Same Script, Different Cast & Crew: Post-Election Check-in

Because silence also communicates something, I will say a few words about What Just Happened.

This is the first time I have ever felt even remotely involved in an election, & the first time I have felt shocked by the outcome. In the months leading up to this, I believed Trump’s role was to scare people into voting for Hillary so it wouldn’t be too obvious when they shuttled her into power. (The elections are always rigged & always have been; the people who create the system do not have to play by the rules of the system they create; they would be fools to do so.) But then, in the last couple of weeks, I began to suspect that Trump was actually the man who’d been chosen for the job. Then, at the final hour, when things started to come out about Clinton-pedophilia, etc., as well as the links via Podesta to what may be a grand UFO disclosure scam (something Hillary promised some while back), I was pretty sure it was going to be Hillary after all.

Congruent with this, I went from secretly, though only mildly, hoping Trump would win, simply because it would piss off all the people who were pissing me off (mostly in my Faceborg feed) by endorsing Hillary. As it got closer to the day, I realized that, if Trump won, these people would become even more obnoxious, since their fears would be confirmed and they would feel as though they hadn’t been strident or hysterical enough. (They might also blame people like me for Trump.) Add to that the fact that they would never get to see Hillary dash all of their illusions with her presidency and continue believing in her as their savior, albeit failed.

It seems like we have all been duped, including those of us who were sure the Hillary-heads were being duped into thinking Trump could win. (They were, but not in the way we thought.) When I heard that Trump won while I was waiting for my morning bowel movement today, the first word I said was “Crap.” I’d had a sense of what to expect if Hillary won (the big UFO rapture hoax), but now Trump has, what? Probably the same only with a different cast and crew, as if Michael Winner got to direct it rather than Katheryn Bigelow.

Meanwhile, I am interested to discover any evidence that Trump was being groomed for this, and how far back. My bet is that, like Reagan, he was singled out for this role a long time ago (maybe even as a child, if I know how these things work), and that part of the “sting” was making it seem like he came out of nowhere, that he didn’t have any real chance of winning, and that he was useful mostly as a colorful foil for the neoliberal clique.

Now he’s in. Now we get to see what, if any, difference it makes to US policies, policies which were already going to be changing radically and exponentially in these high-crisis times (which means it will be hard to tell). It’s worth keeping in mind that politicians rarely ever make good on the promises they use to secure people’s votes, and that it’s quite likely Trump will “disappoint” his haters, as much as his supporters. And also, never to forget, please, that he jetsetted to the same “mystery island” of unspeakable pleasures as Bill, Hillary, and Barack, and that they will doubtless all continue to party on together there, as the end times roll.

What counts now isn’t who won but how people deal with it; it’s over now but the repercussions aren’t. Some people are in shock (I am, though it is unrelated to the election; something else happened); if a shock is too severe, it can destabilize and even cause sickness, madness, or death.

Placing our attention on those we care about and/or who are under our care; being open, loving, supportive, and always finding and following the compassionate response. That’s the only thing that matters now, and the only thing that will ever change anything.

Every crisis is an opportunity to let go and drop beneath all the patterns of fear, anger, frustration, & despair, and into the love that we are.

44 thoughts on “Same Script, Different Cast & Crew: Post-Election Check-in

  1. I made good on my earlier threat and voted for Jill Stein, then as I walked away from the ballot box promptly realized something of mystic significance about her name. Jill means child of the gods or youthful and is associated with Jupiter in mythology. Stein means stone or a drinking cup. Together they signify the alchemical child, the philosopher’s stone and the Holy Grail. My friend said I voted the Archetypal Ticket.

    That’s how I roll, people, I know it’s not for everyone. But I voted my conscience and I got a spiritual reward for it. And before anyone excoriates me for splitting the vote, Hillary won the popular vote but lost the electoral one. And fewer than one percent of Americans voted Independent, so voting for her would have been throwing my vote away, she would have lost anyway. I don’t think Trump deserved to win but I’m sure Hillary and the Democrats deserved to lose.

  2. People who didn’t want Trump are so shocked about his winning its like 911 for them and I found a report that confirms it. The report also makes note of the date11/9, here’s the link, I was shocked when I woke up to find that Trump had won, and I know the elections are rigged. When I went to bed the news commentators were going on about what would happen if Trump contested his loss, as they were predicting he was loosing. Miles Mathis has a good take on what happened, and it explains why we are shocked. Hillary was slated to be president, but due to poor health she wasn’t up to the demands of playing president so she couldn’t win. She looked genuinely disappointed when she gave her defeat speech. Trump was only there to make her look good. By the time they decided Hillary couldn’t be president it was too late for Trump to pull out, now he’s stuck being president. He did not look very happy giving his acceptance speech. Here’s the Miles Mathis link,

  3. The political manifestation in the form of Trump derails the usual conspiracy theories and astonishment in the face of basic human sensibility and a deep unconscious wish to deflate the nightmare we have been living. The Trump/Brexit axis is about reordering our chances of survival as a species. Bernie Sanders ‘is not dead…he’s just out there looking in’. It will either be a political, social and economic revelation, or, a rebirth of Nixonism,

  4. Fascinating that all the young Faceborg Nazis have taken to the streets in petulant tantrum protest and not accepting the result that doesnt suit them , fighting desperately to defend the womb like matrix that has them captured .. quite terrifying really

  5. Trump is the perfect scapegoat, just like Bush II. It would seem like his role is to take the sole blame for some heinous actions planned by the real ruler(s). And like Bush II, 99.99% of the population will eat it up.

  6. “MIT and John Trump get Tesla papers through the Office of Alien Property”
    “Hides some of the papers from government”
    “John Titor knows/is Trump trying to stop the future he saw”

    because everyone needs a break from the Podesta stuff

  7. Dear Jasun,
    Well articulated about the US election- both ‘ choices’ were horrifying and both most likely out of the early workings of the Bilderberg- I did want to mention that your earlier blog on the entheogens( professor friend coined that word) was the most insightful take on the subject I have ever read- and surpassed most of the academic takes on the subject. Thank you for your dedication and distribution of your special gifts.

    Susan Frey, Ph.D, ND

  8. I know what you think about child abuse. I live in Mexico and news about missing children become so common, that it has become almost normal. There’s people that sells their children knowing they will end being abused or in satanic rituals. Rituals are so common you can walk around a church on Sundays and find dead cats, chicken, salt, etc. used in rituals (I wonder if that comes from the US or if we exported it). The point here is that it doesn’t matter who wins the elections, they are all the same, they have it all already so it is very difficult to satisfy them. There is no ritual, drug, war or any excess capable of appease their hunger. They could eat all of us, and still won’t be satisfied. I wonder what will happen when they get it all. All our submission, all our will. What is the final agenda? what monster are we feeding?… and why are we so stupid that we don’t fight back.

    Here in my hometown we have a football player as our mayor. People never thought he could win and voted against the other choices, not for him to win. Anyway, once he won, he was supposed to be a puppet. The problem now is that he resulted more ballsy than anyone thought. He stepped out of his party and fired all their people. Now we have a stubborn football player as mayor… which is ridiculous, but at least is not the other guys.

  9. Jasun, you are so right on in that it is rigged. As we say here in the States, “We may elect them, but we don’t select them.” The purpose is to confer a blessing from the masses on to the new figurehead.

    Along with “The Simpsons” episode showing a Trump win, there was a more subtle yet accurate foretelling in a Chris Farley-David Spade comedy. Here’s a vid that points out the twilight language.

    Trump Beats Hillary in 1996 Film BLACK SHEEP By Exposing Voter Fraud

    The whole civic magic spectacle was a climatic yee-haw, to purge the American sheeple of their natural competitive drive.
    (Yee-Haw or ghee-haw, are the right-left commands given to a beast of burden.)

  10. As someone raised in an ultra-liberal environment with lots of stories to tell, as most people here know), one thing I’d suggest is that the word “racism” is essentially meaningless at this point in history, and that, when a word becomes meaningless and yet is still being used, it becomes counter-productive, even damaging. There are a whole slew of words which I feel essentially the same way about, and most or all of them pertain to or stem from the “neoliberal” set, since, whatever Trump’s victory suggests, this is the dominant ideological narrative right now.

    It’s a certain kind of viewpoint, generally, that relies on words like “racist” and “racism” to argue its points, and the people who use those words (at this thread, for example) generally do so for a specific reason. Guess what? It’s the same reason people have used the word “nigger”: to stigmatize a whole group of people.

    Personally, and this is probably something I knew as a child, I’ve started to see how all these -isms and -phobias are just red herrings, because there’s one thing happening here and it trumps (no pun intended) all its variations: scapegoating. When “liberals” fight “racism,” they condemn large numbers of people, without ever meeting them or talking to them, not for the color of their skin but for their beliefs. In the process, the anti-racists exalt themselves and their views to a higher moral plateau (rightly or wrongly), by doing the same with whatever minority (or “minority”) they are defending (the liberals’ pet-cause; for my grandfather it was blacks, gays, and murderous mobsters doing jail time; almost certainly pedophiles too). This creates privileged “minority” classes (I put “minority” in quotes because the definition isn’t always based on numbers), and, as everyone knows, these “minorities” get special treatment ~ for having been discriminated against previously.

    As I see it, if: a) a person is not permitted to express their opinions or feelings about someone or a group of people (or even national policy that relates to certain people, such as immigration laws) without being stigmatized; and b) that same (latter) someone or group of people is not merely protected from “prejudice” but is also receiving special treatment (being idealized, essentially) and is being presented as in some way beyond reproach (since any reproach is seen as discrimination) . . . What happens?

    Trump happens.

    Those associated ~ rightly or wrongly ~ with the original perceived persecution drives (misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc) then become the persecuted “minority” (the underclass); and so naturally their anger, frustration, & hostility increases, as well as their numbers.

    I’ve avoided using concrete examples because of course this area of discussion is filled with land mines designed to go off at first contact, to provoke archetypal/emotional responses and not rational ones. But also because, in a way it doesn’t matter, since it is all scapegoating, all the identical social principal that’s being applied to achieve the ends of an actual privileged minority class. What can be said about this group is very little. But they may not even be racist, homophobic, or misogynist at all, because they may be something far beyond such limited and limiting terms (terms they would have coined deliberately to befog the rest of us); they may view themselves as superior to all humankind, as we think of the term, regardless of type or orientation.

    (From a post I made at Jeff Wells’ Rigorous Intuition, The Liberal Thread:

    • I am sincerely hoping that in the long run this is part of the airing out of old trauma that needs to be examined before real healing can occur. I could be totally and tragically wrong about that, but as this article says, it’s all out in the open now:

      At least we know where we stand. The poison is coming out for all to see. It’s always been there, but I think the final determining factor that made things come to this point was average Americans being so violently and relentlessly financially abused the last few decades by the political and business elites. The more that is taken away from people, the crazier they get and something they might have tolerated before becomes a flashpoint when they have lost their home, job and self-respect.

      • After slogging through that Bill Moyers piece and dozens like it — it does appear to me that Trump is definitely the best guy for the job —– to continually stir the emotional pot.

        I watched the Ferguson Hollywood production night-after-night so I understand, all too well, how whites in America’s heartland feel. But when their hero Trump doesn’t deliver the goods …. blood will flow in the streets (or at least that is the rulers’ hope/plan.)

        I hold hope that Odysseus makes his way home…..a Heroes Journey….

  11. …. and already there’s severe civil unrest in my environs …

    …. and it would have been the same way if the other candidate had won …

  12. “And also, never to forget, please, that he jetsetted to the same “mystery island” of unspeakable pleasures as Bill, Hillary, and Barack, and that they will doubtless all continue to party on together there, as the end times roll.”

    I read (somewhere) that the only truck that Donald Trump has ever had with Jeffrey Epstein was a single encounter at social club in Palm Beach, FL which they both belong to. Is there any proof that Trump has visited Little St. James Island?

  13. 1 Corinthians 15:52
    King James Version (KJV)

    In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed

    not sure if trolling or..

    • Maybe Sarah Palin really was speaking in tongues when she babbled about Trump’s trumpeters.

      That’s what the Plains Indians were trying to do with their Ghost Dance – bring on Judgement Day and bring back their dead.

      Leonard Cohen checked out of Earth yesterday. It’s like it was all too much for him.

  14. “Meanwhile, I am interested to discover any evidence that Trump was being groomed for this, and how far back. ”

    I think that one of the clues here is that a young Trump was something of a protege of the notorious Roy Cohn, a lawyer who worked with Sen McCarthy during the Red Scare and later represented some gangsters in NYC. In one of his podcasts this summer Dr. Joseph Farrell speculated that Trump was being fed info from some kind of deep state alliance between factions of the US intelligence community and mafia interests who were very quietly waging war on the Clinton machine.

    Wikipedia offers the run-of-the-mill bio:

    And interestingly enough there is a Simpsons connection as apparently Cohn was the inspiration for a lawyer character on the show.

    Personally, if Trump is sincere in his efforts to calm the tensions with Russia (and avert WWIII or another Cold War) then I would consider that a meaningful victory.

  15. I got kind of lost in the satanic performance artist part of the show, and then suddenly Trump was elected president, The next day the Clintons came out wearing mystic purple clothing, looking like thwarted evil alien overlords.

    • Not too mention having Podesta come out to deliver Hillary’s Concession. I thought that that was rich. They were thumbing their noses at the serfs. Having a good guffaw on us.

  16. Hi Jasun, I came upon your site tonight and it made me laugh, even through my horror [nov6]. But I strongly disagree with your assessment of Donald Trump. You’re obviously very smart, but you’re not really paying attention.

    Jeb Bush was to be the republican nominee, and Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio were backup. Mr. Trump was certainly not planned. Mr. Trump has been asked many times over the last 35+ years if he’d consider running for president – few are asked that question, all of them exceptional. Here are just three times of many…


    It’s obvious by the relentless attacks by the media and even his own party that his candidacy was not welcome and his win was a shock to the PTB. He just upended the whole rotten system. Are you familiiar with Agenda 21, the foundation of globalism based on the demonization of co2? We came very close to a totalitarian world government. To believe Mr. Trump’s election was planned ignores the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the threat that loomed if the election had been stolen. Make no mistake, he won the popular vote, as well. The final tally is a lie. Unprecedented new voters, unprecedented crossover voters, all polls NOT conducted by the media consistently showed a landslide.

    You’re obviously young, too young to be so cynical. This is different, Mr. Trump is different. We didn’t just dodge a bullet, we dodged hell on earth. I’m surprised you can’t see that, when you’ve spent so much effort covering the dark side that opposes him.

    Why not actually investigate Mr. Trump, his accomplishments, his character, and write something that will make a positive difference?

    Here’s a start…

    Mischael Modrikamen, President of the Peoples Party of Belgium:

    THE TRUMP FAMILY I KNOW ~ by Lynne Patton
    “”Donald Trump: “[T’he dearest, most thoughtful, most loyal, most caring man”
    Why I Support Donald Trump: He’s The New Roosevelt

    An example of what President Trump will do on a national scale..
    Faster And Cheaper, Trump Finishes NYC Ice Rink
    And the follow-up..
    Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again

    Trump rallies, why not listen to one or two to see what all the fuss is about… Trumpkins.. it’s cute, but your dismissive attitude shows your age.. too young to know how wrong you are…

    Cheers to new hope for a bright future !

    • This comment was so outrageous I decided to let it through anyway; being a kooky mix of new age loopiness with Trumpophilia from an astrologer (& I was just looking into trump astrological underpinnings, the frog prince lion-headed alien aquarian shadow-avatar for the new age, etc etc), it’s probably pretty good indicator of how far the collective is uncoupling itself from reality to try and adjust to the increasing liminality. The belief that Trump is the savior who somehow managed to crack the hegemony of the elite and (I presume via divine/celestial intervention) steal the presidency from the oligarchy.

      Mind-boggling what people will manage to persuade themselves to believe. Ah but then I am young! (First time anyone has made that mistake). And cynical, for not joining the new age totalitarian lockstep.

      But, it does give me the opportunity to share a couple of links of interest, one real-politick, arguing that Trump was indeed the man chosen by the oligarchy for the job many moons ago, the other way out there, about how Trump may be a sort of collective consciousness summoned tulpa or id monster via new (Aquarian) forms of technology and the 4chan!

      Link one:

      Link two:

    • Yeah… for all the doom-and-gloom on my FB feed, and my concerns about immigrant-bashing and gay-bashing (all very real things, and things I deplore): there *is* a lighter energy in my immediate environment. Some folks at r/occult made reference to it and I at first I thought they must be delusional, but I definitely feel it now. People seem to be nicer to each other on the street over the last few days. If nothing else, the mask has come off, and we can all acknowledge that we have been living a lie all these years. Even if the Truth is harsh, dangerous, and violent, at least it’s the Truth.

      • @Yevaud – The silver lining is that the decent people will become all the more precious. My kindly elderly Latino neighbor seems all the better to me in comparison to the dumb rhetoric. He gives the lie to it, you know? He is 70 and still sends money home to his mama in Mexico. That’s who Trump thinks is a loser and criminal and it’s so plain that he’s wrong.

  17. I’ll offer one more strange archetypal item for your collective wonderment or derision. You know how Trump always says things are “Yooooge,” New Yorkese for “huge?” I’ve recently been contemplating that in the context of Pyrhagorean philosophy. The most important Pyrhagorean concept is Ugieia, the five pointed star that symbolizes health, wholeness and soundness in a macro sense. It’s pronounced like Yoo-gee-uh. Just one of the things that caught my attention.

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