Post-Diet Soap Conversation with Doug Lain & Friends

Last Sunday Doug & I & two of his listeners (Andy  & Brandon) had a very enjoyable conversation (for me at least) about social activity, enlightenment, and the difference between being an artist and being a psychopath. I don’t show up for about 10 minutes or so, after which the talk goes on for over an hour. We get to the ultimate question, and then I have to take a pee; soon after that we wind up.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. The full recording is here.


2 thoughts on “Post-Diet Soap Conversation with Doug Lain & Friends

  1. yes jake great conversation between you and doug and the two listeners….lots of info to digest……re ego i can only speak for myself but my personal ego although i have surrendered it many years ago to my higher SELF it still rears it`s head and carries on the fight with the BIG GUY{ORIGINAL MIND} oh well hope it surrenders soon if not maybe next time around… you talk about self expression and body consciousness being important i like that ties in with my tai chi…chi kung and skiing..since 1972 now…..faithfully everyday although mostly chi kung at the moment….thank you and thank doug for the dialogue namaste` derm

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