Interview with Erik Davis on “Expanding Mind”


Speaking of Erik Davis, tune in to a recent interview I did with him and his EM partner, Maja D’Aoust, airing tomorrow, Sunday, October 13 Expanding Mind 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST.

Or if you miss(ed) it, here’s the archive.

We discuss autism, extra-consensual perception, alien abduction, trauma, writing from the body, and Philip K. Dick

8 thoughts on “Interview with Erik Davis on “Expanding Mind”

  1. Just finished listening to EXPANDING MIND, your interview Jasun, hosted by Erik Davis and Maja D’Aoust. Most entertaining and enlightening, from many aspects. The Autism connetion to ‘normal’ folks inability to communcate with these types who are beyond our boundaries and focus. Your own relationship to autism, which to me seems vague still. Other than a ‘trauma’ that autism may suggest as an early shaping force. Or is that visa versa. UFO’s and why they manifest as such, expressions perhaps of inner trauma about which you apply giving literalness to phenomena. I noticed shamanism relationships and orthodoxy entered into applications of a certain manner of perceiving phenomena. You did not mention, as I recall, your several years of intense ‘living’ shaman methology and ‘ritual’. Practicing it. I thought your self awareness, admisson regarding a work finished that you no longer pereived in that way when you wrote the work, on an aspect of autism I think, was a badge for ongoing artistic and personal yearning for the whole truth and nothing but the truth that never stops for final answers, even when you know it is absolutely so at the time of endurance. The hosts were extraordianry. Erik and Maja clear and clean, summing up issue leading easily to what follows, Right questions asked, knowing where you come from what Erik read about and from you. They brought you out especially well I thought. Gave you room to work.

  2. Have you read “The Reason I Jump” ? If so, have you written about your thoughts on it ?

    I’ve been looking back through the copious amount of comments and haven’t found it brought up anywhere yet. Even by Debbie ! :p


  3. Hey Jason,

    Good interview. Most of the stuff you presented is already in your literature but it’s great to see how strong you are with presenting your material. What I took away from the interview was Erik’s suggestion that the body needs to be involved while absorbing the material (or any other for that matter) – cup of tea, a smoke, etc. I’ve come to that realization myself – really helps.

    If work ever dies down I’ll be blogging on Kubrick’s 2001 – I’ll use a quote from your work to kick it off – if you don’t mind. I’m pretty sure Kubrick references George Russell’s “The Avatars” in his film. The book is kind of a distillation of his theosophist learnings – much better than pouring through Blavatsky’s jumbled mumblings – a good read if you’ve got the time.

    • Don’t mind at all, look forward to seeing.

      I agree I didn’t hit on anything very new in the talk, something about the set-up had me in more professional mode than usual. Unconscious prepping for Mexico, perhaps?

  4. I see, about the professional mode and reasons for it, conscious or not prepping MEXICO. I noticed though about halfway maybe there was a looser attitude. And smoother to the ear. I do not understand what a professional mode is orther than formally defined as to what might be expecetd from the enormous resume, or better, what YOUR professional mode is, but I assume MEXICO might reveal it somehow. A bigger house audience oromotes a lecturn edge or something. Give off a bit of fey Horsley London tuxedo cool parlimentary swaggger dialogue. Top a-the marnin’ to ye may be too much but not just passing by either. I wish I was sure what that meant becus Ithink I was I onto something.

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