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Auticulture (and the accompanying podcast, The Liminalist) is an ongoing investigation into the weird and wonderful interface between the human psyche and the culture at large, with the aim of someday extricating the former from the latter and arriving at the ultimate truth of myself, as a soul embedded in material, temporal existence, and a body on its way to death.

The primary focus is on connecting to others on a similar quest for true meaning, sharing data and thereby deepening our mutual experience of reality and each other.

The specifics involve some of the more problematic and contentious (non-consensual) aspects of culture, society, and human existence, aspects such as organized child sexual abuse, programs of psycho-social & cultural engineering, psychic fragmentation through induced trauma, UFOs, occultism, spiritual beliefs, audience cults, and ideologies, philosophies, and specific personalities of particular prominence and influence.

While the subjects I focus on continue to change, the methodology and the aim remains the same, albeit (I hope) ever-evolving towards a more efficient and balanced expression: namely, exposing the deceptions, distortions, and abuses within the cultural matrix of society, to uncover the truth behind them. Every investigation has myself as the primary subject and employs (or recruits) the seeming principal subject (whether it’s the Fabian Society, UFOs, Whitley Strieber, occultism, the New Age, Jordan Peterson, or Clint Eastwood) as a mirror-lens by which to extract the cultural implants from my own psyche.

This is how one reviewer (Sidney Blackwood) described my output:

Horsley is very much a writer for our postmodern times. His own personal journey is most interesting , from liberal establishment dilettante second son and heir to wandering seeker and  sorcerer of the psychic realms to grounded parapolitical, parapsychological and sociological critic of the most dangerous kind. Horsley fearlessly deconstructs all the “crucial fictions” of life in the transnational corporate state, including the deconstructionists themselves.

In literary terms, most likely they will lock him under the stairwell in the Ecuadorian embassy in the broom closet next to Julian Assange; like Oscar Wilde, he will most likely not be truly appreciated for quite some time yet, gazing fearlessly  at the Gorgon through the polished steel of his warriors shield, holding up a mirror to a traumatised and fragmented society at once  both unwilling and unable to recognise the monster they fail to  see as themselves

Among the shifting sands of the Nietzschean abyss in which our culture finds itself, Horsley outlines the carefully engineered cultural patterns which inform the multi layered matrices of unreality in which we all live and move and have our  traumatised being. By slowly deconstructing the shadow structures of various nefarious contemporary devices the reader is as gently as possible bought to the realisation and recognition of the webs in which we are all somehwat uncomfortably enmeshed.

Like Orpheus with his Lyre we are invited to begin the long trek away from these shadow lands to an uncomfortably sunlit place of healing and awareness, never once looking back lest we be consigned like Eurydice to Hades’ realm for all time. Like Horsley, we must bravely  follow the white rabbit of his  haunting strains so that our collective abstract fetters may some day melt away, and a newly reflective society be ushered into being.


Jasun Horsley May 2018


A Bit More Info & Rules of Behavior

The spirit of the blog is cooperative and not competitive, to share information and perspectives and work together towards a deeper understanding of the subjects being discussed. The blog has no ideological affiliations and overtly ideology-based arguments are discouraged (i.e., partisan or anti-partisan posts). Certain behaviors are also strongly discouraged: Personal attacks and criticisms based solely on sex, race, creed, mental health, intelligence, religion or ideology; ad hominen arguments in general; care-trolling. Extreme or repeat form of these behaviors may result in comments being deleted.

This blog and its author categorically acknowledge the historical facts pertaining to high-level organized child abuse (Franklin Scandal, Dutroux affair, UK care-homes), government mind control (MKULTRA etc), and ritual abuse linked to occult systems and philosophies. It will not tolerate derision, dismissal or unfounded debunking of these facts (e.g., by advocating “False Memory Syndrome” or the “Satanic panic”/Witch-Hunt narratives). This is not to shut down or limit discussion around these subjects, but to provide a relatively safe, compassionate, and respectful space for the many survivors of these programs.

In the occult science of traumagenesis, rewiring the brain is a, or the, primary aim of the sexual abuse and corresponds with the softer, more psychological reality of psychic fragmentation. On this latter subject, I recommend the serious researcher or reader check out Donald Kalsched’s The Inner World of Trauma, and/or my own Prisoner of Infinity. My own investigative journey of discovery regarding my personal involvement in these programs of abuse, and how they pervade our culture at every level making no one immune to the effects, is mapped in POI, Occult Yorkshire (also serialized at this blog and due out as part one of The Vice of Kings later in 2018), Seen & Not Seen (published in 2015), and various essays and podcasts from the past several years.

The main goal for me is seeing the deepest unconscious reality driving my actions and the correspondingly unforeseen consequences of them. None of us know just how deep and dark and painful a journey that is going to be. If we did, I doubt anyone would ever make it.


About the title:

What has been termed as “autism,” can also be understood as “extra-consensual perception.”

Auticulture, therefore, is internally (privately) generated culture. It exists outside of cultural consensus, being individual to the individual.

It begins with the inner landscape of the individual.

Auticulture is the human dimension of Nature. It is our own true nature.

Auticulture is antithetical to culture . Culture is akin to an externally generated (collective) “self,” or group mind. Auticulture is a “No” to cultural consensus and to socialized forms of perception, and a “Yes” to something deeper and more latent within the human organism.

It is geared towards the sharing of these primary (sensory) perceptions, outside the consensus of socialized or “neurotypical” reality.

It is not so much an alternate culture or separate reality as it is a bridge, or transitional phase, which we trust will lead us to true (nonsubjective) reality, from idios kosmos to koinos kosmos.

Auticulture entails the rejection of, or extraction from, an unconscious consensus in favor of the slow and arduous assembling of a conscious consensus.

10 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. i don’t’ know why everyone goes on about enlightenment…your either dead or not…and anyway if you did become enlightened, well then… your soul would be free and would leave and ‘you’ would still be here just the same…this body, this me does not get the benefit of it. I think that is the basic problem, the gnashing of teeth, the existential crisis…it’s the butterfly that flies, whilst the grub decays into the environment. It’s really rather funny, when you think about it, don’t you think?

    • Jasun…the soul does not leave your body if you become enlightened…the ego starts to leave…the soul is more here. The Sufi’s call it to die before you die..meaning die to the ego self and live from the soul…which I understand does not give one shit about your life and what you want. it is here to get the experiences it needs and then…it kills your body.

    • I recommend reading about kundalini. Raising kundalini is about reaching samadhi, union with the divine, here and now, in the body.

  2. “You are either dead or not.” Actually most people are half alive and half dead. Enlightenment has nothing to do with freeing the soul from the body, on the contrary, it is when the body becomes fully animated by the soul, and the soul fully “earthed” in the body. “You” would not be here the same, you would finally BE HERE, just as a fetus emerging from the womb is finally here. Prior to that no individual can be said to exist.

    Unfortunately these uninformed ideas about enlightenment are common – maybe they are the unconscious fantasies of grubs, in fearful incomprehension of butterflies, meant as cold comfort in our comfortable grubbiness?

    The meaning of enlightenment is fully embodied, soulful LIFE. What else could it be?

    • surely, the idea that one’s enlightenment means fully HERE with your boots on, so to speak., and the body fully animated by the soul, objective consciousness etc etc, is the common idea of enlightenment, the phantasy of the…superwo/man. my idea was not the usual uninformed idea was it? that ‘enlightenment’ points to a threshold where there is, finally, a Soul where there wasn’t one before. And i have this feeling that that takes more than one lifetime. Probably two in succession.

      Having more, increasing one’s, Consciousness on the other hand seems to me the Way to have a more fully embodied life, here, now. One certainly would not Forget that in a hurry.

  3. Megan – you responded to Vic’s post, I never said anything about soul leaving the body, see my response to Vic.

    As for the soul killing the body when it’s done with it, that seems an unnecessarily violent description, and not strictly accurate either. There’s no need for any killing when entropy takes care of everything.

    I think it’s become a bit “de rigeur” in spiritual circles that the true self/soul/innermost doesn’t give a fig about what “we” want – but is it even accurate. If the soul can only resume the throne of the body if the ego gives up the space, and since often that depends on the ego getting what it wants, at least enough to shut up and back down, the soul might care very much about what “we” want, if only to get what “it” “wants.”

    Vic, I’m not familiar with the soul indwelling the body being part of the common idea of enlightenment, tho the super-wo-man fantasy is common enough. You’re right your idea isn’t that common, either. I don’t really follow it, in fact; I just meant that mistaken assumptions about enlightenment in general are all-too common.

  4. hey jasun, ill say hello here too, thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts out here for everyone to check out. not too interested in bloging or typing about such topics but if you ever need a friend or want to come down and chill out in NZ for a bit just let me know.

  5. In my mind, everything I do makes sense and there is a reason for it, a subjective reason for me. On the outside, my actions seem disjointed and lack order. I don’t know how much freewill I really have, but the more conscious and aware of myself I become, the more choices I seem to have.

  6. Maybe the body inhabits the soul? There is an unseen intelligence that guides all life in the right direction. It’s truly natural to emerge from the dirt, grow stronger, bigger and burst into a colourful living flower/thing/unique expression of ‘God’.

    As dry as the teachings are, I enjoy Gnostic stuff because the teachings are clear, orderly and stress the importance of meditation (not that I do it, really) or introspection (it helps my chaotic mind that’s full of random internet information). You talk to God inside your temple when you close your eyes (turn off the outside world) and there you get your instructions, that’s your religious ceremony. The Gnostics treat spiritual growth like a straightforward science and I like that. It’s all about building a real connection to the higher Consciousness you are connected to.

    We have to clean away the selfishness/garbage (ego, 7 deadly sins) in order to let God work through us, or the ‘higher intelligence’ that has a unique plan for each of us. It’s depressing to realize that you have to wash away grubbiness imprinted in you from parents and culture, but it’s a noble goal, and someone’s gotta do it. Too much ego/selfishness causes suffering, and there’s too much pain everywhere. You don’t have to feel like you are in intense pain to know you are on the right track, though a build up of negative karma will inevitably create this, but you do have to work everyday at improving yourself and be aware, that’s the important thing.

    It’s really hard to be honestly aware of everything you do, but necessary to examine yourself to strip away all the meaninglessness. Like, if you hear ten Coke commercials a day, and you talk about how much you like Coke, is that really internally generated, or is it a part of something external to who you really are? What about habits and personality quirks? How much of what you do is a genuine expression of the goodness that you know you are, deep inside?

    I’m not focused on killing my ego atm, just in finding it’s right place.

  7. Jasun,

    30 years ago, I was immersed in writing plays and poetry. In 1987 I was on a combined Sam Beckett / Will Shakspur kick, writing existential poems in the strict Elizabethan sonnet format and even writing a full length comedy about reincarnation in Shakespearian format.

    I dug out this one sonnet about autism and enlightenment in my NYC tenement and I wish to post it here and dedicate it to you for who you are and for creating this Auticulture blog. Here’s a link to a few more sonnets created on the net almost 20 years ago and still alive in cyberspace on Tripod no less.



    from “Post-Existential Sonnets,” Folio I
    by Tom Mellett, Austin, Texas, 1987


    My mother and my father saw me through

    the trials of my sacred childhood.

    I grew up wondering if they ever knew

    why I had chosen them to be so good.

    They set the table of the universe

    for me with linen woven by the sun;

    and when I ate their food, I would immerse

    my soul in waters of oblivion.

    The placid void of my existence was

    disturbed one day, by news of sudden hope.

    I heard the world resound above the buzz.

    I watched it through my mind’s new telescope.

    They knew I had attained enlightenment

    inside a New York City tenement.

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