What is Embodiment # 23: The Universe

embodiment 23

There are three areas of infinite exploration.

The Universe.

The inner realms.

The realms of one’s partner.

The Universe is an expression of the Creator, communicating its experience. It is an artifact, a symbolic representation.

The human body creation is the audience, the witness.

Enlightenment is the erasure of the line between the observer and the observed.

4 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 23: The Universe

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying these posts. They’re the first thing I click on in the AM and they haunt me (in a good way) all day. Especially this one–I’ve been doing a lot of thinking along these lines myself lately. Where does the art come from?

  2. The artwork, yes. Particia’s comment reminds me: The Lucinda Horan’s paintings, they are terrific! Most arresting. The eye is drawn in like that! One comment from a painter, RickDubov, who posts on facebook, before he said anything about the EMBODIMENT I was Commenting on, mentioned the painting right off. Matter of fact I am pretty sure that is what drew Rick in to read my Comment about a Jasun Embodiment. Rick is not that headstrong to read my stuff ordinarily. I’ll bet Lucinda Horan is creating new friends of Jasun in a way. As I am saying, I put these EMBODIMENTS up as Post with my Comments Reply on my facebook page and my comments get comments initiated by Jasun of course. The painting draws a person in and, but of course, the EMBODIMENT Series better be as good eh. And as it turns out, how can they not be. Jasun is using the paintings to riff off.

    Yes, this is a particularly intriguing Embodiment Series post. Three areas of infinite exploration. The Universe. The Inner Realms. The Realms of One’s Partner. The Universe as expression of the Creator sure holds up. Presuming the Creator is IT to begin and end with eh. AS IS is IT is. Capitalize whatever suits you far as articulation, name, of the Universe as the WHOLE of it, as well as the PARTS of IT. ‘Creator’ necessitating not necessarily a start or finish, or a thing that actually has name of I, before personhood, that is. Simply IT is that which we decide is what all of IT IS. Created or not. Somehow. It that. We can go on and on in this circular venacular but I choose to stop. Figuring I have made my point or will soon enuf. If at all.
    The Universe as artifact. “1 an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest : gold and silver artifacts. • Archaeology such an object as distinguished from a similar object naturally produced.” To me artifact, I think of digging up dusty caked ancient articles long ago left behind. But that’s interesting and confuses me. Universe created by the Creator as a symbolic representation of . . . what WE say it is eh? The Creator ITSELF is Symbolic, in the sense IT IS and thus cannot represent itself to ITSELF except for . . . a witness. That’s us, created by the Creator as audience and witness of ITSELF that cannot see, so to speak unless IT is an observed by the observer. Okay. . So that is perhaps our fundemental reason for being eh. To Be Witness to ourself, witness of the whole and parts made in . . . our image since we determine the rules perception is filtered thru that makes sense of everything AS IS.

    And ENLIGHTENMENT is the line between just about everything it would seem, certainly between the observed and observer. Alright! Things are coming together here. In other words, Enlightened, we are neither here nor there but that is the point: If are are observed we are immediate not as we are or IT IS because to be seen, according to some analysis, is not AS IS but according to the ‘eye’ of the observer is to other than we/IT is/IS since the subject which is only itself by itself is ‘changed’ consequent being seen and defined. Sure. In this case the Creator as Symbol of and Representation as well as maker of ITSELF. And we get to put IT ALL together. Boy. How lucky can we get? To be here in the first place. Created as Representation and Symbol of the Universe which exists as ITSELF regardless anything or anybody is around to BE IT, see, or feel IT, yet definitely IS SO because, as GOD, forgive me, is our witness we are too! And just as soon as I can be neither nor, I am home free! Enlightened right out of existence. Perfect. I feel better already about . . . most everything even though I still know about IT. But I got a ways to go yet.

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