Vicious Circles & Angry Squares, Part Three: Abuse Culture


(Except were indicated, all artwork below is by Eva Bednářová)

1.   Adult Horror Shows

Children are immeasurably more vulnerable and sensitive than adults. It’s immeasurable because the only way to measure someone’s distress is to empathically feel it, and we can’t have empathy for what we are no longer able to feel ourselves. (This is probably how a scientist like Kinsey could interpret a child’s panting and crying at being sexually molested as “arousal.”)

Because of this increased sensitivity, children experience abuse at a vastly deeper level of intensity to what we, as fragmented adults, can even begin to comprehend. Adults who are already traumatized and fragmented by their own childhood experiences have shut down their capacities to feel intensely as the only way to survive the trauma.

As a result, adults may treat their own children in ways they don’t recognize as abusive. It’s that obliviousness, as much as the abuse itself, that has such a severe impact on children. Even relatively minor forms of abuse (a lack of love, kindness, or respect) can cause profound distress for a child whose identity is still forming. It can lead to dissociation, a disembodied dream state in which the child attempts to make sense of the trauma and in the process gives birth to nightmarish scenarios endlessly repeating inside its inner world.

This may also be the source of those grim fairy tales (which children respond to precisely because they are nightmarish), and of much of the darker, more disturbing art that tries to address these sorts of childhood trauma indirectly (and yet often unwittingly perpetuates them).



If traumatized children grow up to be adults, and if they never address, integrate or heal their early experiences of abuse, there’s a good chance they will end up unconsciously acting those nightmare scenarios out: on their partners, their children, or on other people’s children.

They might have no memory of the actual events, or even of the waking nightmares they caused; but the feelings still trapped in the body would be agonizingly acute for them, and those feelings could drive them to act in whatever way was necessary to assuage them.

These traumatized people would not be reenacting what actually happened to them, but something more in line with their own subjective, nightmarish experiences. It could even take such a “theatrical” form as to include demons, gargoyles, dark robes, tunnels, dungeons, and all the other trappings of satanic ritual.


Child abuse = trauma = dissociation

= subjective nightmare associations

= memory loss

= adult compulsion to reenact the lost experiences and make the subjective objective

= higher-level of abuse of next generation children.

And so on. What would be the potential, exponential escalation rate of such an equation? Would it resemble the hidden side of culture and society as we are now starting to glimpse it, through media (or alt-media) storms like the ones created by Jimmy Savile, Marc Dutroux, or “Pizzagate”?

When I first made this correlation, in response to a comment at my blog, I was struck by how this could be something like the explanation I had long been seeking, for how the horrendous practices of ritual abuse became part of human culture to begin with. Did it happen something like this: via the unconscious, compulsive translation of subjective, affective trauma undergone by children into adult re-enactments that literalized forms of early abuse, and rendered them as true adult horror shows?[1]



Occult style ritual abuse is like the dark side of “creative self-expression”: destructive self-repression. And yet it also has a creative, theatrical component, one that is fueled by the same unconscious trauma as dark fairy tales or cathartic works of art. It’s nearly impossible to delineate where one ends and the other begins, because it is a continuum and there is no actual cut-off point. These horror shows are being both openly and secretly enacted via fantasy and reality.  That’s abuse culture: abuse that is culturally conditioned and a culture that is fundamentally abusive.

Pizzagate is an eerie conflation of fantasy and reality (culture and abuse) in which it is hard for anyone (at least if they are being honest) to tell where the fantasy-projection ends and the cold black reality begins. This is the liminal realm of dissociation–the same realm, or state, created in victims of sexual abuse trauma (such as alien contact spokesman Whitley Strieber) as a means to channel and direct the energy of the psyche into compulsive reenactments. And maybe even into psychic materializations, too, since who’s to say what’s possible in this realm?

So what happens when this liminal, dissociated space spills out into the collective sphere, and we can no longer tell “fake news” from official propaganda or distinguish symbolic “joke” enactments (like the recent CERN ritual) from art installations from occult rituals that include unspeakable acts of violence against children and infants? When the fake horror of childhood-rooted “screen” memory (fairy tales and slasher movies) becomes indistinguishable from the real horror of our everyday lives (because it is indistinguishable), and the local MacDonald’s, pre-school, TV show, or Pizza restaurant becomes the equivalent to Guatamo Bay–or the Overlook Hotel?

We are through the looking glass is what, and what happens on the other side, almost inevitably, is panic. This too can be made to serve the interests of the prevailing cultural abuse programs, as a means to perpetuate itself through increased misery, confusion, disorientation, and despair. It is sustained liminality, with no end in sight. Strawberry fields forever: a place where false ceremony masters dress up as kiddie clowns, spirit-cook our children in pizza ovens, turn female bodies into cakes, and devour our souls, endlessly and forever.


2.   A Pizza-Related Handkerchief with a Map: The Fragmented States of Dissociation


The human/animal panic response has three primary modes: fight, flight, and fright (or freeze). The second two make us easy prey. The first, that of fight, turns us into potential predators. This is where the “witch hunt” comes in.

The witch hunt narrative is the adult response to the child’s awareness of fairy tale reality: that witches are real, and not all of them are good, in fact some do eat children– actually, literally eat children (maybe). The urge either to run from such a reality or to shut down our senses entirely is immense. There’s also an impulse to counteract that urge with an opposite and equal reaction, one of aggression. There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal that’s cornered.

What counts above all, in such a condition of overwhelming fear and loathing, is being able to take a step back and turn one’s gaze inward. Not to avoid what is in front of one, but to understand through an internally centered lens. It’s like a waking dream that has taken decades to finally materialize. What counts now is seeing, confronting, and exposing our own programs of power-abuse.

Eradicating the Pizza-eating villains out there isn’t going to set us free from these internal programs; it is much more likely to have the opposite effect and turn us into something monstrous in our bid to eradicate these seeming monsters in our midst (it’s called self-righteousness, and it’s the negative identity’s favorite trick). Every black hat villain believes he’s a white hat savior. He knows it, because he’s using all his power and force, all his rage, to summon up a projected image of a greater evil, and destroy it, in order to make himself feel “good.” (Or herself.)



Another way of looking at Pizzagate and all it implies is to factor in the vast historical backstory to the current abuses that may or may not be coming to light. It’s not this or that bunch of people. It goes back to ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, and beyond. Degenerate art isn’t so much a case of art that’s degenerated but of how degeneracy has always used “art” (fantasy, dissociation) as both a cover for its toxins and a delivery device. Culture itself is toxic because these early programs of abuse began millennia ago, pre-historically even. Culture formed out of them, partially as a defense against them, and partially as a cover for them (the defense of dissociation is a cover, tragically enough).

It’s possible I am in panic mode myself (it sure feels like it sometimes), but it does seem as though we are reaching some sort of critical mass in terms of how these cultural abuse programs are finally coming to light. But even if we are, this is all the more reason to remain calm. Outrage, indignation, and fury aren’t going to bring an end to the abuse, only to some of the people committing it, and even then only the ones who are insufficiently hooked in to the higher power levels to avoid the “purge.”

Beyond that, it’s not just a question of the people who are actively committing the crimes; it’s the thousands upon thousands of enablers who really don’t care (though they say they do, and even believe it) and who far outnumber those of us who do care; and then there are the victims. Even assuming we could identify and root out every perpetrator, down to the last mom, pop, aunt, and brother (which might not leave many people), what about the victims? How are we going to ensure their healing so they won’t pass on the trauma?

This goes beyond massive. It’s so vast that being able to see it as it is and not lose our marbles is itself a heroic feat. Maybe it’s the only thing that really can be done, or needs to happen? Just to see the world as it is and not look away: not freeze, not fight, not take flight. Just look, and see.


There’s a Native American belief that it will take seven generations of completely abuse-free child-raising before the world is healed. This doesn’t seem too likely to happen as long as any vestige of our current society and culture remains. And if it were all to go away, who would be left to raise their children lovingly?

At present, what I see is a kind of massive changing of the guard, combined with a coming out of the closet for the “satanic” elite. Whether it’s either/or, or both/and, is hard to predict. People are being acclimatized, that much seems clear to me; and outrage isn’t going to shake them out of their funk, because when people are exposed to too much truth too fast, they shut down. It’s not a rational or conscious thing, it just happens.

It’s essential not to underestimate how endemic the problem of child sexual abuse is. It’s not just some “satanic” elite. They may take it to extremes and they may have created a whole hidden-in-plain-sight culture to push the themes and memes that will incept such behaviors in new generations of kids across a whole class spectrum. But ordinary, everyday sexual interference with children is literally everywhere. We may have no real inkling of how prevalent it is, because it’s literally unthinkable. Start with your own childhood. Maybe you know there’s something terrible there. Or maybe you are sure there isn’t. In the latter case, chances are you’re wrong. Just look.


3.   Satan Life: The Baroque and the Banal


When it comes to “Pizzagate,” just as with the 2016 US election, I am less interested in the facts of the case than I am in people’s changing reactions to them. This latter is at least something I can experience directly.

Most people are trying to understand the acts and individuals being signaled by “Pizzagate” by first transposing them to their own (highly subjective, and possibly imaginary) worlds. Their world is one in which raping and murdering children is a rare event that everyone agrees is wrong.

The idea there might be a social set in which everyone is committing these forbidden behaviors because they are, in fact, “the done thing” is unimaginable to us, at least as long as we continue to assume the world is the way we perceive it to be (i.e., largely made up of normal, decent people).

The assumption that the world is essentially made up of what we consider ordinary, decent people makes it impossible to understand something like Pizzagate, because to do so we have to imagine a world (one that so far is only very dimly perceived) in which child rape is something to joke about, something to hang art on your wall about, and something to send risky-edgy Instagram messages to your buddies about.

If this world exists hidden behind the world we think we live in, it’s possible for Alefantis et al. to get away with it because, Hell, who would be so blatant about it if they were really involved in that sort of stuff? (Also, they may not even realize how inappropriate it is, because in their world, it isn’t.) Our hand-me-down imaginary constructs of evil may be preventing us from recognizing actual evil when we encounter it, evil that is both baroque and banal. The name Alefantis is probably a pseudonym, and it also happens to be an anagram of “Satan Life.” Crazy coincidence, or tip of the hat to those in the know?


Based on my interactions at an online forum and other conversations, the general reaction to Pizzagate starts with “Nothing to see here, it’s all just a coincidence, speculation, projection, the ‘fevered fantasies’ of weak minds grasping at straws”; to, “It’s just art and to question art on moral grounds makes you a Philistine”; to a slow, sickly realization that something real is being indicated, something that’s almost unbelievably dark.

Not everyone comes around, however, and among those who are sticking to a steady denial of all the evidence (mostly based on the idea that it’s all a right-wing fake-news conspiracy by 4Chan and reddit/The_Donald), it is just about possible to imagine a progression from “It’s just art and/or sick humor,” to “OK, maybe it’s real; but maybe it’s not such a bad thing?” (Those kids look pretty happy, right?) The “Maybe it’s not such a bad thing?” potential non-reaction can only arise in tandem with the opposite reaction, however, which is the dreaded “witch hunt” response, i.e., a general outcry about the rank evil of the elite, and a corresponding demand for blood.

These two opposing reactions seem to go hand in hand: the more the Christian and other “paranoid” types become hysterical and demand justice, the more the “soft” Satanists and neoliberals can believe that the real danger is of a witch hunt, making the James Alefantises and Amanda Kleinmans of the world seem relatively harmless. Since the alleged “shooter” incident at Comet Ping Pong, they can even be seen as the victims in the story.



It’s hard to see how anyone who looks at the evidence around Pizzagate could sincerely argue that it’s pointing at harmless or irrelevant behaviors, however. At best, a bunch of people (including a powerful Washington entrepreneur, Alefantis, partnered with David Brock and connected to a former presidential candidate) are acting like pedophiles and murderers and making jokes about it. If the countless emails, Instagram photos, videos clips, music videos, poster art, innuendos, and all the rest are accurate, then something strange and unwholesome has either been occurring at Comet Ping Pong or is being referred to by people there who are complicit with something strange and unwholesome. That is surely beyond all reasonable doubt by now–even though the MSM narrative of “Pizzagate fake news” does not refer to the questionable taste of Comet Ping Pong art, etc., at all, thereby massively accentuating the seeming “nuttiness” of the “fake news”  site theories.[2]

The main argument against the relevance of this evidence is mostly a non-argument that claims it’s all a Wikileaks-slash-4chan “psyop” spreading manufactured non-evidence across the Internet to discredit the Clintons and buff up Trump’s campaign, in the process fooling researchers and investigators into chasing after chimera rather than uncovering actual crimes.

I say “non-argument” because this is as much of a conspiracy theory as that Comet Ping Pong is a nub of child trafficking and torture linked to the Clinton Foundation, and because the source of any alleged evidence for the latter claim can surely be evaluated independently of the reality of the first claim. In other words, to prove it’s all a “fake news psy-op,” the supposedly fabricated or spurious nature of the evidence must first be shown. This latter point is where most of the disagreement arises. It is quite subjective whether or not pictures of small children with accompanying jokes about “hotards” or emails about pizza-related maps are relevant as evidence.


The naysayers tend to argue in a circular manner by saying that these “exhibits” (in some cases literally) are irrelevant as evidence because they have been “cooked” by right-wing nutjobs. The reason it’s obvious they have been cooked, is that they are irrelevant. This lack of logical reasoning seems typical of the “defense,” who, ironically, use “lack of logical reasoning” as their main offense against anyone who suggests that Comet Ping Pong might at least be worth further investigation.

This fraught division between points of view has gone fully nuclear since Edgar Welsh allegedly went into Comet Ping Pong with an automated rifle and (allegedly) fired a couple of shots at the floor. Within the space of a week, not only has the “fake news” meme gone MSM viral, it has now become firmly and fatally linked to acts of violence.

A New York Times interview with Welsh tried to present Welsh as a hapless victim of fake news conspiracy theory sites (like this one?), making the real “terrorists,” uh, you and I. To suggest that this in itself is being deliberately orchestrated is to show a blue-meany lack of sensitivity for the “victims” (Alefantis and his client and employee base), and so be further associated with the alleged, rapidly-growing violent-extremist demographic. It will soon be advisable for every independent researcher of high states crimes, child trafficking, etc., to post a banner at his or her site saying “In no way does this site endorse violence.” And you know what they say about denials (if you have to say it . . .).


4.   Let Them Eat Pizza


If Pizzagate is meant as a distraction from more actual government crimes, as some people (like Alex Jones or Peter Levenda) are now arguing, it doesn’t seem to be working, not for me anyway. Following Pizzagate leads (via Voat and other tip offs) has not distracted me from bigger, deeper, darker stuff but only led me back into the partially mapped terrain of social engineering that I first began to explore in earnest with “Occult Yorkshire.” (See for example, the connections between the Clinton Foundation and Absolute Rescue to Kids (ARK), and the literally Huxleyan programs of psychosinthesis and child experimentation, here.)

What I’ve seen coming from “Pizzagate” is more a case of accelerated polarization. There’s been a separation of the discussion/narrative into factions and layers, like an onion. Pizzagate looks nutty to some people, and yet it intersects with things they know are true, thing that are proven to be true (Laura Silsby child trafficking in Haiti, the Marc Dutroux affair, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express). Even so, it still looks nutty to these people, and they have allergies that cannot be ignored. So at what point does it become nutty and they have their allergic reaction? The means to avoiding the “nutty” stuff is compartmentalization. It entails the creation of internal invisible lines that awareness will not cross. That may be the goal, here, in which case it is as it has always been: psychic fragmentation, within and without.



But there’s more to it. The more of a concerted effort there is to discourage people from taking “Pizzagate” seriously, the more it signals to some of us that there is something worth looking further into. The attempt to shut down the Pizzagate discussion, not just by mainstream media but by some leading researchers in the alt-media community (Peter Levenda joined the Pizzagate debunking choir recently and told researchers to “grow the f*** up” and get over their “fevered fantasies”), is having the seemingly counter-intentional effect of, on the one hand, discrediting those voices calling for the shut-down and, on the other, giving more legitimacy and relevance to those voices who refuse to be discouraged.

As mentioned in part one of this piece, what seems to be lurking beneath the surface of this polarization (witch hunt vs. nothing to see here) is the age-old dilemma of the Bourgeoisie: “To beat or to join?” Those who can’t beat the elite want to join them; conversely, those who can’t join them, want to beat them. And so the gulf widens. How easily a person accepts (while denying) these sorts of behaviors depends in part on how close they are to them. Hipster-artist types, secular neoliberals, and occult-friendly authors like Levenda are more likely to see the sickly pedophilia jokes and sexual abuse references peppered throughout Pizzagate as “harmless” than, say, fundamental Christians are. At the same time, logically speaking, how close people get to this world would also depend on how easily they accept it. Signaling tolerance, and even tacit approval, of these activities is a good way to get invited to participate in them.[3]


Both blind condemnation and blind complicity, moral judgment and amoral acceptance, play into the machinery of abuse culture. In either case, we’re using the wrong tools for understanding the behaviors. There isn’t a moral basis for condemning behaviors or thoughts, and there never has been and never will, because mores continue to change according to what serves the ruling class, what keeps abuse culture self-generating and self-repairing. The same is true of amorality, which is the flip side of moralism. Amorality presumes that the only reason to check our behaviors is a moral one, and moral reasons can be dismissed on the premise that the only law is the law of the jungle. Amorality (nihilism) denies a non-biological dimension to human existence. It rejects the psyche, where all poisons go to dwell, and wants to become one with the poisons instead.

The only thing left–when both moralism and amorality fail–is a deepening understanding of these hidden licentious behaviors, of the culture that spawned them, and of the horrendous harm they are doing at a largely hidden (because unacknowledged) level. This includes harm to the perpetrators, and to everyone and everything in the material universe. It’s a harm that’s literally incalculable, and because of that, it’s becoming more and more unspeakable and unthinkable. This whiteout of awareness about the reality of psychic harm creates a vacuum, and into that vacuum, or out of it, a whole new philosophy is emerging.[4]


5.   Restless Vessels & Royal Vices


Am I concerned I might have jumped the shark by taking Pizzagate seriously enough to use it as an example of abuse culture? To be writing about it just as if it had been fully established as real? Of course I am. How could I not be? There are rubber sharks everywhere among the real ones, and it is getting harder and harder not to jump these days.

We are entering the twilight of the idols. We are immersed in a culture that is in the throes of total putrefaction–or transformation–a place in which knowing what’s real becomes almost impossible. But it’s not as though I have a choice. All unenlightened action is compulsive to a degree. For me, all the clues around Pizzagate “add up.” They seem coherent because they fit into an overall perception I have of the world, a perception I seem to have always subscribed to. Why that’s the case is part of the mystery I am unraveling. Is it because I grew up inside this world, witnessed it as a child, then later forgot it as I moved into adolescence and adulthood, only to rediscover it in my early twenties at a purely abstract and intellectual level, via conspiracy theory? Is this why I took to this sort of material like a long-stranded duck to water?

Pizzagate makes sense to me. It confirms my bias. Skeptics can use that to explain away everything I write and call it confabulation based on paper-thin evidence. They can say it is delusion cleverly argued and made to seem real. That could be so, though the question of where these delusions came from would still need to be answered.

On the other hand, it could be that I do know–from formative experiences–how these sorts of perpetrators move through our world, the sorts of masks they wear and the games they play. It could be that I have learned to recognize this through a combination of direct, traumatic encounters (now forgotten) and half a lifetime’s painstaking and obsessive research into these subterranean movements. Maybe I am like a child who grew up inside the Mafia and who learned all the “tells” and then forgot? Maybe now I am watching and recognizing the micro-movements, the set-ups and the subterfuges, instinctively knowing what they all mean? Even if this were the case, I still don’t know what the end game is or whether I am supposed to see all this or not. For all I know, I could be the mark. Just because I know how to identify one level of conspiracy doesn’t mean there aren’t deeper levels which I am not clued into. I could be part of the “Pizzagate psyop.” But like I say, it’s not as if I have a choice.



After psychic fragmentation and dissociation, the primary goal (or at least the most observable symptom) of organized sexual abuse is probably the premature sexualization of children. How many generations are there now who have been psychologically and sexually reconfigured by this abuse culture? How far-reaching and widespread are the tentacles of trauma? If Pizzagate is real, then the clientele of Comet Ping Pong–the ones in the know, the hipster-artist-mock-satanic-libertine Bourgeoisie pseudo-elite–would have been reared for this from birth, even from prior to birth. Sexual abuse–even the remote abuse of cultural saturation, though I strongly doubt it’s only that–shatters the psyche, hijacks the libido, and turns the body into a restless vessel for hungry desires, endless cravings for the next cheese-pizza fix.

My brother (Sebastian Horsley, look him up), lost his virginity when he was twelve (at the Fabian progressive school Abbotsholme). That was back in the 1970s, and who knows how young kids are doing it today? (Not their parents, obviously; unless they are doing it with them.) I went the other way (I was twenty-seven before I had sex), and though I spent time experimenting with prostitutes in my thirties, most of my life (including married life) has entailed a kind of mysteriously self-imposed and mostly begrudging celibacy. My idea of decadent, potentially harmful behavior these days is eating too many Kettle crisps. Is it really possible for me to relate to the cheese-eating pseudo-aristocrats of Pizzagate? Or am I completely out of my depth here?

In fact, my sexual inhibitions and overdeveloped sense of self-restraint are inseparable from my proximity as a child to sexual abuse and involuntary affinity with it. I know what I am capable of, or would be, if I crossed that line, and that knowing has always been there. It is the knowing that, if I let my libido possess me, there would be no way to control it, and eventually it would lead to violence. The thin end of that pizza wedge really is–or really could be–something as innocuous as Kettle crisps. The thick end is what we’re staring at now.



When we are fragmented through sexual abuse, when we are filled with the psychic poisons of others, we are faced with a long, unimaginably hard journey towards integrating that trauma. Unless we are willing to make that journey (my brother wasn’t), there is no peace for us except through unconsciousness, and through unconscious behaviors, behaviors such as provide the temporary relief of sexual euphoria (though drugs is a partial substitute).

How young does that endless craving for relief begin? We are born into a culture that essentially prescribes gratification of the self and objectification of the other–that presents the other as nothing but an object for self-gratification. In such a culture, conscience (what values life) becomes the principle obstacle to the one-pointed diamond-hard goal of endless self-gratification, which is really relief from the agony of those cultural psychic poisons. Once a certain line is crossed, the hungry fragment is presented with no limits save the limits of what is physically possible: the limits of the flesh. While these are limits, they may be unimaginable to those of us who have never crossed that line and seen what mere flesh is capable of.

Those of us who are too wounded, too timid, or too self-aware to step over that line (or at least to stay over it for long) might never suspect the true nature of a world that exists just beyond the façade of our supposedly civilized world. It is a world that I suspect hasn’t really changed in thousands of years, save for the fashions and the concealments, the rationales, the changing code that conceals the absence of code.

This hidden but essential world is primal and bestial; it exists before language or restrictions; it is a world in which appetites alone determine men and women’s actions. People who live in this world are capable of committing any act at all which will satisfy those appetites. They have networks to facilitate their actions, and to reinforce their already impenetrable rationalizations for them. Evil has become their good. Why would they be furtive or ashamed, when they are as cunning and ferocious as wolves, and when they truly believe what they are doing is a form of initiation–not only for themselves but possibly for their victims too? Why not, if they themselves got this way through similar forms of abuse?


Is this a fantasy on my part? Is it a way to compensate for the rather routinary but life-giving austerity of my daily life? And if it is, what then? Does that make it less literally real, or more so? If I have these fantasies, why not others who are less inhibited by their circumstance or psychology to act upon them? Most nights, I dream of satisfying my basest appetites without qualm or conscience, without concern for the other because I know this “other” is a phantom projection of my psyche, a literal plaything for my unconscious desires. Then I wake, and force myself to begin another day in an existence devoid of overt excitement, an existence in which buying a bag of Kettle chips is risk-taking behavior. (I am overstating it a bit: I am frequently in some sort of crisis, and my fevered online investigations seem to be amping up every day; but still, the intended contrast remains.)

But I know this is not just a projection of my unlived life. We all know there is an entire subculture of groups and individuals who act out their fantasies somewhere besides their dreams. The idea that they find or create secret spaces in which to have total control over others and satisfy their secret cravings should not come as any surprise. Some of these places are open to whoever possesses the right references or password. The only surprise is that we ever imagined this underworld didn’t exist, just because we weren’t, in fact, made privy to those secret gatherings. There is a reason for the secrecy, but it’s not the reason we are trained to believe in. There is no vice like the vices of kings because it’s those same vices that become the taboos that the kings and queens use to control their serfdoms.

Who were the original royalty? Only the most vicious members of any given community: those barbarian warlords cunning, cruel, and brutal enough to forge thrones out of human bones and baptize themselves in the blood of children. Why would we think they would have refined their behaviors, these chiefs of vice, when it was their vices that made them chiefs? Because they grew fat and complacent? In some case that’s probably true; but what of the ones who continued to rule?

If these barbarian warlords learned to assume the airs and grace of aristocracy, it can only be because they knew of the dangers of mimesis. Maybe they learned it the hard way: to walk safely through their kingdom, the last thing this savage nobility needed was to inspire the serfs to imitate their savagery. Frederick the Great of Prussia told a visiting prince that the miracle of his tightly trained army was not in how disciplined and ordered they were, but in the fact that “they could both be perfectly safe surrounded by 60,000 men who were their irreconcilable enemies. Furthermore, though each soldier had more strength, and was better armed than both of them, they all trembled in their King’s presence.”[5]

Perhaps the hardest part to imagine about the secret life of “Satanists” is that this isn’t a subculture at all. It’s a superculture. It rules over and contains the rest of the world while remaining hidden from it, hidden within it. This is, by definition, extremely hard to fathom. It’s like trying to imagine a fifth dimension while confined to the four below. But it shouldn’t be so hard, because we also belong to that dimension and it has always been here, acting on us in ways both invisible and oppressive. It has always had us in its merciless grasp, this vice of kings.


[1] I think Lloyd de Mause touches on this with his essay about memories of the placenta being projected out by Jew-fearing Nazis in terror of a devouring sea beast…. 

[2] Most people involved in investigating Pizzagate are doing their research by clicking a mouse, and it’s easy to get dissociated and sucked into fantasy narratives when all your research is done through a computer screen. I’m trusting however there are enough sincere researchers involved that fake clues are being identified, while real leads are being pursued. (I consider the Madeleine McCann link to be questionable and possible well-poisoning; typically, this is the evidence that’s getting the most play.) Barring that, I haven’t heard a single reasonable argument for saying that this could all be harmless, besides the old mantra of “not enough evidence” or “too circumstantial and speculative, it wouldn’t hold up in court,” a well-known Jesuit-magick trick for turning a search for the truth into a “witch hunt.” Then there are arguments like “If I had a kill room, I wouldn’t joke about it on Instagram.” This is oft-used “logic,” that perpetrators of this kind of behavior would be more careful to conceal it than they are apparently being. But who’s the best judge of how child-murdering psychopaths behave here? If we project our own psychology into the minds of alleged child-murderers, the results probably won’t be all that close to reality. Even though these sorts of arguments are essentially worthless, we hear them all the time.

[3] There’s also the question of what we mean by acceptance. There’s the acceptance of “Nothing to see here/it’s just art/it’s not really that harmful anyway,” which is really a tacit giving of consent, and a movement towards complicity. There’s also the acceptance (which I am struggling to reach) of “This is part of our culture and condemning it is not going to make it go away so let’s try and understand it.” Likewise, non-acceptance ranges from angry lynch mobs to reasoned arguments about why these behaviors are destructive and how they need to be better understood to counter their destructive effects.

[4] When things of this sort start coming to light, I think it’s a natural process that occurs spontaneously, of its own accord, free of human intention or design. There will always be a small few who are tuned in, through their wounds, to that process, who can assist it by seeing, understanding, and integrating the darkness as it’s being revealed, and by sharing their own process with others. There’s another percentage (larger but probably still small) that has always been working to prevent these things from coming to light because of their involvement with and investment in them. It would be silly to underestimate the presence of actual child abusers and, at the very least, users of child porn in any discussion we enter into. We know they make up a large percentage of the populace, possibly even a majority in the wealthier and more privileged sections of society. So why do we continue acting as if they are never among us? After that, there’s a much larger majority that’s unwittingly enabling and assisting the second portion (the elites and aspiring elites, aristocracy and bourgeoisie), while opposing the first (the survivors or possible survivors who are seeking healing, wholeness, integration). This is due to their own innate and profound resistance to seeing the unbelievably unpleasant, and seemingly endless, underlayer of society, and of their own lives and behaviors (especially if they are parents). The three “groups” must also correspond with psychological aspects or “programs” in each of us, as individuals. There is within each of us, a traumatized child that cannot bear to be here; a violent controlling force that will do whatever it can to keep that child dissociated, shut away, and silenced; and a small, still voice of truth that begins as a whimper and slowly, slowly turns into a roar of thunder. It’s that roar that signals the lightening.

[5] “One day while reviewing his troops in Pomerania, [Frederick] asked the old Prince d’Anhalt what he admired most about the scene they saw before them.  He said he admired the fine appearance of the men and the perfection of their drill movements.  Frederick got much closer to the point.  He was astonished they could both be perfectly safe surrounded by 60,000 men who were their irreconcilable enemies. Furthermore, though each soldier had more strength, and was better armed than both of them, they all trembled in their King’s presence. Such fear, he concluded, was the wonderful effect of order, vigilance and determination.” Memoirs and Papers of Sir Andrew Mitchell; Andrew Bisset, editor; London, 1850, p 99, as quoted in Hohenzollern: Tragic Private Lives by Douglas Norman Parker, Melbourne, Australia.

59 thoughts on “Vicious Circles & Angry Squares, Part Three: Abuse Culture

  1. I think a necessary condition for being able to “see” PG and what it may represent is a reasonably integrated Shadow. If you can’t access your own Shadow, if it’s padlocked behind some basement doors, you’re not really going to be able to recognize it in others. Meanwhile, the Shadow grows strong within your psyche, and it (potentially) grows strong outside in the superculture.

    I don’t know what to make of PG. It points to *something*, but I don’t know quite *what*. I do think a cautious, careful treatment of the “evidence” is necessary. But I’ll tell you one thing: when I was a young gay guy I witnessed some hair-raising depraved stuff. All of it legal, but still profoundly disturbing. The only password necessary for entry was a ten dollar bill. So I can well imagine that much worse stuff goes on in secret societies, where the barriers to entry are much higher. Also, the very existence of CP, not to mention evidence of torture/murder (in, e.g., the drug trade) substantiates the fact that this stuff really is going on. Whether or not it’s tied to a specific pizza venue in DC is another question. In any case, it seems like our rulers would prefer that we not consider the issue at all. It’s all fake news.

  2. You seem to have, on one hand, a tabula rasa model, but on the other hand allude to larger metaphysical realities (although I could be mistaken on the latter point). I’m not so sure the blank slate model is true. In fact, spirit & soul may have some ontological basis independent of meat-space history. Some souls may just be “born” to be predators.

    One of my hypotheses is the following: the reason aristocrats subject their children to ritual abuse (that seems to be an actual thing) is to beat the native spirit out of the host body to make way for a different spirit or demon. I.e., it’s a tranmigration club, strict requirements for entry, no outside spirits allowed. If you are inclined to believe in some kind of reincarnation, this would almost have to be the case. The bodies situated at the top of the pyramid in this world would be prize commodities, and not anyone is allowed to take possession of them.

    It’s just a hypothesis…

    • I think a necessary condition for being able to “see” PG and what it may represent is a reasonably integrated Shadow. If you can’t access your own Shadow, if it’s padlocked behind some basement doors, you’re not really going to be able to recognize it in others. Meanwhile, the Shadow grows strong within your psyche, and it (potentially) grows strong outside in the superculture.

      Great point. But what about the growing hordes of voat-ers et al who are relatively new to this and seem to be taking it on without any trouble at all, even to the point of naivete (rather how I was at 20)? Do you think it’s because they are aware of their shadow (I was), or is it something else? (A lot of them seem outraged, even indignant about it; I am not sure I ever had that reaction.)

      You seem to have, on one hand, a tabula rasa model, but on the other hand allude to larger metaphysical realities (although I could be mistaken on the latter point). I’m not so sure the blank slate model is true. In fact, spirit & soul may have some ontological basis independent of meat-space history. Some souls may just be “born” to be predators.

      I wouldn’t say I have a tabula rasa model, tho I don’t subscribe to the reincarnation model either, and I certainly don’t think some souls are born to be predators, at least not the way I think you mean it.

      I agree with your hypothesis & have talked about it on podcasts recently, except that I doubt there are any demons involved so much as ancestral fragments split off through trauma during incarnate life. No one is born with tabula rasa IMO because we all bring with us a connection to the ancestral soul, an energenetic imprint that potentially allows us to embody that whole ancestral line and root it in the body, integrate all the fragments and bring peace to the line. In most cases the deck is so firmly stacked against a person/life that there’s no actual possibility of this happening, so yeah, there are born-victims and born-predators in this sense, but that would relate to a lack of soul, not to the nature of the soul itself.

      Just a hypothesis….

      • Re: voaters, outrage & indignation are likely unconscious responses. Another way to deny the Shadow. To the extent that they enable (ahem) irresponsible actions, outrage & indignation are harmful.

        Re: reincarnation. This is not the place to discuss the merits of that model, and I am not completely decided on its value/accuracy, but it many ways it is not inconsistent with the model you seem to be articulating: “ancestral soul” = group soul, “fragments” = reincarnated souls, etc. What seems necessary for both models is a substrate that exists “meta” to the physical, and (as you know, from previous conversations published on this blog) my opinion is that there cannot fail to be such a layer.

  3. And one final comment this round. I’ve had maybe 5 truly transformative dreams in my life. One of them was about 15 years ago, it shook me to the core, and I quickly integrated its message. Or so I have thought until yesterday.

    In the dream, I am traveling through some cold arid landscape, like the Nevada desert or the moon. I am with a young woman, an Asian woman who has appeared in other dreams but is otherwise unknown in my meatspace life. Nearby there are UFOs, but there is some question as to whether they are truly extraterrestrial craft or whether they are actually just advanced US military craft. At a certain point a black woman comes to us and offers to sell us a slice of pizza. My Asian companion politely declines, but I am hungry and cold, so I offer her a dollar and she hands me a slice of pizza. I hungrily devour the slice. She then looks at me and asks, “do you want to know where the pizza comes from?” All of a sudden, I experience a mounting sense of horror. She doesn’t wait for me to answer as she lifts her shirt and reveals a huge bloody open wound on her abdomen, large intestine exposed.

    I never before considered that “pizza” may have some additional significance beyond a symbol of food.

  4. I’m sitting in a trendy pizza restaurant listening to two guys next to me talking about conspiracy theories of how rigged the news media is. It’s like Pizzagate come to life.

      • Well, it was weird. They started out critical of MSM but then one guy segued into the DAPL story and started blaming the Native Americans, saying their position was ‘fake news’ and the pipeline was no threat to them. So, it’s like his position mutated halfway through. To quote Le Chiffre, I’m a little confused.

        • Well, right now the major critics of MSM are on the right/red-state side of the discussion (acknowledging that the whole red/blue duality is a manufactured construct). 10 years ago it was the left/blue-state side.

          In reality, the MSM is on the side of Power, red-state/blue-state be damned.

  5. I’m currently contemplating how left/right political polarization is a possible effect of dualistic religion as expressed by the ritual occult. The duality of the Illuminati, as in Gnosticism, Manichaeism etc. leading directly to a split psyche like in abuse Keeping the fragments/synapses from coming together into the divine unity of consciousness that is samadhi, the realization of God.

    • All the more reason to attempt to erase the divide out there in the meatspace world.

      As above, so below. If the division can be healed in society, the division can be healed within the psyche.

    • Re: duality. I just noticed my Sony MDR-7506 headphones labels for L/R are Blue / Red respectively. This design has been around for a long time, is this alignment just that much of a part of our collective psyche?

      Also there are masonic meanings to Blue and Red aren’t there? I’m sure using those colors wasn’t a mistake.

      “The duality of the Illuminati, as in Gnosticism, Manichaeism etc. leading directly to a split psyche like in abuse Keeping the fragments/synapses from coming together into the divine unity of consciousness that is samadhi, the realization of God.”

      I had this literal experience the other day. I float in a float tank as part of my spiritual practice. It’s augmentation to my mediation practice. I had a very very deep experience the other day. It was that of approaching samadhi, but my deep seeded christian upbringing roiled up and made me freak out that I guess something bad was going to happen, so I basically stopped the experience. This was by far the most intense experience I’d ever had while meditating and part of me wouldn’t let it play out. I obviously still have some work to do in excising this duality programming. :-/

      • Wonder if red/blue extrapolated from Doppler effect?

        I kind of visualize humanity as walking around with an axe buried in its skull, cleaving along the corpus collosom, and somehow mankind is mostly oblivious to the wound. With that kind of collective trauma if you are able to work on yourself at all I think you are doing great. I went to a Native American reservation last summer and got a blast of spiritual energy like a firehose, then came home and acted out in all of my usual ways. The energy level was so intense I could only carry it for so long then had to take it down some. So you are not alone.

  6. Doppler effect, geeze I hadn’t thought of that. That would indicate these two colors truly are opposites in nature. Redshift was first describe by French physicist Hippolyte Fizeu in 1848. The Scottish Rite, which uses red, goes back to 1773 and the first regular masonic lodge (which I’m pretty sure is the “Blue Lodge) goes back to 1717. So it would appear that they were using these colors prior to our discovery of redshift / blueshift in nature, BUT good thought. This indicates something much deeper with these colors. It may just be hardwired in us to view them as opposites.

    Lets look at redshift vs blueshift for a minute. Redshift means an object is moving farther away. Blue shift means that an object is moving closer. This fits with Masonic views of these colors shockingly well:

    “Among other symbols he researched, Jung found that the color blue of the heavenly sky has been in many cultures and beliefs a symbol of spirituality. He contrasts this with red as a symbol of emotion. This equates with our feelings about these colors, I believe. Blue is the coolest of colors and we equate spirituality with a cool, detached, or other-worldly orientation or philosophy. Red is the warmest of colors which we equate with the heat of anger or passion. Our everyday language, for example, includes the well known phrase, “seeing red”, to dramatically convey the concept of anger. Jung points out that the combination of red and blue provides purple or violet which he says is the symbol of mysticism. ”

    Red = anger = push away? Blue = calm, detached = not necessarily pulling towards, but allowing for something to come to you?

    The more I think about it, the use of these colors as opposites is self evident. Sky blue, scary red stuff coming out of the ground that wants to kill me, red. Blue heavenly, red hellish.

    “Some of the Masonic degrees, some of which are called chivalric degrees, in both the Scottish and York Rites use red as the basic color, much as the symbolic lodge uses blue. In the case of the York Rite degree of the Royal Arch, this has been explained by Mackey as the symbol of the ardor and zeal which should actuate all who are in possession of that sublime portion of Freemasonry.12 Mackey also cites Portal’s Symbolic Colors which states that red, representing fire, is the symbol of the regeneration and purification of souls. Mackey sees this as a logical reason for the Royal Arch to adopt it because the Royal Arch refers historically to the re-building or regeneration of the Temple of Solomon, and symbolically to the regeneration of life.13 In the case of the use of red as the symbolic color for the heraldic degrees of the York and Scottish Rites, it fits well with the Jungian interpretation of red as the symbol of emotions, because courage, fervor, and zeal, when properly directed, are all noble emotions which are closely associated with the rituals of the heraldic degrees.

    The combination of red and blue into purple or violet, is the color of the York Rite Mark, Past, and Most Excellent Master degrees which fall between the degree of Master Mason and that of the Royal Arch. Mackey says that the color purple in this case therefore symbolizes the close connection and harmony which should ever exist between these two portions of the Masonic System. This would indicate a transitional blending from blue toward red.14 Portal’s Symbolic Colors states that purple, in the profane language of colors, symbolizes constancy in spiritual combats because blue denotes fidelity and red, war.15 We know that purple has always been an emblem of exalted office and purple the legendary color of the robes of kings and high priests. The purple dye at that time reportedly could only be produced by crushing a certain shellfish, murex, from Phoenicia, which made it very expensive and contributed to limiting its use.”

    That all makes sense. A certain segment of society feels (represented by the Scottish Rite) its their duty to essentially burn things down to push humanity forward. I do believe this is required at a times. Progress isn’t made without pain. I actually think this fits with the current view of Left / Right. The snowflake generation doesn’t want any pain. They want everything to be ok for them, they don’t want to change who they are to fit society, but rather society needs to change to accommodate them. They are obviously liberal / left. The right has always believed that handwork is what’s required for society to move forward. I would say especially this year, the desire to burn down the establishment to bring renewal was part of the right’s message.

    This very well could explain why each color is assed to each party. Thsese are diffent philosophical alinghmetns with viewing the world htough. Neither is “right” despite the fact each side thinks it is.

    I enjoy that purple is defined above as the color of integration. First off there was the so-called “purple revolution” (I hate saying so-called, but in this case it fits) that was kicked off by hillary and bill both wearing purple the day after during her concession speech.

    First off, calls that this was a Soros style “color revelation” I think have proven to be bullshit. The protests peetered out and I don’t see any sings to indicate that enough electors are going to vote for her that it would change anything. The Clintons have largely been silent and I think this topic Jasun’s been exploring could explain at least paritally why. There may have been a “revolution”, but it wasn’t the Clintons (or Soros for that matter) pulling the levers.

    But the more interesting aspect of them wearing purple (and nobility historically) is that it indicates that the elite are above all this artificially created polarity. I almost view them wearing that as a middle finger to America saying, “you silly peasants, you think we give a shit about any of this? I’m so far above you and you have no idea.”

    As Jasun points out in this post and you can see in countless other places, the elite don’t have the same value system as us “plebs.” They know the left / right, good / evil thing we’ve been handed is bullshit. Again they wouldn’t be where they are if they hadn’t thrown these concepts out. I’m not saying what they’ve done is correct, but they know for a fact that at least in this existence those rules don’t matter and don’t apply to them (ironically this line of thinking is really LeVayian Satainism 101).

    This is obviously not the aim of my spiritual practice, but at the same time removing myself from dualistic thought is. I think the difference may be to integrate the duality instead of stand above it. You need both blue and red, you need to learn the lessons of them and be able to apply them. You get purple by mixing them together. The elite may have had this goal, but appear to instead be standing above the colors and thrown them to both sides, leaving only blackness (which is a crude analogy, because we’re still in dualism at that point, but I think you get my drift).

  7. Also, out of curiosity, I went back to look at the history of my headphones (these are the practically industry standard studio monitors The precursor to my model, the Sony MDR-V6 was introduced in 1985, so this was well before the 2000 election when the red / blue were “officially assigned” to the GOP / DEM parties.

    I just wanted to make sure the design hadn’t been changed at some point, but nope the original MDR-V6 did indicate Left = Blue and Right = Red.

    So going back the original MDR-V6 did indicate Left = Blue and Right = Red. But then again, maybe the guy designing the electoral vote map graphics was wearing a pair of MDR-V6’s when he did it.

    • Consider the lowest chakra (red) vs. the highest chakra generally regarded to be accessible (indigo blue) [crown chakra is violet but does not lend itself to active accessibility]. Consider the difference between “left-hand-path” and “right-hand-path”: I’m not certain of the origins but I suspect it comes from the [Q|K]abalistic tree-of-life. But it’s hard to parse how LHP and RHP spiritual orientations map to political signifiers, because a case could be made for both partisan factions engaging in mostly LHP practices.

      • The colors of Ida and Pingala streams of kundalini are represented as white and red or blue and red, cool lunar and warm solar. Both are united in the highest enlightenment in the crown chakra, violet colored. I think we’re onto something.

    • That makes me think of left brain/right brain. Left ear plugged into creative right brain, right ear plugged to logic left brain. Red conservatives are more hooked into earthly matters like amassing wealth and power and blue lefties more about idealism, ecology, equality. As above so below, too – uniting both in purple mountains majesty to maximize benefits of matter AND spirit.

      • I’ve been syncing a lot recently. I took my son to Moana today. What is the evil bad thing that needs to be defeated? Of course it was a lava monster (I referenced lava earlier in relation to red). It was opposed by the blue water. It was defeated by having its heart returned (which was green for some reason – maybe Jill Stein was the answer 🙂 ).

        • Hmmmm….. green heart combined with red lava monster is rather suspicious. The kundalini serpent is lodged at the base of the spine, location of the root chakra, traditionally colored red, while the color green is typically associated with the heart chakra. Crypto-esoterica smuggled into a 3D children’s cartoon??

      • That would make sense then that the heart was green. Purple did come into play as well – one of the characters did try to kill the lava monster with its purple hook, but was only able to wound it. “Love won in the end” I guess. Once the lava monster had its heart returned it basically turned into Gaia.

        The point of the movie is that is following a Polynesian tribe who is undergoing a curse due to a demigod stealing this god’s heart. So yes this is definitely not a “Christian” world view in a kids movie. Interesting there is actually some accurate alignment of the colors with esoteric concepts.

        I’m happy to take my son to things like this even though I’m sure there are Christians on the web are yelling “that movie is Satanic,” because it dares to present an alternate point of view. Anything they we can use as an allegory to show him that you need to be nice and love above all is something we promote. I’m staring to understand the power of mythology. It’s very powerful in getting subtle concepts across.

        My wife is actually a (liberal) Christian and has a nativity scene set up. The other day my son asked me what’s that? I still haven’t come up with a way to answer that question. I envy him, he largely doesn’t have any of the western religious programming because he hasn’t been exposed to it and I’m trying to keep it that way. As I said earlier I’m still trying to work my way out of mine.

  8. Hate to keep bringing up a certain viper’s nest, but Godwin’s Law’s been out in force the past month. Some dude constantly going on about how ‘the Nazi’s went after artists and degenerate art’ and all that, all the while dehumanizing some ‘autistic cohort’ he sees and basically calling for their elimination, at least from the forum… Stop rolling the ugliness amirite…

    ^deMause^ wrote about those baddest bad guys first victims; masses of ‘antisocial’ children and unwanted pregnancies (unwanted by the spartans at least) were sent to concentration camps… The word genocide is beginning to make me cringe because it’s as if only the subcultures and ethnos matter- not the actual lives destroyed. And people’s reactions to the Nazi’s first victims usually reflect that. Their psychohistory not so much incorporating narratives as insisting upon one thas palatable. They become lies in a lie- Pretty harsh…

    Showed a friend the last picture of a young girl moments away from being put down by some serial killer BSDM truck driver. I linked to the picture from Cracked of all places, it was in w/ pics of Edward Mordrake… Anyway, her reaction was merely dismissive of ‘some creep’, then going on about misogyny in some politicized sense and just really altogether disconnected. She moved right past the actual girl into ‘Women vs. Creeps.’ Dutroux and the greymen creeped past the sunrise and the idea of anyone, let alone a little girl, being buried alive demands some belief in the afterlife. She found that a ‘copout.’ I both agree and/or disagree impossibly so with overwhelming fervor.

    She took solace inhumanity- her visible humanity at least- marching on. Over, past and towards the graves of the innocent. We should rise from the same. Being Alyosha, Ivan and the Child all the same. I wanna say something re: Bialik’s On The Slaughter but I don’t have time. Kick in the pillars of this world so that it may collapse and a whole nother one thas always been there, is visible.

    They target children to put them in this type of paradox cuz it splinters them. How are children so self-centered yet so loving- when they’re healthy-? Children have not grown out of the beginning yet. Oft considered to be seeds or saplings, Children are trees not yet felled. Adults are and have no other choice but to grow spiritually. Children literally grow physically, yet it is imperative not to deprive them a spiritual life. Also adults must not accept the death of things physical by transcendence alone. This is Gnosis… We are 99% empty space, the tree grows there somehow realer than here… The tree of Good and Evil grows in both worlds, not one or the other.

    Thru child abuse these ‘ghouls’ hijack entropy; Entropy a natural process by design, thru sheer force of will, so as to reconnect with the infinite for sake of making the unknowable known. They declare whas unknowable is what should remain unknowable, confusing sick contradiction with healthy paradox. They wish to make what must be transfinite, infinite. I accept that I am less than the psychodynamic but I refuse to be swallowed up by it, esp. by consensual sublimation. This is where Ekklesia enters the picture. Ekklesia cannot be organized, cannot be based on superficial groupings, cannot be understood or directed. It is here and now yet somewhere else entirely. Ham, Yafet and Shem… I burn as an individual, fueling what? They siphon the fuel of others… It’s better to be a slave of the Name then the Gathering, the expanse of others…. I’m not of the mind rite now to continue and my tongues swollen.

    Also these hazy flickers accepting some archetypal personhood (instead of archetypal fragments being reassembled into restored personhood,) these enemies of personhood are abusing children, which is the horror in and of itself. We mustn’t worry about children as the future while we must also embrace furor towards that which deprives them of it. Both must glow triumphant. Children are future- the break into adulthood, when we stop encapsulating the Beginning and Agape and are able to partake in parenthood, that is Providing and birthing and procreating childhood- children are future colliding with the Beginning. Always here and now, the future off after some unfathomable change… The primordial waters so to speak… Abuse culture forms a dry land populated by beasts and frightened children. An unholy convergence. The ‘adults’ out at sea, waging war on behalf of her majesty are little different.

    Bana is maybe a little Syrian girl who’s been tweeting or some such thing and the say-so of the author was that it’s propaganda and wrong for children to be exploited. I agree a hundred percent with that but also am a hundred percent in favor of allowing myself to be manipulated by her big dark eyes and- at her age- acceptable desire to watch Harry Potter movies and go to Prussian child gardens with a vinyl bookbag and all that. She’s still innocent, regardless of what some agent of death has decided for her. Bana, as we know her thru social media, probly does not exist. But little girls suffering as men at war might, as women in childbirth must DO exist… I guess what I’m trying to say is that all things are happening and accusations against and designed-to-split and/or shatter life and truth shouldn’t have as much power as they do… Traumatized children, wards of abusive adults growing up to be shards of a shattered mirror? Is that it? Society is a shattered mirror- yet the mirror does not reflect infinite life but infinite shards reflecting no life. We accept the reflection as truth and so accuse all wrongs as propaganda and delve into sadism, if even by proxy.

    Dutroux’s list has another name, Mr. Fish, the worst of the worst, eater of Gracie Budd. He was not always the worst tho, once a child himself. Most just shirk him off, call him a creep. He was not so much a villain as one who embodied villainy, catching it like a virus. I fear many may not be able to decipher the difference between being an avowed carrier or being afflicted. Many adults out at sea, on some godforsaken ark, waiting for the flood to end, seem to dismiss the victims of evil as being carriers of it. Is this why it’s so easy for them to look past the victim and focus on what the victim may recreate? They can’t see the tree w/poisonous fruit because of a few rotten apples. And it often seems they confuse innocent victims, felled children with bad fruit. No budding grace there… How many of us are swallowed by the fish and decide to just sleep there?

    We must hate abuse as if there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is not here but somewhere else entirely, and yet it follows the here-and-now perpetually.

    Satanism is definitely The Superculture. Communication itself seems designed to accuse everything in every way and further dissociation from reality. We are all in some Austrian primer school- choosing between speaking out against the words ro, thru conquest and elimination, redefining the word life… I finally cut my left wing off cuz I realized flight away is unworkable. Death can’t be defeated if it doesn’t exist and it exists here. In the Universe. Can’t fly away from that. The backlash against pizzagate is from people who want demons to turn into angels and descend upon evil, those who wanna turn this world from a battleground to a hospice, those who wanna have faith in other people instead of knowing them.. Because knowing another means knowing yourself… Those engaging in this ‘auticulture’ tend to know better and will be shunned by what appears to be natural allies on the left.

    The purpose of these vicious circles is to generate despair so they may exploit it and be powerful in death. Create other circles they may infiltrate and engage in new forms of perversion and corruption w/. They want you to look at Bana and wish for the universe to end, life defeated — Or look at Bana and NOT want the universe to end, her life defeated.

    While Bana and Gracie and pillowy ladies callin me a wuss cuz I don’t see the point in ‘fighting the power’ are literally centers of the universe, so too am I. We all are. These social groups being formed and strengthened seem like cut off galaxies to me. I spose the point is to drive people into them, replete and swirling with dissociative reinforcements and disabling maxims.

    I’m rambling… LSS, When we look into that shard we must see our selves. Not hover over the sea of a shattered mirror, yearning to simply fit in. Deal with the beast first and foremost. Don’t bumrush the show, be cast out to sea, sleeping with the fishes.

    Embracing paradox seems a theme.

    Thanks for the post!

    PS: Was watching Inherent Vice while reading/writing this and recognized a former porno actress. A major part of her, uh, oeuvre was essentially ‘orifice mutilation.’ I’ve always avoided porn w/ men present but she did this alone and with women as well. I don’t understand people who confuse me judging these, uh, heinous, cringe worthy acts with judging HER. As if I didn’t wanna rescue her from it like some douchy knight. Furthermore these people would just accuse me of being a hypocrite- or having been a hypocrite anyway- they’re right I spose, porn is the flesh trade and the flesh trade destroys a ton of lives- but are we supposed to just leave it at that? Just walk away from women being abused? Are we supposed to confuse women being beautiful and sensual with litralee wrecking them w/ baseball bats?

    I oppose accepting that bomber of poets, lugal of cholera, as some lesser evil opposed to the Trump… I oppose identity politics, even among ‘minorities’ who may benefit from them for a minute. I oppose people being organized for war so that nothing organic may grow from the individuals among them and spread. The strongest number is One- I don’t oppose pretty ladies being wholly wholesome as whole women.

    We will not end sexual abuse of any kind, inc. homophobia until sex is restored in women and true desire towards creation is realized.

    A big part of the demolition is getting us to accept that, e.g., women being beautiful and lovely and warm and all that as a lesser evil… I.e., they confuse and conflate whas good and true with whas perverse and contaminate… they back the reflection of things with lead and antimony.

    And I’ve duly lost sight of my message.

  9. Jasun, I’ve been in a synchronicity stream for at least a couple of weeks regarding Vitruvian Man and its concept of Alchemically ‘squaring the circle” so the title of this series is right on time. It’s come up in a book, a Honda commercial, a couple of TV shows, another blog post and here. A comment on the other blog nicely defined the concept as the samadhi effect of turning the flat circle of ordinary consciousness into a three dimensional holistic sphere and thus exponentially increasing perception. A circle times itself, thus squared. I’ve also been seeing the Pyrhagorean five pointed star literally everywhere , representing the quintessence, the transcendent principle above the four earthly elements., a similar concept I’m actually staring at it right now on television, an ad for the Hamilton musical with the combination star and as above so below / Saturday Night Fever pose logo.

  10. I’m getting something looking at all these pics.
    And reading a couple things pushed it out.

    Good – evil
    Liberty – slavery

    Base concepts. Ancient ones.
    Carved in stone. I’m not gonna even entertain discussion about them lol.

    What do you see in the paintings? I see slavery. Lots of it.
    Fear of the master returning even when no other figure is present.
    Child, adult…does not matter. Somebody is taking away the Liberty of another.

    Here is a great speech. The main argument nails subversion of the US Constitution well.
    Fredrick Douglass tears into the Fugitive Slave Act:

    “In that instrument I hold there is neither warrant, license, nor sanction of the hateful thing; but interpreted, as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a glorious liberty document.”

    “Now, take the Constitution according to its plain reading, and I defy the presentation of a single pro-slavery clause in it. On the other hand, it will be found to contain principles and purposes, entirely hostile to the existence of slavery. ”

    Time warp forward to 2016:

    ” Passage of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act will have a chilling effect on freedom of speech at America’s institutes of higher learning, and this is its intent. The Act is an extension of growing Israeli supremacy over our Republic through the implementation of laws consonant with Talmudic halacha, which consists of one law for the lower-souled goyim, and another for the higher-souled Judaics (cf. BT Sanhedrin 57a; Kiddushin 66c; Erubin 21b; Bava Metzia 114b; Kerithoth 6b and 58a; and the Chofetz Chaim’s Mishneh Berurah: O.H. 330, among many other halachot). ”

    “one law for the lower-souled goyim, and another for the higher-souled Judaics”
    Hmm..slavers vs. Liberty again?
    Some people are less than another (in a spiritual way!?)

    Where did humans get these sick-assed concepts?
    Babylon? Egypt? Greece?

    The Torah does begin with a god and his two slaves in a garden.
    After reading that, look into Greco India.

    Writings and evidence of people already exposed to slavery as a “thing”…..

    See, all this slavery and abuse is something deep.
    It occupies the nexus of psychological (Jasun’s dept.) and spiritual.
    Some would say it’s just some inbuilt human brain thing. Others might say “the devil is making them do it”.

    Fredrick Douglass also quotes from Isaiah 1.
    A “channeled vision”……”The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem…”

    10Hear the word of the Lord, ye rulers of Sodom, give ear to the law of our God, ye people of Gomorrha.

    11To what purpose do you offer me the multitude of your victims, saith the Lord? I am full, I desire not holocausts of rams, and fat of fatlings, and blood of calves, and lambs, and buck goats.

    12When you came to appear before me, who required these things at your hands, that you should walk in my courts?

    13Offer sacrifice no more in vain: incense is an abomination tome. The new moons, and the sabbaths, and other festivals I will not abide, your assemblies are wicked.

    14My soul hateth your new moons, and your solemnities: they are become troublesome to me, I am weary of bearing them.

    15And when you stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my eyes from you: and when you multiply prayer, I will not hear: for your hands are full of blood.

    16Wash yourselves, be clean, take away the evil of your devices from my eyes: cease to do perversely,

    17Learn to do well: seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge for the fatherless, defend the widow.

    18And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord: if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow: and if they be red as crimson, they shall be white as wool.

    19if you be willing, and will hearken to me, you shall eat the good things of the land.

    20But if you will not, and will provoke me to wrath: the sword shall devour you because the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

    (BTW John Locke hated the Bible being broken into chapter and verse)

    It gets right back to Reason (knowledge of good and evil).
    There is freedom to make a choice. To do good or evil.

    The reasoning choices of these slavers/abusers are anti-nature and anti-human.
    Their choices are not only destructive to their captives, they are self-destructive.

    What are we to do about all this Pedo-pocaplyse crap? Well for starters….

    “Wash yourselves, be clean, take away the evil of your devices from my eyes: cease to do perversely, learn to do good: seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge for the fatherless, defend the widow.”

    I also like this one from the Gospel of Thomas:
    “(6) His disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe?”
    Jesus said, “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.”

    • Slavery is encoded into the rules of this universe itself. Everything about this plane of existence involves hijacking energy from somewhere else. “This is a war universe” (WS Burroughs). At the human level, there is only a finite level of energy output possible from any one person. If you need more, you’re going to have to get it from somewhere else: a nonhuman animal, or another human. That unfortunate reality has been hidden from us in the last two centuries because the “somewhere else” has been externalized to complex/elaborate tools powered by fossil fuels.

      Maybe automation will be our salvation, we can make machines our “slaves”. But if we end up being too good at it, then we’ll end up with Bladerunner and Westworld, i.e. back to square one in moral terms. Anyway, I don’t think that’s where the push towards automation is going. I think it’s about enslaving the human soul as well as the human body. But I tend towards pessimism ….

      • Adding to what I just wrote: there may be other ways of being (to paraphrase the other half of the Burroughs quote), and I am very interested in knowing more about them if they exist on any plane of reality. How to live non-vampirically, and thrive doing so? That’s really a major component of my spiritual program.

      • Ya along these lines I tried to be a vegetarian. I lasted I think about two years. I just couldn’t do it anymore and am now kind of the opposite, mostly paleo. My health has been much better since going back to eating meat. It sucks, I don’t like the idea of it, but like you said that is the nature of this reality. We have to harvest energy from other things in order to survive. And there’s also the question of whether plants are also conscious, so maybe the vegetarian thing isn’t even worthwhile from the elimination of suffering standpoint (I could just be telling this to myself to feel better though).

        We do truly live in monumentous and weird times though. Apparently they figured out fusion?

        That could definitely change the rules of this game were playing. I’m sure it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it seems like this should be the number one story everywhere right now. If this comes to fruition, this along with the inevitable automation that are coming completely wipe out our petro dollar based economy and its a whole new world. I don’t know exactly what that would look like, but the current power structure wouldn’t be able to continue as it is.

    • I do applaud the efforts of the Jainists. As an upper-middle-class norteamericano, the lifestyle is a bit impractical. That may just be my own bad karma though, to be born into a society that is spiritually sinking.

      Veganism and vegetarianism are feasible lifestyles, but they are also physically unhealthy, veganism in particular. That might be OK: legitimate self-sacrifice for the purpose of spiritual development. But it is not a sustainable practice for a society, at least not before natural selection eliminates those most vulnerable to the resulting nutritional deficits.

      Here’s the meditation point for me: dogs. I love dogs, and I would never want to do anything to cause dogs under my care to come to harm. Because Canis lupus familiaris is an obligate carnivore, caring for its members involves feeding them flesh (in the case of my dogs, poultry). Of course, I recognize that my attachment to K9s is, well, an attachment. Still, I can’t accept forcing innocent (more-or-less) beings to suffer just because I’m trying to attain Nirvana.

      • I agree, I don’t have time to worry about bugs so much that I won’t go out at night for fear of stepping on them. That doesn’t exactly fit with a modern urban lifestyle. But I can adapt it in ways that do work, like putting spiders outside rather than just swatting them when I find them in my apartment.

        • I felt that way about the ants for awhile. But then they literally overran the house (upstairs and down), and then I was all like “ok it’s chemical warfare, fuckers”. Or, actually, I gave my partner my blessing to wage warfare, since he has zero qualms…

          • This is the trouble with aspiring to perfection; there’s always an equal and corresponding reaction to every Icarian urge to transcend our natures. Id, meet Superego.

            If everything eats itself and we are what we eat, then what’s the problem? Not meant to be glib, there is a problem, but it’s always the same one: lack of awareness.

            Someone I know once asked a spiritual teacher (not Dave Oshana, the other one I had, the one I decided was dodgy) if when he ate meat he felt the animal’s suffering. JdR said he did, and that it was “exquisite.” Make of that what you will. Personally I suspect that for every chicken I eat, having become it, I have to empathically absorb/absolve the suffering that was imprinted into that chicken, but that it all occurs at an unconscious level and so, chances are, creates toxins in me that cause me to suffer anyway, only without awareness of why. It’s a trade-off. There is no perfect deal in which no one suffers on our account. Existence is suffering at one level. Which means suffering can’t be a problem, because a problem that cannot be solved is not a problem. It’s just a pity.

            • JdR?

              I don’t get relishing another being’s suffering… I really don’t. Even the ants. (We tried a bunch of “gentle incentives” such as various spices said to discourage them, then we tried vinegar, but after that we were out of options except to just surrender our entire home to the ant megalopolis that is surely situated nearby.)

              Anyway, suffering is a predicament. And one that is a marked feature of this plane of existence.

              • Johnny golden hands

                I agree it was a grisly response. But we should relish animal flesh or anything else if we are going to eat it; & if that meat holds the suffering of the animal, then what choices does that leave, besides vegetarianism, unawareness, or relish? (If it was unpleasant to eat meat, I would stop doing it. Maybe I should. But lettuces have feelings too.)

                I’d say, after Rumi, that suffering is a state of mind; pain is a state of body. One may be optional, the other is definitely not (a body that can’t feel pain is a dead body).

                • Fair enough point re: pain vs. suffering. As for relishing the flesh of an animal. Well … when I’m being mindful, I honor the animal and the life it gave, and I guess I pause to consider the brotherhood of pain/suffering that we share, while my body enjoys the animal (usually poultry or fish) protein. Is that the same as relishing?

                  Would a cannibal do the same if she were dining on my carcass?

  11. Jasun – have you ever wondered why the sculpture of a naked young Anteros (Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain) is located at Piccadilly Circus? In myth, Anteros is the jealous brother of Eros. In the story, he loved Psyche but in the ‘friendly’ way and when she didn’t return the same – as she actually ‘loved’ Eros – Anteros sought revenge on Psyche. Anteros is ‘anti-love’ which is in opposition to Eros ‘love.’

    Oddly, the sculpture is referred to as “The Angel of Christian Charity” in reference to Lord Shaftesbury.

    Modern Psy(che)chologists have introduced the idea of homosexual relations in regards to Anteros and Eros with no mention of Psyche.

    • I haven’t ever wondered that, no. In fact, I didnt know it to wonder about. Nor did I know Eros had a jealous brother, a highly significant mythical detail, since I had one of those myself.

  12. What exactly IS #Pizzagate anyway? What do we mean when we use the term?

    Pizzagate is nowhere near as cut & dried as Watergate was; in fact I’d say Watergate is to Pizzagate what a drive-by shooting is to the JFK assassination, in terms of the complexity of angles and media and individuals involved in bringing whatever-TF-it-is to light. Watergate could be summed up in a couple of lines; the only way to sum up #Pizzagate in a couple of lines, IMO, is to talk about “it” as a fake news conspiracy theory about a pedophile ring operating out of a pizza restaurant (or whatever the handy manufactured simplification-designed-to-be-dismissed is).

    I am not sure when the term Watergate started being used, but it certainly wouldn’t have assumed the meaning it now has until all the facts were in and the case was more or less solved, i.e., once it was confirmed that a conspiracy was involved from the highest level on down. To stick the name “#Pizzagate” onto an amorphous and constantly changing body of evidence (including pseudo-evidence, theories, etc) right at the start of the “investigation” (which is occurring via a million computer screens, not just two guys doing the press beat ~ I’m sticking to the official version of WG now, tho I realize it’s probably full of BS too), it’s more than just premature, seems like a kind of process-hijacking to me, one that we are all complicit with (shit I use the tag myself).

    I think #Pizzagate” needs to be separated from the many different strands of evidence, otherwise how do we even know when we are talking about the same thing? What is clear (to me) is that some of the evidence that’s included in the catch-all term #Pizzagate at this point is solid. Some of it is circumstantial. Some of it doesn’t even deserve the term evidence at all.

    I don’t think any of the arguments I’ve made have depended on the Podesta emails; I don’t even refer to them that much. & yet because they kick-started the whole #Pizzagate thing, the shakiness of those emails can be used by some people to dismiss the whole thing, even tho what kick-starts an investigation has no bearing on the validity of whatever evidence is subsequently found. It’s just a catalyst, nothing more.

    How much are people just signalling back what’s being signaled to them to signal? The signal of #Pizzagate-Fake-News is “high-level child trafficking ring uses Pizza restaurant as front=laughably ridiculous,” so the content of the charge is second to the charge of the content, i.e., that it IS laughably ridiculous, and if you don’t agree, and signal that you do by laughing along (if you take it seriously), then it’s YOU who are laughably ridiculous.

    It’s damn hard to resist that pressure and refuse to agree to be “in” on the “joke” or to imitate the laughing ridicule when the alternative is being ridiculed.

    So how many folks are genuinely reacting with disbelief, as opposed to a pretense of disbelief? There must be at least a few pretenders, right? It reminds me of the well-known perceptual experiment with the two lines (can’t find link, most folk here will know the one): people go along with the dominant voices, or tones of voice, in a room, especially if it’s a superior, scathing one that thinly hides the threat of violence.

    This is a long way of saying that I’ve actually heard that most people know all about high level pedophilia by now; they just don’t know what to do about it.

    Maybe the answer to that last is ~ agree to pretend it’s all a joke?

    • Your own prior quote is relevant here:

      James Shelby Downard talked about the revelation of the method. It’s been a while since I read (or gave much thought to) Downard’s ideas, but I recently summed up the ROM to a fellow writer, as follows: One way to shut down people’s consciousness is to awaken in it in such a way that there will be a corresponding reaction against what’s revealed, so consciousness shuts down even more tightly than before the revelation.

  13. hard to start the conversation about these.. things

    for instance, people read : “the fake news site that believes, among other things, that the Titanic was sunk on purpose.”
    well, the OLYMPIC was sunk on purpose not the Titanic.. so

    grey icy waters

  14. “This is a long way of saying that I’ve actually heard that most people know all about high level pedophilia by now; they just don’t know what to do about it.

    Maybe the answer to that last is ~ agree to pretend it’s all a joke?”

    Sounds like something a British thinktank would want.

    High Level Insider said:

    “We’d like a cessation of the massive sock puppet programs, cointelpro type operations, etc. The internet and open dialogue on a content rather than personality driven basis is highly important to our progress.

    I’m encouraged that you guys are getting out there in the real world, taking photos, doing hard intelligence gathering. This is not stalking or whatever you may be scared to believe, it is real people living their lives. Keep it up, but don’t be consumed by the darkness; spend at least as much time devoted to opportunity and progress as you do to unraveling evil.”

    He also said to work on your own “agency”:

    “Agency is your ability to act unencumbered by others. Can you videotape your neighbor beating his wife and initiate proceeding to stop this? Probably so. Can you do the same of Podesta abusing a child? Probably not without being assassinated unless you are very clever about how you obtain the proof and deliver it to the public. The higher you bark up the food chain, the more robust protection / leverage you need, the more cunning your methods should be, etc., to preserve agency.”

  15. Yeah it was a little nebulous. It’s also a reply of sorts to JJ above.

    “High Level Insider” is a mysterious poster on 4chan. Was just reading through a fraction of the questions he was answering from those folks. A ton of it was weirdly specific stuff related to recent Auticulture posts.

    You said that most people know about high level pedophilia but don’t know what to do about it. So just pretend it’s all a joke……

    This so called “High Level Insider” didn’t even focus on pedo topics much…but did explain “what to do about it” basically.
    He told everybody to work on your own “agency” and finally defined what he meant.

    “Keep it up, but don’t be consumed by the darkness; spend at least as much time devoted to opportunity and progress as you do to unraveling evil.”

    All “his” replies were good advice for going forward in these times.

    • Or it could mean gaze into the abyss.

      My brilliant friend discovered that ‘Trump Tower New York City’ anagrams to ‘Yucky Twitterer romp now.’

  16. Thanks for all you have done to talk about this – my ex boyfriend would argue maybe nmbla wasn’t so bad and make utterly surreal comments like “but children are supposed to do what their parents tell them” after talking about how pedophilia phobia was really just a way to do a kind of check on the level of social deviance of the person or something I can’t even remember it all it was so surreal and out of the blue and so f*cked up and such a mind f*ck to be with him in general that your podcasts and posts are helping me to process – he told me I was the crazy one- I didn’t even know what nmbla was – Jesus Christ – I believe he wasn’t the only victim and it totally freaks me out to post this I feel like I will get in trouble for putting this online
    Anyway u r not crazy for chasing this issue – I know u know that- for me it was so bizarre I didn’t even process what he said at first idk- I think that happens to many people – u can’t ‘believe what u just heard’

  17. I can´t believe what I just saw.. Shirley Temple in “War Babies”, a “Baby Burlesk” film from 1932. Total Weimar Hollywood. I feel sick.

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