7 thoughts on “Midnight Wizard # 1

  1. Great cartoon Jasun.
    It was the death of my own cat in the ’90s that brought the subject of synchronicity into my own life when I was burying my cat and Peter Gabriel’s song, ‘Digging in the Dirt’ came on my car radio as I was shoveling the dirt over his lifeless body.
    I was a real WTF(?) moment for me.
    I think your cartoon captures the life and death riddle most of us dwell on when we lose a life from our own.

  2. Get up stand up, let us hear some profound thoughts, we live. The nature of the world is suffering. Time is now, write us some good stuff, so we can learn the nature of our existence…

  3. I’ve tended to have more than one animal at a time because the idea of having none if one dies seems too sad, it seems too much of a vulnerable state. When my dog died last year it was such a comfort to still have a dog there welcoming me and urging me to go out for walks. This may sound a bit callous, but I think of death as a beautiful thing, I was present when my dog died and I felt that he was released, I also feel that there is a kind of collective soul for each species, he lives on in every puppy and the cats I’ve lost live on in every kitten.

  4. The thing I love about your writing – is your bloody honesty (a rarity these days.) I always tear up when I read about Garbanzo – the pain is so raw. I look forward to the path you follow after his passing…… Garbanzo The Midnight Wizard – World Destroyer Cat/Reforming Sorcerer. Brilliant! Sirius and Horus??


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