What is Embodiment # 27: The Mentor

embodiment 27

Everything there is to discover is discovered by letting go into yourself.

Every day with your soul as your mentor is a new day of discoveries for your mind.

The essential need is to hook your mind to your soul

Your mind has no idea about what it is or what it wants to become.

To be an effective spiritual seeker is to have no idea about what it is to be a spiritual seeker—or a particular person.

It is to hand over your life to your inner wisdom and allow it to lead you.

Let go into yourself.

2 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 27: The Mentor

  1. LET GO OF YOURSELF into yourself is to relax, reduce or better yet have no opinions. Huh? Sure. Opinions are opinions off opinions, outside input information. Blueprints off blueprints which a life is constructed, directions a life follows. Mediate yourself away from yourself into yourself and let the soul speak. Again, SOUL:
    1 the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
    • a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity : in the depths of her soul, she knew he would betray her.
    • the essence of something : integrity is the soul of intellectual life.
    • emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, esp. as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance : their interpretation lacked soul.

    SOUL, our REAL essence, of the energy that IS meaning that IT is begun from perhaps no meaning at all other than ITSELF being itself nothing that much, yet ‘soul’ defined as in a word developed off a word, presumably assembled as an all encompassing real purpose of our seed ‘mind’ and accepted by credible authorized final arbiters, is, consequent the brain figuring out what our attachment (or ‘detachment’ if one is inclined toward abandoning all influence, leading to a truely, absolutely ‘open’ mind, empty of all things) our ‘mentor’. Emptiness then, if as I suggest is a soul pure to essence of energy IT, is mentor to our mind. Mentor. Noun: an experienced and trusted adviser.

    Reach it, soul, by whatever means works, and discover the ESSENTIAL YOU. Which is soul. Discover IT and use MIND, again, a word invention defining the mystery that the brain is equipped to investigate since it too is of IT and thus should be able to dissect and put back together ITSELF, explain to us ITSELF in other words. IT as apart from us but simultaneously a part of us. In other words, the mind/brain describes ITSELF, the ‘thinking’ that is done by the ALL OF IT, which likely thinks NOT, yet intriguingly necessitates “hook up your mind to your soul”, in order to manipulate these naturally integral attitudes of soul and thus thrive Enlightened.

    “Your mind has no idea about what it is or what it wants to become.” Jasun suggests. Why that might be is because the Mind is preconditoned to NOTHING. The MIND remember is a concept to begin with. Thus in order for it become what it is supposed to “discover” and subsequently assist to come into being, manifestation of the essence of soul, the real YOU, IT requires assistance from where it is likely sourced . . . imagination. Formulated to operate (at which degree of use we so choose) to a great extent by all accumulated information from the diverse surrounds input. Parents, family, neighborhood, schooling of various sorts, religion, formal education, plus all the encounters with EVERYTHING. The busy business transacted to profit the workability of being, just living instant to instant. Transfiguring each moment we witness into meanings relevant to functioning servicably in family, community, society, generally speaking. Life expression encouners riding out on some grace and balance, serving not only ourself but others, thru the use of our senses and imagination and of course Extra Sensory Perceptions in balance with the chaos and order of existence. Within that, we write our scenarios in which we are strung up to in he first and last place. But for all of this to be effective, far as bringing ‘being’ interior to our SPIRIT. As IT, spirit, is concerned–according to many seekers of the spiritual and forever trying to bring ITSELF us to it’s first purpose–being at ONE with it ALL and respecting that relationship for what it is. One for all and all for one for without anything at all we have no floor to stand on.

    “Let go into yourself”, you bet. Hand yourself over to your inner wisdom which is trying to reach you if you let it. One thing, the SOUL is wise unto ITSELF being pure to essence of that which is ALL or nothing, so expect consequences. You could end up inside out, less intuitive about anything and could care less.

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