David Brock, Invasion 4Chan, the Alt-Right, & Pizzagate


Here’s something I put together today over at the Rigorous Intuition forum. Posting it here in the interim between 2 & 3 of “Vicious Circles & Angry Squares.”

I’ve been asked by an early reader to open this post with a thesis statement. The only problem is, I don’t want this to have a thesis just yet, because the point is to present the data and see what it signals to others. But since I do want people to read this, it probably will help if they know why they should want to. So at the risk of leading, I will say that the data compiled below indicates to me something roughly like this:

David Brock and Correct the Record played a central role in a massive and long-term covert campaign of perception management that spans both Republican and Democratic parties. It involves the “infiltration” of 4chan and the illegitimate use of more mainstream social networking sites (reddit, twitter) in order to redirect and undermine public political debate, polarize opinion, and help “populate and co-opt” an alt-“Alt-right” movement to be associated with racism, misogyny, fascism, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, and “fake news.” Many of the agendas, and even players, involved in this can now be seen to congregate in or around the viral memeplex known as “Pizzagate.”

Those are the specifics; the general “thesis” (or question) is something like: to what degree has our ability to engage in meaningful conversation around political and social reality been sabotaged by Brock’s relentless spin campaign, and the larger, more ancient tradition of mass-obfuscation which it upholds and exemplifies? And how can we see the results of that in our daily activities, on and offline?

Here’s a quote to add a bit of nuance to that, from Raimond Gaita, “Even Socrates drew the line at spin”:

“Socrates believed that oratory was not a morally neutral skill that can be directed at good, bad or indifferent ends, but intrinsically rotten because it betrays the trust necessary for genuine conversation and, in so doing, erodes the conditions of political (and other forms of) judgment. We should think the same about spin. For many years, we in the democratic West have praised conversation in politics as though it expressed an ideal of democratic accountability. That may be a sentimental illusion about the nature of politics, encouraged by politicians who spin counterfeits of conversational intimacy to make us more vulnerable to manipulation.”
http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/ … 1390x.html

OK, moving on. Expect a lot of copy pasta here, since I want to be thorough. To be kind, I’ve bolded the essential parts for easy skimming. I know how the brain starts to go numb with this stuff.

First up:

Who is David Brock?

brockQuick answer in a (2015 Los Angeles Times) headline: “David Brock, a Clinton Enemy from the 90s, is now integral to Hillary’s run.”

In a 2013 article, “David Brock never retired from the hitman game,” Jon Cassidy called Brock “possibly the least honest man ever to succeed in American journalism. . . . Yet this admitted liar has somehow resuscitated his career, as an arbiter of honest journalism no less. The thing is: Brock never changed. He’s still a hit man, just for the other team.

[Or: a professional perception manager who never harbored any illusions about the ontological realities of “teams,” left or right, outside of the game he was MC-ing?]

OK, now for the Long answer:

From Wiki bio:

David Brock (born November 2, 1962) is an American political operative, author, and commentator who founded the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America.[1] He has been described by Time magazine as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party.”[2]

Brock began his career as a right-wing investigative reporter during the 1990s[3] who wrote the book The Real Anita Hill and the Troopergate story, which led to Paula Jones filing a lawsuit against Bill Clinton. In the late 1990s he switched sides, aligning himself with the Democratic Party, and in particular with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In 2004, he founded Media Matters for America, a non-profit organization that describes itself as a “progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”[4] He has since also founded super PACs called American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record, has become a board member of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, and has been elected chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).[5][6]

The Nation has described Brock as a “conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder”;[6] National Review has called him a “right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin”;[7] and Politico has profiled him as a “former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader.”[8]

In his 2015 book Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary Clinton and Hijack Your Government, [follow this meme] Brock described “how the Clintons quickly switched from prey to patrons, setting him on his current path as a fundraiser and progressive provocateur.” In the book, Brock accused the New York Times of being a “megaphone for conservative propaganda” directed inordinately at Clinton.[5] He was particularly critical of the Times’s senior politics editor and former Washington bureau chief Carolyn Ryan. At the same time, in the words of Politico, he depicted Bill and Hillary Clinton “as personal and political angels”.[5]

Calling the book a “trenchant j’accuse,” Publishers Weekly said that parts of it “read like a fund-raising prospectus” for MMA but concluded that while “Brock’s rhetorical venom and naked partisanship will alienate some readers…his sharp-eyed reporting makes for a spirited challenge to business-as-usual political discourse.”[46] The Daily Beast described the book as “partly a sanitized summary of Brock’s already exhaustively-chronicled personal history, partly an attack on the journalism establishment, and partly a call to arms on behalf of his favorite presidential candidate.”[4] Hanna Rosin wrote that it reads like “pages that bullet-point Hillary’s accomplishments as secretary of state or the achievements of the Clinton Foundation.”

From a 1995 piece “The Real David Brock: A Right-Wing Hatchet Man,” By Steve Rendall:

Brock is responsible for the reporting on Clinton’s alleged extramarital affairs that became known as “Troopergate” (American Spectator, 1/94), he’s also the one who called Anita Hill “a bit nutty and a bit slutty” (American Spectator, 3/92), and later wrote a book called The Real Anita Hill. Brock’s mix of right-wing politics and sexual scandal-mongering have won considerable attention for his magazine–and influenced the debate in Washington.
“From 1997 to 2002, Brock wrote several drafts of his conversion story. From “Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man,” published in Esquire, to the final, book-length version, “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative,” Brock developed a narrative aimed at ingratiating himself with the left. It worked. In The New Yorker, Hendrik Hertzberg vouched for the conversion from hit man to respectable Democrat.

“I would say without any hesitation that he is incapable of recognizing the truth, let alone of telling it,” Christopher Hitchens wrote after reading Brock’s memoir. “The whole book is an exercise in self-love, disguised as an exercise in self-abnegation. How could he, asks the author of himself, have possibly gone on so long in telling lies, smearing reputations and inventing facts? The obvious answer — that he adored the easy money and the cheap fame that this brought him — was more than enough to still his doubts for several years. However, his publisher seems to have required a more high-toned explanation before furnishing him with a fresh tranche of money and renown. And Brock’s new story — that he was taken in by a vast right-wing conspiracy — is just as much of a lie as his earlier ones.”

Brock had a decade to come up with something about progressivism that he supports, and he still hasn’t managed. Instead, the most promiscuous slanderer of his generation says that he is an agent of tolerance.”

As a curiosity, the first mention of Brock on the Rigorous Intuition board was in 2005, by chiggerbit at The Franklin Cover-Up thread, as follows: “Writer David Brock noted the gay skeletons in the Republican Party when he was attacked for his own gayness following the publication of his book The Seduction of Hillary Clinton.”

Brock’s connections to “Pizzagate” (the fact and I suspect the fiction, too) are legion. Here’s one for a teaser:

In 2010, (convicted inside trader) George Soros donated $1 million to David Brock’s Media Matters. Soros also gave Brock’s American Votes group $1,160,000 in 2006 and $1 million in the 2007-2008 period; and $1.5 million to Brock’s American Bridge 21st Century in 2012 & 2014.

American Bridge 21st Century has made payments to James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong in 2012-14:

An FEC search also shows payments made to Brock’s lover Alefantis from the Clinton Campaign and pro Clinton PACS.

But before we get into that can of spaghetti, we need to talk about:

Astroturfing & 4chan


“Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassrootsparticipant(s). It is a practice intended to give the statements or organizations credibility by withholding information about the source’s financial connection. The term astroturfing is derived from AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to resemble natural grass, as a play on the word “grassroots.” The implication behind the use of the term is that there are no “true” or “natural” grassroots, but rather “fake” or “artificial” support, although some astroturfing operatives defend the practice.”

Astroturfing is the name of Brock’s game, or at least of one of the primary moves in it. Creating fake movements, to obscure, discredit, hijack or counteract real movements. ARGS, and stuff. Social & cultural engineering. Meme-seeding. Perception management. Bad-jacketing. Lot of ways to describe it, probably because a) it’s so pervasive and multifaceted, and b) when you’re having it done to you, it’s damn hard to see it, much less understand it.

Here’s a breakdown of a big slice of Brockian astroturf & of how it can backfire (or maybe not, let’s just say, just how “inflammatory” it can be):

Drawing the Public Eye: The Unintentional Consequence of “Astroturfing” by Political Organizations, November 10, 2016

tl;dr Donald Trump candidacy was a literal joke. Internet “astroturfers” paid by the Clinton Campaign, injected seriousness into an intentionally absurd community, creating a backlash that lost her the election. It turns out, the joke is on Hillary.

About two years ago, the decision makers in Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a critical error. Her paid Internet shills began to respond to a long running joke on 4chan, where the posting culture is specifically geared towards making the most absurd posts possible. [David Brock’s] Correct the Record (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correct_the_Record ) lacked the situational awareness and basic intelligence to understand that the posts were not serious and, as a result, began to launch a political attack on 4chan.


For more about this, there’s a Daily Beast piece from April 2016, “Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook: FEC loopholes mean Correct the Record can openly coordinate with Clinton’s campaign

Also from Feb 2016, Free Beacon, “Experts: David Brock Pushing Campaign Finance Boundaries: Dem operative remains on payroll of pro-Clinton super PAC despite coordinating with campaign”:

“Correct the Record says it has found a loophole in coordination laws. The group maintains that the online-only nature of its work—as opposed to broadcast communications or other paid media—allows it to legally coordinate with the campaign. Experts say Brock’s roles at the two groups show how he has used sophisticated legal maneuvers to circumvent campaign finance restrictions designed to prevent corruption and the influence of high-dollar donors on the political process.

“In short, it looks like Brock is running a shadow campaign,” said Robert Maguire, a researcher and reporter with the Center for Responsive Politics.

He pointed to Brock’s involvement with other groups that are explicitly or in effect boosting her political efforts, a network that he called “the Brocktopus.”
http://freebeacon.com/politics/experts- … oundaries/

See also: “If You Really Want To Get Rid Of “Fake News,” Start With David Brock” (Nov 28 2016)

and: “FEC Complaint Accuses Clinton Campaign of Illegally Coordinating With David Brock Super PAC,” October, 2016

Returning to the Web of Slime:

In an archived thread, a former Correct the Record employee sheds some light on how it all works, stating that 5 – 6 million was being spent on pro-Hillary Internet posters. Employees are given reddit accounts with 5k+ karma, semi-active twitter accounts and the tools to maximize the time they spend posting on the Internet. It is a tremendous amount of resources to spend in order to target people who like telling jokes designed to get a rise out of people.

The annoyance experienced by 4chan lurkers and posters moved them to interact with these political influences in a few important ways.

[The assumption is that this was an unintended “backfire” consequence; maybe, maybe not. But either way, what you have is a heavily funded internet-op of professional campaign-trolling for Hillary that leads to a growing up-swell of anti-Clinton sentiments within 4chan and on the Net in general.]

First, the war declared by David Brock, upon 4chan, was found to be occurring all over the Internet. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. Reddit. Anything that had enough people to make posting worth Correct the Record’s time. The resulting exposure brought people out of the woodwork to actively respond to disinformation tactics, fake news on mainstream media, and censorship on these social media outlets, whose CEOs were found to be complicit with Correct the Record.

Second, a variety of leaks were ongoing that exposed a number of scandals that were being ignored by the mainstream media. Being the most useful tool available to debunk what the news was saying, millions of people began pouring over Wikileaks, Offshore Leaks, DC Leaks, Guccifer Leaks and they began to uncover a web of corruption that stretched across the whole world.

Numerous scandals were exposed:

• The Uranium One Scandal
• TARP Fund Scandal
• DNC Paid Agent Provocateurs
• Weapons to ISIS Scandal
• Election Fraud Scandal
[& Pizzagate]

Third, the amplification of Pro Trump memes, infographs, and anti-Hillary memes became more than the paid DNC Internet machine could cope with. The joke was transformed into a serious movement against censorship and political corruption, pointing out the absurdity of the tactics that the DNC was using to generate support for Hillary.

Calling people and green frog memes racist, homophobic, and bigoted was a microcosm of the tactics that created the anti-PC backlash where everyday people were sick of “victim status” being used as a shield from which to stand behind while attacking common sense and as an excuse for abandoning common courtesy.

It is so easy for the media to create hurt feelings in people that hurt feelings become justification for abandoning civil discourse and the ability to embrace evidence-based solutions in many important facets of public policy. This is why the First Amendment was specifically described by the Founding Fathers as the “right to offend.”


How did the Brockopus operate? From a 2012 Daily Caller article, “Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations”:

The entire progressive blogosphere picked up our stuff,” says a Media Matters source, “from Daily Kos to Salon. Greg Sargent [of the Washington Post] will write anything you give him. He was the go-to guy to leak stuff.”
….Reporters who weren’t cooperative might feel the sting of a Media Matters campaign against them. “If you hit a reporter, say a beat reporter at a regional newspaper,” a Media Matters source said, “all of a sudden they’d get a thousand hostile emails. Sometimes they’d melt down. It had a real effect on reporters who weren’t used to that kind of scrutiny.”A group with the ability to shape news coverage is of incalculable value to the politicians it supports, so it’s no surprise that Media Matters has been in regular contact with political operatives in the Obama administration. According to visitor logs, on June 16, 2010, Brock and then-Media Matters president Eric Burns traveled to the White House for a meeting with Valerie Jarrett, arguably the president’s closest adviser. Recently departed Obama communications director Anita Dunn returned to the White House for the meeting as well.
….Last spring, some at Media Matters headquarters and in other parts of the progressive world were caught off guard by an interview Brock gave to Ben Smith at Politico, in which he promised to wage “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against Fox News. “It was insane,” says a coworker. “David was totally manic at the time. We were all shocked.”Friends say Brock, who has publicly admitted drug use in the past, was working obsessively and staying out late with compatriots. “They’d close [local bars] and party till six in the morning,” said one. A number of people in Brock’s orbit believe he was regularly using illegal drugs, including cocaine. “It’s not like he was trying to keep it a secret,” says a female friend of Brock’s. [Did Brock’s party crowd include Alefantis?]


Then there’s The Stream’s “Astroturf ‘Outrage Machine’ of Paid Trolls Floods Social Media to Counteract Negative News About Hillary Clinton,” Oct 2016:

Libby Watson of The Sunlight Foundation observed that the astroturf effort goes far beyond merely defending Clinton, to targeting and intimidating those who criticize her. She told The Daily Beast, “This seems to be going after essentially random individuals online.”

Brian Donahue, chief executive of the consulting firm Craft Media/Digital, explained the troll operation to The Los Angeles Times, “It is meant to appear to be coming organically from people and their social media networks in a groundswell of activism, when in fact it is highly paid and highly tactical.” He went on, “That is what the Clinton campaign has always been about. It runs the risk of being exactly what their opponents accuse them of being: a campaign that appears to be populist but is a smokescreen that is paid and brought to you by lifetime political operatives and high-level consultants.”
The moderators of the Sanders subreddit /r/SandersForPresident wrote that the “Bernie Bro” concept was created by fake accounts in order to “establish a narrative that Bernie’s supporters are all racist, sexist young males who harass people online.” David Fredrick, co-founder and moderator of the subreddit, told The Atlantic when Sanders was still in the race, “If anyone criticizes a Sanders supporter online now there’s doubt over whether it’s a genuine exchange or if it’s something that Correct the Record is behind.”
https://stream.org/astroturf-outrage-ma … y-clinton/

OK got all that?

Notice the last bit about establishing a narrative about “racist, sexist young males who harass people online”?

That takes us neatly into:

The “Alt-Right”


For a warm-up, check out Front Page Mag’s “SOME OBSERVATIONS FROM THE MAN WHO CREATED ALT-RIGHT: An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart and Trump,” from Oct 2016.

Then there’s this, from “Clinton’s Internet Supporters, Allegedly Using Pornography, Shut Down Bernie Sanders’ Largest Facebook Groups in Coordinated Attack,” April 2016:

The Clinton Machine Has Used Anonymous Trolls at Least as Far Back as 2007

The anonymous fake accounts come are nothing new for Clinton. In 2007, paid campaign staffers and volunteers on her campaign were caught creating anonymous accounts to artificially inflate her support. The influential Blue Hampshire blog discovered the ruse, when several anonymous accounts were all created in succession on the site from the same Clinton campaign IP address, which then bolstered pro-Clinton diaries.

According to US Uncut, there were even allegations of child porn being circulated and posted by the Clinton trolls:

Erica Libenow, a Sanders supporter and member of one of the pro-Bernie groups, said, “We had what looked like a kiddie porn posted in one of our groups today. I reported that one. Seriously made me want to vomit.”

A Facebook post by “Casey Champagne”, whose secondary name on his profile was listed as “Casey Max Charbonneau” (pictured below with Hillary Clinton) and whose Facebook likes included Correct The Record and Barrier Breakers 2016 (Brock’s recently launched online operation), confirmed that Clinton trolls were behind the attack when he bragged in the Facebook group “Bros 4 Hillary” that he managed to get one of the groups banned for “containing credible threat of violence.

Brock’s Trolls for Hillary spreading child porn as part of a hate campaign against Bernie Sanders, huh. As already mentioned, the Brocktopus spread its tentacles into 4chan, sticking its proverbial dick into the figurative hornet’s nest. What happened then is not so easy to find documentation on (without going into the lair).

Here’s a hint from Know Your Meme:

“Thank You For #CorrectingTheRecord” Copypasta
Users on 4chan’s /pol/[12] (politics) board and Reddit’s /r/the_donald[13] subreddit often mock comments defending Clinton with variations of the copypasta message “Thanks for #CorrectingTheRecord! $.02 has been deposited in your account.”

So 4chan were wise to Brock, but was Brock wise to 4chan? How much of the Trump-Kek-Alt_Right emergence was a backfire, & how much was part of the plan? Did Brock Inc help seed the Pepe meme with the prior intention of “converting” it into a Fascist Hate Symbol, using the Internet Hate Machine to do it?


From International Business Times, Sept 2016, “How racist trolls turned Pepe the Frog into a symbol of hate”:

In late 2015, “alt-right” internet trolls launched a purposeful campaign to reclaim Pepe the Frog as a symbol of their ideology, according to the Daily Beast. Social media users mashed up Pepe with Nazi propaganda imagery — everything from a Hitler mustache to a swastika — to link the two symbols. The movement spawned on 4Chan and eventually moved to Twitter, where many white nationalist-Donald Trump supporters embraced the cartoon frog as proxy symbol for their candidate — Trump’s trademark haircut now sits atop Pepe in many users’ posts.

The craze came to a head last week when Donald Trump, Jr., the GOP nominee’s son, shared a Photoshopped image of the movie poster for the action film “The Expendables” with the faces of Trump and many of his most prominent supporters pasted over the faces of the movie’s stars. The image was re-titled “The Deplorables,” a reference to Hillary Clinton’s characterization of many of his apparently racist supporters as being in her “basket of deplorables.” The new poster featured Trump standing beside none other than Pepe the Frog.

See also: “Pepe the Frog is Now a Racist Symbol

And “People on 4Chan Appear to Be Having a Complete Meltdown over Twitter”

Then there’s this, an alleged “confidential memo” post at reddit (from 4chan) last month. Note the instruction to “create or disseminate strong anti-Semitic pepe memes in order to discredit the users as racist” (Under Anti-Trump Memes)


PDF: http://spartareport.com/wp-content/uplo … n-Memo.pdf

FWIW, most folk at reddit are saying it’s fake (they could be shills trying to discredit it, who knows?). There’s a reasonable explanation for why it might be fake here, but that comment only got one upvote.

Other typical comments:

So…this looks, at the very least, accurate, if not real. Yet there are a bunch of comments in here already calling it obviously fake without any supporting arguments or evidence.
https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/com … o/d8v3mvb/


Has to be fake, but probably very close to the real ones in terms of intention. I’m sure they use far more politically correct language internally.
https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/com … o/d8v2n84/

There’s also this alleged CTR ex-member “confession”: Image

Larger image here.

Whatever else it proves, the memo establishes that 4channers themselves believe, overall, that there’s an organized attempt by government, intelligence, and/or corporate bodies to “co-opt” their corner of the internet and redirect it toward memetic (and mimetic) engineering.

So then, anything that comes out of 4chan is doubly suspect, but also doubly relevant.


Pizzagate/Brock & Alefantis

Moving on to Pizzagate, we see many of the variables present:

• Hillary Clinton and team
• 4chan/reddit investigations into child trafficking & pedophilia
• Overlapping with:
• 4chan/reddit pro-Trump/anti-Hillary factions
• The rise of the “Alt-Right” and “Fake News”
• David Brock, George Soros, Bonner Group, & money laundering

Lots of different angles here, that may seem at first pass to be mutually exclusive; but could they be different layers of a single onion, visible depending on your level of briefing?

What would the whole onion look like?

Here’s one viewpoint:

#PizzaGate Post-Mortem: What if the attack on Alifantis were all created by reddit/The_Donald to destroy CTR aka Brock? (v/pizzagate)

4 days rapists4trump

We know the witch hunt began on 4chan, and we know there was a war on /reddit between “The Donald” (RNC) and Correct the Record (Brock) DNC

IMHO “The Donald” used 4chan gamer’s to create the meme on comet-pizza, then “The Donald” on /Reddit fed it to “#PizzaGate”

Then there was the “FAKE” FBI anon that told everybody on 4chan to go after Clinton Foundation, and that wash-dc was full of pedo’s (TRUE)

Comet-Pizza is a bar ran by open homo-sexuals, which is NORMAL in DC, hell Obama just put the rainbow on the whitehouse.

For RNC witch-hunters two men fucking each other in the ass has no shock value for memes, so they had to create something horrible, then along comes PEDOPHILIA, some 4chan people saw “PIZZA” in the podesta email, and we all know on 4chan what pizza means “CHILD PORN”, which was free-flow there until most recent.

So RNC ( The Donald ) has their pedophiles from 4chan create a witch-hunt on Alifantis ( jimmy comet ), where’s the Beef? There isn’t any.

Who is the real pedophile in all this “The Donald”

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[–] sliversrufer 1 points (+1|-0) 3 days ago

It started off with the podesta email wikileaks. Pretty sure 4chan noticed the email and hankerchief code because 4chan has its share of pedophiles. The_Donald picked it up quickly because they wanted any dirt on Hilary during the election. One thing reddit did not create was the comet instagram page, which was super creepy. Tons of pedo vibe. Maybe its possible the gays in DC just joke about being pedophiles and aren’t actually into it but thats offputting enough for people to investigate into it.

So this links Pizzagate to Brock in a “fake” way, i.e., Pizzagate was cobbled together out of facts and factoids into a semi-phony narrative to fuck with Correct the Record, after Brock stuck his tentacle into the hornet’s nest of 4chan. Trouble with this reading is that David Brock IS connected to Pizzagate already, i.e., to James Alefantis and to money laundering and (possibly) child trafficking.

From ZeroHedge, “[David Brocks] Money Laundering Scheme Exposed: 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated,” by Tyler Durden, Sept 2016:

This is serious.

• David Brock operates over a dozen pro-Clinton organizations from his office in Washington DC.
• Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between his organizations.
• Brock’s unregistered Professional Solicitor, the Bonner Group, receives a 12.5% cut every time money is moved.

There’s a reason why David Brock chooses to house an unregistered Professional Solicitor in his office to raise money for his conglomerate of Super PACs and non-profits.
Professional Solicitors are required to disclose their active solicitation contracts. Brock wants his unregistered solicitor, the Bonner Group, to keep their client list hidden for a very specific reason.

David Brock is laundering money

David Brock has 7 non-profits, 3 Super PACs, one 527-committee, one LLC, one joint fundraising committee, and one unregistered solicitor crammed into his office in Washington DC.
Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between these organizations.

The Bonner Group, his professional solicitor, works off a commission. Every time money gets passed around, Bonner receives a 12.5% cut.


See below for more on Bonner Group.

See also an interview with Andrew Kerr, “Pro-Clinton David Brock CAUGHT Laundering, Skimming Money” The Honest Media, Sept 2016:

If you are still not convinced, consider the $850,000 bribe Brock paid to his ex-lover who blackmailed him. He paid this exorbitant fee to keep his ex from going public with shocking secrets. As the bribe was paid, we do not know the secrets. However, it is safe to assume it had something to do with this massively corrupt, totally illegal money laundering scheme.

So how is the Bonner Group spending this skimmed money? I asked Kerr in our interview. He didn’t know. After three months of researching this topic incessantly, he came to the conclusion that nobody knows what the Bonner Group does aside from solicit donations. Before it had its business license revoked, it was listed as a company in Washington D.C. What does the Bonner Group build? Produce? Sell? Market? We don’t know.

Here’s a reddit link from a month ago mapping more sticky fingers and rapidly closed cookie jars:

Over the last week wikileaks has released Chains connecting Clinton, Podesta, Soros, SEIU, and The Bonner Group to a shadowy consulting group run by former defense contractors with top secret clearances which deleted their entire site in the middle of this year – Main Email ID: 33768

The “shadow consulting group” in question is The Waverley Group, and according to this post, “Everyone that works for the company is listed as having top secret security clearances and everyone appears to have extensive military backgrounds but is working for some vague business consulting that seems like a transparent front for arranging shady deals between defense contractors and the Clinton campaign and CGI and CF. There also seems to be a relationship between the people running that business and the local franchise of the restaurant “Eggspectation”
http://eggspectation.com/history/ which does business in Qatar, India, and Dubai, and has private business areas separate from the main dining area.”

So restaurants as fronts for money laundering tied into child trafficking may not be such an anomaly after all; maybe just business as usual?

Back to Comet Pizza, what you mostly hear now is that Alefantis is Brock’s ex-lover, but in fact Brock & Alefantis are probably still lovers, or at least were when the whole story started to break.

Post-Pizzagate, there’s evidence to suggest that Brock (or someone close to him) took steps to conceal any current affiliations with Brock. This blog post is dated 3rd Nov 2016:

Subject: James
Brock’s boyfriend. Owns Comet.
If you look up David Brock’s wikipedia page…
Partner(s): James Alefantis

I checked and there is nothing like that on wiki page now, reason being that it was changed on Nov 6, three days after that article ^^^

Until then it looked like this:


Changes were made by 20:26, 6 November 2016‎ 2601:14f:4502:b700:50a9:38af:d3d4:e4db (talk)‎ . . (46,536 bytes) (-37)‎ . . (fixed domestic partner) (undo) (Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile web edit) (See page history)

The Brock Alefantis intersection isn’t just about pleasure, either. From a Voat post already cited at the What’s Happening? It? thread:

III. NCMEC Connection to Alefantis/Brock
A. James Alefantis/David Brock/the “DC Group” Connections to Jeff Koons 
Remember how James Alefantis posted an “art” piece by Jeff Koons showing him having sex with what is purportedly his pornstar wife?

It turns out that Jeff Koons is more to Alefantis than an artist he admires. To begin with, Koons is very involved with the DC/East Coast art scene.Here on page 10 both Alefantis and Koons are mentioned as being involved in the DC art scene for example:http://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?i=9965&p=12

But none of these circumstantial bits of evidence are as important as the discovery that Correct the Record paid Jeff Koons $50,000 according to their SEC filing, seen here on page 9:

Correct the Record is run by David Brock, who is in a relationship with James Alefantis. Here is a link confirming this and showing them caught up with another individual in some kind of blackmail love triangle:

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/02 … ement.html

Here is a photo of Brock on Alefantis’ Instagram:

B. Jeff Koons Work Connections to the NCMEC

How is the connection to Koons Important? Koons is a board member of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). You can find an admission of that fact on his own web page: http://www.jeffkoons.com/biography-summary

The ICMEC was founded in 1998 by none other than the NCMEC:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internati … d_Children

To those (probably not many at RI) who don’t see anything suspicious in an organization whose ostensible purpose is protecting children, I refer them to UK revelations around child care homes found trafficking children to pedophile networks, for which the citations are too numerous to list. (Start here, since it’s nice and mainstream)

So if the above connections are valid, and Brock & Alefantis are or stand to be implicated in child-trafficking-for-sexual abuse networks along with Silsby, Podesta, & the Clinton Foundation, what does all of this imply?

Not saying this is the whole onion, by any means. But it may be a major layer that hasn’t been properly factored in. At the very least it raises some burning questions. For example:

Was this information (including, though not restricted to, “Pizzagate”) being maneuvered to come out in the months leading up to the election?

If so, by who? Wikileaks? 4chan? Putin? CTR?

If Brock was a major orchestrator of the operation, then who’s Brock working for?

Did Invasion 4chan really backfire by paving the way for a Trump victory, or was that all part of the plan? Does that make Brock deep undercover & the whole “switching sides” thing just part of the ARG-scam?

Or was Brock blackmailed by the Clintons into switching sides due to his own involvement in child-trafficking, or whatever?

Was there a vested interest in preemptively tarring the information that we are currently trying to sort through, by infiltrating and “rebranding” the predicted (and/or prearranged) sources as much as possible?

Are we being led by the ideologically-forged rings in our noses away from the real manure pile?

To what extent has the meme of “Right-Wing/Nazi/Fake News Conspiracy Fiction dreamed up by Hate-Filled, Misogynist-Racist Kek-Worshipping Trump supporters” proven effective? For example, in derailing discussions around Pizzagate by forcing them to fit into a partisan, ideological framework that instantly recontextualizes all evidence and makes it violently divisive?

Have many questions. Welcome answers.



99 thoughts on “David Brock, Invasion 4Chan, the Alt-Right, & Pizzagate

  1. It’s like the Illuminatus! Trilogy. A conspiracy theory from every possible perspective.

    Honestly I’ve had more success figuring out the MKUltra symbolism in Westworld than trying to follow Pizzagate. You deserve a medal for trying to codify it.

  2. No medals, please! Just heartfelt engagement with the material.

    Don’t have time to sift through the various “breaking stories” about the shooter, but meanwhile, here are some of the more promising leads at Voat.

    This is from before the shooting happened:

    CPP/Besta/Pizza related Traffic cam at CPP moved! Can’t see anything now. (v/pizzagate)
    1.2 days Selnee

    http://app.ddot.dc.gov/ Ok I know not a huge deal and maybe just a big coincidence but they moved the traffic cam on Comet ping pongs street. I can’t tell what it is pointed towards now. Can’t see any businesses or anything and a pole or something is blocking half the screen.

    Interesting Gunman Background Info: He’s ex-military and His Dad Was Exec Director of “Protect-A-Child” Org (v/pizzagate)
    3 hours StrangeHologram

    This is purely for research/backup purposes. Please, only use this information for research purposes.

    His facebook: https://archive.is/25Syr States he used to be a fire fighter. And was in the military.

    His dads film production company, for which he receiving a writing credit (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2625901/)))) for helping with: http://www.foreveryoungproductions.com

    His dads personal site: http://www.harrywelchjr.com

    Some interesting information about his dad: -Served as Executive Director for Protect-A-Child, a national, non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. Appointed by Governor Jim Martin to the Governor’s Commission on Child Victimization.

    -Rowan County Register of Deeds 2010-2014 -Currently a special deputy with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department.

    Also, he lived in Haiti for an undisclosed amount of time: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/madddog

    Comet Ping Pong shooter has previously lived in Haiti and his father worked as an executive director for Protect-A-Child, a non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. (v/pizzagate)
    3 hours OzJourno920

    You can find the information about his father on his personal website: http://www.harrywelchjr.com

    Here’s a screenshot taken from the shooter’s CouchSurfing profile: http://i.imgur.com/lfvtNsi.pngPNG

    How much more can we find out about this clusterfuck of an investigation and keep putting it down to coincidence?

    **EDIT 1: ** A commenter just notified me that HarryWelchJr.com has now been taken down. This was up and active only a few minutes ago. People have acted quickly to get this taken down. You can see what WAS on this site here: https://web.archive.org/web/20161205032 … lchjr.com/

    2 block radius shutdown for a few hours… could they have been moving/doing something else? (v/pizzagate)
    4 hours TheAwakening

    [–] rutkdn 9 points (+9|-0) 4 hours ago
    Also James Alefantis in his press statement (video on the Comet facebook page) said they will be CLOSED on Monday “to help employees recover from the trauma bla bla bla”

    permalink save source reply report spam
    [–] otoucam 8 points (+8|-0) 3 hours ago (edited 3 hours ago)
    Yep, something’s up. Destroy, or hide, the evidence while no one is looking?

    The propaganda media wasted no time doing it’s job by convincing people that the controversy is fake and they should feel sorry for Comet for being harassed. Sort of like saying “Seeee, those ‘alt-right’ folks are f’n crazy, don’t listen to them.”

    “Armed Shooter’ at Comet Pizza Today has IMDB Page (v/pizzagate)
    3 hours CJJacobs

    [IMDB] Interesting coincidence: the ‘armed man’ at Comet Pizza today also happens to be an actor with his own IMDB page. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2625901/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t44 )

    Man with assault rifle at Comet, now you know why the camera was removed TODAY (v/pizzagate)
    8 hours Kodo

    They are obviously panicking. I’m trying to find the thread, I will update when I find it

    Here it is :

    Traffic cam at CPP moved! Can’t see anything now https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1459306

    How fucking convenient right?


  3. if BadSelfEater was a wake-up call to the sleepers who thought they were awake
    what the hell is Pizzagate..
    a shooter with three names ? I’ve seen this one..

    time wounds all heels

  4. From a 1995 piece “The Real David Brock: A Right-Wing Hatchet Man,” By Steve Rendall:

    “From 1997 to 2002, Brock wrote several drafts of his conversion story. From “Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man,” published in Esquire, to the final, book-length version, “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative,” Brock developed a narrative aimed at ingratiating himself with the left. It worked. In The New Yorker, Hendrik Hertzberg vouched for the conversion from hit man to respectable Democrat.

    “I would say without any hesitation that he is incapable of recognizing the truth, let alone of telling it,” Christopher Hitchens wrote after reading Brock’s memoir. “The whole book is an exercise in self-love, disguised as an exercise in self-abnegation. How could he, asks the author of himself, have possibly gone on so long in telling lies, smearing reputations and inventing facts? The obvious answer — that he adored the easy money and the cheap fame that this brought him — was more than enough to still his doubts for several years. However, his publisher seems to have required a more high-toned explanation before furnishing him with a fresh tranche of money and renown. And Brock’s new story — that he was taken in by a vast right-wing conspiracy — is just as much of a lie as his earlier ones.”

    Brock had a decade to come up with something about progressivism that he supports, and he still hasn’t managed. Instead, the most promiscuous slanderer of his generation says that he is an agent of tolerance.”http://fair.org/extra/the-real-david-brock/

    The source for those three paragraphs is actually breitbart.com http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2013/08/03/david-brock-never-retired-from-the-hitman-game/

  5. Notice how all the MSM articles about the Comet Ping Pong shooter are calling Pizzagate a “fake news” story? Then look at the vast majority of comments calling the article itself “fake news.” People are not fooled & yet MSM does not care. It is showing itself to be completely out of touch with its readers.

    • AP was at least at one point in time owned by the infamous Rothschilds. ALL mainstream news uses Reuters and AP wire explaining why news outlets seem identical. And AP are the ones who dumped the “Hillary Already Won” narrative on the morning of the California primary to sabotage Bernie Sanders.

    • I used to do a little freelance writing and if my experience was the norm, then I can say unequivocally that most people in editorial at magazines and newspapers are dumb. There are notable exceptions, but that’s why the product is generally so mediocre. A lot of editors are more interested in control of their fiefdom and expense account lunches than in quality and seem to perceive innovative or analytical thought from writers as a threat. It’s like professors who only care about their own tenure and social position and not about their students. They also see their own readers as an unruly mob that must be condescended to, hence the dumbing down of news. I think it’s part of the psychology of the hit on indie news, some of the better writers have filtered there because they could not do their best work in the mainstream, and now those same editors would be happy to neutralize them for good. And it makes sense to me that lot of editors are in the pocket of the elite, so would do their bidding. Editorial force-feeding the public garbage news is also like the Democratic party bosses trying to ram Hillary down the voters’ throats. They are so arrogant they think we have no choice.

      • “It’s like professors who only care about their own tenure and social position and not about their students.”

        Whoa! Them’s fighting words!

        The reality is that the system is set up so that you can’t care about students and your own survival at the same time. It is literally impossible. So you make compromises and get along as best you can. Unless you are truly a sociopath, in which case the choice is obvious. (Test question: guess which venerable institution has the highest density of sociopaths. Hint: compare F&A rates.)

        Actually, the academy is simply an elaborate system to shake down the government for money. The better you are at it as an individual faculty member, the more respect you get.

        I wouldn’t expect the media to operate much differently.

      • @Yevaud – There are plenty of opportunistic sociopaths in academia, just as there are the same in almost every field these days. They are the very folk who work well within the broken system of military and corporate funding of education and research and the subsequent pauperizing of the rank and file of adjunct teachers. I do get that the intense competition for the few remaining tenured positions requires constant guarding of one’s flank once one actually gets one of those jobs. It’s the same for the coveted high editorial positions. And both require perks to bring them up to salary standards in other industries. I like making a living wage as much as the next person and no one should be forced into compromising one’s values just to have enough to live on. But it too often seems like only the worst people get ahead in the world because they never had values to begin with.

  6. “People are not fooled & yet MSM does not care. It is showing itself to be completely out of touch with its readers.”

    They *must* stick to their scripts!
    No deviation allowed or else the dollars evaporate.

  7. “Editorial force-feeding the public garbage news”

    It’s all paid propaganda. The aims are *always* political in the end.

    Somebody is jockeying for position.
    If outside politics, they want *in*.
    If inside, they constantly want more power for themselves or their faction.


    Fantastic read:

    • Thank you for that last link, it’s like founding charter for the League of Useful Idiots.

      Re: the comment about creating false straw man opposition in order to direct real opposition in the wrong direction, it’s not lost on me that people are attacking pizza parlors instead of the political elite supposedly related to them.

  8. Some more data (from reddit):

    Shill Outlet Sources
    Maggie Haberman New York Times DNC Leak
    John Harwood CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent, New York Times political writer Wikileaks
    Wolf Blitzer CNN News Anchor Wikileaks
    Cecilia Vega ABC Wikileaks
    David Muir ABC Wikileaks
    Diane Sawyer ABC Wikileaks
    George Stephanopoulos ABC Wikileaks
    Jon Karl ABC Wikileaks
    John Heillman Bloomberg Wikileaks
    Mark Halperin Bloomberg Wikileaks
    Norah O’Donnell CBS Wikileaks
    Vicki Gordon CBS Wikileaks
    Brianna Keilar CNN Wikileaks
    David Chalian CNN Wikileaks
    Gloria Borger CNN Wikileaks
    Jeff Zeleny CNN Wikileaks
    John Berman CNN Wikileaks
    Kate Bouldan CNN Wikileaks
    Mark Preston CNN Wikileaks
    Sam Feist CNN Wikileaks
    Jackie Kucinich Daily Beast Wikileaks
    Mike Feldman GPG Wikileaks
    Whitney Snyder Huffington Post Wikileaks
    Betsy Fisher Martin MORE Wikileaks
    Alex Wagner MSNBC Wikileaks
    Beth Fouhy MSNBC Wikileaks
    Phil Griffin MSNBC Wikileaks
    Rachel Maddow MSNBC Wikileaks
    Rachel Racusen MSNBC Wikileaks
    Savannah Gutherie NBC Wikileaks
    Ryan Liza New Yorker Wikileaks
    Amy Chozik New York Times Wikileaks
    Gail Collins New York Times Wikileaks
    Jonathan Martin New York Times Wikileaks
    Pat Healey New York Times Wikileaks
    Sandra Sobieraj Westfall PEOPLE Wikileaks
    Glenn Thrush POLITICO Wikileaks
    Mike Allen POLITICO Wikileaks
    Alyssa Mastramonoco VICE Wikileaks
    Jon Allen VOX Wikileaks
    Megyn Kelly FOX Wikileaks
    Brent Budowsky The Hill Wikileaks
    Mark Leibovich New York Times Wikileaks
    Kenneth Vogel POLITICO Wikileaks
    Karen Tumulty Washington Post Wikileaks
    Chuck Todd MSNBC Wikileaks
    Jessica Valenti Guardian Wikileaks
    Jamil Smith New Republic Wikileaks
    Sady Doyle Guardian Wikileaks
    Monisha Rajesh Guardian Daily Caller

    Edit #1: For people wondering how attending a private party at a campaign managers house where fine food and drink was served is collusion and a breach of journalist ethics here is the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics website: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

    Edit #2: False_Song submits: Here is the screencap of the event memo from one of the problem press events that is proof of ethical violations: https://i.sli.mg/StsbXR.png. I’m still verifying but I believe it is accurate.

    • Starting at the top of that list (Maggie Haberman):

      Donald Trump’s Star of David Tweet Came From a Fringe Website, a Report Says

      The Star of David imagery used in a Twitter post by Donald J. Trump this weekend had previously appeared on a message board known for anti-Semitism and white supremacy, as well as on a Twitter account with a history of racially charged comments, according to a report.

      It is unclear where the Trump campaign discovered the image, which placed the shape of the Star of David beside a picture of Hillary Clinton with text that read, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” and a background of $100 bills. The post on Saturday by Mr. Trump prompted immediate criticism, fueling accusations that Mr. Trump was playing to stereotypes of Jews.


      But a report on Sunday by the news website Mic traced the image to a website for the “alt right,” an internet-based movement associated with white nationalism, where it appeared as early as June 22. The origin of the image appeared to be a Twitter account that has frequently criticized Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and has posted caustic and violent messages about Muslims, refugees and race.

      For much of his campaign, Mr. Trump has been criticized for appearing to accommodate fringe groups and making comments that heartened them. He has also reposted encouraging messages from white supremacists.

      Mr. Trump received criticism this year after he initially declined to disavow the support of David Duke, the white nationalist and former member of the Ku Klux Klan, before eventually distancing himself.

      “I do not know that there’s a precedent for this,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, said in an interview.

      “I think it’s certainly long overdue for Donald Trump as the presumptive G.O.P. nominee and as a person in the public square to reject — to flat-out, to firmly, to forcefully reject — the anti-Semites and the racists with a clarity and energy he’s brought to the campaign trail when going after other candidates,” Mr. Greenblatt said.

      Mr. Greenblatt added that research had shown that white supremacists interpret Mr. Trump’s “hesitant disavowals” as a “green light” for their views.

      Conservatives opposed to Mr. Trump have shuddered at what they consider to be unsubtle dog whistles, a term for coded messages to a political subgroup, from the candidate.

      “A Star of David, a pile of cash, and suggestions of corruption,” Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator, posted on Twitter. “Donald Trump again plays to the white supremacists.”

      Mr. Trump’s supporters have cast such reactions as examples of excessive sensitivity and political correctness. The fallout from this flap has been no exception.

      On Sunday, on CNN, Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager, called the reaction “political correctness run amok.”

      “A tweet is a simple tweet,” he said. “The bottom line is, you can read into things that are not there.”

      Aides to Mrs. Clinton, who is a Methodist, have so far declined to comment.

      Mr. Trump often speaks of his close ties to Jewish people. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner, who has become a close campaign adviser.

      On Sunday, Mr. Trump called Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner who died Saturday, a “great man.”

      “The world is a better place because of him and his belief that good can triumph over evil!” Mr. Trump posted on Twitter.

      At a funeral service for Mr. Wiesel on Sunday, Ted Koppel revealed that Mr. Wiesel recently had lunch with Mr. Trump at the candidate’s invitation, according to two people at the memorial.

      “I am sure he did not love Donald Trump,” said Francine Klagsbrun, an author and a friend of Mr. Wiesel’s. “I am sure he would not be voting for Trump,” she said. “But he was just an open person who was open to everybody.”

      http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/04/us/po … e-haberman

      No. 2 (John Harwood):

      Donald Trump’s Admiration of Putin’s Ruthless Use of Power
      By JOHN HARWOOD SEPT. 13, 2016

      His embrace of Mr. Putin, however, fits no obvious political strategy. Staunch opposition to Moscow united the Republican Party throughout the Cold War.

      The collapse of what Ronald Reagan called the Evil Empire only changed so much; four years ago, the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, described Russia as America’s top geopolitical foe.

      Nor does Mr. Putin have a significant American constituency. In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from May, just 8 percent of American adults over all, and 8 percent of Republicans, held a favorable view of the Russian leader, a former K.G.B. agent.

      So when Mr. Trump praises Mr. Putin, as he did last week, for his “very strong control over a country,” Republican political and policy experts explain it in purely personal terms: Mr. Trump admires the Russian leader’s ruthless use of power, even if it conflicts with American democratic principles.

      “He sees a man who, aspirationally, he would like to be like,” said Danielle Pletka, who directs foreign and defense policy studies at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Referring to Mr. Trump, she added: “His instincts are authoritarian, and dangerous.”

      Peter D. Feaver, a Duke University professor who served on the National Security Council under President George W. Bush, described Mr. Trump’s admiration as “deeply troubling.” He recently joined 49 other Republican foreign policy veterans in a public letter that condemned Mr. Trump for lacking “basic knowledge about, and belief in, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws and U.S. institutions.”

      Mr. Trump has publicly urged Russian hackers, whom American intelligence officials believe broke into Democratic Party computers, to gain access to Hillary Clinton’s email account. He notes that he could team up with Mr. Putin, who “says great things about me,” to wipe out Islamic State terrorists.

      “Putin is playing him” for his own reasons, Mr. Feaver said. Those reasons, he added, include the Russian leader’s hope that Mr. Trump will weaken NATO, reduce America’s role in global affairs, and leave Moscow a freer hand.

      http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/14/us/po … hn-harwood

      3. Wolf Blitzer:

      RNC spokesperson Sean Spicer snapped at Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday when the CNN host repeatedly asked about President-elect Donald Trump’s stance on Neo-Nazis.

      Blitzer wondered if Trump should deliver a speech specifically to denounce white supremacists, even though the president-elect has already condemned the alt-right movement.

      “When is it going to be enough? He has condemned everyone that has come out,” Spicer said. “At some point you’ve got to take his position and move on.”

      But Blitzer didn’t move on, asking why Neo-Nazi groups support Trump.

      “I don’t know. That’s really not my focus, figuring out why certain groups support him,” Spicer said. “He won the election. His focus is on making the country better.”

      Spicer said asking the same question over and over again is getting “preposterous,” to which Blitzer said it doesn’t seem like Trump “goes out of his way to express his outrage” at White Supremacy groups.

      “You’ve asked me eight times, the same question. I’ve told you what his position is,” Spicer said.

      http://www.thewrap.com/wolf-blitzer-sea … -neo-nazi/

      And so on. I dont have time to run through all the names, tho there is this from The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich:

      Trump’s Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Has Worked For “A Litany Of Dictators And Terrible Human Beings”

      Kucinich: “It’s Hard To Think That Manafort Is Terribly Worried About His Reputation Given Who He’s Worked For In The Past”

      Video ››› August 15, 2016 9:19 AM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

      JACKIE KUCINICH: It’s hard to think that Manafort is terribly worried about his reputation given who he’s worked for in the past. I mean, it’s a litany of dictators and terrible human beings. So, it’s not really — I’m surprised he’s so concerned about that. That said, you know what this does, this muddies the water. They’ve made a lot of accusations against the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and some of the people they’ve dealt with. And I think that, at its core, this goes to that argument. And, you know, look at your campaign chair. Look who he’s dealt with. Look what he’s done. And I think it really does undermine that attack by the Trump campaign.

      http://mediamatters.org/video/2016/08/1 … ors/212396

      And this:

      The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich: Trump Has “Surrounded Himself” With “Conspiracy Theorists”

      Kucinich: “I Don’t Think It’s In Him To Cast Aside Conspiracy Theories”

      Video ››› May 4, 2016 9:35 AM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

      JACKIE KUCINICH: Yeah, I don’t think Donald Trump ditches the ridiculous. I don’t think it’s in him to cast aside conspiracy theories, because that is — it plays well to the people that like him. So I don’t see that going away. Particularly the people that he’s surrounded himself with sort of indulge in that sort of thing.He met with Ed Klein the other day who writes Hillary Clinton fan fiction.

      BERMAN: Conspiracy theories.

      KUCINICH: Conspiracy theorists. Yeah, so there’s that.

      http://mediamatters.org/video/2016/05/0 … sts/210215

      (Note the Ed Klein ^^^ reference. He was a specific target of Brock’s because of his book.)

      I am sure it’s not really any surprise that most or all MSM journalists are bought & sold. But that they are working together, along with literally countless other on and offline shills, all of whom are hiding what they are and many of whom are pretending to be the very opposite of what they say they are, all to the end of creating a narrative and a social climate to pull regular people across the political & social spectrum irresistibly into, so that they find themselves unwitting actors inside that fake drama bringing about real world consequences, well, it’s starting to make Westworld look like metaphoric realism/revelation of the method….

  9. Thank you Jasun for your hard work and bravery. The purpose of child prostitution is blackmail. It’s extremely lucrative pay to play. The powers that be will go to any length to prevent exposure.

  10. Jasun,
    Please pardon me for being so blunt, but after years of admiring the various viewpoints on display over at the RI forum over a wide plethora of all things Fortean and conspiratorial, can I just say, are you the last one with even one whit of common sense (and decency) left over there? The widespread leaping of almost everyone onto the MSM bandwagon of calling all things “pizzagate” 100% bogus is sickening, not to mention the pretzel logic and circular arguments-to-nowhere on display. If I hear the words “fake,” “Witch hunt,” or “alt-right” one more time, I swear, I’M going to get a rifle!

    The overall rocket sled backing-away from this topic, even among those that are supposed to be on “our” side, is dizzying and deafening, and stands as a stark litmus test for your soul — one by one, even the major players are falling away: Drudge, Corbett Report (who swore to continue the investigation daily come hell or high water), Alex Jones, etc. Just hours ago it was announced that Jones’ ace staffer Joe Biggs was quitting…this just minutes after Jones himself posted a video saying that we all needed to calm down and proceed much more slowly regarding the “pizzagate” situation, slamming it into reverse so hard that he left metal all over the alt-highway.

    And from his previous postings, it can be inferred that Biggs quit over “pizzagate,” and that their (his & Jones’) conflicting stances over how to proceed with it precipitated his leaving.

    I write this more than anything to salute you for not backing down in the face of all this. You make a fellow “seeker” proud to be aligned with you. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Let’s ALL keep on doing what we’re doing — risking it all for something that’s truly worth it. That 100th monkey is closer than we think.

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  12. “Was this information (including, though not restricted to, “Pizzagate”) being maneuvered to come out in the months leading up to the election?”

    My belief is that Hillary and Hillary faction were being blackmailed, as the time for the election approached.
    She and / or her faction wouldn’t back down so they had to up the ante.
    The Friday before the election was when the dump which is said to have contained some explosive info occurred.

    Rodham Clinton and her faction backed down; that’s why she went to bed at 10 the night of the election and canceled her fireworks the day before; not waiting for the results.

    Comish let her off the hook on the Monday before the election, because she finally backed down because of what was released in the emails; not all of which has come out. And Not because Comish had actually gone through the emails and seen there was nothing in them. That’s just what they told the public.

    They are saying more will come out, but only after Trump is sworn in?

    “If so, by who? Wikileaks? 4chan? Putin? CTR?”

    I don’t know. My best guess is factions of the U.S. Military and Intelligence services.

    “If Brock was a major orchestrator of the operation, then who’s Brock working for?”

    I don’t follow the logic here:

    Why would he out himself and his buddy, Alifantis and the Clintons and Soros as sordid Pedo traffickers?
    He wouldn’t.

    Who he was/is working for is Soros.

    But that doesn’t help entirely because I don’t know who Soros works for, nor do I know where he really came from
    [courier for Nazi in Hungary as a young boy!; he was a gopher, I read most of his official bio ], but there is still a mystery.

    He has no genealogical record to speak of.
    He claimed in his own authorized bio to have very few friends.

    Who is he? I don’t know. Real last name “Schwartz.” Even after reading a whole book on his life [probably a lot of the bio, a lie]

    “Did Invasion 4chan really backfire by paving the way for a Trump victory, or was that all part of the plan?”

    I feel 4chan was used.

    Whoever released the emails, selectively, knew what would happen once the 4chan people got a hold of them.

    “Does that make Brock deep undercover & the whole “switching sides” thing just part of the ARG-scam?”

    As I see it he is a Pedo; That is also the strong rumor as to what the blackmail was all for.
    I think he’s the real deal.
    I believe Alefantis is a sociopath; probably Brock is one too.
    But I haven’t studied Brock as closely recently.
    I do think imagine the Brock / Alefantis partnership is a sham, and they both are fetishists.
    Alafantis, in his alter ego “Amanda Kleinman,” admitted he liked young boys, preferred children. It’s on video tape.
    So it’s a marriage of convenience between them, I assume.

    You can’t expect these people, psychopaths, to have an actual political position.Other than “Give the People What they Want”

    Brock claims he changed sides because he was snubbed by a prominent leader / socialite on the Right for being a homosexual.

    So, the motive could easily be revenge.

    And I have no reason to read more into it, nor to question his word. That’s just the simplest explanation. He is a social climber and was slighted..

    It doesn’t really matter , does it?

    He took a job on the Dem side running children cause he’s a pedo?
    The job offer wasn’t as lucrative as on the Right..?
    I Really don’t know.

    The book, “Blinded by the Right” was bitchy et cetera.
    He was called a liar right away for it, but when you understand these people have no real political opinions and it’s all posturing, then it’s not necessarily-so, that he was lying in that book; Why lie?

    The people who were calling him a liar were calling him a liar on purpose; Just to smear the book.
    “Political Correctness” since he had supposedly been their enemy.

    It’s just easier to tell the truth in that case, in a “tell – all” book. That’s the hook for the book.

    And the truth will always make a better story. So I think that book is in large part true and the real motive was as he said it was. It’s not as though there is much of a difference between the political parties anyway. As we’ve seen recently when the Bush / Clinton factions publicly merged.

    Brock could tell what he could tell and get famous – make a best seller with that book; and be a minor celebrity. . [I gotta find that book again because there is some serious stuff at the end of that book, I want to read)

    I do not trust Alexander Cockburn; I don’t put any weight upon what he says about Brock.

    “Or was Brock blackmailed by the Clintons into switching sides due to his own involvement in child-trafficking, or whatever?”

    Maybe they lured him over since that was their fetish too?
    Why else would they set their sights upon *him, in particular?

    Who knows for how long they were close?
    Alefantis has a image of what looks like the Clintons playing Ping – Pong from ~25 years ago as his banner on FB

    “Was there a vested interest in preemptively tarring the information that we are currently trying to sort through, by infiltrating and “rebranding” the predicted (and/or prearranged) sources as much as possible?”

    They figure people are as dumb as rocks, so they are not worried, as I see it. But of course they have to defend themselves. And are quite desperate to do so.

    They may have under-estimated the public? [Though the famous saying, “No one every lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”] When all you’ve got is lies, then you have to work 24 / 7 to make sure that Tower of Cards does not get hit by a gust of wind. It’s never-ending to support that.

    And yes, it could’ve been a back-fire. Targeting Bernie people as racists? That’s pretty stupid.

    Yes, and he was batting around with a hornet’s nest in 4chan.

    Probably too busy with parties and drugs, he didn’t know what he was doing?

    Rodham Clinton was going to win; before those emails were dumped.
    They seemed surprised to lose, Trump seemed surprised that he won.

    Also, they will never get caught by the Court System as it stands today, so it’s only a question of reputation. The Courts are way too corrupt.

    They could be arrested by the Military and tried in a Military tribunal, as some people have suggested have been and will be happening, but that might cause too much disruption. I have no idea how this will turn out.

    It could be these people are all being set – up and being arrested behind the scenes and this email leak is to accustom the public to the changes that are going to happen, and why. ?

    Trump was just the man that no one could lose to [that why they put him against Hillary], but once the emails came out, she couldn’t do it. Or she really was sick and / or arrested by them [I feel most of the Hillary appearances after 9/11 were that of her doubles – even the debates]. So Trump was the last man standing. He was apparently a Dem up til 3 years ago and he’s another one with no firm political position? I’m not worried because I feel he’s taking instructions from whoever leaked those emails and got him elected [All the military men he’s appointing for his Cabinet fits with my theory]

    “Are we being led by the ideologically-forged rings in our noses away from the real manure pile?”

    What’s a bigger manure pile than sado – pedophilia-ists who buy children to torture for sex pleasure; and trade in children and babies, like slave traders of old? And murder? What?

    I can’t think of anything more odious too easily, but I do feel those who are trying to lead people away from studying this, are the true distractive element. What could be a bigger manure pile? This brings down the whole house of cards.

    The owners of the State Media are so concerned people will not give up on this investigation that they are threatening to shut off the Internets? or lock it down?.. They think they can scare people into silence..? “Shut up about this or we’ll take away your Internet.” That’s also super – stupid, IMO.

    I don’t think it’s that easy. The 4chan people are very good at technology. IP’s can be blocked and sites can be throttled, but that is already being done.

    What’s a bigger manure pile?; especially when said cult appears to have been going on for 3 , 4 hundred years, at least?

    I think they abandoned direct terror onto the population, since it’s not going to work, for what they want to accomplish, over the long time span .. The psy-ops are still working alright for them. We’ll see. The Rodham Clinton faction’s real enemy is not the Internets, but is whoever leaked these emails.

    For the personal emotional angle:
    As far as the shock of assimilating new information which is disturbing:
    You may think you are used to it – but if it’s spreads and people around you freak out, the freak-out is contagious, and can re-bound back upon yourself.

    You can “catch” the freak – out emotions – get re-infected although you have already adapted. . I have found. Even if you were perfectly stable before what you already knew started to spread.

    To me it’s much like coming out of the proverbial Plato’s / Socrates’ Cave:

    “And now look again, and see what will naturally follow if the prisoners
    are released and disabused of their error. At first, when any of them is
    liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn his neck round
    and walk and look towards the light, he will suffer sharp pains; the glare
    will distress him, and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his
    former state he had seen the shadows; and then conceive someone
    saying to him, that what he saw before was an illusion, but that now,
    when he is approaching nearer to being and his eye is turned towards
    more real existence, he has a clearer vision, — what will be his reply ?
    And you may further imagine that his instructor is pointing to the
    objects as they pass and requiring him to name them, — will he not be
    perplexed ? Will he not fancy that the shadows which he formerly saw
    are truer than the objects which are now shown to him ?”

    “Far truer”.

    “And if he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a
    pain in his eyes which will make him turn away to take and take in the
    objects of vision which he can see, and which he will conceive to be in
    reality clearer than the things which are now being shown to him ?”

    “True”, he said.
    “And suppose once more, that he is reluctantly dragged up a steep and
    rugged ascent, and held fast until he’s forced into the presence of the
    sun himself, is he not likely to be pained and irritated ? When he
    approaches the light his eyes will be dazzled, and he will not be able to
    see anything at all of what are now called ‘realities’.”
    “Not all in a moment”, he said.
    “He will require to grow accustomed to the sight of the upper world.
    And first he will see the shadows best, next the reflections of men and
    other objects in the water, and then the objects themselves; then he will
    gaze upon the light of the moon and the stars and the spangled heaven.

    I feel people are gradually becoming more aware of what has been going on
    and I feel moderately joyful about that.

    • thanks; some good answers there; I agree it’s hard to imagine a bigger manure pile. But I do think there are unseen levels of deception here and Pizzagate may not be quite what it seems, even if I can’t put my finger on how.

  13. Wow, just wow. I am nobody from nowhere who stumbled into this from a boring site with good folks who have just been threatened with lockout for discussing this. I have to read it again but my one thought is that there are so many outre people in this is it just possible that this was a joke, or a lover’s quarrel that got legs? I see the catch me if you can in all of this so that the content part is real but actually getting Drumpf elected or Shillery unelected was done just because they realized they could? Then less covert PTB that be panicked and like everything they can never tell the truth and clean things up they have to lie and make problems all in the name of National Security. They wouldn’t want us to know they don’t know what they are doing and they have lost control except extralegal campaigns and brute force. Are the bodies Seth, Haiti researcher, European researcher, Wikileaks coincidences?

  14. “When all you’ve got is lies, then you have to work 24 / 7 to make sure that Tower of Cards does not get hit by a gust of wind. It’s never-ending to support that. ” (the gust of wind being a “strict accounting” of misdeeds by “strong enough” parties, see below).

    Robin, this is *perfect*:
    “Keep on doing what you’re doing. Let’s ALL keep on doing what we’re doing — risking it all for something that’s truly worth it. That 100th monkey is closer than we think.”

    As you will see below, this is a direct “defend by attacking” move on the 100th Monkey team itself.
    Your advice is correct.

    Posted this in an email to Jasun last night. I remembered these articles from an obscure ex-scientologists blog.
    Bear with the text style in them for a bit. The historical info and basic thoughts are really good:


    This snippet from the 2nd link I sent you was key:

    “…augment rather than mitigate the evils that come from the rule of some men over others who are ***not strong enough to hold them to a strict accounting***. Such is the despotism — caesarism or imperialism, ultimately more or less mixed with hierarchism, — in which all republicanism and all civilisation has hitherto ended.”

    “And there is a perfectly great counter-strategy for dealing with a slavemaster.”

    This is what the “fake news” psyop is all about.
    Discrediting society at large from attempting a true strict accounting is a major priority.

    The blogs/reddit/4chan are the newest force able to hold the ruling classes to a strict accounting (even though all the members/commenters might not take it seriously).

    This looks a case of “perps” using the concept “the best defense is a good offense” (read that in a literal sense perhaps?).
    The political class knows the “weaponized autism” of the internet can nail them hard on any misdeeds now.
    So they toss up the PizzaPong people as low level bait/chum.
    The political/military powers and players are deathly afraid. So they are trying to roll *with* the attack/threat, like in martial arts.

    Discredit the “accounters” and you weaken the best modern weapon against the slavemasters.

    Why now with the full court press? I think they have been sitting back collecting info and analyzing the blogs/forums for a number of years. The WTC/Pentagon attacks were mostly pre-internet/YouTube so they let a lot of that slide. But things are different as of 2016. Facebook made it so everybody+ grandma has eyeballs on screen and a voice now.

    Obama has been complaining openly that there are too many sources for the public to get their ideas from! Literal quotes are out there. He’s worried about propaganda efforts weakening (What is his personal motivation anyway?). He signs the “propaganda can be used against US citizens” thing into law in 2012. There was some lag/study time for all these internet enabled govt. shill agencies. They now have their mandate and operations manuals all typed up and formalized. They have enough data at this point to take action.

    With the US regime change errrr election it was a fortuitous time to strike probably. Many more eyeballs on screens at this time. Lotsa hate for the Clintons simmering that can be directed.

    The counter attack by the political establishment ticks all boxes. Done right at an auspicious moment.

  15. I watched just one minute of election night coverage – as Hillary was telling everyone to go home – it seemed awfully early to me for her to throw in the towel. I turned off my computer and went to bed.

    One faction over another faction – rep over dem – the end game is the same. Curious leaked emails just days before the election about a woman and her connections to pedophilia? Joe Public has to be primed for such information well in advance for it to make much sense. White men and small children are in the headlines all the time……. to the point of nausea. But a woman connected to pedophilia?….. not a word is whispered (ever in my lifetime)…… Misdirection? As pedophilia goes back to the story of Aphrodite and her ‘boy toy’ Adonis……

    The point of the emails? Just another rabbit hole for the alternative crowd to flock. Some people are maintained through mainstream and others through alternative sites. Both are controlled.

    Thanks for connecting the dots.

  16. Edit for clarity: ********************************************

    jpop23mn 0 points an hour ago – “oh, c’mon! This is clearly the fake news that makes us lol bad”

    clovize[S] 2 points an hour ago – “Given your garbled syntax, I have a capcha to determine if you are a human or a bot. Answer this question: are dominos played on cheese or pasta?”

    jpop23mn [score hidden] 59 minutes ago – “I’m still not convinced”

    clovize[S] 1 point 4 minutes ago – “Wow, first hand glimpse of a non-human bot in action.”

    lemonyfresh3667 [score hidden] 57 minutes ago – “A bot lol, gives the same comment to every pizzag8 post”

    jpop23mn 9 minutes ago – “bot? Shill? That’s original”


    Note all the odd shill hate directed towards the guy that points out the bot! (read at link).
    This internet game is big business. They have paid humans covering the bots failures!

  17. Interesting bit from the guy running ISGP:


    “Does all this child abuse really happen? Most certainly there’s quite a bit of manipulation going on. The Dutch Demmink affair is a very good example of this. Here we have various high officials accused of child abuse, but the ”activists” doing the exposing are all linked to conservative American national security interests. On top of that, many witnesses, even those appearing on national television, have provided very questionable testimony, with, for some reason, only homosexuals being exposed. There’s absolutely no doubt that there is some kind of political agenda operating in the background here.”

    “high officials” accused of pedo acts by “activists” with conservative US nat sec connections…only homosexuals targeted.

    It’s like a checklist for this pedo-pong-gate fake pizza news dramorama.

    We got the high official Clinton/Podesta/CTR rogues gallery.
    Internet activists of all types (infiltration with CIA or NSA looming over all of it).
    99% of the “outed” in this are either homosexual or accused of it (even Hillary herself (Huma+wilder old MK Ultra accusations).

    And a huge Conservative political win rolled in like a freight train……

    • What’s everyone’s thoughts on ISGP? I’ve followed links to it and I don’t necessarily disagree with what he’s saying – his central thesis seems to be that most conspiracies are focused on left wing politics and they’re orchestrated by right wing hidden organizations.

      However I get the vibe that he’s still looking at everything through a left / right paradigm and not an alternative / liminal one. It feels a little misguided to me. It’s also entering the territory of conspiracies stacked on conspiracies infinitum. My head starts to spin if I try to digest this stuff. Its honestly not very pleasant to the point where if the world really is that way I’d rather just completely check out and take up watching sports again or something.

      Honestly this post election pizza vortex everyone is trapped in is staring to drag on me. I’d love to say I should check out and stop paying attention, but I just can’t for some reason. :-/

  18. Lots of meat on the bone here, more than I can chew anyway, so I hope someone else is following up some of these links & leads.

    Re: ISGP, honestly I don’t know. The info and even the tone of the site seem mostly legit to me, but there’s something about it I don’t like, I guess mainly its institutional vibe. If it is really trying to place its information into a partisan paradigm then that’s a major strike against. Context is everything & I don’t personally like the context at that site because it is so impersonal, there’s no individual point of view to it, or rather, no transparent one, which probably means there’s a hidden one. Like, what’s these people’s motivation?

  19. Yeah ISGP is somewhat odd. It’s supposedly a single guy, articles are incredibly long and detailed.
    He claims to have spent 16,000 hours on research.
    1,000 hours on some single articles.
    He does a ton of research with print newspaper database archives.
    Says not much new info is on the internet.

    His “solutions” page scared me a bit. That page is the super personal one where he details his “perfect world”.
    It’s a really mixed bag. He’s pretty much “left” except with immigration. He’s Dutch so I guess it’s mostly in line with their world.

    But….if that particular “affair” scenario was accurately described….
    It was all out in the open in the media there. Might be easy to research the end result.

    I just thought that little blurb fit pretty closely with the Pizza scenario.

    • Ya his observations may all be right for all I know, it just doesn’t necessarily make me feel better about the state of the world :-/ I didn’t know he was Dutch, that makes sense. One thing I think we can say for sure based on this election is there is not a monolithic control structure. There are definitely factions and it would appear that things can be used against those that are troublesome or step out of line.

      Chris Knowles was on a monster 3 hour long higher side chats the other day: http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-secret-sun-on-thc.html

      He pointed out that both Clinton and Podesta have been at least giving lip service to disclosure. He went through a list of a bunch of people who tried in the past and it didn’t work out well for them. Maybe that’s just not something you do….

  20. Wow, there sure is a wealth of information being published on this topic! I looked through some of the Voat pizzagate posts and must have developed permanent brain damaged after seeing the celebrity occult gala photos with the naked woman mock sacrifice cake, among other highlites.

    Mainstream media coverage on the pizzagate phenomenon is incredibly amusing in its idiocy, where to begin? Do people even read that stuff? So pathetic.

    I’m pretty sure that once they fail to disprove the growing mountains of evidence all pointing to the same inevitable truth that pedophilia is endemic to the culture of the “ruling class”, there will be a surge in this type of reporting: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/10948796/Paedophilia-is-natural-and-normal-for-males.html and an accompanying slow acceptance of this “new normal” by the quackademics and minions of political correctness.

    Who knows, maybe in four years Hillary will run again with a campaign to end pedophobia. pedolivesmatter or something like that. Revelation of the method, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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  22. I’m probably gonna get flamed for pulling on this thread….

    “I’m pretty sure that once they fail to disprove the growing mountains of evidence all pointing to the same inevitable truth that pedophilia is endemic to the culture of the “ruling class”

    Yeahhh…..this goes back a long way. I wanna ask something first.

    Does anybody here know about attitudes towards women in ancient Greece?
    Specifically the difference between what was happening in Athens vs. say, Sparta……
    Dump your info then I’ll dump mine.

    • I’d say Sparta was alt right compared to Athens. No time for the guys to get together and take drugs at the mystery school. What nonsense ! Too busy killing.. and subjugating Helots. I’d assume the Spartan women were more satisfied in bed.

      • TL:DR….Worship of the oh so great ideals of ancient Greece and Rome leads to pedo rings in Washington DC 2016.

        “I’d say Sparta was alt right compared to Athens. No time for the guys to get together and take drugs at the mystery school. What nonsense ! Too busy killing.. and subjugating Helots. I’d assume the Spartan women were more satisfied in bed.”

        Well, that’s close. Sparta was almost “normal”. The attitude towards women was light years ahead of Athens.

        Quick read PDF link explaining a lot of it:

        “From: Aristotle, The Politics of Aristotle,: Book 2, trans. Benjamin Jowett (London: Colonial Press, 1900)”

        See, there is something gross here with the “ruling class” in the Western world.
        Its an institutional lovefest with ancient Athens and Rome mentalities that continues up to this day.

        The British are the main purveyors of this stuff in the “modern world” I believe.
        Hallmarks are poor attitudes up to and including violence towards women and children.

        Now, there is a side rabbit hole here with regards to forgeries of ancient writings/documents.
        The Roman church took complete control of paper documents at various times and literally rewrote them.
        See Alcuin of York around 800AD and the “scriptoria”.
        For example, where did Benjamin Jowett of London in 1900 get the *copy* of Aristotle’s writings?
        I’m pretty sure it was not from a dusty box in the back of Aristotle’s personal self-storage unit.
        Everybody gets their *copies* of ancient documents from “the church” with few exceptions.
        If it’s not chiseled into stone somewhere, you may not be able to trust it.
        Thomas Jefferson even had his doubts way back as you will see.

        That said…these 2 articles I reread tie into this discussion we are having here on Auticulture:

        The first link details the groups and people behind “the method”.
        2nd link details an American educated by these groups spreading the propaganda to the US in 1917.

        I’m noticing some commonalities.
        Basic hardcore denigration of women from specific ancient empires.
        State sponsored (I guess) pedo homosexuality of these ancient empires looked up to.
        The British taking up the torch and enshrining these thoughts, and rebroadcasting them through their “higher learning” facilities (coincidentally all founded/controlled by “the church” to this day!).

        Read the 2nd link in it’s entirety. This American is just parroting ancient ideas that he agrees with filtered to him by British “higher education”. Some of these ideas are weirdly specific (down to a veiled reference to homosexuality)!

        How much of these specific ideas are “real/organic” vs. something twisted (maybe amplified?) by figures in the church…I don’t know. Our history on paper has been deliberately altered and destroyed many times over.

        What we are seeing is a constant parade of (classically educated?) figures in world governments into kiddie exploitation of all kinds. Is there some strange “glory of ancient Greece and Rome” thing (puke) embedded in western politics?

        Let me go all Levenda and say that maybe it’s the “sinister forces” at work since ancient times to make sure this continues nonstop LOL.

        I (synchronistically?) clicked on this article linked at Reddit this AM and what do I see?
        “History is repeating itself, and we’re back to treating women and children as chattel,”

        All this “art” crap that these political rogues surround themselves with is denigrating to females almost exclusively.
        Little girl pedo abuse art galore, Lady Gaga seen with little girls at parties where they eat off naked “dead” female bodies in blood, dead female body shaped cakes all mutilated. All well attended by supposedly “educated” political creeps.

        There is a bit more to focus in on but would have to reread some of the material exposed again.

        • Excellent links, KK, I recommend them to all who read this blog, tho the second is too long for me to read right now.

          I wanted to post some highlights from the first, but it’s set up so you can’t copy & paste…

          • A few highlights, thanks to KK:

            There would be the requisite behind the scenes studying, planning and choosing first, then when ready?

            First – draw attention to him or here and get them being talked about and known. A good example of this is Correa Moylan Walsh, he was specifically chosen to present ideas that the slavemasters wanted to see both spread around and used by their underlings. But to get him into the public eye, they had to get him known. So, he quite literally appeared out of nowhere with an economic math-type book – now that’s them in action. For more about what happened there, please see Inside the Mind of a Slavemaster.

            Take Courtlandt Palmer’s Nineteenth Century Club – also exactly along these same lines. It would not only plan “organizations” to form and such, but it also did “book reviews” and “discussions on literature and art” as a sort of local command post (in New York City) for deciding which books to “push” and which ones to “kill”. (for more on Palmer see Evolution not Revolution)
            These Cecil Bloc points form the most important core tactics to understand.


            “But that’s the way spooks play their games. If there’s going to be a social movement against whatever you’re doing, it’s best if you secretly create and orchestrate that movement against yourself right away so that it never does any unintended damage to your personal fortunes.” – Steven Hager

            No Government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition. It reduces their supporters to that tractable number which can be managed by the joint influences of fruition and hope. It offers vengeance to the discontented, and distinction to the ambitious; and employs the energies of aspiring spirits, who otherwise may prove traitors in a division or assassins in a debate.
            – Book II of Coningsby, or The New Generation, 1844; Quotes by Benjamin Disraeli, a later Prime Minister of Britain.
            The whole book is also available at Project Gutenberg.

            The Fairy Tale tactic –

            The fairy tale tactic goes back into the 1800’s, when it really came into use by the British slavemasters. It was a way for them to try and get around people knowing that they were actually being propagandized to.

            I call it the first real use of written mass-produced fiction as propaganda.

            Under that would also come any kind of fiction be it science-fiction or otherwise.

            How this works for getting their ideas out where they want them is that:

            they choose the author and;

            publish them (first hurdle for most authors) and then;

            heavily promote their book (which hardly any authors get) and then;

            give controversial reviews from “all over the place” –

            all done in concert to bring attention broadly to these books that are what THEY want you to see.


    • Fleurdamour, thanks for the links. I just need to express what is going through my thoughts and maybe it’s of help to those just waking up to how predatory the world can be.

      I’m fully aware of HOW EASILY PEOPLE CAN BE PAID TO FAKE EVENTS, and how both sides employ manufactured events and/or “fake” news. SANDY HOOK and the BOSTON MARATHON are prime examples.

      These current hits on other legit pizza places are FAKE HITS, like the hit on Comet Ping Pong. They are SYMPATHY FALSE FLAGS.

      How naive can people be, to think child exploitation does not occur? It occurs because there are millions to billions of dollars to be made, as well as political influence to be had. The pedos pay twice, once to play which is then followed by blackmail. The richer and more powerful, the more $ can be extorted. In addition, videos are made, as some prefer to watch, and sold, and again the double cost is paid. Ka-ching.

      Saville, Dutreaux, Franklin, nothing new. I WISH IT WOULD STOP. 😦

  23. Some interesting connections that came to my attention via a Voat/pizzagate thread. Some of the links may not work, in which case try here, where I first posted it: http://www.rigorousintuition.ca/board2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=40135&p=622275#p622275

    One major donor to the Clinton Foundation is Absolute Return to Kids, co-founded by Arpad Busson. (See: http://projects.nytimes.com/clinton-donors/)

    Some wikifacts about Busson: Arpad Busson (born 27 January 1963) is a London-based French financier. Busson entered the world of hedge funds in 1986 working in New York. He is the founder and Chairman of the EIM Group, a fund of funds company. Busson is also active in a number of philanthropic causes around the globe. Arpad Busson’s aunt, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, was a companion of Timothy Leary, who coincidentally was married in the early 1960s to the mother of Arpad’s partner, Uma Thurman. Busson was educated in France and at the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. He then served national service as a medic in the French army, where a friend said: “He loved the discipline of the army – it was the making of him.” Busson had a well-publicised relationship with the actress Farrah Fawcett and appeared in tabloid gossip columns.

    Busson is a founding trustee of the children’s charity ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and serves as chairman of its board of directors. Busson held the post of Chairman since the charity’s inception. He stepped down from that position in 2009 but remains a member of the Board as founding chairman, and as chairman of ARK US. ARK raises charitable contributions from the hedge fund industry for children who are victims of abuse, disability, illness and poverty. ARK finances and manages projects aimed at transforming the lives of children in Eastern Europe, South Africa and the UK through education and healthcare.

    The annual Ark Dinner hosted by Busson sees a range of high-profile individuals attend the event to raise money for the charity. Previous years have seen the likes of Bill Clinton(2006), Queen Rania of Jordan (2010) and in 2011 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took the limelight as Prince William announced a joint venture by the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and the Ark charity.

    Back to Busson’s fund of funds company: European Investment Managers (EIM1), EIM1 is allegedly connected to European Institute of Management (EIM2) though this connection has not been proven. See Wikileaks talk page here:

    Talk:EIMConsult censored video
    Note on the video the link at 6:40 minutes which takes you from the first company, EIM GROUP, (European Institute of Management) to the Google search engine and the second company, EIM GROUP, (European Investment Managers). The title has been typed into the subject bar: ‘EIM GROUP’. There is, so far, no explanation how the link between the two companies occurred.

    These two companies were founded in different years.

    According to http://www.pehi.eu/dutroux/Belgian_X_do … ccused.htm European Institute of Management was founded about 1981:

    After the death of CEPIC in 1981, PIO [I can’t find the meanings of either of these acronyms] was reorganized into the possibly even more influential European Institute of Management (EIM). Col. Rene Mayerus, a good friend of Major Jean Bougerol (the protege of de Bonvoisin and Vanden Boeynants and accused by X1 of being involved in the child abuse network) became administrative-director of EIM.

    However, European Investment Managers was founded by Arpad Busson in 1992: from: http://www.eimgroup.com/jahia/page26.html

    1992: Mr. Arpad Busson founded EIM S.A. in Switzerland to facilitate construction and management of tailor-made funds and portfolios of hedge funds.


    EIM is reckoned to have about £5.5 billion under management. But available accounts reveal next to nothing.
    The firm’s figures are consolidated in Luxembourg and are not released to the public. Neither is Busson’s client list — although we know EIM has had dealings with the wealthy Bin Laden Saudi Arabian clan, albeit not with Osama Bin Laden himself.

    Since Arpad Busson is also chairman of ‘ARK’, which now controls schools in the UK, transparency would be appropriate, and clarification of the situation between these companies with appropriate records being made available

    The Wikileaks link towards the bottom goes to a large collection of data that begins with:

    ARK and the ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe
    ‘Ark also has in interest in all those ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe.’
    The following is the truth about what is happening with the ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe, from the book For Export Only: The untold story of the Romanian ‘orphans’. Link here: http://www.romania-forexportonly.blogspot.com
    Extracts from this book, in three sections, showing that 1) the Romanian ‘orphans’ are not ‘orphans’ at all, 2) how the public have been misled by the manipulation of photographs and media reports, and 3) that brain research in these institutions uses some of these children as subjects.

    Also of interest is this:

    ARK and Psychosynthesis
    ARK funds Teens and Toddlers, part of ‘Children Our Ultimate Investment’ (COUI, founded by Laura Huxley), and senior staff at Teens and Toddlers are heavily involved in Psychosynthesis:
    ‘The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust’ as described on the Charity Commission website: http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/Sh … ryNumber=0


    Teens and Toddlers, funded by ARK. Senior staff: Diana Whitmore (writes books on psychosynthesis), Stacy Millichamp, training therapist and supervisor for the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust, (has worked at the Findhorn Foundation, a United Nations training centre), Peter Hein, Director of COUI UK (founded by Laura Huxley) since 2002. He was a lecturer in Psychosynthesis at Waltham Forest College for 6 years.

    Main stream media report in the US about ‘Children Our Ultimate Investment’ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co … 01997.html “Children are our ultimate investment and also very much the ultimate investment of the tobacco companies, the ultimate investment of the liquor companies and, for sure, of the gun companies,” she told an interviewer. …….In practice, the organization featured programs uniting the elderly with babies, based on the belief that both were emotionally needy and could benefit from a healing touch. Liability issues later ended this effort.

    ARK’s architects (studioearchitects) and ‘euthenics’
    More on: ARK’s architects Studio E Architects, associated with ‘euthenics’; ‘Building Schools for the Future’ programme and relationship with FEMA via Parsons Brinckerhoff; National College of School Leadership (NCSL), associated with Kissinger; Teaching Leaders, associated with Tavistock, at this location:http://www.lifeinthemix.org.uk/ark_acad … chool.html


    When ARK visited the Islington school this was the impression they gave. Peter Hyman [not Peter Hayman], key strategist to Tony Blair for more than 6 years, wrote in his book ‘1 out of 10’ that when former Goldman Sachs director Ron Beller (Ben) and a group from ARK visited the Islington Green school ‘the culture clash was immediate.

    This may be significant because of evidence that Islington was the center of UK pedophile network, see: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/ … e-network/

    Regarding psychosynthesis:

    The term was also used by C. G. Jung and A. R. Orage, who were both far closer to Assagioli’s thinking than Putnam. C. G. Jung had written, comparing his goals to those of Sigmund Freud, “If there is a ‘psychoanalysis’ there must also be a ‘psychosynthesis which creates future events according to the same laws’.”[5] A. R. Orage, who was publisher of the influential The New Age journal, also made use of the term, which he hyphenated as psycho-synthesis. Orage formed an early psychology study group (which included Maurice Nicoll who later studied with Carl Jung) and concluded that what humanity needed was not psychoanalysis, but psycho-synthesis.[6] The term was also employed by Bezzoli.[7] Freud, however, was opposed to what he saw as the directive element in Jung’s approach to psychosynthesis,[8] and argued for a spontaneous synthesis on the patient’s part: “As we analyse…the great unity which we call his ego fits into itself all the instinctual impulses which before had been split off and held apart from it. The psycho-synthesis is thus achieved in analytic treatment without our intervention, automatically and inevitably.”[9]

    Back to European Institute of Management (EIM2), evidence suggests it is connected to the Belgium/Marc Dutroux pedophile networks, see for example “ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal – Schillings’ threats“:

    This second EIM Group (European Institute of Mangement) is reported as being deeply involved in the Dutroux scandal:

    The second EIM Group indicates on their (now removed) website an interest in human re-engineering, productivity enhancement, more nursing time for nursing staff, behavioural change, and perceptions for which they claim to have a registered trade mark (which I have yet to find evidence for). The head of studioearchitects (which designs academy schools) confirms architects are involved in human re-engineering; the existence of a therapy room in school plans (certainly at ARK Academy at Wembley) complete with bed indicates some kind of nursing will be occurring. Behavioural change is the agenda for the ARK Inclusion centres. So ARK’s association with EIM Group (European Institute of Management) is further indicated on account of ARK’s agenda and what is now being put in place in UK schools.

    This is from an independent blog called “Nourishing Obscurity,” run by James Higham, a 2010 post called “Paedophilia rings and schools“:

    Though ARK has no educational background, nevertheless, it has academies for underachieving and excluded children. Its funding agreement means it does not have to detail any public monies it receives and in the case of exclusion of students: the Local Governing Body is not expected to seek the advice of an LEA officer when considering an exclusion.

    The chairman of ARK, as stated, is Arpad Busson, who is also chairman of EIM Group. Busson has affiliations with Arpad Pesch. Plesch was a mentor to Giovanni Agnelli, of Kissinger, Rockefeller and Berlusconi connection. Agnelli now brings in Rocky Ruggiero, of World Bank, Citigroup and Italian Euroscandal fame.

    One of Ark’s trustees, Bernard Sabrier has his own charity Children Action and a partner of that is Bernard Kouchner. Kouchner himself is subject to allegations that he was involved in or at least knew of the KLA Organ Harvesting Atrocity. He was also involved in the lessening of penalties against a convicted paedophile.

    When the news of his imprisonment for sexual perversions and corruption of minors reached France, the private jet of Bernard Kouchner landed in Romania to plead for his defence.
    “He saved thousands of children, whereas all the armies fled”, said Mr Kouchner. Never, Ô never, we ever suspected Michel, on the contrary we entrusted hundreds and thousands of children to him. I do not regret it, I would entrust them to him tomorrow, as soon as he leaves prison.

    Driss Déby, the Chadian President, has accused Zoe’s Ark of “kidnap, pure and simple”. Mr Déby has suggested that the charity intended to hand the children over to paedophiles or kill them and sell their organs – although neither allegation appears to have been substantiated by an investigation in France.

    ARK funds Teens and Toddlers , who are supported by The Psycho Synthesis and Education Trust. Teens and Toddlers (same as Children Our Ultimate Investment) was established by Laura Huxley, wife of eugenicist Aldous Huxley. Also known as ‘sustainability replication programmes’.

    Interestingly, Haringey Council was on the list of councils suffering these replication programmes, which leads to BABY P and the fact that managers were over-ruling all the social workers and forcing the Police to climb down from the stance of child removal.

    Teens and Toddlers projects include:

    Our Ultimate Investment is to be actualized in six projects:
    Prelude To Conception (Teens & Toddlers)
    Conscious Conception
    Reverence for Life
    O Nobly Born!
    Meeting the World
    Project Caressing

    Project Caressing is pretty self-explanatory and it gets children [in no way connected with their parents] to experience touch sensations with their skin, usually with old people. This seems not dissimilar to the German health department recommendations that paedophilia is to be encouraged when it is only incest.

    At this point we seem to have come very far from Alefantis & Comet Ping Pong and wound up in a lot more familiar terrain. Still, the departure point was one of the major financiers of the Clinton Foundation and what’s indicated here, once again, is a global tapestry of child exploitation with a full scientific rationale and deep background spanning at least a century, & probably more. I’ve no idea if these programs can be linked to Hansjorg Wyss, a reclusive Swiss billionaire whose company conducted illegal human experiments or John Podesta’s involvement in same. But considering that “According to Forbes, Wyss is ‘among the most philanthropic people in the world’. Between 2004 and 2008, Businessweek estimated that Wyss personally donated nearly USD $277 million,” it’s probably not the riskiest of bets.

  24. Excellent investigation. The 50,000 to Koons shows up on page 9 FEC report as you describe but as a receipt rather than a disbursement. It would help also to see a link to the CTR troll payments, how do they get paid?

  25. YOU are the Web of Slime. Coward- pointing fingers at someone else. Try taking responsibility for the paranoid BS you post up.

  26. Check out this crap from the Pope (pun intended)!

    Pope warns media over ‘sin’ of spreading fake news, smearing politicians

    “Media that focus on scandals and spread fake news to smear politicians risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement”

    The “writer” of this AP article had to use the words “spread” and “smear” multiple times in the article where Pope Francis talks about eating shit!

    Holy NLP usage Batman.

    I was gonna say “you can’t make this stuff up”…but in these times they in fact *can* make this stuff up.

    “For a person with strong intuition, this is finally my smoking gun.”

  27. Some more from the Basic Slavemaster Propaganda page:

    “The Toynbee method is more of a, shall we say, localized or more focused group that works on a particular point of the Great Plan.

    If you read more of the (1844) Memoir by Jowett, it reveals something interesting in regards to another part of their strategy. That of creating worsening conditions in order to “force” a society to change and conform to a method of “self-rule”, that is really nothing of the kind.”

    “We have elsewhere discussed what the Cecil Bloc nickname represents – basically it is referring to the “Great Plan” begun by members of the Cecil family in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, coming all the way down the line to the present.”

    So this stuff has been in play forever basically….

    “The Cecil tactic of converging branches to create the illusion of a “single truth’ often also had an additional step of that an anonymous article in The Round Table (or something similarly authoritarian in more modern times) would “strongly” advocate the same policy. ”

    “Today, this has been expanded to include “independent views” spoken out from “multiple sources” attacking a person or idea that the Slavemasters are worried about the possible influence of. On the internet? This would mean the use of sockpuppets and false identities operating on forums, blogs, twitter, facebook and so on. ”

    When you see stuff about the “worsening conditions” in society from any media don’t be dissuaded from action or get bummed out. Think about the actual truths of the matter at hand.

    Now that you know the kind of groups behind it and the plan…their magic is rendered ineffective.

    Something positive to do locally?
    Be the calm voice of reason explaining the *methods* behind the mainstream news to everyone.
    Be the little dog pulling the curtain back on the wizard.

  28. Not sure if anyone else is familiar with Thomas Sheridan. I’m a fan of his work. Always has an interesting take. This is a very interesting take:

    He was sent a video by Father John Misty from 2012 for This is Sally Hatchet. Despite the fact this is from one of my favorite all time albums, which I’ve listened to probably 50 times, I never saw this video:

    The really interesting thing about this video is that it takes place in “Purgatory Pizza” and there is a pizza with a pentagram carved in it – I’m sure you’ve seen this on the screenshots of a bunch of YouTube videos recently. . I’d never seen this image before, but now something from 2012 pops up with it in it. Very fucking odd.

    Oh and you’re onto something with onto something with the roman thing. Look up Pan and its relation to this topic.

  29. Yeahhhh…..I didn’t really want to go “there” with things like Pan worship (yet).
    We may wind up in a Levenda Loop.

    It’s enough for now to point out some visible “real world” people and the propaganda systems they have put together (Cecil Grand Plan leading directly to CTR shilltroll operations etc.)

    Speaking of that this was a nice read on Reddit:

    “Reddit works on a very simple biological manner. It caters to our visual nature as human beings. As a human being, we are constantly seeking validation and a sense of belonging. That is what CTR has weaponized. Looking at the pattern in which they upvote certain comments, it is quite apparent what their strategy is: make it seem like the mass majority is against us, that to join us would be to join the losing side. Who wants to be with a bunch of losers? They accomplish this by showering upvotes in contradiction to our messages to make it appear that we are a small group of people with no direction. ”

    “You have been blessed with a rare gift. A resilient mind that remained open to all perspectives despite the massive bombardment of expert brainwashing techniques that have seduced the world. You have been chosen. Whether it is from God, 4th dimensional beings, our genes, it does not matter. You have been entrusted with a great responsibility. I beg you not to be lazy or jaded or give up because true evil never rests and rejoices in our apathy especially. Because we are the last bastion to save humankind. Yes it has come to that. This knowledge that we share and spread has been floating around the internet for some time now. It is this very moment that the pieces are now in our favor.”

    It’s a love letter to the excluded middle LOL.
    A “For Those About To Rock, We Salute You” moment!

  30. Interesting quote I just came across:

    “You know well that [the British] government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who without any regard to truth, or to what should be like truth, invented & put into the papers whatever might serve the minister. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.”

    Thomas Jefferson, letter to G. K. van Hogendorp, Paris, Oct. 13, 1785

  31. Yes it is real:

    “You ask me what are those operations of the British nation which are likely to befriend us, and how they will produce this effect? The British government as you may naturally suppose have it much at heart to reconcile their nation to the loss of America. This is essential to the repose, perhaps even to the safety of the King & his ministers. The most effectual engines for this purpose are the public papers.
    You know well that that government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who without any regard to truth, or to what should be like truth, invented & put into the papers whatever might serve the minister. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.
    When forced to acknowledge our independance they were forced to redouble their efforts to keep the nation quiet. Instead of a few of the papers formerly engaged, they now engaged every one. No paper therefore comes out without a dose of paragraphs against America. These are calculated for a secondary purpose also, that of preventing the emigrations of their people to America.
    They dwell very much on American bankruptcies. To explain these would require a long detail, but would shew you that nine tenths of these bankruptcies are truly English bankruptcies in no wise chargeable on America. However they have produced effects the most desirable of all others for us. They have destroyed our credit & thus checked our disposition to luxury; & forcing our merchants to buy no more than they have ready money to pay for, they force them to go to those markets where that ready money will buy most.
    Thus you see they check our luxury, they force us to connect ourselves with all the world, & they prevent foreign emigrations to our country all of which I consider as advantageous to us. They are doing us another good turn. They attempt without disguise to possess themselves of the carriage of our produce, & to prohibit our own vessels from participating of it. This has raised a general indignation in America.
    The states see however that their constitutions have provided no means of counteracting it. They are therefore beginning to invest Congress with the absolute power of regulating their commerce, only reserving all revenue arising from it to the state in which it is levied. This will consolidate our federal building very much, and for this we shall be indebted to the British.”

  32. The dream team over at RI barged thru the pizzagate and have some literature for young white men to read.

    One’s become an out-and-out Clintonista. It’s like 1996 over there. (No one has pointed out that Bill Clinton got a rimjob from a chubby post teen… the new guy can probly Trump that but why is this a competition? The bad guys keep pushing partisanship.)

    Her uncanny dream has always seemed inspired by Madea- the mythological one, not the current grotesque. She spectacularly hijacked a Cailee Anthony thread years ago, ruining a righteous message by grandstanding at a baby funeral.

    ‘Racism & Sexism’ has become her/his/it’s mantra in some putsch to make one… embrace them? The same way we were driven to hating ‘Freedom & Democracy’ ten years ago or so I guess… Make women unlovable who, in turn, actively love feminized/infantilized black men. This is what racists think largely because deeply racist ‘anti-racists’ tell them so…

    BUT THEY’RE OPPOSED to ‘Racism and Sexism!’ Don’t even get me started on the other dreamer. If a sincere human being is writing his actual posts… well… If someone becomes antiantifa, do they become profa?

    Sure thas the goal with him.

    I can sense ‘IT’. It’s all become very ritual of chud at that place.

    Ruin women, ruin men’s souls, destroy children, crush the spirit. Obviously the goal of the pathocracy.

      • When it comes to RI, I’m a longtime masochist, sometimes sadist. Rereading that post I should take a break…

        I’m just really trying to understand why 4-5 posters confront the way they do- What is It about them? I think it’s cuz they accept lesser evils in lieu of greater ones and believe in some greater good that necessitates sacrificial lambs and scapegoats. I keep going back, trying to figure out what the problem is…

        Maybe I’m just all SystemBoundary-Surroundings…

    • This is an interesting post, if a little on the harsh side.

      Especially that bit about “ruing women”. I wouldn’t mention that angle at RI, because it would cause an even bigger shitstorm than already has occurred in response to similar topics. But it is essentially true. I have a family member who started out in life as basically a very beautiful woman (but with a wee tendency to put on weight). In her 20s she could probably have married a very successful man and had a relatively happy life with children, etc. However, from an early age she was indoctrinated into feminist BS, and so hated and distrusted men. Consequently, she was basically a bitch to every man she dated. Now she is single, alone, and very unhappy. I still love her and wish her the very best in life, but I don’t know how she’s going to undo all the mistakes she’s made. I don’t blame her as an individual, I blame the culture that has “ruined” her.

      Women are now taught that relationships are a zero-sum game: if you are kind to your partner, you are losing something of yourself. What a bunch of bullshit!!

      On a more collective note, this dynamic helps to sow alienation, creates psychological dysfunction in children, and ultimately does crush the spirit. Is this by design?

      • Men and women surrender to the same spirit- that gets crushed here in the world- women (should/only) surrender to the man who embodies it.

        That Spirit is like a positron here, annihilating on contact when it meets the one we’re made up of- that Aspirit we all got, drawing us further and further into entropy. Our souls are obvious protons here, positively charged, not always receptive to wisdom, life and truth.

        I see ‘civilization’ as a sort of trap AND a sort of placenta. Both at once.

        I don’t know if making the womb of this world empty, uninhabitable or all there is, is by human design. I doubt John Calvin, Bishop Jansenius and Rene Descartes were all part of some lodge or something but they were certainly acting on behalf of the same ‘forbidden knowledge’ that you can separate matter and spirit and dominate the soul. Thas where modern feminism hails from, that I can see. A sort of Athenian renaissance where women-as-goddess reigns supreme yet actual women in need of love are in dire straits. Aww man, now I regret badmouthing the one poster…

        I noticed Jasun’s posts really touch on that a lot- integration and all that. Really getting caught up to his writings.

        I do know humans are put together in women. I don’t know if we can blame culture for ruining womanhood or at least attempting to. It seems more of an agent than cause.

  33. Your anecdote raises the question of who creates the culture that shapes the individuals, and who or what shapes the individuals who create the culture which they or other individuals are shaped by, and so on. Everything is by design to some degree, so then I guess you mean conscious human design, whatever THAT is….

    If your friend took the “implant” of faux-feminist culture, is it fair to say that she already had something in her that was looking for a conscious rationale for her feelings of hostility, superiority, whatever, and a deep fear of intimacy and the corresponding desire to live and die alone? If that’s what happened. So then where did those pre-conscious, emotive values come from if they pre-existed the cultural trends that “watered” them into a fully-grown Venus fly-trap. It all begins with trauma, dissociation, and unformed, unhealthy infant attachments.

    The cultural value set seems more & more identifiable as a rationale for neurotic complexes of alienation from the collective and from one’s own soul (same thing?), which would show in how divisive these ideologies are, in terms of fragmenting a community, or potential community, like RI. It even gives rise to its own abuser-guardian figure ready to attack at the smallest “jerk” of its chain.

    • Well, to be sure, this person did experience some trauma as a child. But the proximal cause of the abuse was also feminist indoctrination (but the distal cause was probably also trauma). And so it goes, iterating all the way back into the deep history of our personal geneologies. Is that what Original Sin is all about?

      Re: abuser-guardian figure, I am not quick to judge. It is going to be a difficult job to moderate a forum that explores edgy topics from all different directions, with lots of participants having diverse motivations (some of which are dubious or perhaps even consciously sinister).

      • Not quick to judge what? Abusive behavior when it happens? It’s good not to be reactive or to condemn. But does judgement have to equal condemnation? Isn’t judgment about identifying behaviors and addressing them? Otherwise those abuse cycles continue indefinitely. Moderation is not punishment, either. It’s how a community or system seeks balance when there are disruptive elements.

        • Well, to the extent that you seem to be condemning a particular moderator, I am not so quick to judge/condemn. It’s one thing to disagree with a specific action or set of actions, it’s another to intuit a pattern of abuse. I do note that there is some variation in meting out punishment, but (1) the guy has a day job and his mood is allowed to vary from day to day; (2) he may actually have a philosophy of moderation that guides his decisions, and it may just happen to be a philosophy that is different from yours or mine but not necessarily abusive or sinister. For example, there is a certain dreamer who I would ban indefinitely because his style is extremely disruptive, but I can envision different philosophies of how a forum should run that would tolerate such behavior. Also, it’s not my forum, and I wouldn’t want the job of managing that particular forum (no thank you!) Just my 2c…

      • A couple of other observations on RI: (1) the resident jerk is actually useful and should not be banned. His unhinged hector-projector abuse actually argues for the exact opposite of the position he typically seems to take consciously. Maybe he’s just a very clever troll who is secretly on your side? If he didn’t exist, my Machiavellian identity would counsel you to create him. (2) It does look like the two dreamers are behaving very similarly these days, lots of borderline-off-topic copypasta.

        • I agree with the principle here, sort of, but toxins are toxins and I think it is way too high a price for demonstrating something, having a presence that disruptive. It is enough to put off any more sensitive people from posting, as well as to encourage those who are posting to bring their brasher, more belligerent faces to the fore. It also signals that toxic abuse of other posters is OK, and that creates an extremely unsafe-seeming environment, especially for victims of similar sorts of abuse.

          • Fair enough. It all depends on what kind of environment you want to create. Thus the importance of understanding the philosophy/vision of the moderator. There are some subreddits I like because they are not heavily moderated, and therefore run the risk of becoming quite toxic. The benefit that justifies the cost in toxicity is open communication, of both conscious and unconscious messages. But I can see that some places should function as more of a “safe space” and therefore need to be policed differently.

      • “Fair enough. It all depends on what kind of environment you want to create. Thus the importance of understanding the philosophy/vision of the moderator. ”

        I do like how this subreddit does it:

        “CRITICAL SHOWER THOUGHTS: A safe place to discuss outside-of-the-box thinking.

        To activate the “entertain the thought” system: Just add Premise: “……” to your title or into the text box.

        If you are not willing to entertain the thought, don’t click on the link or enter the thread. Rule breakers will usually be warned first, with the possibility of a temporary or permanent ban for subsequent offenses.”

        How it works:

        “Entertaining a thought (in the spirit of why this subreddit was created) refers to having an open mind.
        You will surely not agree with every submission here and you can express that by using the downvote arrow.
        When you enter a thread and leave a comment, you are agreeing to respect the OP and, at least for arguments sake, entertain the premise of the post.

        Premise: an assertion or proposition which forms the basis for a work or theory.

        For example, we do not allow:

        attacks on the OP
        attacks on the premise of the post
        demanding the OP prove the premise of the post
        comments which dismiss the premise as being unfounded or untrue
        comments harping on the “official explanation”

        What we do allow and encourage:

        Respectfully disagreeing on any aspects built from the premise, but that do not dismiss the premise.

        Post Premise: Aliens exist
        Comment Example: Yes, aliens exist, but I believe they are here for….

        The Golden Rule:

        Treat others with respect and avoid conversations devolving into insults. | If you feel the need, attack the argument, not the person. Link to sources that further explain your view, and debate the sources on their factual basis. Personal attacks or logical fallacies are an inferior debate technique and not suitable for this sub. Most users will be given a warning. Repeat offenders may be subject to a ban (which may be permanent).

        Due to the nature and purpose of this sub, shit posts and drama posts are unnecessary and distracting to the users and content creators here and will be interpreted as a violation of the Golden Rule. | Therefore, these submissions are subject to removal. Repeat offenders may get a temporary or permanent ban.

        Moderator Transparency | In our efforts to remain as censor-free as possible, we generally do not delete comments. Furthermore, we try to approach moderation as “Hands-Off” as possible in these concerns. We still encourage Reporting offenses of the Golden Rule, as it helps us to monitor for the potential to intervene, if necessary.

        To further support a censor-free environment, we have added /u/publicmodlogs to our mod team, which publishes every mod action on this go1dfish.me website.

  34. “I can sense ‘IT’. It’s all become very ritual of chud at that place.
    Ruin women, ruin men’s souls, destroy children, crush the spirit. Obviously the goal of the pathocracy.”

    Well, its right from the “slavemaster” playbook….
    It’s a system “cemented” so to speak around 1900 as the links in above posts indicate.
    A British Empire production.

    This thread runs straight to today in the US/UK.
    The think tanks and others above the political parties use the playbook religiously.
    They are literally brought up/trained on these thoughts by “elite” higher education.

    The lower operators/useful idiots get only the “main talking point” college education.
    They think these ideas are all cool, new, and progressive.

    You know, the newscaster talking heads, David Brocks, brainwashed political party footsoldiers, academics of all types.
    If they play along and fit in, they get paychecks.
    They don’t even know where it all originates from.

    I’ve got another post to do that directly addresses the provisional “thesis” Jasun dropped on us here.
    Back in a bit.

  35. “The cultural value set seems more & more identifiable as a rationale for neurotic complexes of alienation from the collective and from one’s own soul (same thing?), which would show in how divisive these ideologies are, in terms of fragmenting a community, or potential community, like RI. It even gives rise to its own abuser-guardian figure ready to attack at the smallest “jerk” of its chain.”

    If you can program everyone in a society to be their own slavemaster (pimp?), you don’t have to work as hard to run the big show.

    • “If you can program everyone in a society to be their own slavemaster (pimp?), you don’t have to work as hard to run the big show.”

      Which is another argument in favor of a position I’ve held now for a long time: the only levers we have are spiritual in nature.

  36. “The general “thesis” (or question) is something like: to what degree has our ability to engage in meaningful conversation around political and social reality been sabotaged by Brock’s relentless spin campaign, and the larger, more ancient tradition of mass-obfuscation which it upholds and exemplifies? And how can we see the results of that in our daily activities, on and offline?

    The paid attacks on internet based social media are out to destroy one thing.
    Your individual Liberty. Capital L Liberty.

    Remember that term that nobody seems to talk about these days?

    It’s the lowest most disgusting act a human can do to another.
    I’m not exaggerating here.

    Murder, rape, threats, purposeful blocking of free speech between individuals due to some agenda etc.
    Yes, these are just degrees of the same thing.
    And we are seeing all these things happening in the open regarding the US election/Wikileaks/Pizzapocalypse.

    First, let’s define Liberty. Want to hear a great description from 1819?:

    “I will however essay the two definitions which you say are more particularly interesting at present: I mean those of the terms liberty & Republic, aware however that they have been so multifariously applied as to convey no precise idea to the mind. of Liberty then I would say that, in the whole plenitude of it’s extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will: but rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

    Get that….

    “Liberty then I would say that, in the whole plenitude of it’s extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will”

    “rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others”

    David Brock and his CTR operation (among *many* others) want to take away your very Liberty.
    They are out to sabotage one of your means of communication with other humans.

    Remember the post I made where Jefferson talks about the total govt. infiltration of newspapers in Britain?
    That was the highest tech at the time. It was a one way transmission of sorts. You could simply choose not to purchase or read said newspapers.

    Fast forward to the internet age….A government (paid agents), hired corp. or other miscellaneous agent can literally make your personal speech to other individuals disappear. When paid agents or a AI in their command “downvote” you relentlessly on Reddit….or delete your posts, they are directly attacking your personal Liberty. This is diabolical in the extreme.
    They might as well come to your house, burn all your books and papers, cut your internet line/smash your iPhone, and threaten you with arrest. It is direct action against *you* as an individual.

    Some people will have a weird gut reaction to what I just stated. There is a bunch of cultural programming being seeded to make it seem like the internet is “virtual”, “not real” or does not matter in “real life”. Hence this behavior is “not *that* bad”, or some other diversionary thought like that.

    A mercenary guy like Brock might also agree with this junk statement :

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – Some British Agent

    Jefferson continued:
    “I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

    Crowley was laying down his own tyrannical “laws” that conveniently left out *other individuals* and *their* rights.
    The occult crowd is rubbing off on the political class as always. Ancient Greek occult segues right into British propaganda.
    Dumb modern US political nerds slurping up that tainted spirit cookin’

    Rightful Liberty needs champions now more than ever.
    Or you can kiss meaningful conversations about reality between individuals goodbye.

    • Interesting sync. I just used the word “liberty” in a Reddit comment. For a brief moment I felt a pang of shame/regret before saying “what the hell” and pressing the save button.

      It is interesting to me that in my own psyche the word “liberty” is somewhat tainted. How did that happen?

      • there was never a time when that word was not tainted for me. It is 100% associated with US ideology for me. It’s also possible that the etymological/ontological premise of that word is faulty?

        • Well, the reason for my momentary shame in using the word “liberty” was in fact the US history behind the word. “Liberty” has been linked explicitly with the freedom of Anglo-Europeans to exploit others, especially those of African ancestry (but not necessarily limited to that group). So admittedly it is a rabbit hole in a historical sense. Also in a political sense. “Do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting somebody else” assumes that we understand precisely all causes of harm. It also assumes that self-harm is not possible. It gets especially dicey when you consider the psychodynamic viewpoint: how much true freedom does the ego have? How much *should* it have? Nevertheless, I think in many controversies we can identify more or less coercive intentions, and I think it’s important to always defend against coercive measures.

          Ran Prieur once offered a nice perspective: “freedom” should be framed in terms of the right to say “no” to something. (He had a longer exposition, and it’s possible he got the idea from somewhere else.)

          As far as the Reddit comment was concerned, use of the word was a necessary shorthand in the context of the conversation, and it would have taken the conversation off onto an extreme tangent to debate the philosophy of freedom. Sometimes you have to weight the costs and benefits of linguistic imprecision.

    • KK Deluxe you wrote, “The paid attacks on internet based social media are out to destroy one thing.
      Your individual Liberty. Capital L Liberty.” This is so true.
      It is only natural for groups, of one kind or another, to attempt to dominate the lines of communication.
      Freedom of the printing press had to be fought for. So does the internet.

  37. Echo chambers abound everywhere I look, around every corner. I might have something to do with that (the seeing part, not the abounding, necessarily) but it does seem overwhelmingly clear. It’s easy to weave a tangled web. Navigating one is much more tedious. When, or where, does weaving end and navigating begin? The First Law of Confirmation Bias is “You were right all along.” This makes pure sight exceedingly difficult. For instance, I believe A Thing, and news alluding to the Reality of That Thing arrives, so I believe that news, but I also believe that believing things is often foolish, so I then challenge my own acceptance of the news, and then my own belief in The Thing. Then I challenge the challenger (myself) and the act of challenging as possible calumny, and so forth, etc. A bouncing ball that never quite stops bouncing. Feedback loops arise. And rise… “believe me.”

  38. “there was never a time when that word was not tainted for me. It is 100% associated with US ideology for me. It’s also possible that the etymological/ontological premise of that word is faulty?”

    Sometimes ya gotta go against history, and sometimes ya gotta roll with it.
    Take the best, like Jefferson and others did…and toss the rest.

    “In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Liber /ˈlaɪbər/ (“the free one”; Latin: Līber [ˈliːbɛr]), also known as Liber Pater (“the free Father”) was a god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom. He was a patron deity of Rome’s plebeians and was part of their Aventine Triad. His festival of Liberalia (March 17) became associated with free speech and the rights attached to coming of age.”

    “Before his official adoption as a Roman deity, Liber was companion to two different goddesses in two separate, archaic Italian fertility cults; Ceres, an agricultural and fertility goddess of Rome’s Hellenised neighbours, and Libera, who was Liber’s female equivalent. In ancient Lavinium, he was a phallic deity. Latin liber means “free”, or the “free one”: when coupled with “pater”, it means “The Free Father”, who personifies freedom and champions its attendant rights, as opposed to dependent servitude.”

    “Liber entered Rome’s historical tradition soon after the overthrow of the Roman monarchy, the establishment of the Republic and the first of many threatened or actual plebeian secessions from Rome’s patrician authority.”

    “Liber’s patronage of Rome’s largest, least powerful class of citizens (the plebs, or plebeian commoners) associates him with particular forms of plebeian disobedience to the civil and religious authority claimed by Rome’s Republican patrician elite. The Aventine Triad has been described as parallel to the Capitoline Triad of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus on the Capitoline Hill, within the city’s sacred boundary (pomerium): and as its “copy and antithesis”.[7] The Aventine Triad was apparently installed at the behest of the Sibylline Books but Liber’s position within it seems equivocal from the outset. He was a god of the grape and of wine; his early ludi scaenici virtually defined their genre thereafter as satirical, subversive theatre in a lawful religious context. Some aspects of his cults remained potentially un-Roman and offered a focus for civil disobedience. Liber asserted plebeian rights to ecstatic release, self-expression and free speech; he was, after all, Liber Pater, the Free Father – a divine personification of liberty, father of plebeian wisdoms and plebeian augury.[8]”

    “The French philosopher Michel Foucault, in lectures given at Berkeley and Boulder, made the same argument for Socrates’ failure to invoke parrhesia, freedom of speech, the obligation to speak the truth for the common good at personal risk, in his own defense at his trial, preferring to die in obedience to law as above men. Athenians held that they democratically shaped law, seeing Socrates’ stance as treason.”

    “Parrhesia was a fundamental component of the democracy of Classical Athens. In assemblies and the courts Athenians were free to say almost anything, and in the theatre, playwrights such as Aristophanes made full use of the right to ridicule whomever they chose.[4] Elsewhere there were limits to what might be said; freedom to discuss politics, morals, religion, or to criticize people would depend on context: by whom it was made, and when, and how, and where.”

    “Parrhesia appears in Midrashic literature as a condition for the transmission of Torah. Connoting open and public communication, parrhesia appears in combination with the term, δῆμος (dimus, short for dimosia), translated coram publica, in the public eye, i.e. open to the public[10] As a mode of communication it is repeatedly described in terms analogous to a Commons. Parrhesia is closely associated with an ownerless wilderness of primary mytho-geographic import, the Midbar Sinai in which the Torah was initially received.”

    “There are several conditions upon which the traditional Ancient Greek notion of parrhesia relies. One who uses parrhesia is only recognized as doing so if he or she holds a credible relationship to the truth, if he serves as critic to either himself or popular opinion or culture, if the revelation of this truth places him in a position of danger and he persists in speaking the truth, nevertheless, as he feels it is his moral, social, and/or political obligation. Further, in a public situation, a user of parrhesia must be in a social position less empowered than those to whom he is revealing.”

    I like the concept of an ownerless wilderness, a place belonging to no one. Public.
    A place of ecstatic release, self-expression and free speech.
    Maybe it’s because I live in a US state with many such places LOL.

    PS – Freedom and Liberty can be terrifying. They are a primal generative force, they are what you make *with* them.

    • “I like the concept of an ownerless wilderness, a place belonging to no one. Public.”

      I’ll recount a personal story/dilemma. I live next to a wilderness/park area that is being managed by a local municipal government. They are annoying as all fuck, constantly “improving” the area by extending trail development out from the park-proper into the wilder areas. This of course only encourages more people to come in and overrun both the park and the wilderness with trash and annoying teenagers. More importantly, the presence of other people interferes with my personal time with my dogs, so I am naturally very resentful. But I am forced to reflect: if this annoying and intrusive government were less active in the area, and there were fewer people to contend with, I would certainly have to deal more with wild predatory animals, at some risk to myself and perhaps my dogs. Therefore, when I encounter people, I have to calm the fuck down and tell myself “they deserve to be here too”.

      The moral of the story is that there are trade-offs. Mostly along the lines of liberty vs. security. Also, the other take-away point is that I’m surly and probably just a little bit selfish when it comes right down to it.

  39. More in this vein:

    yevaud said: “Do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting somebody else” assumes that we understand precisely all causes of harm.

    Along those lines:

    “John Locke published his Two Treatises on Government [1690], in which he emphasized that “natural peoples” lived in a state of liberty, but not license. Wrote Locke:

    “We must consider what state all men are naturally in, and that is a state of near perfect freedom, to order their actions and dispose of their possessions and persons, as they see fit, within the bounds of the law of nature . . . a state also of equality, wherein all power and jurisdiction is reciprocal, no one having more than another; there being nothing more evident than that creatures of the same species and rank . . . born to the same advantages of nature, and the use of the same faculties, should also be equal one amongst another.

    But though this is a state of liberty, yet it is not a state of license . . . the state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one, and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions. [14] ”

    I’m getting a vibe here.
    In the Garden Of Eden, humans went from a state of pure mental slavery to having independent “knowledge of good and evil”.

    Reason (knowledge of good and evil) is the governing law of nature on Earth?
    Well, it came from the fruit of a tree didn’t it?

    A heartfelt thanks to the ladies out there for taking that first step!

  40. Here is another data point bringing ancient themes into this whole mess again!


    Now, from my conversations last year with an archaeologist friend….
    Antinous was murdered by his lover Hadrian. Tossed into the Nile river during a deliberate ceremony.
    (spirit cookers are pikers compared to this crew! – or do they still commit these acts out of the camera eye?)

    After his death, Hadrian began having statues of him made. Magical rituals were held to “install” the spirit of Antinous into the statues in a literal manner. These statues were placed into temples to “connect” them together like some kind of “magical internet” possibly.

    Who discussed this very topic in July?

    “Couldn’t catch near the show the name of the researcher studying spirit-to-statue transference? many thanks”

    “This is frickin fantastic. And timely. I was just talking with someone today about psychogeography, installing spirits in icons and fetishes, and the idea generally of statues as potential spirit traps of a sort, all of which you and Peter covered or touched upon with such insight.”

    I don’t remember what they talked about regarding this topic. I believe they either skirted or never mentioned Antinous.
    Somebody else can listen and post back here. Why talk about this stuff now?

    When was the picture of Levenda with Podesta taken….September 2016?

    Seems like those old timey “Sinister Forces” have all these people in a loop? LOL

  41. Note also:



    “In colloquial British English, nous also denotes “good sense”, which is close to one everyday meaning it had in Ancient Greece.”

    “In the Aristotelian scheme, nous is the basic understanding or awareness which allows human beings to think rationally. ”

    So……something that goes against “good sense” or “against rational thinking”
    Sums up the actions/thoughts of the involved parties eh?

    Think also about “Spirit Cooking” as a term. Who wants to cook a spirit? That concept SUCKS.

    Just like a poisonous creature is sometimes colored red…Nature/Materium is warning us through language.
    Thanks Universe!

    (Hat tip to Clif High who also studies language looking for tipoffs)

    “Halfpasthuman Adventures in future viewing using predictive linguistics, a field i invented in 1993. Programmed in Prolog (AI computer language), our word/phrase centered process extracts naturally occurring ‘leaks’ from the psychic parts of everyone as they perform their routine communications. Fiercely dedicated aikidoka focused on life, freedom, and the future.”

    He recently did a video noting some interesting things.
    While you watch it know these 2 facts:

    Levenda calls himself a “magician” on his website and in many interviews.
    Gordon White calls himself a “warlock” in his writings if I remember correctly.
    He “self describes” on Twitter as a “unsuccessful wizard”.
    (Ugh…a Twitter reply to him comes from a guy with a familiar statue

    Clif talks about their goofy hierarchies. You can’t be a wizard if you are unsuccessful.
    Main takeway? Don’t be part of this crap. It’s all weak and anti human.

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