“Culture is the Enemy of Biology” (A Word from Joseph Chilton Pearce)

“At issue is a biological plan for the growth of intelligence, a genetic encoding within us that we ignore, damage, and even destroy. The mind-brain is designed for astonishing capacities, but its development is based on the infant and child constructing a knowledge of the world as it actually is. Children are unable to construct this foundation because we unknowingly inflict on them an anxiety-conditioned view of the world (as it was unknowingly inflicted on us). Childhood is a battleground between the biological plan’s intent, which drives the child from within, and our anxious intentions, pressing the child from without.”
—Joseph Chilton Pearce, preface to Magical Child, 1977

As some necessary background for the current exploration, some foundational thoughts from the maestro, JCP. From a 2002 interview:

I will say that in my short 76 years I’ve heard one big theme over and over all my life, and that is ‘reform’.  Everything has been in a process of reformation.  “We have to go down and clean up the mess in Washington.”  “We must clean up the mess in the state capital.”  “We must reform our schools.”  “We must reform medicine.”  “We must reform this…” everything in a constant state of reformation.  Culture survives only by our attempts to improve it.  And it preserves itself or perpetuates itself by convincing us that we must improve culture at all costs, and the truth of the matter is culture cannot be improved and it should never be sustained.  But it’s sustained by our attempts to make it work right.  And every facet of contemporary life, leaving nothing out at all, every facet of life is simply an adjunct of culture, and culture is the enemy of the true biological nature of the human being.

Culture depends on violence.  Culture breeds violence.  And culture thrives on violence. . . . culture preserves itself through violence.  And of course all of this is very anarchy… it’s anarchistic.  It’s anti-cultural.  To be anti-cultural is to be virtually anti to every single aspect of what we think of as civilization.  . . . And our natural biological system is designed to constantly evolve and rise above the limitations and constraints of our current state.  Blocking this, you have only one reaction in the human being, and that is violence.  So we either transcend or we start imploding and destroying ourselves.

The establishment is never changed.  Whether it’s a technological establishment or not makes no difference.  Culture functions as culture, which is based on fear, and blocks our biological unfolding.  And that’s right across the board; I find no exceptions to that whatsoever.  Culture never absorbs the new ideas cropping up within it that would lead to transcendence.  It kills them off.  Now what you end up with… culture can wear a million different faces.  It can take on all these trappings.  But its underlying basis of fear, anxiety, and self-defense, defensiveness is always there.  That never changes.

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3 thoughts on ““Culture is the Enemy of Biology” (A Word from Joseph Chilton Pearce)

  1. Excellent article. You should read Robert M Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality. He clearly lays out a mineral, biological, social and intellectual order which shows the forces of opposition between each.
    Culture is fear based, absolutely, but culture is a social structure, the solution is to “transend” to the intellectual level, where the rolls are reversed and it is a truth based, not a fear based structure. Sadly we are still ruled by the social, it is overdue for reason to rule our world.

  2. the interview with duncan campbell very good….i heard joe chilton pierce talk at the amrican society of dowsers at a small town in vermont back in the late 80`s wasn`t thrilled then and still have reservations…the details are not that important…..in any case i would replace the term culture with consensus reality when trying to make the case for violence as a way of life……in my opinion mahesh yogi had it right when he said people had to really look within ON A DAILY BASIS he used the term meditation i would say you pick the term but examine yourself ON A DAILY BASIS……mahesh yogi beleived if people did this it would cut down the violence in the world……i think he was right but i could be wrong namaste` dermott

  3. to be clear…..i`m not a tm mahesh yogi guy…..in fact if i had to put a title on my path it would be something like AGNOSTIC THEIST…with the theist part being a mystery…..and i happen to beleive in self observation which i hope will get me in touch with another mystery the BIG SELF….or as the anarchistic chan buddhist monk BODHIDHARMA calls original mind namaste` dermott

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