One thought on “What is Embodiment # 22: Holy Trinity

  1. The gift of incarnate life. Presuming we embody divine spirit eh. Divine as in God. God defined as you like IT. The anthropomorphy that is ITSELF himself or herself, us? Or on the other hand, incarnate as simply FLESH formed prehensile, no creator as such involved, but as in our case, coagulated specialized cosmos dust come ‘alive! I AM ALIVE , I tell you! Alive! Emerged particles from NOTHINGNESS jump started from NOTHING that surely, as far as we are concerned, is damn well DIVINE because for crying-out-loud, IT is us! Who better to be divine than whom can define what IS is, and no other than. For without us is only chaos and order with nothing and nobody to know that the turmoil comes at ease.

    Of THAT, is soul. “1 the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.” Out of ‘divine’ spark from that which comes without a creator can come our immortalness. Immortal, never dying or dead. Sounds reasonable to me. Since from nothing nothing ever vanishes altogether never.

    “The gift of eternal life, as infinite, unmanifest, and formless awareness.” Ah, ha! Now we get to it eh. The gift, given by noone in particular out of and nothing at all into something that is forever and ever itself without form but aware that IT IS formless? But of course.

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