3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 26: Antidote to the Secret

  1. “We don’t get to create our reality.”

    Putting aside ideas regarding predetermination and illusions of choice, the following are some of the ways we get to co-create aspects of reality (whether consciously, semi consciously or unconsciously):

    MOOD/EMOTIONAL: Choice of colour when decorating / the type of music one listens to.
    SEXUAL: To the extent that sexual activity is self governed.
    KNOWLEDGE PROPAGATION: The conversation’s one engages in / The level of knowledge in the books and movies one consumes (culture diet).
    CULTURAL INFLUENCE VIA PURCHASE POWER: Purchase equates to endorsement of the propagation of a product.
    SOCIAL ENGINEERING VIA THE INDIVIDUAL: Social validation via association / The consequensive influence of interpersonal interaction / Social validation via sexual validation / Cultural ghettoization
    SYMBOLOGICAL LANDSCAPING: Perpetuation of cultural memes / The esoteric influence of the symbols one engages with.
    CREATION VIA SELF-WILLED IGNORANCE: To the extent that ignoring a problem allows it to persist.
    DISAVOWED CREATIVE OUTPUT: To the extent that participation in hive mentality and groupthink allows illusory negation of creative ownership.
    SENSORY INPUT: Alcohol and drug consumption.
    ENGAGEMENT WITH SOCIETAL VALUES: For example, the extent that one extolling adherence to a 40 hour working week reinforces it as a cultural norm.
    SPECIALIZATION IN REALITY CREATION: World building via engagement with the arts / Virtual World construction via programming / Lucid Dreaming.

    Some questions to consider (TWE: To What Extent):

    TWE has there been a culture-wide failure to calculate the impact of humanity’s creative decisions?
    TWE is not taking individual responsibility of creative output harmful to society?
    TWE is the diminished sense of responsibility felt, from living in a fragmented society, illusory?
    TWE does compliance with system equal system propagation?
    TWE can passivity and acceptance be classified as an active creative force?
    We are creating while simultaneously being created. TWE is this true?

    “It is spiritually incorrect, stressful, and problematic to believe you can control the whole of existence.”

    Is that also true with any kind of engagement with the whole of existence?

    “The ego is the wrong character to be running the Universe.”

    Certainly, and ego would probably be the most likely character to apply for the job.

    I found it interesting comparing “What is Embodiment # 26” with “What is Embodiment # 24: The Only One You Can Be Sure Of” and interweaving the two pieces line by line:

    “You are the center of creation. You are the center of your consciousness
    We don’t get to create our reality.

    Everything in existence seemingly radiates from the center of your awareness.
    It is spiritually incorrect, stressful, and problematic to believe you can control the whole of existence.

    You are the only consciousness you can be sure exists.
    The ego is the wrong character to be running the Universe.”

  2. I meant to post this too-
    When trying to define exactly what reality is I find the following list useful:

    Reality System
    ‘- Objective Reality
    —‘_ Subjective Reality (Phaneron) affects all living systems.
    ——-‘_ Dream Reality
    ———–‘_ Unconscious Dream Reality
    ———–‘_ Semi-Conscious Dream Reality
    ———–‘_ Lucid Dream Reality
    ——-‘_ Fictional Reality ( imagination )
    ———–‘_ Day Dreaming
    ———–‘_ Movies
    ———–‘_ Books
    ———–‘_ Video Games
    ——-‘_ Abstract Reality ( Psychosis / Drug Induced )

    We exert various levels of influence on each of these states. While it’s difficult to precisely envision a Reality Design Interface, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist in some form or other.

    (The list comes from http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2454429/pg1)

  3. Integrating all that imposes itself on awareness into reality solidifies, perhaps, the very real ‘patina’ that is the ego • Psychoanalysis the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. Compare with id and superego .
    • an overly high opinion of oneself : some major players with really big egos.

    Ego, the only mechanism, is it, that determines sanity? Wow. Might be a fallible label made-up-thing in the first place, to describe the critical ‘core’ apparatus that says we exist and that moreover perhaps overlays/underwrites soul (get into what is claimed to be soul another day perhaps) and ‘computes’ reality and thus gives us facility to control the universe, since it is ALL we make of it anyway, aside that IT exists with or without us.

    Ego is a part of the mind, states psychoanalysis, that ‘mediates’ between awareness/conscious, and unawareness/unconscious. Result? Reality as it connects to that which is and that which isn’t, determines what IT IS regardless we are not around to see and feel it? Example, as I sleep the world turns. Ergo ego, forgive me, seems to be a tool that is more than just tool to figure ‘things’ out that which is real or unreal. And may the two join in wedded matrimony . . . ego joins the two together, awake, asleep, life/no life, so to speak, regardless that they both exist or do not according whether the observer is alive, asleep, or not.

    Ego is ourself as we be, proof? Well, without this mediator tool, ego, which seems to be us, considering without it, ego, we are then adrift between conscious and unconscious, and that is a limbo which must mean nonexistance, no life. Virtually anyway eh, heh. Now Ego, apparently is quite often bloated up out of balance with . . . normal. IT/ego, begins to be . . . well we all know what normal is, it is a proper balance on our invented, imaginary scale that allegedly allows all weight of what is reality to weigh out even-steven and just according to just methods to treat society as entity of all people in equitable humane balance, even as it shifts on the plane of all creation, chaos to order. Again, a bloated Ego, thus effectively dysfunctional as to the truth of ‘matter’ to be judged by any morality at the least, twisted into malformed analyst, bursting with ITS own importance, righteous opinions, immortality and power above all else, and which defines all experience thru this ‘unnatural’ ego warped prism, controls the universe in the sense we make our own reality, the universe exists as interpreted, . (Hello? Anybody there?)

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