The War Against Truth Over at the RI Ranch (Or: Does RI Now Stand for Relentless Indignation?)


Over at the Rigorous Intuition forum, as some of you know, I continue to address (if not fend off) a seemingly endless dirge of denials, deflections, and dissemblings around #Pizzagate. As I wrote there, it’s a bit like RI has turned into CTR. (Thread link.)

Seeing all of this fervent activity at the board, the more or less ceaseless effort to shut down, derail, or redirect the discussion (I am currently being accused of “hate speech”), the loose and sweeping theories, and the consistent avoidance of most or all of the more cogent arguments being made, is actually a rare and golden opportunity. We are seeing glamor magic/perception management in action by its effects.

I think the main effort at the RI board is to bombard the discussion with derision and denial relentlessly enough that it inspires, or obliges, mimesis. It’s basically bullying aimed to intimidate those who are merely questioning the narrative, either into ceasing to do so and siding with the deniers (with their rather sad excuses for debunking), or double and triple down and start defending positions that we don’t actually hold.

If every attempt to say “Look at this” is met with a “Nothing to see here, grow the fuck up,” the temptation is to TELL people what they should be seeing, overstate it, hyperbolize it out of all proportion, and so confirm the bias of the bullies and earn our whupping.

tapitsbo wrote:

Pizzagate undoubtedly contains a weaponized component, but so do a lot of these stories and ideas. We all have our own investments in the conflict over our reality. The importance and nature of “truth” to that investment varies depending on your perspective

Discussion of the Clintons, Bushes, Kissinger, royal families, and associates need not be Manichean, in fact it had better not be if we are to rise above Icke/Jones style conspiratainment.

It’s hard to deny that these figures play an important SYMBOLIC, one might almost say “magical” role that differentiates them from the run of the mill “elite”

The MSM is full of talk of armed retaliation against anyone who questions their narratives on subjects like Pizzagate. I’d be more worried about that than a bunch of hot air from people who have a track record of hardly ever doing anything…

My guess as to why so much energy and denial is going into this topic here and elsewhere is that it is simply too close to home. At least one poster at RI claims to have eaten at Comet Ping Pong, but even without such concrete examples of the familiarity of the hunting ground, this is no longer an attempt to scrutinize the predations of the elite but to see how the culture of totems and taboos, of control and permissiveness, created by these same elite has now so thoroughly owned us. Until they have sufficiently extricated themselves from it, at a deeper emotional, psychological, energetic level, people will fight to the death to defend that culture, and never fully realize what it is they are defending.

The rubber of conspiracy theory just met the road of cultural reality, and right now, there’s a whole lot of yelling and barfing going on.

In the poll I created at RI (“What Is #Pizzagate?”), the second most selected option is “A Glimpse into Pedo-Culture in Washington, DC.” Someone at my Faceborg page said “the world” would be a better descriptor. So how particular is that? What I am wholly convinced of is that the circumstantial evidence associated with #Pizzagate shows a collective awareness of and complicity with organized abuse of children among those responsible for this “messaging.” The complicity and approval reaches the extent of making jokes (and so-called “art”) about it with what looks like a sense of godlike impunity and snickering insider knowledge that only the initiated-hip know how good this shit really is. The apparent fact this sick, slicker hipster-insider culture overlaps with the hip, slick art scene and the hip, slick entertainment scene, and hence the world of at least some post-ers at RI has to be considered relevant when examining the level of fear and denial around the subject: IMO.

At a certain point (a day or two ago), it became clear that the bulk of the “dismissal” of “#Pizzagate” at RI involves the defense of and the “nothing to see here” claim about a specific area of the culture, namely the LGBT area. Alefantis, Majestic Ape and these creepy pedo-advocates get a FREE PASS because they might be gay or transvestite or practice some of the paraphilias that have been culturally green-lit and are now being softly enforced, at least insofar as questioning them on psychological or moral grounds is ipso facto evidence of ignorant prejudice.

Amazing how that’s worked out isn’t it?

And yet, some of us know for a fact that the gay subculture overlaps in countless ways with sadomasochism, pedophilia, and every other squalid vice (unsanctioned paraphilia) we can imagine. It just does, and if we want to pretend it doesn’t because of our chosen value set, then we’ve just joined the ranks of useful idiots enabling the evils of the elite.

Like I said, here be the nub of the disagreement. A glimpse into pedo-culture in Washington DC (and the world) means recognizing how that culture has hidden itself inside other cultures, in order to safely move through and into our lives. One of those Trojan horse cultures is gay culture. I doubt I’d be bold enough to say that so plainly here, if we didn’t have an insider to that culture who’s been brave enough to speak out about this reality before.

Tetelestai. It is said. Let the heads roll where they may.


Of course I was attacked for this, and one of the first strategies applied was the standard straw man argument, in this case conflating my criticism of gay culture with an accusation against homosexuals themselves.

As I wrote, these are two different propositions that have some overlap but still can and need to be addressed separately, namely, the overlap between paraphilias and former or socially accepted paraphilias (or “paraphilias”), e.g., homosexuality and pedophilia; and (secondly) the question of how much LGBT culture has formed, or been formed (I’d say it’s a combination of both) partially as a cloak for . . .  the sort of nasty shit under scrutiny at RI, at this blog, and elsewhere.

To be super-clear, and as far as I know based on all I have read and lived, most active (male) pedophiles are not (considered as) homosexual, BUT, they generally, statistically, prefer young boys. They are not considered homosexual because their preference is not for same-sex sex but for sex with children who happen to be boys (in their adult sex relations, they are usually heterosexual). Secondly, more importantly, their physical, emotional, and psychological gratification is less to do with sex per se than with power and dominance, with having someone under their complete control, i.e., they are sadists. (Strictly speaking, many, maybe even most, active pedophiles aren’t so much pedophiles as sadistic sexual predators; but anyway. The S & M subculture also overlaps with LGBT so strictly speaking sadism is now socially condoned and protected also.)

What I am getting at, then, is not so much an overlap between, or conflation of, homosexuality and sexual child abuse, but that sexual child abusers may adopt a homosexual identity, lifestyle, and culture set as a means to facilitate their desires. I would even say that they have, over time, co-created this culture set, engineered it, to that same end.

This is something that ought to be of concern to homosexuals, obviously; and it IS of concern to ones I know personally. IMO, a person’s sexual orientation should not in any way commit them to a given cultural set, any more than their skin color should.


It was after that post that the accusations of hate speech began and the “opposition” doubled down. Since there is no sense trying to break down ideological programming with people who are working within those same programs (the aims are diametrically opposed), I have since changed tact and tried to bring the focus back onto Comet Ping Pong and the still unrefuted evidence for malfeasance there.

I did find some relevant new(ish) data at reddit and Voat, and posted it today:

Leaving aside all the meta-analysis and non-too-subtle thought control for a moment (which is all quite convenient for any possible perps should there actually be any crimes occurring), there’s lots of excitement over at Voat over the connections literal and otherwise between CPP and Buck’s Fishing & Camping, which Alefantis also owns. (There are 4 restaurants there: Comet Ping Pong, Little Red Fox, Bucks Fishing and Camping, and Besta Pizza.)

CPP is listed as having two floors; as is BFC … -DC-20008/

You can see in the pic these aren’t 2-story buildings. BFC has a basement, hence “two floors.”

Like Pastan, James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong in D.C., doesn’t build his pizza sauce with DOP San Marzanos. For seven years, he has been buying late-harvest tomatoes from Toigo Orchards in Shippensburg, Pa., and canning them at nearby Stello Foods for use at Comet. Last year, Alefantis estimates, he bought 12 tons of Toigo tomatoes, which Stello turned into sauce and canned before trucking the jars to the basement at Buck’s Fishing & Camping, Alefantis’ other restaurant nearby. … looms.html

Others are saying that CPP & BFC are connected & that the proof is some of the CPP posters have said “access via BFC” ~ I don’t know if this is true or not but obviously it would be significant if it is.

I remember in one of the Comet Ping Pong social events, the flier said access to the party was through Buck’s Fishing and Camping. They are all physically connected. … for_james/
Another comment at same thread:

There’s a documentary called “Chickenhawk – men who love boys 1994′ They refer to pedos as “bucks” & an admitted pedophiles talks about taking children camping to have sex with them BUCKS FISHING AND CAMPING:

There’s also mention of the creepy BFC website pic, the site is down currently so I went to waybackmachine to see it. It’s certainly tacky, I don’t know if it quite sinks to the “creepy” level. Maybe for vegetarians? …

Is it unrelated that the site is currently down?

Anyhow, I’d say all of this adds up to a reason to … release the hounds of rigorous indignation again!?

Clearly there’s a concerted effort at RI to prevent any continued exploration of CPP, some of it probably benign if misguided, some of it not so benign. That’s fine; it’s evidence unto itself . . . of something. When the natives are getting as restless as this, it amounts to a strange, if distressing, form of confirmation that the bushes are being shaken.

For the record, as readers of this blog already know, I consider all culture to be a Trojan Horse. But if people don’t do their homework, they will always rely on ideology to do their thinking for them. Why? Because they just keep on inviting the Trojans in. It’s painful to watch. I’m just glad there are a lot more eyes on the RI board than there are pieces with mouths.

Knowing that the silent voices are also the strongest (or sanest) is probably what keeps me in the ring.

That said, if anyone feels like mucking in over there, now would be a great time for it!


44 thoughts on “The War Against Truth Over at the RI Ranch (Or: Does RI Now Stand for Relentless Indignation?)

  1. I lurk there more than I should and briefly posted.

    Brandon D is genuinely sensitive, thoughtful. I don’t ‘remember’ posting there {-drunk-} and I’m too hypersensitive and ashamed to read the few posts I left but I vaguely remember ‘him’ replying and me confusing him with another guy, this one a glib, unbearably composed social animal after bloody heart merit badges… I remember the passive aggressive copypasta that guy left me… It was some informative feminist murderporn which glossed over some young woman losing her life at college, at the hands of some murderer and, instead exploited it as some call to arms so other young woman can, presumably, lose their lives in that way and many others… I’ll never forget this one line- a real juicy tag he bolded {?} for me- that said somethin like, it said, ‘… and so the killer will lick the tears from her eyes as he slowly strangles {sic- most of this is sic probly} her to death…’

    I’m not opposed to the spirit behind flourishes like that, if they’re about WOMAN, Woman with an A, but about individua women you got pics of and stuff in the article- I just find that in poor taste. Like somethin Lena Dunham would do…

    I flamed out after reading that and king wrex banned me- I was a cockroach back then, trying to be a raccoon. So now I’m a raccoon trying to be a coyote… So I got that goin for me, which is nice…

    What you were saying is pretty clear- You are clearly speaking about the manufactured culture saddled on them. They way they, individuals, are tossed into some civic witches brew and then used to ‘upset’ the patriarchy with transgressive parades and all that. The right, in utter disgraceful hypocrisy vilifies them and so the left uses them as a truncheon. They- all sides- create depravity and then pigeonhole homosexuals into it and then use the individuo humanity of homosexuals to make depravity seem OK-

    Another thing I can’t stand is this insistence that ‘gay people are born that way’ is a fact. It is extremely dangerous and counterproductive. What are they, a separate species?


    We can not piece together what ‘they’ are doing, we can only piece together what was destroyed-

    THEN!!! There is some Balkanic Eruption- J’accuse! Some hyper-literate invective, usually true, about how awful the right wing is- And so then anyone who’s opposed to the (totally, totally non-existent) leftist MO absolutely must be on their side, is like a nazi y’know. Racist and Sexist…

    Cue two pages of copypasta- Dull, rusty barbs with a caustic glaze- Maherian verbal sneers and some elderly leftism nearing dementia and Fin… Rigorous Intuition in action

    Also, the Homo-Het divide is wrong! It’s a spectrum that no one should belong to; I don’t know how anyone can look at ‘Magic Mike’ (men pretending to be strippers, young women pretending to be men, all of it tongue in cheek, but maybenot? Andwhynot consarnit!?) and not think thas gayer then ten guys workin on eleven- I mean you got total denial of the beauty of women and love of manass… What else do you need? I really don’t care what men do with each other but can’t stand men being gay with women, or women being lesbians with men… Heterosexuality is just two schmos mashing genitals- doing ‘It’ to each other. It has never been, from what I can see of this sordid history, two people taking part in creation as man and wife.

    Creation itself is so perverted by culture, hijacked as it is, that no one takes part in it period. They just sleep until they wake up and cower in the closet, whispering about the Trojans going house to house. Arguing about what is to be done… And their sex is like Scabies- Lovers and partners..?.. Are we trying to be gross and lame? I wish I was a species separate from this virus.

    Google ‘Menelaus and Helen of Troy’, it is one of those wretched pederastic dinner plates the Greeks adored, and see the armored Infant King dingaling approaching the giant, clothed off mommy-

    And so who can fault women for rejecting men, or men seeking comfort with one another or even people thinking they can change their gender- The Leftists are right in that ‘Heteronormativism’ needs to be destroyed, however the liberals are zombie wrong in what should replace it. Many, many ‘gay’ men and women are much, much STRAIGHTER than ‘Hets’ {God I hate that term- Het. God I hate Liberals…}

    Men love women. Women are in love with men… there is infinite nuance in the subtleties. I’m convinced that until that is restored, we’ll just be doomed to the cycles of child abuse (really the scope is all that changes.)

    Oh, and, Lena Dunham wishes she could have an abortion to be a ‘purer political activist’-

    • I should’ve wrote Spartans there instead of Trojans – so Spartans going house to house is what I meant-

      Spartans being fascist of fascists and, so of course, fascist sexuality is the Trojan horse-

      This isn’t RigInt so I don’t expect to be flayed-

      • actually some joker did try and comment about how you were a right-wing nut-job but their syntax and rhetoric revealed them to be a hate-bot-troll, so I just flushed it.

  2. I put quotes around a few pronouns because I am not so much referring to a person as I am a poster. Wasn’t questioning gender at all- I’m hard to read- Brandon D is good-

  3. That was a great read, with lots of lulz; I wish you posted at RI, or more like you. Reluctant to even check in over there at this point. I think I need a break.

    • I lasted, I think, two days as a poster. I’m still a fan of two guys who hated me, if only cuz the one is so nice-

      Back then I could be abusive tho and even more incoherent than I am now… I admire King Wrex, two times a ruler-

      Re: Right Wing Nutjob – LMFAO – I was/am a bit of a socialist. Incapable of understanding race or nation and wholly poetic re:gender, I guess I do come across as conservative.

      I once said Nazis are the only people who made sense regarding race, as they took eye and hair color, pigment and phrenology and height et al into place. Otherwise- even in the most base, superficial sense- the whole concept of race is just really NONsense…

      Of course the hatebot (THANKS AGAIN!) thought I was praising the Nazis… I’m not even conservative in the Byronic, romantic sense…

      I believe I and many others are what channers call an Autist. Funny how all JERKS, politics aside, seem to hate us. (I’m in no way autistic and I don’t believe autism is real/an affliction.)

      I think Moravec’s paradox tells us more than is let on re: HiQ bullies…

      • After checking in at RigInt I have to clarify, yet again, one of my posts as people are throwing the Nazi epitaph around re: commenters here-

        Above, I wrote above about Nazis and race- (because of Godwin’s Law Nazis are invoked in EVERY internet argument)- What I’d hope was inferred that those fascists- occultists born out a Liberal obsession with race and culture- were lunatics and their obsession with race, taken to it’s illlogical extreme was the only way racialism made sense.

        IOW white supremacists are nonsensical if not gassing themselves cuz they don’t fit the profile- IOW, racialism itself only makes sense if only one set of DNA is left on the earth-

        Still that won’t be enough for the left wing, which only helps teh right wing fly-

        This is why I hate racialism… What can you say but the code prescribed by party members?

        Here’s what I had written—
        —I once said Nazis are the only people who made sense regarding race, as they took eye and hair color, pigment and phrenology and height et al into place. Otherwise- even in the most base, superficial sense- the whole concept of race is just really NONsense…

        Of course the hatebot (THANKS AGAIN!) thought I was praising the Nazis… I’m not even conservative in the Byronic, romantic sense…

        I believe I and many others are what channers call an Autist. Funny how all JERKS, politics aside, seem to hate us. (I’m in no way autistic and I don’t believe autism is real/an affliction.)

        I think Moravec’s paradox tells us more than is let on re: HiQ bullies…—

        I fully expect the robot radicals to take that, and it IS honestly reliant on some inferrence…. and twist it all around.

        Sorry to appear so narcissistic about all this but being a guest here I don’t want the comment section to sound nazistic (yeah, I know, I know I make up words) at all-

        Also, I don’t accept Autism as it is presented, as an illness- Just to clarify that as well- Jesus, this is why I should stick to Dinosaur Dracula and watching Beyonce videos w/ the mute button on-

      • Also, I mean to write ‘The’ instead of ‘teh’ and so that should be corrected before the ascended masters start calling the comment section here illiterate- Also I meant proscribes, not prescribed, but prescribed kinda sorta works…

        Cuz I mean the underlying hate that fuels racism won’t just find some other outlet after ‘people of color’ are let in on all the fun!

        Also it should be inferred I meant one set of DNA from ONE PERSON, not race… AND I don’t advocate that…

        Unless it’s Beyonce Knowles… But thas sexist…

        And probly racist.


        May the Heavens be filled with the Sqwonks of Swans!

        • Don’t worry about it. It’s pretty clear who the real neo-Nazis are at this point & I don’t really care what they think of me or this blog. If & when those dreaded alt-right Trump supporters start showing up & posting here, well, I’ll just have to deal with that (we did have one a while back, I think, astrologer woman calling me naive). But now we are getting to recognize the real crypto-fascists in our midst, and that’s got to mean something. When the velvet glove of neoliberalism starts to get worn away…

      • Third times a charm-

        I wrote I was a bit of a socialist–

        That wasn’t meant as a ‘hint hint’- The only politics I’ve ever been able to digest were from Noam Chomsky… I don’t know enough about them but Lumumba and maybe Allende are the only two politicians I’ve ever felt any respect for- All of them are/were Socialists I believe-

        Indeed, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the only WASPy name belted out by Aretha in my mind. Dorothy Day is a chick… My American heroes are MLK and Malcolm X AFTER the switch- both of whom were Het patriarch {scum?} who were killed for trying to transcend the flesh. Also Roberto Clemente, another probable sexist-

        So, I guess the folks over at RigInt are right- 1.) I’m commenting here… 2.) I’m a fan of patriarchal Het men… 3.) The two ‘Black men’ were uncle toms according to the new American Dream.*

        SO, yes, by their standards- there is a whole lot of racism and sexism goin on over here, at least with one guy commenting- I hope this sincere apology clears all that up-


      • Thanks, Jasun- I was having some fun there at their expense after panicking about being taken the wrong way for a moment- Sorry to spam like that- For the Lulz-

      • One last thing –

        ‘Velvet glove of neo-liberalism’ – Thas a soundbyte-

        Can’t pronounce Herod w/o Hera- {OK, thas PROBLY wrong} We mortals may be massacred but they may never have our innocence-

  4. It’s amazing and depressing how many people would rather ignore and thus perpetuate abuse than put their fragile reputation among other numb minded people at risk.

    Yes it’s interesting to see the glamour magic / cultural programming at work when trying to engage these people, but when you consider the true horror of what they are inadvertently condoning with their dismissive attitude – I’m sorry, cultural programming or not, there’s no excuse for that level of callousness and overt stupidity.

    Personally, I wouldn’t waste my life force engaging people of that mindset. Not on any issues that matter. I think it’s a losing battle.

    • It’s not like I don’t have moments of feeling it’s not worth it, but as slomo expresses at the thread, if the focus is primarily on one’s own internal process, then even the unpleasantness becomes potentially part of the “therapy” (tho not if it reaches toxic levels).

      On top of this, there’s a difference between a system and the individuals that comprise it, obviously. As much as I find the RI-system to be generally oppressive, there are people there I respect & care about, so my life force, as you put it, is being engaged by/with them. The others, well, they can be useful foils or inadvertently provide traction for arguments to gather momentum against, or they can be nothing but dis-traction, or worse. I have about 9 posters on “ignore” at this point, either because they have a consistent habit of making personal attacks against me, or because I’ve decided that they are just noise-makers with nothing useful to contribute (or both, as in the case of Jerky). These are people I have deemed beyond my own personal pale.

      It reminds me of that Black Mirror episode: if only meat-life were so simple! (kidding)

      • Well it seems you have a healthy attitude towards this, more power you. I can see how it could be therapeutic, but then again could also become toxic in some cases. My natural (or, I suppose, conditioned) instinct is to ruthlessly fight with contradictory, ignorant people instead of ignoring them. This is why I now try to steer clear of them altogether. Of course this means I mostly keep to myself and a fairly small circle of people.

  5. This description reminds me of depressing experiences I have had as a liberal person trying to discuss with other liberal people the need for protecting children from cultural influences that are either potentially harmful to them or simply beyond their developmental level and thus possibly traumatizing. Liberals are supposed to be the ones who believe in social justice and caring for vulnerable others. but in this kind of discussion I’ve gotten an almost uniform knee jerk reaction that I’m advocating censorship or am a prude and should go live in a red state. None of the adults have seemed to be able to get past conditioning that I’m suggesting taking freedom of self expression from them, when all I was suggesting was respecting the delicacy of children’s developing nervous systems and adults’ responsibility for not deliberately exposing them to energy or images they aren’t ready for, in life or via media. Sadly it almost confirms some of the bad things that conservatives believe of progressives – that we evince a false ego-driven sophistication that values self gratification over all.

    • “Sadly it almost confirms some of the bad things that conservatives believe of progressives – that we evince a false ego-driven sophistication that values self gratification over all.”


      • It’s the shadow side of liberalism. Like when the progressives attacked one of their own, Tipper Gore, for daring to hold the opinion that music should have a rating system similar to movies because she was concerned that her child was listening to explicit “Purple Rain” lyrics. I like Prince, but she had a point. She wasn’t advocating banning or censoring anything, just flagging it so parents could make informed decisions, yet she was ridiculed and treated like a hysteric. Or like Jyllands Posten and Charlie Hebdo hiding behind free speech to publish nasty demeaning cartoons about Islam, then acting like Muslims were wrong for being provoked by their provocative behavior. It’s very childish, a refusal to accept that there are consequences to words and deeds, and maybe our rights end where someone else’s begin. Especially an itty bitty someone whom we should be looking out for instead of priming as a future consumer of porn and video games. Progressives criticize conservatives for letting no values or morals get in the way of making a buck, but we do it, too.

    • Yes, very nicely expressed. & I think I’ve noticed how that distorted sense of value turns victims into nothing but a cause for self-righteous self-aggrandizement/gratification. When there’s not really any empathic connection to the victims, they become fuel for liberal indignation & self-importance, the opposite of compassion. That insensitivity to the harmful effect of culture on children’s psyche & nervous systems, ironically, is a symptom of being traumatized/desensitized by the same culture. Hence they become invested in defending the culture that traumatized them, even at the expense of their own children, because their identity has been formed as a kind of cultural self-defense.

      If that makes sense….

    • True-

      Politics becomes the fray. Truth is sucked into the conflict.

      It never really dies itself- is never collateral damage, but so many of it’s children (all of us) are and I guess truth dies that way. At the very least we get shell shocked and are triggered by truth. See it from a thousand yard stare… Both sides and everyone in between-

      Try and talk about how bad women have victimized men and get some tirade about thas not what they’re on about- Worse, you’re all for men abusing women…

      Talk about people who happen to be black, who’ve been major players in the system which has victimized ‘white people’ (-certainly children who happen to be white-) and well, your ‘blind spots’ are showing- You must be engaging as an enemy stead of someone trying to transcend racialism and engage people one-on-one as if there is only life, truth and neighbor-

      Thas why focus on children exclusively and from there acceptance of adults who haven’t stopped growing as children do, accepting those adults as children and finally seeing all humans as children, many who know better, and reserving rage for those who lead other children away from life, however so, is important. Adults protecting children are growing themselves and yet, due to the realities of their age, can protect little children. Duh, seemingly… In that way little children help adults grow and take after God as such (yeezus those words trigger!) Reading that makes me cringe. My God has that been abused!

      Adults have fallen, can use OR abuse things and know better- they’ve fallen into the trap of knowing better… Can plant seeds and make em grow, partake in creating life… From this we get all manner of high weird, somehow- Mainly because ‘grownups’ have stopped growing and given up on themselves and so they consume childhood and promise in other, more mandibular ways.

      If it’s said you provide childhood to children and so it glows from them and you consume it spiritually- that sounds creepy as Fug- Which is sad, cuz it’s true. What I term liberals seem intent on progressing from that fundamental flaw, seemingly ignoring it-

      This has been assaulted in so many ways, I can’t begin to sus out how- Gravity has no place in Quanta- Information washes over like waves…

      Many ‘liberals’ are like Poseidon riding the waves, ready to run you thru cuz you’re too close to his sandcastle. ‘Conservatives’ are what, crabs roaming the surf? Big whoop-

  6. Man you are brave. A lot of mothersI know here in California have been experiencing this same type of gaslighting while trying to bring attention to the collateral damage of the heavy US vaccine program. The author of the mandatory shots for school bill, Senator Richard Pan is now sponsoring the vaguely worded Senate Bill 18, which seems to be a assertion by the state that all your childrens belong to us.
    I find especially creepy the number 2 provision, the child’s right to form healthy attachments with caregivers, given the push to normalize pedophlia and International planned parenthood’s assertion that children have unalienable sexual rights in a presentation to the UN.

    Click to access ippf_exclaim_lores.pdf

    Pan was photographed wearing the Purple, with his purple clad family, campaigning with a simarly purple garbed Hillary. Is that the hue of the new color revolution or a pledge of alligience to Crowley, both? These children are not playthings. I don’t want LGBQT discrimination or child predation. I wish the gay community would change their culture if pedophilia is taking root there. I feel there’s something to Pizzagate.
    The same group is pushing for universal preschool in the state:
    It seems that the state wants to use “science” to determine rigid parental roles, whatever it thinks best for the children. This is worrisome because the state makes a poor substitute for parents.

  7. A good quote from “Naughty Healer” on Reddit:

    “What we are seeing in part is the pervasive effects of the ideology that the only thing that is wrong, is to call something wrong. Or more specifically, we are seeing many people who look at sexualized content (primarily through symbolism that is established by the suspects, themselves) of children, and having the reaction of, “Well it would be wrong of us to judge this,” but not, “It is wrong to promote the sexualization of children.”

    BTW, I hate how Reddit embedds it’s link into WordPress.

    • Thanks. perhaps I sound naive. I know the roots of this are ancient…But things can change if people decide to change. This attitude towards children needs to change.

      • I get what you were saying.
        The other point I was adding was that GW was talking about ancient Romans in Judea using things like that cup as dinner conversation fodder.

        Note the parallels to all the Podesta art/ Spirit Cooker parties/ Pizza shop art imagery/ Alefantis Roman history fetish.
        This crew just can’t seem to do anything different from the past.
        They revel in reliving the same patterns of behavior.
        I’m betting they barely even know why.

    • Eh, I think Gordon White’s post is about pederasty/ephebephilia, not pedophilia. There is a difference. The former, while sleazy, is not life-destroying. (I speak as a “victim” … I could maybe have lived without those experiences, but they were no more harmful than any other exposure to a path one would have been better off not treading.) The latter is life-destroying in even its most innocuous form (abuse by family or family friend) and utterly devastating in the context of human trafficking. I think it’s important to make a distinction and to respect moral nuances.

      Still, in my opinion, GW’s casual attitude towards casual sex is one of several issues I have with his work. I’ve learned some valuable things from him, so I don’t condemn him entirely, but we have different sets of values and so I do filter what he has to say.

      • I don’t think the quote is in that article. The point of the post (it seems) is that GW has a complicated relationship with pederasty, i.e. he tacitly supports it.

        If I recall correctly, GW does prefer men “on the younger side”, i.e. early 20s. I honestly don’t find anything wrong with this per se, as long as the sex is not exploitive.

      • The quote was from Calimom. Sometimes the reply button does not work for me on this page.

        I quoted her and then posted GW with the ancient cup writeup.

  8. Forgot this from the Reddit poster:

    “People usually try to veil it, if that helps you to identify it when you see it. They’re not going to come right out and say, “It’s wrong of us to judge people for sexualizing children,” because then they would look blatantly bad. Instead it is usually along the lines of, “These people may have some weird stuff on their instagrams, but that doesn’t mean they are guilty of anything.” That weird stuff is imagery and jokes sexualizing children, and they are guilty of creating and promoting it. Ethically guilty.”

  9. My friend and I just had a lively discussion about how progressives, especially financially well off ones like tech sector folks, often want social change but at no cost to themselves. Like how San Francisco voted yes on a proposition to provide housing to the homeless but no on the related tiny sales tax increase that would have paid for it. There’s some cognitive dissonance for you. I can sympathize with some who say we pay enough tax already, it’s just not being used right, but still, that’s hypocrisy writ large.

  10. The most difficult thing for me to contend with as the #pizzagate hype finds new avenues by which to subvert any investigative progress is that EVERYTHING is too cluttered on the internet now for me to even begin a discussion about it with anyone new.
    It’s almost a full days work just to find sources that I can trust, let alone expect anyone else to respect. And all the people that I know that DO believe #pizzagate’s authenticity, or at least the authentic existence of sadistic and deviant sexual circles that exploit children independent of the #pizzagate phenomena, are UNwilling to look to the depths of it’s grip on society. They would rather use it as half-assed fodder for why Trump needs to be president. (HA.)

    On another note, have you seen the coverage on the Aleppo massacre in Syria? It is very odd. All I can find about it now are minor mentions of the brutality that are out shinned by the Christmas spirit of all the Christians as they dress the rubble up to look festive. That and the great failure of Obama by removing troop intervention in Syria. “It wouldn’t have happened if America intervened.”

    This ‘fake news’ thing is no joke; I can’t find alternative sites anywhere near as easily as I could have a month ago. And now even the alternative sites I follow are starting to glorify their own news for marketing (and thereby rendering a good deal of the information unstable). I feel completely isolated. Thank you technocracy for invalidating information by making the access a little too convenient.

  11. There is something a little spooky over at the Vigilant Citizen. I have mixed feelings about his site, he’s a little too quick to moderate away potentially healthy conflict (sometimes we come to greater wisdom by arguing with each other, civil conflict being an essential element of a free society) and its sometimes too heavily Christian to me, I prefer a greater variety of viewpoints. But he also has some good material and has the guts to run it. In the article linked below he mentions having to pull articles and not being able to tell us why. The only thing I can see missing is a piece on Podesta and Pizzagate, and my tinfoil hat is tingling.

  12. But what if PizzaGate was really untrue and Sibel Edmonds’ accusations are a more accurate description of the world vis a vis some Dept. of State or other telling to stop investigations? Meanwhile in Brazil, there are investigations ongoing.

  13. Hello, brave soul. Your thread there is still alive and kicking. I have permanently retired from that board but I still spectate. It’s been an especially nauseating spectacle lately. The hair-raising creep Jerky is, astonishingly, allowed to post again. There’s still also the unwavering creepy pedo-elite-enabling denialism of some others. But thank god for a handful of posters with intact rigor and authentic intuition. Pizzagate was the ultimate RI integrity test. Those who’ve relentlessly shilled against Pizzagate have failed that test forever. Whereas people like Nordic, Project Willow, and OP ED have proven the realness of their conscience.

  14. Pizzagate is bullshit. And so is the Jimmy Saville case. Not that pedophilia doesn’t exist. But the high-profile cases in the MSM are mind control / psyops to spook people. Jimmy Saville was an actor playing the role of a pedophile like The Joker in Batman playing the role of a villain.

    It’s like that film with Robert DeNiro (can’t remember the name) …. and there’s subtle hints that the young girl was molested … and the most important part of the film (in my opinion) was that the whole town seemed to be in on it. It’s like Rosemary’s Baby, but with a pedophilia twist. And that’s precisely the psy-op spook game that’s being played in the media. Everyone and anyone can be a Satanist ushering in the Anti-Christ and anyone and everyone around you is a potential pedophile. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be paranoid. Be very paranoid. So the dark forces can suck your energy.

    I’ve never met anyone in my life that was a victim of pedophilia, apart from one guy who claimed to be sexually abused by …. and here’s the punch line … HIS FATHER!

    So …. I would like to suggest that you are enabling the MSM propaganda / mind control by blogging about this topic …

    Again, not that pedophilia doesn’t exist. But neither should we be walking around with paranoia because the MSM suddenly decides that every 2nd article is about the topic. If you don’t abuse your own children and take precautions and don’t leave them alone unsupervised with other adults you don’t trust, then generally they will be fine.

    This shit is just another boogie-man to keep people in fear like the Muslim terrorist at every street corner. Every Muslim I’ve encountered lately is a decent human being, as are the vast majority of adults who will not abuse children.

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