda over at the Secret Sun website of Chris Knowles. I feel sure that you will find Levenda’s response(s) noteworthy and of extreme interest. My name is Robin Rucker but I go by Wordman, and my comments on Chris’ latest post pertain to your interactions with Levenda as well as the latest Podesta “disclosures” coming fast via the emails:
    For what it’s worth, Jasun, in trusting your instincts, I think you’re on the money. I can’t wait to hear your take on all this. I’ve long wanted to get in touch with you, and am sorry it’s under these circumstances. Look forward to hearing from you.

  18. It just dawned on me that the arched back of that gruesome statue is like the occultist Austin Osman Spare’s Death Posture exercise (trigger warning for those who don’t want to be exposed to details of anything related to “black magic”):

    And according to the occultist Kenneth Grant, there are headless gods worshipped in the Typhonian tradition (same trigger warning as above link):

  19. Thanks to everyone for posting here: I’m not used to such a flurry of activity at this blog and since I can barely keep up with it, I’m only going to address Robin’s comment for now, as it seems to be the most “urgent” (as a general rule, always distrust a sense of urgency).

    I went over to Chris’ site (thanks for bridging, I will read CK’s post if and when I get the chance), and I read the comments, from Wordman on down, most of which was seemingly endless verbiage from Levenda. I’d just read his denials earlier today over at Faceborg, as shared by the Christian Crowley-scholar Wlliiam Ramsey (some of it was copy-pasta-ed by PL at CK’s site, see here: )

    I commented on it as follows:

    That’s a lot of words to say very little. PL wants us to believe he is simply a very busy, very thorough, and very well-connected (respected) writer, and so his self-defense is indistinguishable from self-promotion. But he knows that operatives lie therefore there isn’t much credence in denying intell-affiliations & in fact denying only reinforces the idea being denied. What’s more relevant as he says is the work itself, which can be analyzed to uncover certain associations, such as his very close ties to Strieber and the whole UFO crowd. There’s a program of disinformation coming to light and he’s implicated in it, hence the damage control of this missive, IMO.

    As for PL’s attacks on me (I think that’s the only word for them), he’s clearly upset, and it’s a bit ironic that he is undermining his own credibility by arguing so staunchly from such an emotional & incoherent place. At this point, I think it’s a case of giving the hangman enough rope to hang himself.

    I am curious as to what Chris will say & how he feels about having this indignant Jesuit show up at his site, demanding justice (or seeking revenge?). Quite remarkable how a couple of comments from one reader evoked such an upsurge. How does someone with so much on his plate find the time to “set the record straight” like this, I wonder? And what’s with PL’s insistence that he is only arguing for stringent logic and argumentation (that’s his ostensible “cause” here, as it was with me) while: a) showing a clear and present bias about which points he objects to being argued; and b) abandoning the very same stringency when it comes to trying to invalidate those presenting arguments he doesn’t like?

    Surely PL knows that if something is not true and has no logical basis, the best thing to do with it is simply to ignore it?

    These are not rhetorical questions, but nor are they ones I plan to put to PL, because I see nothing to gain by it. I’m not sure I should post over at SS at all, even for the benefit of others, as I imagine the last thing CK wants is someone like me throwing gasoline on Levenda’s fire & brimstone. But if it gets really bad, I will send Tuco to tackle his cassock. 😉

  20. Does the average American have the ability to process this new information? I think not. Curious for new revelations to hit the newsstand just before our vote. The entire world is watching.

    Something about the laws of nature which requires our rulers to tell us their plans ahead of time. And so they have. By the mere act of voting, we are giving our ‘consent’ to Hillary and her production crew to – up the ante in terms of acceptable behavior. We are aware of her past actions and by voting in this election – support her/their future actions.

    Once Hillary is elected I think more people than ever before will start to tune out of our created reality.I found the artwork above extremely interesting. Thanks for writing, Jasun.

  21. just read through PL @ SS .. wow
    says you have “a visceral hatred” of Strieber ?!
    I’d say it was more compulsio- compassion

    and PL seems to dismiss the pedo code in the emails ?
    “I am not certain what you mean by what you find suspicious in the emails, or where there is the intimation of pedophile rings, etc.” – PL
    then a reference to Bill Hic- Alex Jones

    I’d say don’t go over there and feed ’em
    I’m sure it’s blowback from the success of your recent posts 😉

  22. Jasun,
    I’m with Mikeb above in that I have no idea how PL can overlook what is clearly code for pedo rings languishing on Tor and other onion routers on the so-called dark web. All one needs to do is look up the meaning of “walnut” in the urban dictionary, not to mention “cheese pizza.” I’m given to understand even to the point of the mentioning of cooking it for sometime between 4-16 minutes as code for the age bracket you’re looking for. The fact that these 2 terms pop up with such regularity in the Hillary/Podesta emails alone is cause for extreme suspicion and thorough investigation.

    Oh, and Jasun, the “Jesuit shit storm” (haha) over at Secret Sun continues unabated. PL had replied to me once more with a lengthy missive and I (hopefully) just posted what might be a final sign-off one there in answering him, so see what you think. I also left PL an invite to continue the conversation over on my blog, so everyone that feels the need to express themselves can do so there and not bother poor Chris and his people. Mine is:
    And all are more than welcome by the way, especially you Jasun. I linked Peter to this post that I thought might interest him:

    One final thing Jasun, I tried to be as respectful as possible with PL, in ways I didn’t interpret as being snarky at all, but he certainly gets defensive in a hurry, doesn’t he?
    On the Crowley-human sacrifice angle, I find it extremely interesting that in the Ray Boeche investigation in 91-92, he uncovered Pentagon/DOD insiders (pre-Collins Elite) with certain knowledge that Crowley practiced human sacrifice (you’ll have to read the SS comments for the particulars) and when I asked for PL/DeLonge thoughts on this, I didn’t get an answer. So we’ve essentially got the DOD finding one thing, and one of the most preeminent esoteric researchers finding something else. It can’t be both, can it?

    And really finally this time, I find PL’s tone and demeanor strangely reminiscent of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Does anybody else get this vibe? And if you guys want me to, I’ll be glad to alert you here if and when PL shows up on my site. Thanks Jasun, and I look forward to hearing from you in any capacity. Wordman (RR)

    • RR: I hope closing comments on PL, because the horse got dug up over at RI …………… There are so many logical fallacies that surround PL like a smoke cloud that I’m loath to go to go into them all. I consider this game over, job done, but I guess people just want to keep the game going even when the emperor’s bollocks are wiggling in their faces. Too bad.

      Just a few:

      Did no one wonder how it was Peter Levenda showed up at CK’s comments section the moment someone mentioned his name? I mean, like PL reads CK’s comments section all the time, I am sure (not). So he was called in (by whoever), did some damage control by throwing the same old strawman augments about as before, added a personal attack on myself way beyond anything I’d said about him in vitriol levels, then capped it off with some weird mystification probable codespeak about a wandering bishop.

      I can just imagine him saying to his handlers: “You have to let me ignore this shit otherwise it will never go away!” Or maybe he just got so pissed off & forgot his Jesuit training?

      Question: how can someone who goes on & on ad nauseum about logical rigor be in bed with Strieber & call The Super Natural “a luminous work”? Who among us can square that circle?

      As for Knowles’s point that “None of us have the reach or audience to make it worth some superspook bothering with us”, I cry BS 100%. PL has massive clout within the alternate perceptions community, as witnessed by how many people ignore the inconsistencies & contradictions and defend him, based I can only presume on their prior regard for him and his work. But what was Sinister Forces but a shopping list of facts knitted together with a fairly humdrum thesis that is now popular among culture-loving potheads? The books provide no real context for the material and take no firm position. They are the perfect “in” to the conspiracy culture for someone who is not what he seems to be.

      Needless to say, I may be 100% wrong about PL, and all that’s been revealed recently (besides his appalling taste in photo-buddies) is that he’s human, erratic, and self-sabotaging. But someone’s got to say the unsayable once in a while, otherwise nothing ever changes and the same tired old suspects carry on shoveling the shite for the rest of us to eat.

      • I took my son to see Trolls today. As we were buying tickets I was kind of desperately searching the board for anything else that could be appropriate for him, but that was the only thing that was below PG-13.

        Turns out, I really enjoyed the movie and surprisingly it’s deeply related to current events.

        The gist of it is that the “Bergens”, big angry trolls, live in a town with a King. He has basically a shaman (cook) that tells them that the only way they can be happy is if they eat the happy trolls (these are the little doll things). The son of the king is to be initiated as the predecessor and he has to do so by eating a troll. Well it turns out all the trolls broke out of their prison and there were no trolls to eat. The Bergens are now miserable because the only thing they had to make them happy was now taken away. The shaman cook lady is kicked out of their town.

        The trolls go into hiding, but they are very happy. They party all the time. There’s this one troll though that doesn’t fit in. He is essentially a prepper. He lives in a bunker that can support him for 10 years (11 if he collects all of his sweat) and he keeps telling everyone that if they don’t stop throwing these giant lavish parties the Bergens are going to find them again and they’re going to be on the dinner menu. It had been 20 years so basically no-one believes that the Bergens exist or that they will eat them.

        I think everyone can figure out what happens now – there’s a party that’s too big and the Shaman women who has been plotting her revenge for 20 years finds them. She takes him to the king’s son (the king is now dead). She tells him that he can be happy again (they bought into the fact that they couldn’t be happy, everyone is literally moaning around). She uses the trolls she’s captured as a way to try to weasel her way into being the queen.

        In the end through a series of events all of the Bergens realize that they don’t need trolls to be happy. Happiness lies within. They just have to be happy. The shamen women gets kicked out of the village and the trolls and Bergens live happily ever after, even the prepper / conspiracy guy.

        Right now I feel like the prepper. My heart is shining a little bit in a way that it hasn’t in a long long time. I know this could all go to shit, but this was all a nice surprise. We’ll see where it all goes.

      • Jasun,

        That photograph of de Longe, Levenda, Podesta & AJ Hartley really has nothing overtly to do with the Pizzagate emails of Podesta, but rather with the UFO emails between Podesta and Tom de Longe. So I wonder if you see any overlap or connection between the two threads: Pizzagate with its pedophilia meme and UFO disclosure of the “Sekret Machines” meme?

        The next chapter in the saga is due to begin March 6, 2017 which is the release date of the Sekret Machines book where de Longe’s co-author is Levenda whereas earlier this year the Sekret Machines novel came out with Hartley as co-author.

        Jason Colavito really blows the whistle on the whole de Longe-Lavenda disinformation campaign in his latest blog post here:

        Levenda’s and DeLonge’s particular approach to blurring the lines between fact and fiction undermines the case that there are actual facts beneath the layers of speculation and fantasy.

        Essentially, “Sekret Machines” is a modern version of the Shaver Mystery (complete with sub rosa government involvement—cf. the Shaver fiasco to DeLonge and Podesta’s Wikileaks emails), and it’s no wonder that Levenda—active and purposely obfuscating participant in the partly fictitious Simon Necronomicon affair—would be happy to play along.

        Tom Mellett
        Los Angeles, Ca

        • Yes this is really worth looking deeper into, the contradiction between Levenda’s self-identification as a rigorous, evidence-based researcher (especially when trying to prevent other researchers from covering ground he disapproves of) and his happy involvement promoting the hokiest of theories and even semi or totally fictional narratives. I would like to hear his explanation for this, tho not really, since it’s bound to be more empty dissembling.

  23. Jasun, as I was getting caught up this weekend regarding the leaked emails, Podesta, Lavenda’s involvement, Spirit Cooking, etc., one of my first thoughts was how this was all starting to validate what you have been writing about. To make it even more interesting I then happened to stumble across Tracy Twyman’s blog. Not sure if you are familiar with her or not (some of her ideas are bat-shit crazy in my opinion), but one of her latest blog posts ( discusses all of the above listed topics (Clinton, emails, etc.) but also ties in Crowley and his use of sodomy for magikal purposes. In short, she seems to more or less be in agreement with you regarding AC–and appears to be independently arriving at this conclusion based on her own research. It seems we have arrived at a point where everything is starting to rapidly coalesce and come into focus.

  24. I just remembered something. A couple months ago I watched the documentary Who Took Johnny on Netflix about the famous Johnny Gosch case. The filmmakers are granted an interview with an agent from the FBI’s child abduction unit – and he claims to have no knowledge of the Johnny Gosch case! The FBI agent is even instructed by an off camera voice to say nothing about the case. It’s totally bewildering.

    I’ve had a tough time sleeping and being able to mentally focus since the ‘spirit cooking’ story broke out, and much more sickening information has come out in the short time since then. My head is spinning. It’s a sick sick world we live in.

  25. Jason, you are one of the few not living in the Overlook Hotel. Tuco’s Kill I’m ok with, human predators I’m not. Thanks for your insights.

  26. Not sure if you saw this map or not? Or if it’s linked above. I haven’t been able to keep up with everything on the thread yet. – FYI, in case. – – It’s a map of the inter – relationships uncovered by means of the Podesta emails and the research around that. New info on the suspicion that Podesta and his brother were involved in a child abduction in Portugal in ’07. Not sure if that’s referenced above either. And I apologize if it’s a repeat.

  27. The debriefing of America’s first UFO abductee’s (Barney and Betty Hill) was apparently conducted by C.D. Jackson who happened to be at the l945 liberation of Buchenwald setting up a psy ops, in Dallas immediately following the JFK assassination purchasing the Zapruder film for LIFE and in Rome during Vatican II working with Henry Luce, Claire Booth Luce and John Courtney Murray to re-engineer the 2,000 year old dogma of the church.

    U.S. Army Psychological Warfare SHAEF Brigidier General C.D. Jackson can launch the Nazi homicidal gassings meme, get the onus of the crucifixion lifted off the Pharassee (Jews) and placed on the Romans and convince the country that a Black couple has been taken for a spaceship ride what can’t this man do and why are there no books (how many Dulles biographies are there?) about this very accomlished 20th century psychological warfare expert and spymaster?

    • First time I have even heard the name, AFAIK.

      “Jackson was born in New York City. After graduation from Princeton University in 1924, he entered the private sector. In 1931 Jackson took a position with Time Inc. In 1940 he was President of the Council for Democracy. From 1942-1943 he served as special assistant to the Ambassador to Turkey. From 1943-45 he served with the OSS. From 1944 to 1945 he was Deputy Chief at the Psychological Warfare Division, SHAEF.[1] . . . During 1953 and 1954, C. D. Jackson was key in establishing the Bilderberg Group and ensuring American participation. He attended meetings of the group in 1957, 1958 and 1960.[4]. . . In 1960 he was publisher of Life magazine.. . . After Abraham Zapruder took the famous film in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Jackson purchased it on behalf of Time/Life to “protect the integrity of the film”…that is, to ensure the truth was kept from the American people. Upon viewing it on Sunday morning he ordered it locked in a vault at the Time/Life building in Manhattan.”

  28. I left an If out my comment above. It should have read…”If C.D. Jackson…” can do all that what couldn’t he do?! C.D. Jackson lived at the Dakota Apts. in NYC where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed and John Lennon was shot. However, he died before Lennon’s assassination there. The fact that you appear, to me at least, to be more than just a casual researcher into conspiracies and you haven’t yet run across the name of C.D. Jackson in your mucking around indicates the superb job Jackson did of covering his tracks. I’m here to tell you this guy needs looking into.

    “Missing time

    On November 25, 1961, the Hills were again interviewed at length by NICAP members, this time C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohmann.

    Having read Webb’s initial report, Jackson and Hohmann had many questions for the Hills. One of their main questions was about the length of the trip. Although the Hills had noted that they had arrived home later than anticipated, the drive should have taken about four hours (178 miles), they did not realize that they arrived home seven hours after their departure from Colebrook.”

    C.D. Jackson with UFO abductees:

    C.D. Jackson at Buchenwald:

  29. Comment I made at RI, mostly ignored or dismissed just like most eveything I post over there lately, begging the question of why I do except to test out material that later ends up here. But anyway.

    slomo » Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:08 pm wrote:I agree with this assessment. Pizzagate makes a good story, and at first blush the evidence looks quite incriminating. But the lack of context means that it could all be harmless: a bunch of people with a really sick sense of humor and/or strange taste in art, but nothing more than that. Or it could be a major pedophilia ring protected by the powerful in Washington. Really hard to say.

    What exactly could be harmless here?

    A bunch of people (including high-power-players connected to presidential candidate) pretending to be child rapists & murderers and making jokes about it ~ is that what’s harmless?

    Or is it a 4chan-based “psyop” to fabricate evidence and spread it across the Net and fool sincere researchers & investigators into chasing after chimera and phantoms rather than uncovering actual crimes? Is that the thing that’s harmless here?

    IF the countless tweets, emails, photos, videos clips, music videos, poster art, innuendos, and all the rest are accurate, then something horrendous is occurring at Comet Pizza. That is surely beyond all reasonable doubt by now.

    Admittedly, that’s a big if, since most of us here are doing all our research by clicking a mouse and it’s easy to get dissociated and sucked into any fantasy narratives that may be being created, via fabricated clues, to lure us into. I’m trusting there are enough sincere researchers, at 4chan, here, and on the Net in general, that one of them would have found a fake clue by now and cried rat. So far, no one has (in my hearing range). Barring that, I haven’t heard a single reasonable argument for saying that this could all be “harmless,” besides the old mantra of “not enough evidence” or “too circumstantial, it wouldn’t hold up in court” (Levenda’s magick trick for turning a search for the truth into another “witch hunt ~ arguments I’m sick & tired of, frankly).

    Then there’s “arguments” like this:

    Luther Blissett wrote:I haven’t seen any of those but I will say that a) if I had a kill room, I wouldn’t joke about it on Instagram, and b) I and my friends have called many a basement a kill room. My partner is involved in real estate and just called a basement which contained an inexplicable pit a “kill room.”

    Well now, if I were a child-murdering psychopath, I would probably kill myself in a day. So apparently I’m not such a great judge when it comes to guessing how child-murdering psychopaths behave. I can’t speak for Luther, but I am guessing he would agree, which means he is projecting his own psychology into the mind of alleged child-murderers, and then extrapolating from that what he thinks they’d do or not do if they were him. This makes these sorts of arguments 100% worthless. Yet I hear them all the time. Funny that.

    It also transposes these alleged perpetrators to Luther’s world, a world in which (I presume), you know, raping and murdering children is kind of frowned on as behavior. As opposed to a social set in which everyone is doing it because it is the done thing; so yeah, in that world, it’s something to joke about, hang art on your wall about, send risky-edgy tweets to your buddies about, and so on. Best of all because, Hell, who would do that if they were really involved in that sort of stuff?! Right?



    • Jasun, I think people are just trying to be careful. A legitimate objection is that the evidence culled from 4Chan lacks context, and the context may make it seem less sinister. I don’t think (most) people on the RI thread are saying “definitely nothing to see here, move along now”. Instead, I think they’re saying, “let’s look at this more closely, what else is there that would substantiate the allegations?”

  30. In going through the material one more time (ick) it’s hard to imagine any context that would exculpate these individuals. At the very least, for having such lofty “artistic” aspirations, they seem rather coarse (to put it mildly). Still, it’s important to ask the question, is there exculpating context?

    • The only context that I can see some might argue was exculpating would be the culture at large in which Comet Pizza is embedded, which might insist this is all just dark humor plus coincidence plus projection. But what’s missed here (& what I talk about in this week’s podcast with an RI-er) is that it’s the culture that’s under examination here, not just individuals. In fact I am not so interested in naming the guilty players as identifying this “exculpating context” that gives rise to the atrocities (IMO).

      • That is a fair point. But I’ve been known to make a “sick” joke or two, gallows humor is inevitable in a medical research context. However, I think what is “off” is the apparent relentlessness and specificity of the same “joke”. Now if there were 500 other Instagram photos that were totally benign, I might actually write off the whole thing (we’ll never known, since the Instagram account has been set to private, something I would also probably do if I suddenly found myself under public scrutiny for an insinuated crime of which I was innocent). But on the other hand, I would avoid any kind of gallows humor in a setting where my written comments could be isolated from the context and used to impugn my name. But that’s just me being paranoid about the social capital attached to my name. You would think a mover-and-shaker in politics (“49th most powerful man in DC”) would have a similar sensibility? On the other hand, 20/30-something year old gay guy with money might think he can get away with any kind of trash talk no matter how extreme. In that case, he’s just an entitled asshole with a warped and dark sense of humor who, unfortunately for himself, created a perfect storm. That would be karma, I guess.

        Here’s the thing: it’s not any isolated data point or even set of data points that makes a case, since any cluster of these data points could just represent misunderstood jokes taken out of context. It’s more the 10,000 foot view where you connect all the nodes of the social network, and all the separated clusters of “evidence”, when things start to seem really off. At the very least, it is evidence of a culture that is so divorced from the norms of middle-class society and what I would call decency that one questions its ability to govern in a just manner. Abramavic is the big tip-off here (and the initial entree into this whole mess). I mean she’s obviously into some dark occult practice, and the fact that she is a dinner-party friend of the Podestas, combined with the unsettling art and the sick jokes about children, should make one wonder about their cultural milieu. These are our would-be rulers?

  31. Here’s another thing: when people talk about all of this being “just” people making really sick jokes or “entitled assholes with a warped and dark sense of humor,” or even people carried away by negative fantasies which they are projecting onto inconclusive tidbits of gossip, or whatever, the thing that’s never, ever, addressed is how people got that way in the first place: where the dark fantasies are coming from. What I’m saying is that even to imagine that these sorts of things are occurring is, in & of itself, a symptom of severe psychological damage or in-toxication, and so ought to be seen as inferring some original cause in that person’s childhood that itself probably relates to sexual abuse.

    It could be that, since children are so much more vulnerable & sensitive to interference (that they experience it at such a vastly deeper level of intensity), that relatively minor forms of abuse generate profound dissociative nightmare experiences internally, even if, looked at from the outside from an adult perspective, aren’t “so bad” (compared to SRA scenarios, I mean). BUT, and here’s one more thing, if these children grow up to be adults and never address, integrate or heal those traumatic & deranging experiences, they might well end up acting them out on other children, not as they actually happened, but congruent with their own subjective, nightmarish experience of what happened, complete with demons, gargoyles, tunnels, dungeons, and all the rest.

    Now that I write this down for the first time, this may be something like an explanation for how these horrendous practices became part of human culture to begin with: the translation of subjective, affective trauma undergone by children into adult re-enactments that literalize the forms of abuse and render them as a true adult horror show. I think Lloyd de Mause touches on this with his essay about memories of the placenta being projected out by Jew-fearing Nazis in terror of a devouring sea beast….

  32. FYI, in case you didn’t already know this, there is now a whole subreddit devoted to “PizzaGate”. The mode seem to be taking research rigor seriously, but as far as I can tell they are earnest in their desire to investigate the evidence.

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