Amphibious Ambitions: Simon Peter’s Dance with the Ambiguous

Do I still have a bone to pick with Peter Levenda, and if so, why?

At this point I can’t separate personal annoyance (unconscious father/brother issues, etc., etc., you know the drill), from professional interest, so I guess it’s time to address the matter in public, so I can see what shakes loose. I should mention before I do that Levenda and I have had two long conversations in the past that I found highly enjoyable (both are available online, here and here). He is an intelligent, thoughtful, and eloquent individual and until recently we got along fine. Even now, my “bone” with Peter is, I hope, not primarily a personal one but one that pertains to things he is writing and saying that I consider highly questionable, and that, being the way I am, I am going to question.

From a “professional” point of view (the quotes are there because “liminalism” has yet to be officially recognized as a profession), my own researches have caused me to trail my muddy cowboy boots through Levenda’s own, quite fiercely staked, turf, not once but twice in recent months. First, when I began to look into Crowley and the occult’s darker overlaps with organized ritual child abuse; second, in an oddly backwards fashion, when Levenda put himself forward as the new front-man for (what I see as) the UFO Scam Redux, with his Tom deLonge collaboration, Secret Machines. As I hope to show, these two areas of interest–and the disagreements between Levenda and myself–are inextricably intertwined. By comparing his attitudes in both instants, I think it is possible to demonstrate how Levenda is deliberately distorting the truth, both about himself and his subjects.

Regarding the organized ritual abuse of children, this is a subject Levenda seems strangely divided on. On the one hand, he acknowledges that it happens. He can’t actually deny it, since it’s on the sort of records he likes to cite to show how “serious” an investigator he really is (government documents, library records, and so forth). He will admit to The Finders case and (some of) its implications, for example, including the obvious elements of ritual child abuse. But insofar as allowing for a meaningful correlation between occultism and organized child abuse, one that isn’t entirely coincidental, like that between “occultism, unemployment, and bad teeth” (using his own words), Levenda balks and cries witch hunt. And interestingly enough (while consistently denying ever having been an “occultist”), he cites his own insider status in the world of the occult as evidence:

“Further, I have spent a lot of time around occultists, Thelemites, satanists, witches, neo-Nazis, magicians, and even Republicans. I have witnessed all sorts of mayhem, from sexual promiscuity to drug abuse to threats of violence, etc. For me this began about 1968 and has continued in one form or another to this day. I am still in contact today with people I first met in the 1970s, so I have the benefit of having seen them grow and evolve, warts and all. I have never seen any hint of pedophilia in any of the groups I have known, nor in connection with any individual person I have known. I can give you chapter and verse on drug use, sexual partners, overdoses, all sorts of other scandals, etc. but there has been no evidence — not even rumor or gossip — about child abuse. Well, except among the Republicans. (!)”

When I ran this argument by the ex-UK-occultist Nathaniel Harris–who has direct and tragic experience with occult-group child abuse, Harris’ response was straight to the point: “Peter Levenda is either a liar, or he’s a terrible researcher.” (For more on Mr. Harris’ qualifications to comment on this subject, go to his blog.) Personally, I agree with Harris 100%. And I do not think Peter Levenda is a terrible researcher.

Now what if we extend this statement to what is (somewhat) known about NASA, CIA, and military intelligence disinformation programs about UFOS, the overlap with MKULTRA  and ritual torture, abuse, and mind control (including staged alien abductions, etc., see Alison Miller, 2011), and juxtapose it with books that purport to deliver the “inside-truth” about aliens among us? In other words, if we factor in all the evidence that narratives of this sort frequently belong to and arise out of a decades-long disinformation program, is it possible to see someone who is selling us this narrative in 2017 as anything other than a) a really bad researcher; or b) a liar? Is there a third option?

I do not think there is. But then I have only read portions of Sekret Machines online, and I am prepared to retract this statement if I discover I was wrong in assuming that all the essential ingredients in deLonge and Levenda’s warmed up disclosure stew are ones we have already seen, a thousand times before, in the short and tawdry history of “Ufology.”


As it happens, today Jason Colavito posted the latest, and most directly critical, in a series of posts about Levenda’s modus operandi as author of the impossible: “Peter Levenda Is Upset with Me. He Also Called Me ‘Arrogant’ and Driven by ‘Personal Resentment.’ Yes, He’s a Full-Fledged Fringe Writer Now!” Despite his penchant for unwieldy titles, Colavito gets to the nub of the Simon-Peter Code in two lines when he writes:

“While Levenda denies being the author [of The Necronomicon], at the very least he is complicit in facilitating and promoting occult fantasies, and he would prefer we ignore that when it isn’t convenient. He is a journalist and historian when he wants mainstream respect, and happily rhapsodizes about the occult when he wants to shape audiences’ beliefs.”

Colavito’s truck with Levenda about Sekret Machines is (I think rightly) with the evidence Levenda refuses to present. My own is more with the evidence he ignores. The two are complementary methodologies, however, because the evidence Levenda ignores is evidence that seriously undermines what little evidence he does present for the reality of inter-dimensional entities zipping around in secret machines. It is evidence that indicates that his own arguments are based on manufactured evidence with the express purpose of seeding just the sorts of narratives which Levenda is happily hocking at his own government-approved fruit and veg stand.

Judging by Levenda’s recent public statement concerning his involvement in this project, he is acutely aware how thinly his credibility is being stretched by hitching his reputation to so disreputable a wagon. It’s my guess this can’t be explained as simple financial opportunism, or even as an ex-intelligence officer following orders for some undisclosed agency. I suspect it has something to do with these things, and that it is quite galling for someone like Levenda to find himself endorsing such obviously substandard goods after all the time he’s put into establishing his reputation as an authority on all things strange and sinister. I also think Levenda is sliding, amphibian-like, back into his primary element, as Simon Levenda, the both admitted and denied (nothing like letting both hemispheres of the brain have their cake and eat it, eh, Simon P?) author of (the fake) Necronomicon, and one of the primary movers and shakers of the occult revival in the 1970s (most specifically the O.T.O. in New York). In other words, after having spent several decades establishing his more austere, scholarly reputation as “Peter Levenda,” author of a series of semi-scholarly works, and amassing a fairly respectable audience cult of his own (which has lately extended its tentacles to Faceborg), he now gets to play Simon again: the wizard and socio-cultural engineer mastermind behind a medium-scale literary hoax. Exactly forty years later, no less (a favored number of Kabbalists, FWIW).

Levenda’s latest move from semi-scholastic researcher to spinner of yarns has been under the guise of, you got it, “truth is still stranger than fiction,” so, hey: a) fiction is a valid way to tell the truth (Lovecraft Code); and b) the truth is that there IS no line between fact and fiction anyway, so let’s get down with the kool kids practicing quantum chaos magickal thinking already, dude, and jump the shark and have some real fun.

The shark, in this admittedly pretzeled metaphor, is both a fake monster/alien/interdimensional entity, summoned by the forces of Simon Magus’ unbridled (but State-sanctioned) imagination, and an all-too real paid operative and professional liar whose job it is to permanently erase the line between fact and falsification and do away with the last vestiges of public discrimination or discernment to ensure the cat is permanently stitched up inside the bag, curiosity and all. All Hail Eris, when Cthulhu calls, etc., etc.This is no easy stunt, and, credit where credit is due, I doubt if anyone could pull this off without some serious facial egg residue. Levenda’s apology-cum-explanation for his current Sekret shark-jumping stunt is as follows:

I know many of you think I have lost my mind, or perhaps my credibility, for having become involved in Tom DeLonge’s Sekret Machines project. .. .


“the UFO Phenomenon represents a point of intersection between science and spirituality [How’s that for an original premise!], between the military and industry [Urm, military-industrial? Complex!], between official statements and popular belief. [I am reasonably sure this is without mentioning how these two feed into each other via works such as Sekret Machines.] It is a field that perhaps more than any other represents the presence of the Other (whether of other beings, other consciousness, other dimensions, other physical laws) in our world and constitutes a challenge to our way of thinking about reality.”

You don’t say. But is this meant to pass as a new hypothesis? Carl Jung, Flying Saucers, 1951? Hello? And Jung was corresponding with Alan Dulles at the time, so, urm, it would seem as though the “Mirage Men” were hard at work even before Kenneth Arnold had his first sighting (if he ever did). So Levenda is trying to explain his interest in UFOs as being “not crazy” and “credible” by restating the idea that UFOs are IMPORTANT–which is presumably precisely why he was picked for the job in the first place: because Levenda, among dodgy quasi-scholarly alternate researchers anyway, has a reputation for being credible, not-crazy, and quite, uh, IMPORTANT. And in case we start to forget it, in all the deLonge-evity, he is at pains to remind his readers at every opportunity that Norman Mailer wrote the foreword to one of his earlier books. My point here is not to be snarky but that Levenda’s credibility is essential to achieving the goals of his latest project, which is to restore some–rightfully lost–credibility to the subject of UFOs before the whole thing fizzles out entirely.


Anyway, I interrupted Simon, uh, Peter. . . .

“People who have had direct experience of the Phenomenon are not waiting for “disclosure.”

Note the quasi-religious framing here. No wonder Levenda quotes Jeffrey Kripal. Do these “canaries”
belong to the same choir? With The Super Natural (a book Levenda called “luminous”), Kripal promised us “an apocalypse of thought”; with Sekret Machines, Levenda is claiming “nothing less than a cultural revolution in human consciousness.”

They are waiting, in many cases, for some kind of validation and for a place to “put” that experience within the context of everyday life.”

Urm, so, what: official validation? Let the government (in the form of DeLonge’s, Levenda’s, and Podesta’s insider crew) tell us what we have experienced, sanctify it and turn it into the State Religion? That would validate these “direct experiencers of The Phenomenon,” all right. It would turn them into the original adopters.

“We hope that by taking this subject out of the murky and discredited realm of “what if?” and “who knows?” and into the glaring light of day . . .”

What day? Again the only thing new about the Sekret Machines project, as far as I can tell (and even this remains questionable), is that it comes with some sort of official endorsement. But who in the amorphous audience cult of Ufology besides deLonge and Levenda still believes that official endorsement is worth a damn, when these same officials were almost certainly the inventors of the UFO narrative to begin with?? Ye gods, even The X-Files allowed that interpretation at least once a season.

“. . . that we will be doing them a service. [Is Levenda angling for Nobel prize now?] What we are attempting to demonstrate in these volumes is what our world really looks like if we begin from the assumption that the Phenomenon is real.”

This is interesting to me as only today I wrote something similar about organized ritual abuse. However, the key difference here is that, for all the variables around ORA, it can at least be kept within certain confines as being a human, criminal phenomenon with occultic aspects. The UFO has no such bounds and to say “the Phenomenon is real” is essentially meaningless, when Levenda has not defined what he means by the Phenomenon as yet, unless he simply means objects that fly and haven’t been identified? But no, what he is taking about that is real is “alien contact,” though he can’t define alien for us, or even contact, really, except by stating that all human history and culture is the result of a Cargo Cult of “AC” (no, not that AC, the other one, though I suspect they are roughly equivalent in Simon/Peter’s mythic engineering plan). Levenda is such a stickler for semantics and definitions that I cannot believe he is simply being blindsided by his own religious fervor here. I think he is deliberately obfuscating. I think he is selling snake oil and he knows it.

“If it is real, [if what is real??] if it is an accepted fact, [WHAT??] what does that mean for religion, science, politics, and culture?”

Note there is no mention of psychology or philosophy here. Levenda is only interested in “real world” disciplines. He is arguing for the hard-nature of The Other–maybe because he still hopes to summon Cthulhu from the depths of the collective psyche and have it raise him up to the crown of all? Wait, didn’t I see that scenario in Ghostbusters 2? [Edit, apparently not; I must have been thinking of some other cheesy occult spoof spectacle.]

“Is it possible to review various fields of human endeavor from the perspective that the Phenomenon is an integral and essential component of human experience?”

Yes, but WHAT IS “IT”? (Basically, nothing more radically new than “alien contact.”)

Skipping ahead a bit (Levenda is nothing if not loquacious):

“In our mission we have been aided by those who have a different perspective on the matter:  individuals in the government, the military, industry, intelligence, and the like. Scientists and soldiers. Corporate executives and engineers.  People with access to information that most of us do not enjoy.”

Trust the Experts. Why? Because the Experts Know And They Would Never Lie to Us; or at least, not to Levenda (being as how he is one of Them, or at least would know the difference between a fib and a fact). Remember this: The Experts Do Not Lie. Tom deLonge’s aim with this project, as he stated plainly to John Podesta in a non-Pizza-related email, is about changing the cynical views of youth towards government.  What would Levenda have to say about that goal, I wonder?

“We have been very careful in our discussions with them. [That’s good to know!] They did not approach us; we approached them.”

What’s Levenda’s point here? That he and deLonge decided, “Hey, let’s go ask the government the Truth about UFOs,” and the government said, “Hey, these seem like pretty OK guys, let’s tell them!” And then Peter saw that it was good, and said so, and lo, there was a light over all the earth where previously had been darkness.

“There was no offer of faked videos or questionable documents. [Urm… OK.] There were only conversations.  Advice.  Guidance. And, indeed, some revelations.”

In other words, they spoke to some guys behind the scenes who told them some stuff about UFOs and aliens and they believed them because they seemed pretty sincere and there’s no reason they would lie. And then they wrote a book and now they want us to buy it, and believe it too, because we have their word for it and they are good guys. How is this any different from a dozen previous UFO disclosure scams over the decades? The answer, it isn’t, only that the names are a bit bigger this time. Like when they remake a 70s slasher pic that was done on a shoestring, using big movie stars, a bloated budget and mega-effects, and the whole thing makes you feel sick and depressed over the sheer wastefulness and dearth of imagination involved? Something like that.

“… Creation is ongoing. [Oooh!] It has not stopped. [Aaaah!] What the alchemists were approaching in their philosophy as well as their practice was the dream of modern-day physicists since at least the time of Einstein: a Grand Unified Theory. . . . all of us are products of that initial Big Bang and we are participating in it to this day: not because we want to, but because we are part of it.  We are products of that initial moment of Creation.”

Simon Peter is getting out the big guns. He is inviting you, the chaos-magick-quantum wave-particle of all-existence, to step up to the plate and participate in the Grand Unification of all Theories into a Single Simonic Decree. And Upon This Church. . . (Get thee Behind Me, Pedro!)

“In like manner, when we study the Phenomenon we are faced with dozens of different viewpoints.  The field runs from outright scorn and skepticism to fervent belief.  [Which end is Levenda at?] Experiencers talk about abductions, or sightings, or close encounters, triangles, cigar-shaped craft, saucers, vehicles (or seeming vehicles) that defy physical laws, etc.  Like the blind men and the elephant they are all correct, even the skeptics and debunkers.  Does that defy logic? [Uh, yeah. It does. And not very elegantly either.] Perhaps.  Does it defy intuition, the nagging thought in the back of your mind that there is something to all of this regardless?  Sure.  We get it.  I get it.” 

Yeah, but what do we get? Punked again, only now by the pros? Bear in mind that this is the same Levenda who wrote to me just last year: You know my work. You know the type of documentation, verification, etc. that I do. I don’t write speculative history or conspiracy theory. I investigate, with personal interviews as well as documentation, and report what I find.”  Only now apparently his work is about rebooting all of Creation. Word of the Aeon, or what?

“How can we possibly entertain two such opposing ideas at once in the same brain, the same mind? It’s a kind of mental disorder, isn’t it? But it just might be the most important collective mental disorder of all time.”

Compare to this (Levenda, to myself, 2016):

“Jasun, for the love of God, I can’t pursue a question further if it is based on sand! I need a place to stand. It’s not a question of being literal-minded, and I am grateful (and surprised) you admitted you are not. That pretty much sums up this entire correspondence, so I think we have nowhere to go from here.”

If Simon Peter is really sold on the transcendent splendor of mental disorder, why does he start to froth at the mouth when someone disagrees with him in ways he perceives as lacking the correct “training,” rigor, and scientific methodology? How is it that he gets to have it both ways–when it comes to UFOs, there’s no real possibility of understanding the Phenomenon without forsaking logic and taking the plunge into the quantum matrix of fantasy-faction which he is helping to assemble. But when it comes to something like organized ritual abuse within the context of occultism, no, no, a thousand times no, you must provide irrefutable proof before even suggesting the possibility of such a thing! How does Levenda square this circle, exactly?

“The best metaphor for what we are attempting to accomplish with Sekret Machines may be the famous and influential text by Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976). . . .The Sekret Machines project aims to re-create some of that early experience by presenting data in two forms: fiction and non-fiction, or “right brain” and “left brain” approaches, respectively. . . . the two forms together work to tell a deeper story.”

So, with something like the UFO, because it is already a GIVEN that “it” exists as a Phenomenon that cannot be explained using ordinary principles of logic or rationality or human understanding, then, by all means, let us invent stories about it as we are parsing through and analyzing the known data, and then let’s splice the two together as the only way to reach the ultimate truth of the matter, which, evidently, is that there is no ultimate or objective truth anyway, and the UFO (as re-presented via Levenda’s holy split-pea brain-storm) is the final proof of that. It is curious that, according to Levenda, we are looking at a proof that, by its very existence, demolishes the whole notion of proof.

It’s a psychological operation to end all psychological operations! Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain; but gaze, gaze, upon the Wizard in all his splendor.


Regarding Jacque Vallee’s endorsement of the book: this is a fact which Levenda is sure to mention at every opportunity, along with Vallee’s “creds” within the UFO community (what there is of it at this point). This is also the same Jacques Vallee (barring theories of body-snatching) who once wrote the genuine classic, Messengers of Deception, which includes this passage:

“UFOs are real. They are physical devices used to affect human consciousness. They may not be from outer space. Their purpose may be to achieve social changes on this planet, through a belief system that uses systematic manipulation of witnesses and contactees; covert use of various sects and cults; control of the channels through which the alleged ‘space messages’ can make an impact on the public. . . . Visitors from outer space . . . would offer the space effort – and all its attendant industry – a new purpose in life. They would rescue Western civilization from its acute spiritual malaise. They would help transcend political emotions and pave the way for a unification of that enormous economic marketplace: Planet Earth. Take these possibilities into consideration, and you will begin to understand why the idea of life in space is no longer a simple scientific speculation but a social and political issue as well.”

Messengers of Deception was published back in 1979 and was the last in a series of genuinely groundbreaking books by Vallee. He didn’t release another book on UFOs for ten years, and then it was the lackluster Dimensions. In the interim, Vallee seems to have forgotten all about his much darker, more disturbing Messengers thesis (UFOs as related to human occult groups performing social engineering through mass deception techniques), and to be satisfied to rehash the tired old UFO narratives over several more books, none of which (if memory serves) had anything like a truly original thought in them. And let’s not forget that Jacques Vallee is himself a government insider: “a venture capitalist, computer scientist . . . notable for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and for his work at SRI International on the network information center for the ARPANET.” At this point in time, Vallee’s endorsement of the Levenda-deLonge project is hardly more reassuring than a thumbs up from, uh, John Podesta or Edgar Mitchell. Unless you are Peter Levenda, that is.

Meanwhile, to return to that overlap of sinister force-fields, what does Simon Peter have to say, when it comes to all-too-real-and-sordid sorcery?

“I remember very well the Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria of the 1980s, for instance, when the assumption was made that — since there are such things as occultists and satanists — there must be satanic rituals involving the sacrifice of children. Claims were made that thousands of children were being sacrificed annually in the US alone during satanic rituals by generational satanic cults. There was no evidence for it (there was no evidence for generational satanic cults, either) but that didn’t stop people from making assumptions and wild accusations, ruining innocent people in the process.”

The above summation is at best a gross misrepresentation of facts, at worst, bald-faced lying. Considering Levenda’s extensive researches, there is no excuse for it. His devilishly clever use of scholarly stickler-ism–when it serves his purposes, that is–means that including the word “satanic” gives him a convenient loophole, however, since there is so much room for debate about what the word actually means, and since, strictly speaking, no one has ever been convicted of “satanic ritual abuse,” for the simple reason that neither satanism nor ritual is illegal, only abuse is.

If Levenda wants evidence for the extreme abuse of children, and worse, within the context of occultic rituals that include a “satanic” (devil-worshiping) element, he only needs to refer to various academic sources on the subject such as Sara Scott, Ross E. Cheit, and David Sakheim and Susan Devine’s excellent compendium Out of Darkness. To dismiss the testimonies (some of which are backed by physical evidence) of literally hundreds of victims and/or relatives of victims with a single line about “no evidence”–while elsewhere defending a man like Michael Aquino–pretty much tips Levenda’s hand for anyone with the slightest sensitivity or discernment to see, and reveals that his Tarot deck is numbered.

It’s worth noting that Levenda’s arguments with, or rather attacks on, myself (at the Secret Sun blog, for example) use the very same sort of straw-man tactics he disdains Jason Colavito and others over, for example when he writes: “When pressed, Jasun asked me if I did not believe that there was an international cabal of Satan-worshipping child abusers and I had to tell him no.” This is an effective way to bolster his own position by painting me as Christian-style hysteric and a broad-stroke conspiracy theorist in the style of (his bête noir) Alex Jones. But anyone can go over our exchange, published it its entirety here, and see that I never asked Levenda any such thing. Barring the occasional, deliberately incendiary Faceborg post (and FB brings out the worst in everyone), I am generally quite careful about the use of the word “satanic,” “conspiracy,” or “worldwide,” much less about sticking them all together. This is not a claim I would make without a very large question mark at the end of it.

Now suppose we compare the question of hard evidence for inter-generational cults, and all the rest of what Levenda is dismissing here, with the hard evidence for “alien contact” as anything other than a long-term, human-directed social engineering program dependent on disinformation stunts exactly like Levenda’s latest jaunt? I should state, for the record, that I personally believe there is such a thing as contact with apparently nonhuman entities (though exactly what they are and how nonhuman they are remains to be seen). What I question–and have I think provided ample evidence for the need to do so–is that UFO narratives of the sort Levenda at al. are offering a “modern 21st century reboot” for are anything but a clever obfuscation and exploitation of this deep and troubling psychological question (or “Phenomenon,” if you prefer). Or that what is sorely needed now in the field is not one more tired old reboot, but a thorough debugging and defragging of the whole gnarly system.

Knowing for a fact (as laid out elsewhere) that a human disinformational aspect not only exists but probably goes all the way back to the inception of the “Phenomenon” (early religious engineering programs), demands, of any rigorous researcher, at least an attempt to account for all the evidence this way, namely, as an elaborate, high-level, cultural engineering “hoax” (with serious intent), using psychological methods and technologies that may as yet not be fully understood by us, but most of all depending on human psychology, dissociation, gullibility, and the sheer hopeful predisposition to believe, all of which projects like “The Sekret Necronomicon Code Machine” ruthlessly mine as a necessary fuel source.

And what are we to think when the man selling us these used goods is at the same time scoffing at the reality of something that has been proven and documented to exist, beyond reasonable doubt, something that has caused unimaginable misery and despair to unknown numbers of people, and that, more to the point, does not require nonhuman presences, interdimensional forces, time travelers, or secret machines, but only some very devious, cunning, and destructive criminal networks operating over long periods of time? Consider that, while there is no evidence that claims of organized ritual abuse and mind control are being used as a means to conceal, confuse, or generate some other phenomenon–alien contact, say–there is substantial evidence for the reverse, namely, that the UFO and its many emergent narratives is intimately entangled with organized ritual abuse and mind control, and that it has served as a means to confuse and disorientate victims and plant false memories around it. When all this is factored in, Levenda’s staunch support and avocation of the UFO narrative, and his rather vicious and irrational debunking of the mind control data, begins to seem not incongruous but quite congruous, even complementary; and yes, sinister.

No wonder Levenda is still in damage control over that annoying photo of him standing next to John Podesta. This is from his massive FB screed to Jason Colavito:

“And, yes, that meant we also were linked to the ridiculous claims of Alex Jones and his ilk that there was some kind of blood-drinking cult revealed, high-level functionaries sacrificing children, etc. etc. And now, ironically, you are contributing to the very hysteria you claim to abhor. ‘Satanic Occultists’ indeed!”

High-level functionaries sacrificing children? Whoa, right? How ridiculous is that? Please. Grow the f*** up. And while you’re at it, step this way: I’ve got a way better story to tell you. It’s about Cargo Cults and Cthulhu, you know: real grown-up stuff.

Could this picture possibly be any more off?

Having said all that, I would hate to think Peter Levenda is feeling ganged up on by Ja-souns right now. (Perhaps he was a mutinous Argonaut in a past life?) But them’s the apples; if you spread a lot of shite around, be careful not to stand downwind. Besides the strange recurrence of nominal archetypes, the only “coincidence” that I can see here is that of an author being called out, on more than one front, for his decades-spanning involvement in an elaborate and complex form of literary hoaxing. It’s like an inversion of the Argonaut myth: Simon Peter, through his imitations of divine fiat, has called down the wrath of mortals.

This would appear to be the most nakedly apparent unifying factor currently at play here.

47 thoughts on “Amphibious Ambitions: Simon Peter’s Dance with the Ambiguous

  1. This reminds me of the polemic between Bossuet and Fenelon and the Kabbalistic ‘Nothingness of Revelation’. The human mind is probably both satanic and angelic, and it is all we can do to douse the flames of punishment with the purest springs of hope. Matters highlighted represent a psychic and occult volcano of ego largesse and self-hypnosis providing an altogether ready-made cover for trance-like amorality and uses and abuses of political power and opportunity. Drain the swamp applies. Meantime, all that can be done, is done to deflect attention away from any sort of logical salvation from Earth’s self-promulgating near eternal psychic turmoil and terror. All human knowledge submits to Peace eventually, and the absence of Love is obvious; therein the key to the waste of earthly time so encouraged by satanic forces in all its magnetic and grandiose nebulousness. Phenomena, as described, desperate human intelligence trying to manipulate the breakout from this seeming penal planetary madness, is exactly that, desperate and endless. We would do well to regain consciousness enough to protect our souls from capture by the unified theory of the overwhelming power of human sexuality and compromise whose purpose and existence appears to depend upon despoiling the Perfection, Love and Divine knowing that was ever present before The Fall.

  2. a) a really bad researcher; or b) a liar? Is there a third option?

    # I don’t know about being a liar, but L. is certainly a bad researcher. It is the obvious I had to clonclude years ago when I looked into his research on Nazi occultism. Of course one could argue that bad research equates to lying, but keep open the third option of gullability and overestimation of one’s own capabilities. Is there a forth option?

    As to the extent of “ritual” child abuse, I can only guess, but child abuse (as well as neglect and abandonment) is certainly widespread:

    “My main focus since 1986 has been on assisting people in … Recovery from Early-childhood Trauma.

    Since then, affirmations from hundreds of viewers of my YouTube videos from all over the world consistently indicate that inheriting psychological [wounds and unawareness] is a problem in all cultures.

    My work with over 1,000 average international women and men suggests that over 80% of the adults in typical troubled lives, relationships, and families are Grown Wounded Children (GWCs), …”

    Two urgent national problems no one talks about

    A veteran family therapist proposes that two American problems widely ignored by the public, the media, and presidential candidates are (1) unqualified child conception and (2) ineffective parenting. We need government on all levels to motivate the public to learn how to parent effectively.

  3. bipolar manic rage caught on video borderline personality disorder mental illness destroys families

    … This guy has been diagnosed with PTSD from repressed

    *** childhood sexual abuse ***

    that he discovered while in therapy he began 3 years ago via EMDR (with his therapist). He has never seen a pyschiatrist because he’s afraid they will have him take medicine and he think that will “numb him”. He self medicates with copious amounts of cannabis which has masked a lot of milder bipolar and BPD symptoms. …

    The truth about “Borderline Personality Disorder” (BPD)

    A veteran trauma-recovery therapist proposes that BPD and other “personality disorders” are all SYMPTOMS of up to six psychological wounds from early-childhood trauma. Implications: (1) BPD sufferers are NOT “mentally ill,” they are wounded. “The truth” in this video’s title refers to the obsolete and misleading “medical model” of psychiatry.

    What you need to know about “PTSD”

    PTSD symptoms are widespread among kids and adults who experience parental abandonment, neglect, and abuse – so “trauma” can occur over years, not just one injurious event.

  4. Yeah mahn that got a bit ranty at the end . Its possible he is down a path you could easily have gone down but wisely didnt , Levvy is ” the one “, which may piss you off at some level. That part of you wishes you went down that path but you and i both know that would have been a silly thing to do . You cant save him mahn .
    Kut ‘

  5. There have been a lot of words written on many blogs about this. While I wouldn’t classify it as a tempest in a teapot it certainly is using up a lot of “our” valuable time. Anything but a jaundiced eye would have to agree something is very, very wrong with the whole pizzagate/child child abuse(satanic or otherwise) revelations. Is it not possible that a person or people could have been groomed or co-oped to put into place at a good time to insure the maximum about of confusion & damage to those who are looking very carefully at our reality? Here we are splitting hairs while the devil laughs up his sleeve.

  6. Confusion is a clue that there’s a discrepancy between unconscious (felt sense, affect) and conscious thoughts and feelings.

    I read something useful today, the phrase “invokes the mystique of the Sacred.” The context was Girard, Burkert, and other sociocultural researchers and the attempt to understand religion and ritual without doing so. It struck me that this is what Kripal, Levenda, Strieber, et al, are all doing: invoking the mystique of the Sacred. Without that smoke screen to indicate some hidden fire, their work fizzles into hot air.

  7. I’ve started rereading a few of Peter’s books with a more critical eye. Some of the little things my mind glossed over before seem to stand out more now.
    It is hard not to feel a bit like being lost in the wastelands. Perhaps Lovecraft was correct when he spoke of what happens to the mind if it were to correlate all the info.

  8. So what’s with the reader silence? Even Hollywood Tom has nothing to say.

    I can think of a few reasons a) people aren’t interested in Levenda and consider him a dead horse not worth flogging. b) Levenda’s sorcery is powerful to block and intimidate; c) lull before a storm.

    • Personally I am split. I can’t get behind someone like Jason Colavito. He’s like Jan Irvin. I always end up running into him when I’m in transition from one reality tunnel to another, trying to disprove my lest belief structure. I actually 100% agree with Levenda in that Colavito has an agenda he’s pushing. The worst part of it is he doesn’t really realize it, because from his perspective he’s pushing “objective truth”, which I think anyone who reads this blog in 2017 can recognize is complete and utter non-sense (even the most ardent skeptic can look at Quantum mechanics for an example of why this is impossible).

      He constantly uses the fact that if something was fiction first so it CANNOT be true as proof that someone is a huckster. I understand this mindset, its what I felt about Scientology before I knew anything about spirituality other than Roman Catholicism. But since I’ve run into some really weird shit (like what L Ron and Parsons were trying to do) and “know” there is a deeper pool of truth we can tap into given the right circumstance, so no just because something is fiction doesn’t mean it’s “false”. Even taking the spiritual side of this away, the little bit of long form fiction I’ve written proves this to me – I go back months later and read what I’ve written and am almost in disbelief I wrote it. Its good and where the hell did that come from?

      This article and comments in the last article use Colavito because he helps back a point that Levenda sucks, but I don’t think we’re all agreeing why he sucks, just that he sucks, so good enough.

      Personally I fluctuate day to day on whether or not Levenda or that narrative is sincere (but I’m reading Cosmic Trigger right now, so that’s to be expected).

      I’m asking myself more and more though, why do I care about people like Levenda one way or another? Knowing anything about him or the things he’s talking about isn’t going to bring me closer to my goals in life. At the end of the day this, the election, and whatever the conspiracy of the week is are all just things to keep us occupied – which in all honesty could be the goal of it all.

    • I find your exploration of the Levenda agenda to be fascinating, and I always relish a new post on the topic. Please don’t hold back!

      But– since your (and others’) work has confirmed my suspicions that he’s an agent of some sort, I consciously limit the amount of attention I give to the man (outside your posts) to avoid additional annoyance in my life.

      I of course recognize the value in exploring the ideas of these sorts of figures – it gives a better picture of the aims of the cultural engineers and aids oneself in inoculation. At the same time, though, for me, it requires/produces extended stays in indignant mind spaces. While this my be the appropriate response, and I also see that some acceptance may be needed on my part just to maintain sanity, the smugness of people like Levenda really triggers me at this point.

      I still have quite a few books by authors which I now realize have/had similar aims to Levenda. I keep telling myself to slog through them to better understand the worldview-shaping attempt that’s probably been in progress since ancient times, but there’s only so much time in the day.

  9. I’m currently handicapped by the idea that cultural mind programming has existed since Sumer and that it was always a long term game. Can’t prove or disprove it. Also, can’t figure out if modern day occultism is descended from antiquity or only claims legitimacy while recreating rituals and symbolism.

    Some of my mates have seen classic aliens and UFOs on DMT (I never have, although I have seen some “typical” otherworldly beings). I’m inclined to believe that Levanda and others, have over the ages purposefully drawn us away from the existence of beings which share and influence our reality. Either by trivialising or by categorising. So, the idea that our culture is a cargo cult is possible, but the idea that authorities participate in disclosure is obviously an attempt to steer our perceptions. Similarly with all other manner of phenomena, the process appears to both discredit and lend legitimacy to those ideas/beings who’s existence is almost undeniable.

    Why did Levanda lend this cheap attempt at disclosure his credibility? The powers that be are going to try and pull the wool over our eyes eventually with a hoax ET disclosure/appearance for a number of possible ends, primarily to unite us under a single leadership. As their agent and/or go to guy he had to do as he was told. Or, “they” are paving the way for the otherworldly beings to expose themselves as our masters and are simply conditioning us to accept this as the only possible reality.

    Not sure what Levanda’s outreach actually is. Or is it that his “scientific and academic approach” lends weight to other research by seeding ideas which are further developed and disseminated?

    The Harris text is quite something and very convincing .

    My twopence for now and for what it’s worth.

    PS I’ve only recently got into the Occult Yorkshire series. My oh my…

  10. I appreciate the feedback.


    I’ve only read Colavito on Levenda so that has predisposed me to his perspective in a way that is surely premature, were I to read more of his work or get to know him better (I invited him onto the podcast twice, but got no response). I also get the sense he has an agenda besides simply getting to the truth, though it may be “simply” the agenda of a particularly active left-brain trying to keep things under control (“objective”). It’s not just a question of PL sucks but,as you say, why or how he sucks, how the medium and the message aren’t lined up, white man speaks with forked tongue, and so on. As for getting closer to goals in life, if there’s only one goal – to get to the truth – then whatever we “run into when transitioning from one reality tunnel to another” is probably worth paying attention to, if only to look for recurring trends. Each new reality tunnel tends to closely mirror the one before, & the things we glimpse in between are probably closer to revealing the underlying structure of our fictions.

    @AG: annoyance & indignant mind spaces. Yes. This post allowed me to move from such a space into one of more lightness and enjoyment, to hunt down those “triggers” that cause me to feel that way about PL via the controlled rant. It was a way to turn a negative (PL’s dodgy input and output) into a positive (a better view of the internal obstacles that prevent clear thinking and seeing).

    @Cedomir: “Either by trivialising or by categorising.” Almost like branding and marketing these “beings” – to grant them ingress into the culture and into people’s inner spaces.

    I don’t think JC went far enough when he called PL an occultist. I think “sorcerer” would be a better term. & sorcerers have their allies, and allies have their agendas. Inorganically speaking. 😉

    I agree about Harris.

  11. Because this is what happens…this was on the next page when I picked Cosmic Trigger when I went to read it tonight (see where I referenced this in my above comment):

    “The founding of Cal Tech at 33° of latitude. (This was actually partially the work of aerospace engineer and occultist Jack Parsons, who was indeed a disciple of Crowley, as we have seen. In fact, so many of the scientists at Cal Tech were involved in Crowleyan magick, according to some reports, that the government grew concerned and sent in agents to infiltrate the O.T.O. and find out how subversive it might be. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, was admittedly a member of that lodge of the O.T.O. at that time, and later claimed he had infiltrated it for Naval Intelligence.)”

    This type of sync is more and more becoming the norm and isn’t even that surprising to me anymore. But this is type of direct experience is something that someone like Colavito would write off as a coincidence, but it’s this type of thing occurring persistently that proves to me more and more that there is “something else” – what it is I don’t know. You’re dead on with him though, his agenda is protecting the structure that his left brain has built. But again…I don’t agree with Colavito, nor do I really agree with Levenda. Liminalism, right?

    I will keep your suggestion in mind with recurring trends though. This does sum up my general experience. I get stuck in loops at times. I’ve come understand the Zen Enso more recently – my understanding is that the goal is to break those loops. To break out of your repetitive and destructive behaviors. It’s not easy and I have a far way to go, but every day I try chipping away at a little bit more, trying to get at what is “real” – whatever that is.

    Also re: “@Cedomir: “Either by trivialising or by categorising.” Almost like branding and marketing these “beings” – to grant them ingress into the culture and into people’s inner spaces.”

    I had a similar thought about this the other day (because everyone is talking about this book and it’s just weird), but basically it’s like we as a society we need a new myth. Christianity isn’t working anymore, so maybe the goal is to get everyone to focus on this so that if it isn’t real (and who knows – honestly), it becomes real because enough energy has been focused on it – ala Pepe.

  12. In the first “Sinister Forces” the first quote is from Sherlock Holmes. A clue to what the book is looking at/for. Now maybe we can add to that what is being told to us about it’s author?
    I dislike many of the words that are in common usage, magic being one of them. What it encompasses has been debased, made trite. Life in all it’s expressions is magical or it should be.In the hands of some*magicians?* it can move belief systems in directions that better serve them or their masters. After my first go at the books my take away was this is a mage, a master of words. Words, symbols, sounds etc. are very good at getting to the nub of things & Peter is very good at it.
    The dismissal of satanic abuse seemed to me at first a bit too hasty, but there was so much more to catch the eye that it was no longer as important a clue as it perhaps should have been. Being at the right place right/time can still be put down to those sinister forces without taking away from the body of his work.
    The Simon/Peter thing is darkly amusing perhaps to Catholics in particular. “Upon this rock I will build my church.” Was Simon/Peter building his “church” with those of us who enjoyed his work?
    Why spoil it all with the new book collaboration? The erudite, soft spoken author & speaker takes up with a circus barker? I find it hard to believe he would think it was a good move. So I am left to wonder just who pulled on his choke chain. Which of course leaves you to sift through his work wondering what is of value. I do feel that like any good disinformation there is much of value in there.

  13. Jasun- you as a Brit living in Canada are of the opinion that Donald Trump is just Theatre and yet you are of the opinion that ITV’s documentary from 2012 (of course) regarding Jimmy Savile is completely REAL. Victims coming forth…. but don’t you need victims to make it APPEAR real.

    It seems to me you need someone (outside of you) to help you make sense of your brother’s and your own issues. Your brother had sex at an early age —- so? Young boys (and girls) are naturally curious, no? But according to you it must have been his school or the ‘outside’ environment that had this bad influence on him.

    You have spent years following Whitley Strieber and his alien theme because you could relate to his stories and experiences. Subsequently, you spent years dissecting those same stories.Then you brought up Crowley but is Crowley even a real person, I ask? When I look at the OTO in the US all I see are connections to intelligence agencies from Jack Parsons to Sara Northrup to L Ron Hubbard, must just be me.

    Now you have a beef with Levenda because he won’t acknowledge Crowley’s involvement in Ritual Child Sexual abuse. I ask Jasun why does it matter so much to you? Looking on the outside to explain the inside again?

    I’ve noticed your harsh tone with regards to flat earth, definitely a psyop. To most a flat earth would entail a closed system with a firmament top as stated in the bible. You seem to link yourself to Horus and Jesus so this is nothing new to you. But a closed system would put to rest your ideas about possible ALIENS from far off planets or galaxies who are interfering with human here on a round, spinning earth.

    But what do I know I never wanted to be a shaman to save the world….. but i have been struck by lightning 3 times.

    • I think it’s a good thing that people are starting to come to terms with Crowley’s intelligence connections and the intelligence connections of other occultists. It might be useful (and in my own view bears up Jasun’s analysis) that the British secret service operated more or less coterminously with the elite of society from Elizabethan times straight through to the whole Philby episode. They pretended to make it more meritocratic after that, but I don’t see how they’re any less shot through with wastrel sons of the aristocracy than they ever were. No wonder the NKVD/KGB/FSB runs circles around them. If the Nazis had had a professionally minded secret service, the British might have been toast.

      Crowley did intel work because as a member of the British upper crust, that what you did. Anytime you were asked. It was part of the ‘social contract’ of that set.

      I used to think of one Levenda as one of those writers I didn’t have to worry about double checking the facts. I love me some Joseph Farrell, but I never assume he’s right about his subjects. But look at Levenda’s career. He is indeed, a ‘familiar face around the campfire’. Gadflies like that are the perfect gatherers of information for spooks. He doesnt have to take their money, talk to them or know anything about it. He just does his thing, gets book deals where someone else might be laughed out of the office…it all falls into place somehow. Then one day, they really need a certain message to be presented. This deLonge guy shows up (and he needs the full “Miles Mathis” examination of what his pedigree is) and for some reason Levenda the ‘serious journalist and researcher’ is spouting a lot of new agey jargon about quantum entanglement. As this piece above rightly points out, it’s quite an ironic twist!

      • Great comment. I have just been looking into Philby and brought him up in an upcoming conversation with William Ramsey.

        If PL were only the author of conspiracy books I might allow for the unwitting angle; but as the author or at the very least front-guy for “Necronomicon,” and with all the corresponding machinations of OTO occult-promo that surrounds it, it seems less & less likely.

  14. Upon reflection I should have said it appears that someone pulled on his choke chain.
    Also that it saddens me to think such a fine mind & excellent work could be tainted.

  15. It is hard not to conclude that Lavenda is compromised somehow. The thing that keeps nagging at me is how completely dismissive he is of Pizza Gate. Now, I’m not saying PG is real or not, but it is hard to not come away with the notion that SOMETHING is happening there. The Pizza Gate thing should be right up his alley! I mean, his Sinister Forces books are essentially him laying out the evidence of things like PG occurring all throughout (secret) American history. If he doesn’t think there is anything to the allegations, then I would truly love for him to debunk Pizza Gate point by point. But he doesn’t even do that. He just dismisses it all as bullshit. And to someone like me who has, up to this point, been a big fan of his writing, it’s seems to be very un-Lavenda. But between his outright dismissal of PG, the Sekret Machine books, and things like photos of him hanging out with people like Podesta, it is hard not to feel that something happened with Lavenda. That, or the real revelation here is that this is the type of person he has always been all along.

    • Yeah, absolutely: the man who wrote (and pretty much forged a reputation from) “A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft” is scorning people for suggesting that high-level government officials might be committing sacrificial murder? 😮 Please.

      Which side of his bread is buttered?

  16. Jim Marrs recently spotted plugging the reissue of L-Ron’s Battlefield Earth! Claims TOTAL ignorance of Scientology and only thinks of L-Ron as a great writer he admired in his youth along with Heinlein and Asimov et al. Sheesh. How obvious does it have to get.

  17. Jasun: “So what’s with the reader silence? Even Hollywood Tom has nothing to say.

    I can think of a few reasons a) people aren’t interested in Levenda and consider him a dead horse not worth flogging. b) Levenda’s sorcery is powerful to block and intimidate; c) lull before a storm.”

    The answer is C. 😀

    DeLonge on C2C said their kind of disclosure is coming out ultimately through Hollywood. First, they do the books, then sell the movie rights, and this is real disclosure, DeLonge’s own words, seriously, meanwhile, that takes big money to do. They’re going to get rich off this, if possible, and the master plan is to play the whole ET game through Hollywood. I guess the other option would be to do a TV series too, but they aim for the big screen first.

    I was shocked DeLonge would literally reveal that strategy directly to the biggest ET audience on C2C and call it “disclosure”, but this is exactly what his meaning was/is. This is all pure hype.

    I’m just interested in why Podesta and the Clinton’s would seriously be interested, IF true…

    I don’t think WikiLeaks really showed that Podesta was actively replying to any of DeLonge’s emails. He just seemed to get UFO Spam or alerts he may have been subscribed to, but was there really a 2-way communication going on? Anyone know more about this?

  18. The cognitive dissonance factor is very valuable, it’s the fuel that powers the Hypnocracy. An obviously inadequate and inappropriately nasty dismissal is better than a reasonable facsimile of a considered weighing and rejection… it hurts the audience. It sentences them to stressful thought. Even better coming from someone who specifically ‘ought to know better’ … who certainly does know better, stressful endlessly-detailed emphasis on ‘certainly’ … and again with the delonge collaboration, the sheer dissonance of ‘doesn’t he or his bosses realize how badly this clashes?’ They do indeed. It wasn’t a mistake that the most prominent photo from the marathon bombing was the one with the most obviously missing blood.

  19. DeLonge wrote: ” I hope you get my emails and I hope I am not bugging you. I am currently updating the Advisors, as well. ”

    This is what I thought was happening… Podesta only responded one time in the series you posted, when he was receiving all kinds of UFO influx, and based on what DeLonge wrote above it seems obvious there was little back and forth communication. It’s what I recalled, when I searched WikiLeaks too. My point being this is hype to latch-on to someone connected to the Clintons for promotional purposes, the picture op w/Podesta, etc. There is no real ongoing interest in association or participation other than DeLonge using it for PR.

    Podesta was/is not actively pushing any UFO agenda w/DeLonge, though DeLonge would hope otherwise. Maybe that will change if DeLonge gets a movie deal. Look how positive he was with his meeting with DreamWorks… “I created this teaser as a way to open conversations and excite Spielberg’s people. It worked. I just left my meeting at DreamWorks, and they are very,
    very interested.”

  20. Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Says ‘Legitimate Questions’ About UFOs Should Be Answered Mar 4 2016

    For years, John Podesta has been on a crusade to declassify government documents, particularly ones that relate to aliens…

    I agree and have known that Podesta has been interested in the UFO question, including the Clintons, but whether DeLonge has serious connections that are ongoing with either Podesta or the Clintons is more PR hype (by DeLonge/Levenda) than anything real and ongoing. IMO.

    Of course, George Knapp would jump at any opportunity to talk UFO’s w/Podesta, and there is a huge UFO following in that region of the USA. That Podesta Las Vegas TV local news interview was all positive political moves on Podesta’s part that would help Hillary’s campaign. Smart move.

    Anyway, my gut feeling is DeLonge is only unwittingly running yet another endless series of PSYOP’s for the Military Industrial Spook Entertainment Complex to do more fake disclosure and disinformation for “our occult spooks” (social engineers) and deep state PTB. Looks like DeLonge and Levenda will make big money off this if Hollywood or HBO types take-up the cause. Nothing new here since Fate Magazine Roswell Mythology 1947 or War of the Worlds 1938 radio broadcast.

    Cosmic Dissonance to dissociate the masses!

  21. Another reason why Podesta is “kicked out” with any future UFO disclosure promotions is his proven connections with the Russian financial stock payment of 75,000 shares he tried to hide by putting it under his daughter’s control, AND all the WikiLeak totally weird emails connecting him to perverse and/or bizarre abnormal child/youth attractions or fetishes (or worse) that seem aberrant and perverse (IMO) and may indicate some kind of abuse or criminal minds or worse. Mix-in the Spirit Cooking and other totally weird photos of Podesta and his political connections and friendships w/Comet Pizza owner and associates, and I think he is probably now an outcast with anything UFO or political for at least a few years. Podesta can’t be a front man to help push any UFO agenda.

    Who will reform Podesta? Not the Clintons. I think he’s crashed and burned. Podesta will have to be a “shadow player” out of the public eye. IMO.

  22. A point of contention: you often bring up occultic ritual abuse and Levenda gets defensive about it…if you mean to say it’s widespread and part of implicit or explicit function of “mainstream” occult groups I think you’re way off. I’m a part of one and it is very clearly not any part of it. Obviously I can’t vouch for them all, but I’ve been a part of many online discussion groups and I’ve never heard anyone advocate for it.

    There are two propositions I think could be (the first unquestionably true)

    1) some occultists are child abusers just as some of the general public are. However they may try to integrate their perversion into their practice.

    2) there exists an “occultic” or alternative religion among the elite that integrates ritual abuse into their practice

    • I would add to my part 2) that there is the appearance of occult or alternative religious practice among ritual abuse that is designed not for some dark God or spiritual power but to increase psychological damage or for deniability from absurdity. Or for some combination of them all.

  23. Looks like the Quantum Superposition of Jasun and Jason = Jasoun has really gotten under Peter’s skin enough for him to issue this Manifesto on his FB page this morning.

    Peter Levenda:

    It’s like this. I don’t see why my FB page should be used to give trolls free publicity. So I will be removing links to webpages of – and articles by – certain critics, especially if I have answered them previously in some other form or format. The various Jason/Jasuns are thus included.

    I have no problem with reasoned debate and honest criticism, but I have no time for endless, circular argumentation that goes nowhere. When it comes to these specific individuals, all I can say is “asked and answered.” I get it. They think I am anything from a disinformation agent (which is basically anyone with whom you disagree, it seems) to some kind of fraud or huckster.

    Nothing I say or do will change that, so what’s the point, really? My published work represents my bona fides, and I will put it up against any and all comers. And if you want to see alternate views (and there are plenty of them out there) that is what search engines are for. Have fun.

    As for the Tom DeLonge project, again: everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would not be involved with this project if it meant I would be compromising my position as a historian and researcher, or if it meant promoting a specific party line. I made that clear at the outset. I have written on the subject of UFOs before, in Sinister Forces. I’ve spoken on it before, both at the Amsterdam conference and at Contact In the Desert a few years ago, so while I have not focused on this material to the exclusion of others I am not a newcomer, either.

    This project is a collaborative effort, and it is amazing to see how critics assume that Tom either is some kind of egomaniacal carnival barker out to make a buck, or a naïve dupe of the military-industrial complex. This is the problem, isn’t it? Musicians should stay musicians; actors should stay actors. They should not reveal themselves to be three-dimensional human beings. They should not apply their gifts in one world to address issues in any other world. “Entertain us, or shut up.”

    Tom doesn’t need me to defend him, of course, and that is not what I am doing. Instead, I am questioning the compartmentalization of our culture that requires each individual to be an easily-decipherable digit, each in his or her own box. I was in international trade for decades, specializing in selling to China; does that make my published work any less valuable?

    And if Tom knows something about the UFO Phenomenon, should he keep it all to himself because, you know, celebrity? If he had contacts and meetings with people up the military-industrial food chain, should he keep all that secret because, you know, Blink-182?

    Edmund Burke famously wrote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Perhaps we can amend that to read: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of ignorance is for those who know to keep silent.”

  24. “I’m asking myself more and more though, why do I care about people like Levenda one way or another? ”

    – It’s one of those subjects, like Streiber, which repel me. Levenda is such a condescending prick and obvious liar; I refuse to “take it”

    “the smugness of people like Levenda really triggers me at this point.”

    – I know.

    – “I don’t think WikiLeaks really showed that Podesta was actively replying to any of DeLonge’s emails. He just seemed to get UFO Spam or alerts he may have been subscribed to, but was there really a 2-way communication going on? Anyone know more about this?”

    Yes, Podesta himself was writing about disclosure. He’s also connected with Webre.

    “It wasn’t a mistake that the most prominent photo from the marathon bombing was the one with the most obviously missing blood.”

    – Weird.

    I’ve come to feel a lot about recognition is emotional.

    They want to remain oblivious to the fact their favorite “talking head” is lying to them. Like a wife who neglects to put the pieces together around a husband’s affair.. Unless she’s told straight-out, she will never put it together. It’s emotional.

    If people really want something to be true, they will delude themselves.

    The followers of “Jones” recently demonstrated that. They claimed “Jones” denial of Pizzagate, the night before the first demo in D.C, was because he was threatened with a lawsuit.

    There’s a dearth of evidence for any lawsuit.

    Then it’s:

    – But of course he can’t tell anyone.

    So the whole “event” is created in peoples’ own minds by themselves.

    And of course that’s the most powerful hoax.

    Same with Levenda? Do people just make excuses for him?

    “But it must be….”

    Since of course no polite person would be so obtuse and rude to accuse him of deliberately misleading people. He’s such a fine man and so well – respected..

    Bye for now. Thanks for the article. Now I’ll listen to the Ramsey interview.

  25. – “Who will reform Podesta? Not the Clintons. I think he’s crashed and burned. Podesta will have to be a “shadow player” out of the public eye. IMO.”

    So far Podesta is very brazen. He is walking proud. Went to Congress to lobby for checks on the Internets communication abilities. ..I couldn’t believe he even had the nerve to appear in public after all that was revealed.. But he did.

    And he even stated that most people have no idea of what this scandal is; and he is absolutely right. Podesta said if you watch the regular news you would never know it was happening.

    They lack shame.

    Honestly, if they were noble, they would all have committed HaraKiri long ago.

    From a comment above:

    – 1) some occultists are child abusers just as some of the general public are. However they may try to integrate their perversion into their practice.
    – 2) there exists an “occultic” or alternative religion among the elite that integrates ritual abuse into their practice

    I see it different, though I agree with #2..

    There are pedophobes – [Alephanits line, “Everything they say about me is true, except I don’t love babies”] There are people who hate babies. For real.

    There are psychopaths – people who get tremendous pleasure from seeing other’s suffer – and it can be sexual pleasure.

    It’s likely passed in families. Or the secret groups know how to select their own. At this point they could even be breeding their own kind deliberately? Or breeding sheep types that excite them [Like a predator is excited by the flailing of a weaker or injured animal ]

    They manage to find their own. The theory it goes back to the supposedly “ancient” despots seems likely.

    They are expert in subterfuge and love to mock and laugh at those they deceive.

    About the supposed ritual sacrifice issue;, I think it’s another subterfuge..

    They tell a story that it’s for the good of the group? Or it will bring luck or good crops? and the sacrifice is a harm to the community and therefor will expiate group sins, Or it will placate some spirit or ‘alien” … Those are the stories for the sheeples?

    But the real reason is they are psychos and they enjoy it.. All the rest is just window dressing. But it is a group enterprise
    They cover each other’s back? And probably like to be with their own?

    They may also be occultists / Gnostics – adepts / whatever you call it – but they are human predators. Just because they have certain occult knowledge or talent is separate from their status as psychopath.

    Some of the subterfuge is to lay it upon “occultism.” Really these Predator types are likely a subgroup of Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic./ all occultist flavors for each religion. . It exists in All the groups; In some high level clique? , Don’t they all merge? No one religion has the monopoly.

    There is a “occult” sub-group in each religion Muslim / Sufi Jew / Kabbalist Christian / Mystic,Gnostic Hindu / Yogi.

    Why are the psychopaths attracted to occultism? It would be interesting to trace that genesis, but I’m ignorant of why. I know as “E” said above:

    “if you mean to say it’s widespread and part of implicit or explicit function of “mainstream” occult groups I think you’re way off. I’m a part of one and it is very clearly not any part of it.”

    Is exactly true by me, also. To be interested and talented in occultism is something separate from the psychopath elite Creep Networks.

    “People do what they want and make up the reasons later” – a saying of my Mom.

    Also, People do things in groups they would never do by themselves..

    It’s starting to look as though these networks are very large. They may recruit from local small occult groups and maybe even are who founded them?, But likely leave them alone. To be in their special group is very exclusive and their criterion is likely highly selective.? .

    And of course the Elite cliques use their rituals and arrangements for real world power; Their activity has more than one function.For one, It bonds the murderers.. I was told by a criminal defense lawyer who has seen murderers up close for decades that Once you murder you are in a different class of human – for ever; for keeps. And murdering after the first murder is much easier.

    (I’m thinking of Podesta’s stint as a butcher working in a pig slaughter house as a young man. )

    A reason for the occultism / ritual angle?

    – “[] to increase psychological damage or for deniability from absurdity. Or for some combination of them all.”

    Yes. They like to make and see people suffer, any way possible. But part of the ritual also is to induce a trance? – maybe they need to do that for the overpowering of the victim or maybe they need to enter “another reality” [disassociate] for the endeavor?

    Also, they may actually believe they can harness the energies from a being who is dropping their body. I spoke to a local occultist who does animal sacrifices in the woods with his group. He believes that a God/ spirit of the animal being sacrificed enters into the group who are doing the act.. Each animal will command the “egregor” or archetype [ from his type] of a specific god. The animal is the totem of the god who is evoked in the ritual.

    Perhaps a baby is the Totem of “Molech?” who knows?

    Here’s a detail from and “Old Master” painting (which used to reside in Dresden) which seems to insinuate as much a any Comet Ding – Dong Instagram – – It’s hidden in quite a few religions?

    So from Levenda’s PR blurb, which I couldn’t read too much of , [ booooooooooring.] He ‘s going to “do disclosure” without actually doing it. Like Stone with “JFK” .. Whatever.

  26. I don’t think Podesta will get much media attention about UFO’s vs all the other still pending “political” scandals that are not played-out yet. The Clintons have pending legal investigations along with Weiner too. I just don’t see much of a political comeback for any of these people considering Hillary has bombed twice for POTUS and her health is in question… Bill does not look very healthy either. The MSM is obviously full of BS and totally discredited, so no one really trusts their news and info… let them try to reform any of these people… Hillary will never be POTUS. They don’t even want her for Major of NYC.

    The Forth Estate, the MSM, is owned and controlled by the MIC, CIA, Orwellian Corporate Dictators, so their is no truth or freedom but “the control”. WikiLeaks, The Fifth Estate, provides “the truth” vs MSM.

  27. Reference my WikiLeaks comment above it is VERY VERY TELLING and REVEALING that Levenda refuses to comment on any of the WikiLeaks. What a COPOUT and scapegoat for a so called scholar and truth seeker. He doesn’t even acknowledge or face the truth by doing that, and he’s got something(s) to hide. There’s an agenda in play, and part of that is to make money and control the playbook on their terms and their beliefs.

    WikiLeaks definitely proves both Podesta’s have sick minds… Hillary gets away with multiple felonies…

    And, THE RUSSIANS did it. 😀 LOL.

  28. Here is the latest Rolling Stone interview with Tom deLonge. In it, Peter Levenda is also interviewed. However, his name is misspelled throughout the article as Levanda. What do you Liminalisters make of that? Have we suddenly gone down a “Mandela Effect” rabbit hole? Or is it a sly sub-Liminalist reference to Peter’s alter ego of Simon?

    Tom DeLonge on Why UFO Research Just Might Save Mankind

    “The more I got into it, the more I realized it was all real,” says former Blink-182 member. “I was like, ‘OK, what am I going to do about it?'”

  29. It will be interesting to see if anyone NEW from the 3 letter Spooksville’s or MIC PTB is going to step-up to the UFO freak-plate besides all the MIC “retired nuts” already making money and attention off ET. Who does DeLonge/Levenda have that will be NEW to this tired old game… so, so, worn-out with “has beens”. What’s really new? Who’s really new?

    • Hi VC,

      Jason Colavito “seconds your emotion” about the “same old same old” on his latest blog post today.

      Peter Levenda Attacks “Ancient Aliens” in “Rolling Stone” without Actually Watching “Ancient Aliens”

      And Jasun, you will be chuckling at the fact that there is now a sub-Reddit devoted to whether or not PL is a member of OTO based on the scenes of him taking part in Jim Wasserman’s OTO ritual shown on that Discovery channel program of 2012.

      • Since Jason Colavito expressed doubt as to whether the person in that Secret Societies program was Peter Levenda, I just made this comment on his blog



        I can definitely verify for you that the person who looks like Peter Levenda in that video is indeed Peter Levenda himself. I quote from a private email exchange I had with him last January 30 when I directly asked him about his participation in that program.

        Here is his response:

        James Wasserman: I have known him for decades. He is in the OTO (no, not “the Pope”; that dubious distinction goes to a guy named Bill Breeze). I am not a member, never was.

        As I have stated more than once, I have not joined any occult order, secret society, initiatory body of any kind. Jim and I do not see eye to eye on many things, including politics and religion. But I have known him forever.

        When he asked me to participate in the “Secret Societies” documentary, I was happy to do so, as a friend. I wrote a foreword for one of his books, and he wrote a foreword for one of mine (in which he accused me of being a “heretic” vis-à-vis his understanding of Aleister Crowley and Thelema by the way).”


  30. I’m glad some of this material was added to POI at the end. The whole Podesta/Mitchell/Delonge thing. Me thinks The Vice of Kings will be an interesting book.
    Anyway, I’ve just finished POI and it was great to read it on a non-glowing surface. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed down to Barnes and Nobel to put it on the shelf next to 12 Rules For Life.
    And here is the last mashup video the reread inspired :

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