What is Embodiment # 25: A Pleasure Instrument

embodiment 25

Time is always running out. We have all come here to deliver certain things.

By downsizing your life and slimming down to what’s essential, you end up doing only what you really love. Your life will then become more and more pleasurable.

When you serve the highest good and allow consciousness to do what it wants to do, everything you do has a meaning and a purpose.

Magnetizing yourself to good feelings, you magnetize others to feel good. You become a pleasure instrument. Suddenly, you have access to areas of experience that you never had access to before.

2 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 25: A Pleasure Instrument

  1. This EMBODIMENT proclamation herein is natural perforce physics cause and effect. And that what follows, while perhaps controversial in it’s aspects leading away from traditional expectations of current and historical society, like downsizing onself rather than increasing accoutrements, is still provable. Doing one thing does lead to another thing, and in this case, that meaning and purpose is to serve yourself and consequently others and in the course of doing that will ensure feeling much better about oneself and life in general, is pretty straightforward thinking. And provable observable cause and effect, consequence behavour.

    We come here to “deliver certain things”. Could be eh. It would seem each of us given our distinguished dissimilarities amongst the obvious and overwhelming human integrated similarities, that if there is purpose to our existence other than simply that, to exist for existence sake. Then to access and accept different notions and talents as the gifts that they are is especially warranted. Perhaps much of the following introduces extra subject not the focus here, but I confess as far as purpose of existence is concerned, I am inclined to believe that ‘this is just the way it is’ and let the mystery be, without purpose other than to simply unfold IT, whatever. Purpose is our invention. Not that I am a nihilist, I am not, or that consequent ‘what is the purpose anyway’ that I should go lax and not do everything I can to make myself comfortable with myself, and transfer any self-help information picked up along the way and touch others with the good news. I want to say good dope, but double entendre is less than appropriate in serious ‘study’.

    Some more of this extra business not directly relative to the magnet we are, attracting positive meaning and purpose, might be, aware as such, of my own character detractions, including also the extra business of ‘gifts’ as adjuncts to serving community, it would seem good counsel to personally go against seemingly built-in entrenched characteristics that are debilitating acceptance of the good self, according to my own estimation. Touch-ups consequent new or refreshed understandings that might improve character can’t hurt. In addition, taking each and every unique ‘gift’ each of us has, and recognizing that–our gifts–however insubstantial according to current rating society indexes they are, say very flimsy, like drawing a straight line to nowhere, polishing stone edges around the fire hearth to reflect blaze already in our eyes, or imperfectly singing songs but with heartfelt songbird spirit just the same, and recognizing them as commendable, not inconsequential, it seems, would give advantage blossoming a lovely anthropomorphic flower dazzling in it’s simple human complexity.

    But no matter the apparent insignificance, of these gifts, that are even annoying to some, in a less than hierarchy community (a bit of a problem right there to ameliorate in a wolf pack orientation) they would be considered meritorious. Each gift is it’s own light. And by employing it/them somehow for humanitarian and community purpose and pleasure, moreover and better yet to enhance equitable balance between everybody and thus make life natural to the forces of . . . justice is in order. Emphasizing a balanced easy going, calm arrangement unto status quo perpetuity. That being admittedly alien to the idea that chaos and order is essential abrasiveness rubbing raw conditon of a physic that apparently cries out for action and excape from the state of unnatural non-conflicted status quo forever. Thus as if on automatic shifts 180 degree into a change perpetually ‘fueling’ the cosmos infinite eternal movement, in the opposite if not every direction. But after all a definition of good things must start in contrast to considered bad things. And due to conflict in contrast, tranquillity and welcome tolerance to all things born out of the same omniscient dust, reconciling us to be and feel better altogether consequent meaningful and purposeful community accumulated consciousness, radiating constant positives, infecting deep felt community spirit everywhere, guaranteeing improved life and spirit when all-for-one and one-for-all is the culture, goodwill to all will be manifested, until the next revolution.

    “Magnetizing yourself to good feelings, you magnetize others to feel good. You become a pleasure instrument. Suddenly, you have access to areas of experience that you never had access to before.” I believe this principle is axiom to the good life.

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