One thought on “biljana-djurdjevic_serbia_paintings_artodyssey-20

  1. Sickening and revolting ,enough is ENOUGH ! Lady you better tell the world now or we will find you and charge you with murder , torture and rape of every single child and adult that you allowed to be harmed , harmed yourself , or by witnessing such horrors and then painting these exploited children in obvious places such as beef slaughtering houses and underground places . You know where innocent people are right now and you let them die . Sins of omission are still terrible sins and life is at stake here . You are selling this material and making pedophiles happy while they look upon your horrid paintings and get turned on and this just hyped them up to hurt more families and children. Let me tell you : KIDS DONT LIKE YOU DOSGUSTING PEDOPILES ,THEY ARE SCARED OF YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE INHUMAN AND THEY HAVE THE LIGHT AND YOU HAVE NONE

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