Philip K. Dick & Autistic Time-Slip

My first piece for Omni Reboot, “How Am I Not Myself: Philip K. Dick, the Autism Connection


As a writer, like all good writers, Dick was able to tune into his own unconscious mind. In doing so, he was able to determine, in a non-rational way, what was transpiring just beneath the threshold of his conscious mind, and to then turn those “images” into fiction. This is what fantasy writers do. The difference is that Dick began to believe in his fictions. Some might assume this made him less sane than your average fantasy writer. An alternate, less dismissive deduction is that he was tuning into an unusually deep layer of his unconscious.

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And special thanks to my behind-the-scene readers (you know who you are) for helping this piece find its form.

And to Philip Kindred Dick!


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