6 thoughts on “On Conscious Energy, the Reality of the Psyche, & Healthy Alternatives to Alien Abduction

    • Yes definitely, I would bet all my money that most of the grey contacts are dark and evil in a very real way. But that last comment is just a tidbit of info that I came across that fits in with what your theories revolve around regarding them. My opinion is that they lie a lot. But there are different kinds, good bad, neutral, physical, nonphysical and semi-physical ‘amphibious’ ET or ultraterrestrials that slip in and out of densities/dimensions. Some ET that might look similar to common greys seem to be benevolent and come from higher realms. My belief is that most ET who interfere tend to be negative and have no regard for natural spiritual evolution of a species. But there are different types of greys. Military guys even talk about how they are grown, they’re biological machines or ‘programmable life forms’ that bathe in cattle flesh/plasma to be used as slaves.

      I figure it’s better to find common ground with people and bring up things that you can relate in common with each other rather than go around touting your opinions trying to show how special or seperate you are. In the end we’re all just a bunch of humans running around trying to make life interesting 🙂

  1. In 1970 I took a girlfriend to a spooky ruin called Whitley court in Worcestershire, we left at twilight , I had a little two seat sports car. As I got in the car, I heard a hissing noise from the front right tire and the car seemed to be listing to the right, so I got out, got the spare wheel and the jack out and carried them round to the front, the tire was perfectly ok. Thinking this a little bizarre, I started driving down the drive and turned out onto the country lane that led after a few miles to the motorway, suddenly, behind our heads on the parcel shelf an infernal racket broke out, it sounded like a ferret running around coupled by electrical buzzing and crackling, I said “what the HELL is that ?” and my girlfriend said in a very strange voice “It’s one of those things that have no name, whatever you do don’t look in the mirror”. I was pretty freaked out by this time and as I drove round a sharp bend I was confronted by a red traffic light in the middle of the road so I stopped and instinctively checked the mirror. I t was completely black but I could see about six pinpoints of light that were moving around each other, bouncing up and down and sideways and as I watched they expanded so I could see red, green yellow and blue in them, they got really large and I suddenly realised that they weren’t expanding, they were actually getting nearer and nearer, it was a moment of panic and my memory is that the traffic light at that point turned green and I sped off. Interestingly I tracked the lady I was with in the car down about 12 years ago and she visited. I asked her if she remembered that night and she said “I like your curtains”. And so it went on, every time I tried to raise the subject she would say something completely unrelated, it was really disturbing. Over the years I’ve had intense alien dreams pretty regularly, some of them pretty disturbing. So with this there was an event in waking reality, followed by intense dreams and inner stuff.

    • The only aliens I’ve seen have been in my dreams, but I did see one other spectacular UFO when i was 13 in Monte Carlo of all places, in the night sky over the bay, an incredibly long silver line in the sky travelling towards the moon which was rising in the sky, very bright, it seemed to be very far off, travelling at a hell of a rate, it finally got longer, then shorter,finally breaking up into rounder and dimmer shapes. This was 1964 so the space race was in it’s infancy. Everybody on the hill up to the open air cinema saw it and were pointing upwards transfixed.

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