Correspondence with Kenneth Grant, 2001-2003

November 29, 2001

Dear Mr. Grant,

Thou Hast No Right But to Do Thy True Will

Thanks for responding so promptly. The Supernal/Infernal debate rages on: “When two Infinities argue, Identity is born.”

I may have used the adjective “infernal” rather too loosely. My intent in summing up the Aiwaz Working and applying my own spin to it was (if possible) to make is palatable (accessible) to otherwise resistant psyches. I wanted to free it from the Crowley stigmata by freely acknowledging its “satanic” nature, in the process of expostulating the rhyme and reason, the essence and necessity, of such. To this end I emphasized the infernal aspects, much as a physician emphasizes the symptoms, in order to read these symptoms and so fathom the will of the “disease” (which is, of course, really the cure).

The Redemption of Lucifer/Lam and the Ophidian Hordes, their return to the Angelic Hosts and to the Great Work of Healing the World is, to my mind, the foundation of the New Aeon. This will, as you point out, be beyond all existing polarities, being beyond both Time and Space, the necessary coordinates of which are forever splitting human perception into two. Nonetheless, the first step to Redemption is logically an admission of having fallen.

Lucifer’s Pride is indeed formidable, and it may be that He requires the Mythical Masquerade of a Battle of Light and Dark as the appropriate means of His succumbing once more to Divine Will. It may even be that Christ (Isa) likewise favors an Apocalyptic Enactment, by which the veil of duality be torn asunder and the two sides or poles of the single Presence be brought into balance, and so bound into a Single Point, “neither infernal nor supernal, but just Itself.”

The Name of this God-Body has now been vouchsafed to us; and though His (or should I say Hir?) Form is still embryonic, yet the early foundations have been laid, upon the very head cornerstone that the builders rejected. Like yourself, “I cannot say more about the matter at this early stage.” (At least no more than has been said in the Apotheosis propaganda, a second booklet of which I now enclose, as an early Solstice gift. They are available at Watkins, in any case.) But this I will say: the only means to happiness both collective and individual  is via shared consciousness. The boundaries must be dissolved. The “sacrifice” you refer to is a necessary part of cleansing the group soul of impurities: any ego that will not be dissolevd into the whole must, ipso facto, be eradicated. Put another way, these entities, unable to willingly surrender their illusion of separate existence, have no other way to bind with the God-Form, save through dying.

I trust that now a channel has opened between us, we may remain in touch (or at least in symmetry).

I have no Duty but to Manifest Perfect Beauty.




January 13, 2002

Dear Kenneth,

Thou hast no duty but to manifest Perfect Beauty.

Thank you for your encouraging words.

You wrote: “In the process I believe you are distorting an altogether different scenario.”

I wonder if you could elaborate? Distortion is one thing I wish to avoid. You also mention my “firmly established belief,” a worrying choice of words. Apotheosis is the latest piece of Gonzo Occultism to which I have signed my (suitably pseudo) name. Do I believe it? Yes and no. So far as I know, everything in it is true; but I made up every last word. Truth and falsehood are relative opposites: they exist on a sliding scale of perception. When enough people believe a falsehood, or when a single person believes a falsehood strongly enough, it becomes Truth. Maybe this was Hitler’s true failing? His imagination was not equal to his zeal, and the Dogs of reason ran him down?

One thing I have found gratifying about your own work is its openness to other areas of “belief,” other Weltanschauungs, an openness which most occult writers are painfully lacking. Specifically your incorporation of both “ufology” and Castaneda’s works into your own theses. The very few adept ufo investigators (Keel, Strieber, Vallee, Dana Redfield, Little, et al.) all, without exception, draw upon occultism to deepen their understanding/interpretation of the phenomenon. But relatively few occult writers return the favor, and they never seem to even acknowledge the existence of Castaneda (whose work has been invaluable to my own progress). This appears to be due above all to their all-too-firmly established beliefs. Occultists believe in demons and principalities, not in aliens; Castaneda writes of inorganic beings and assemblage points and the Eagle. We may have many different names for the same rose, but the whiff remains unmistakable. Crowley famously stated, “all we ever measured was the behavior of our instruments.” We “believe” in our own interpretation systems, hanging on to them for dear life, invariably at the cost of the truth. Charles Fort was almost alone (certainly in his time) in recognizing this. “I cannot accept that the products of minds are subject-matter for beliefs,” he wrote. “The seeker of truth: he will never find it. But, the dimmest of possibilities, he may some day become truth.”

I read your dissection of the humalien agenda, re: blood and awareness, several times, with great interest but perhaps incomplete understanding. What is “DM”? It immediately invokes DMT, the powerful hallucinogen and so-called “Spirit Molecule,” which itself strikes a parallel to the Bindu seed dissolving into awareness: the spirit molecule DMT (which is found in the pineal gland) is “the means of enfleshment” of the Spirit? And of course, when we shift the numbers 414 around, we have 144, 12 X 12, the twelve tribes of Jacob (“the deceiver,” let us not forget). X 1000 and we get the chosen few survivors of Apocalypse, once the Sacrifice has been made, according to Revelation.

Since the entire Harvest of “Armageddon” may be seen as an alchemical/genetic working by which Supernature selects or processes the elixir of Humanity—salvaging the Sacred Gene from the profane bloodbath—it all comes together thus in a most precise and poetic manner. Perhaps.

I have just read the following passage from Dana Redfield’s illuminating Summoned:

“The source spoke in no uncertain terms of the hybrid breeding program as real, and being conducted by disembodied beings who could appear as substantial, beings who could not reincarnate on Earth, beings who were using us and our genetic material to create bodies they themselves meant to ‘possess’ (transfer their consciousness into), as a means to reinstate themselves on Earth as a new breed.” (pg. 98)

The same source goes on

“You will not know this secret you probe, for it constitutes a counterplan to that which is being conducted in the dark by those who aspire to become human gods. Many who are so engaged are acting themselves as dupes, unaware of the roles they play in their deafness to the consultations of Spirit. These live by hive mind commands only, uninformed of the heart.”

The source refers to abduction as “a mimicking to create fear. If it were possible to defeat us in this way, we would continue helpless, no? So we devised a plan they cannot so easily mimic, though they are doing a good job.” (pg. 105-6)

In The Mess Age I discussed the possibility that the prophesized number of elect (144,000) referred to the number of hybrid bodies that were being prepared for post-Apocalypse, 4th dimensional existence, when Matter is reduced to purest essence; at which point, those disembodied consciousnesses able to retain individual awareness (integrity) may enter into these bodies (which would be semi-organic, half human, half “other”) and so be born again “from above.” This idea suggests a grisly kind of free-for-all, a cosmic End of the World Sale, in which souls clamber and claw for bodies, while stocks last. Consciousness seeking “a means of enfleshment.” This is all a grotesque literalization of an esoteric process which must pass through various stages to be complete: accessing the Egg of Lam as a vehicle for the lower worlds, Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel as a Portal from Universe A to Universe B (or vice versa), the perfection of the Body of Light, or merkaba, by which individual energy becomes infinite, and awareness becomes eternal. It appears to be the ultimate case of “mimicking”: an imitation of Christ by the most profane of methods, in which the means make a mockery of the end. Nonetheless, I have to admit there is something in it. If the Elect are those who succeed in perfecting their energy bodies (building their arcs) in time, why or how is it limited to so precise a number? One question begets another; the answers are never complete, only partial.

Apropos of this, Redfield suggests an interesting variation on my own term “humalien”: humaniel, which she describes as “divine designation”: a “being as close to an angel as can be in human form on this plane.” This would appear to be the authentic alchemical agenda of which the humalien hybrid project is but a Hollywood-esque imitation. Yet, like underman and overman, the one is a reflection (a balancing and completion) of the other.

Meanwhile, I continue to seek Lam in Dreaming. So far, success has been limited at best.

I would be most interested to know more about the “irritatingly resistant passages in AL [that] undoubtedly specify time and place, when and whereat, the agenda may be implemented.” Ditto your description of AL as a time traveler’s log is intriguing, while your referring to an individual mission “to complete specific magikal operations in connection with the humaliens” is tantalizing, to say the least.

Obviously any further elucidation on your part would be welcome, at this end.

Once again thanks for your interest and support.

Love Will Out,



February 10, 2002

Dear Mr. Grant,

Fear Nothing and you will find that there is Nothing to Fear, Love All and you will see that All is Love

As for “no duty but to manifest perfect beauty,” indeed ’tis no duty at all, at least no more than it is the duty of the Bee to build a Hive or the Eagle to devour its prey. The Poet can rarely resist the rhyme, however!

Last night I dreamt the following: since every atom carries information—namely, is conscious—and all atoms, no matter how distant, are in INSTANT (telepathic) communication, it follows every atom potentially “contains” (receives-transmits) all information soever in the Universe. That is to say, as above, so below: the atom IS the Universe, and vice versa. God is on the left, God is on the right; and God is in the center. There are atoms, however, that have isolated themselves from this interconnectivity (their true will or function, which is to manifest perfect beauty, total consciousness). As such, they are like “blocks” on the circuit; they are isolate in their darkness but also prevent the current passing through them (like Christmas tree lights, perhaps: if one is loosely screwed in, none of them work!).

For this reason the lines are down on planet Earth.

The Great Work is none other than to reforge (or re-open) one’s individual connection within the circuit board that is the Universe, or “God,” and so serve as an open conduit for the universal (double) current.

In human terms, the process of disconnecting, or “falling,” goes roughly like this: we move from “I AM,” to “I am Ghod” (sic), to “God is Love,” to “I love God,” to “God Loves Me,” to “God is Indifferent,” (or perhaps “Where is God?” to “God is punishing me!” and finally to “God does not exist!” This is the final total negation of Consciousness, Love, Will, Beauty, and Truth.

At which point one can finally say again “I am!” (i.e., “a man,” or separate being). Alas at this point “I am” no longer leads to “Perfect Beauty” but to “utterly miserable.” “I suffer, therefore I am.”

Those are my thoughts for this Sunday.

Thanks for keeping in touch. You fear to “alienate [your] sources of Information” by discussing your present work at any length. I am “given” the opposite instructions (in this case) and advised to disseminate freely anything that may be of help to you (and therefore to me) in your work. Let us keep the lines open and keep working at fixing that circuit board!

To this end I enclose a very brief essay from The Mess Age: Investigations in Eschatology. I would also be happy to donate the rest of the Apotheosis booklets to the Cause, but perhaps you could reassure me that you don’t already have them? (A few have sold from Watkins, so you never know).

I Spread the Joy and Delight of Being God (and Satan)

Love Will Out

Jason Wynd


Thursday, March 21, 2002

Dear Mr. Grant,

Thank you for your belated response.

I don’t see the paranoid as fallen into despair but rather as plunging headlong into the depths of the despair-laced Weltanschauung of the collective, with the conscious and heroic end of finding the raw materials for his personal alchemy. Since the aim of The Mess Age was to convey this Weltanschauung back to the (paranoid) collective in a form which it could comprehend, using the symbols and archetypes which it has created over the past fifty years or so, I have been at pains to keep up the semblance a rational and “objective” perspective. This is where the paranoia comes in: the “I am” or Other must be seen as an actual entity, for the simple reason that most of us are still under the illusion that we are that: actual entities.

I love the phrase “resisting the temptation to exist.” That could be the title of a great (non) autobiography. It is indeed a great temptation, for joy and delight are promised by this Illusion. If one could manifest identity without simultaneously forgetting one’s True (non)Identity, now there would be Something to savor. (And is the Savior not one who saves but merely one who savors?)

I am working on Something at present to communicate the three-fold “I am” principle to the world, or at least to those who’d have it. I should be honored to keep you posted. Meantime, as promised, here are the other two booklets (book 0 is withheld due to reworking) for your perusal. Lastly, permit me to share with you a dream I had last night, which may or may not be of assistance to you, but at very least ought provide some amusement.



I see an image of Kenneth Grant as a young man. He is working on a huge painting of an interdimensional Being. The Being is sort of like a giant amoeba, spread out like a giant tapestry, with all these spikes and tentacles and a vast number of layers. It’s an incredibly intricate work, done over a long period of time, using many different colors. Grant explains that this painting isn’t drawn from his imagination but from life, that he is simply depicting with infinite care a Being that he can see clearly before him, so clearly in fact that sometimes he is unable to see the real world behind it. At times the Being even obscures his view of the ordinary world, so solid is its manifestation, so constant its presence in his consciousness. By painting it he is bringing it further into being while creating a portal, if you will, through which this Being can manifest. The Being is itself a kind of portal, however, through which a Force manifests. As he is completing the painting there is a gathering of humans in Grant’s home, drawn by this magikal working. Together we perform the task of spreading the painting out on the floor, pulling the four corners of the painting into the four corners of the room and securing it there so that there is no space that is not taken up by the sigil.

When the Being manifests, everything changes, and everyone starts going “insane” and writhing about on top of the sigil, literally possessed by sexual dementia. Everything goes haywire, but in a good way. The next thing I remember is being outside, myself somehow possessed by this Being, which is totally Female, a Spider type thing with all these layers, multilayered. Each layer, each partition of the Being is an entrance into another dimension. It’s a multi-dimensional map, but also the territory. I am taken over and transformed, flying in the sky, it’s night, I have the power of a God, lightning coming out of my hands. I realize this is physically possible, for a human to gain such utterly impossible powers by becoming a vehicle for a Force such as this. The process involves the annihilation of the self. While I am a superbeing, I am not there at all and none of this is happening. This is the paradox and essence of the empowerment, that one becomes aware of one’s illusory nature, and within the illusion one is omnipotent. This Being is manifesting on the Earth plane now, and everything is being transformed. As an agent of this transformation I am omnipotent, able to change reality itself in a heartbeat, using nothing but my Will.



Response to “Ufobia” article in Smiles Lewis UFO zine:

Response to Lucid View MS:

Response to invitation to meet:

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Response to Fortean Times article about Jake as The One:






13 thoughts on “Correspondence with Kenneth Grant, 2001-2003

  1. “Any last-ditch melding with human foetuses will not avail the humaliens.”

    As I sit, sipping coffee quietly in the AM….this is like hearing Robin WIlliams yell “GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!”
    I’m also picturing some robe wearing priest with booming voice in an el crappo black and white sci-fi horror flick.

    “Occultists believe in demons and principalities, not in aliens”

    Ahhh, here we go. This explains a bit about the people that say “UFO” occupants are demons etc.
    It’s a whole internet CIA psyop misdirection (?) thing that’s been going around.

    “For four years, UFO authority Nick Redfern has been investigating the strange and terrifying world of a secret group within the U.S. Government known as the Collins Elite. The group believes that our purported alien visitors are, in reality, deceptive demons and fallen angels. They are the minions of Satan, who are reaping and enslaving our very souls, and paving the way for Armageddon and Judgment Day.”

    The “Collins Elite” are not Christians in the US Air Force etc, they are occultists in disguise.
    Makes sense.
    This “shadowy group” is always being portrayed as the “good guys”. So of course that’s an inversion being foisted on the readers.

    “One question begets another; the answers are never complete, only partial.”

    The snake is just holding it’s tail in it’s mouth. It’s not like the snake is growing longer and actually eating itself.
    Get the snake to freakin let go man. Just like in the cartoon panel on the lower right side of this page>>>>>

    • Charles Upton views the “aliens” as Jinn or demons; I would say I agree at this stage, tho he mentions that Jinn (which correspond with Faery) are not considered all to be bad by Muslims.

      Upton’s work on UFOs is the the most cogent and fully contextualized I have read.

      • Yes. Things do lean that way. And as usual there are govt. attempts to muddy the waters.

        On one hand you have John Keel (Eighth Tower, Ultraterrestrials), Levenda’s circus.
        The other hand has smiling Elon Musk going to space, no problems in sight everything A OK.

        How does Elon Musk protect himself from the Jinn for example?
        Would they not want to mess with the humans and their space business?

        We need to sit in a full whiteboard room with Jay Dyer, Zak Bagans, Jordan Peterson, and Tom Mellett to chart this out lol.
        It could possibly end in a Fight Club style brawl so start practicing your “finishing move”.

      • And there we go. Just what I said about the US Gov. groups. All the ‘net propaganda about these people pretends like they are “good guys”.

        From description on that Upton video:
        “He explores the cultural, societal, and spiritual implications for us all that derive from the obvious shadowy practices (and ambitions) of a secret power elite that, using “UFO science” and/or “UFO dialogue” as a deception instead of telling us they are into demonism and black magic, is about to erect a very deliberate and outright Satanic kingdom on Earth”

        If the aliens finally materialize (for real and fer sure no shit), what side do you think Levenda would be on?

        He’d welcome them with open arms and want to be made a high priest middleman spokesperson!

          • Ha hah. I was sorta asking the question in that way. Cause that’s the other logical avenue to explore.
            NASA is steeped in esoteric bullshit. Take a look at all their suspect mission patches.

            Elon launches all his stuff from NASA pads. He’s hand in hand with the US govt.

            I think the whole “private space program” bull is to move the intellectual and physical capitol of the old NASA to the new.
            Houston is Christian Freemason land…SpaceX in California is New Age Transhumanist central.

      • Jason, thanks for turning me on to Charles Upton. I’ve been hanging out at Paracast where all these silly Pentagon UFO disclosure videos are meticulously analyzed to materialistic absurdum by hard core Autard savants who are so deliciously ripe for some “Djinn Vaudeville” . meanwhile, I found this interesting exchange between Charles Upton and a fellow Muslim in the comments section of this article all about Levenda and whether or not he has converted to Islam. (Time frame is 2012)

        Hafiz, May 28, 2012

        Dear Mr Charles,

        The article is insightful as it is terrifying in revealing the extent to which humans can deceive and be deceived. Just one question though: Peter Levenda for all his meticulous documentation and thorough research, does not seem to be differentiating much between the revealed traditions and the perverse occult pseudo-doctrines that he from time to time exposed in his books. Is this just a lack of discrimination on his part?


        Charles Upton, June 7, 2012

        Dear Hafiz,
        Peter Levenda is a great investigative reporter but he has little understanding of metaphysics and religion. His basic worldview is erroneous and subversive, which you can see quite clearly in SINISTER FORCES when he attempts to speak theologically, particularly on the subject of theodicy. But the years he spent in the underworlds of magic and occultism have uniquely fitted him to see into that particular kind of darkness; he also has the ability to analyze the political side of this darkness. Basically, he’s thoroughly followed up on the common paranoias of the hippies of the American Baby Boom.
        Interestingly enough, the last time I communicated with Levenda he said that he’s considering converting to Islam, but that was some time ago and I don’t know if I should take him seriously. In Malayasia where he now lives he can probably find plenty of dervishes who indulge in various forms of wonderworking….
        ~~ Charles

        Hafiz, June 17, 2012

        Dear Mr Charles,

        Thank you for your succinct reply considering it did put Peter Levenda in a more nuanced light. If what you say is true that he is planning to enter Islam and if he intends on to tread the path of Tasawwuf in Malaysia, God-willing he doesn’t need to find wonder-working dervishes to do so. In Southeast Asia, the mosques usually have scholars or as we call them asatizah and imams who do give basic spiritual training or crudely put a basic primer on Tasawwuf. He needs to be on his guard though for false teachers although despite his shortcomings he is sharp enough to sniff them out.
        Once again thank you Mr Charles for your time.

      • Also found this comment by Charles about Levenda

        Voluntary madness” is a term coined by Peter Levenda, who presents, in his trilogy Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, much well-researched and documented evidence of the great affinities and bleed-throughs and conscious alliances between the world of the occult and that of the U. S. intelligence community, a milieu that also involves many prominent figures of the ruling elite; his work exposes levels of evil that most of us have never dreamed of. His “metaphysic”, based on magic and occultism, is erroneous and subversive, but his findings are of the greatest value for our understanding of “the rulers of the darkness of this world” and the counter-initiation that is their most direct expression.]

  2. Forgot another thing:

    “Find the others” – Gordon White (Who did he rip it from again?)

    “THERE ARE NO OTHERS” – Kenneth Grant

    “One question begets another; the answers are never complete, only partial.”

    Yeah yeah….these guys will keep ya going and going.

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