Back to the Kubrickon: Kek, Trump, God-Manufacturing via the Internet & the Implicate Order of the Id


My attention was recently drawn to a website about the strange and synchronistic connections between Donald Trump’s ascension, an ancient Egyptian frog-deity called Kek, and the id-iosyncratic internet activities of 4chan. Read it yourself before resuming this exegesis.

What follow are initial thoughts which I posted at the Kubrickon thread over at RI, as well as at Faceborg. I consider this short piece one of the most intriguing propositions to have bubbled forth from the collective id, and the response has been disappointing, to say the least: one line comments from a molecular biologist, at RI, and an enlightened spiritual teacher, over at Faceborg. From humble beginnings….? But here it is:

My current view is that all metaphysical forces and entities can be understood as sourced in (extensions of) human beings. This is a premise, not a conclusion: if it were true, can we show how it could be so? At least this way, we can start with what is experientially knowable to us, as human beings.

(Both the molecular biologist and the enlightened spiritual teacher pointed out that some clarification is required regarding what I mean by a human being. They are right, of course, but this is a tough order to fill, being as I am a human being communicating, so far as I know, with other human beings about what it is to be human. As I replied to Dave Oshana, the question can become a circular one, since it’s also fair to say all human beings can be understood as an extension of metaphysical forces or entities, such as Dave’s posited ancestral meta-organism. At what point does a human being begin and an evolutionary/ancestral awareness end? Perhaps this is what is being explored here finally. But moving on for now.)

I have had my own encounters with beings or forces which at the time I felt were nonhuman, angelic, demonic, infernal or divine, and I am satisfied that such things exist in some form. But what they are and how they came to be is purely speculative, and if we are going to speculate, we may as well stay as close as possible to what we know.

One thing we know is that human beings have a tendency to try and control things, including or especially one another, and that the desire for power is a primary motivating factor in human behavior and the resulting social arrangements.

Based on this, I’m going to make several propositions to lay the ground for my attempted explanation of “what Kek is.” Firstly, let’s posit groups, in both the past and the present, who understand things about perception, awareness, energy, and human behavior that’s significantly beyond our current scientific, psychological, or religious understanding.

Secondly, let’s posit a desire (for whatever reason) on the part of these groups to establish forms of control and dominance over other people, using this knowledge to do so.

Lastly, let’s suppose that one of the ways they would do this would be to engender forms of worship in the people they want to control.

This relates to some previous points I made here about taboo and social control; see also Rene Girard’s Violence and the Sacred, and Freud’s Totem and Taboo (although I still haven’t read that one). I’ll leave someone else to fill in the blanks here as to how establishing forms of worship (religious values) in a people makes them easier to control. If you create a currency (like the US reserve printing dollar bills), you have control of that currency  and that means you also have control over the people who depend on your currency to live. A modern example would be artistic culture and celebrity worship, as evidenced at RI and everywhere else, by which even the most secular-minded people have unexamined admiration for–subjugation to–cultural figures, figures like Russell Brand, Leonard Cohen, Stanley Kubrick, or Lena Dunham.

Put in the most simple terms: is it possible to create gods which people will worship and to thereby become as gods to those people? The short answer is yes. The trick with understanding how gods are created is that it’s a circular process, a positive feedback loop. Gods can only be created through worship, so how do you get people to worship something that doesn’t exist? You have to first create symbols–names, descriptions, images–that represent the imaginary god, and persuade people to direct their worshipful attention towards those symbols: their fear,  desire, shock, awe, and wonder. Over time, this directed energy of worshipful attention  will animate the symbols and create an “egregore,” which is the concentrated energy of the attention of large numbers of people.

As to how to ensure that the symbols drawing the energy of collective fear-desire then send that energy to the people who created the symbols, i.e., how exactly a strange attractor, energy receptacle, or “cypher” (a code that also siphons), can be designed to receive and then pass on energy to its creators, this is not so clear; but then, this may be the most ancient and secret technology there is, so it’s probably best not to rush in when trying to figure out how it works.

Our best tool is self-examination: since we were engineered by this technology, we can reverse engineer it by deconstructing ourselves.

But coming back to Kek. This would have been a long-term project (all of this is), going all the way back to a pre-Egyptian, “Atlantean” proto-culture of priest-kings, shaman elite, or whatever, being the ones who first fooled people into worshiping them as gods, and so became gods themselves, in some limited sense, who were sustained, empowered, and elevated (maybe literally) by the combined psychic energy of mass worship. (We are talking a kind of satisfaction that Mick Jagger can only dream of.)

The final (?) phase of this project (as I think Kubrick anticipated, or was privy to) is now unfolding via the internet, which potentially links together the whole of humanity as a collective unconscious-slash-consciousness, the attention of which can be directed towards any given person, event or symbol (Faceborg being the current primary attractor), in order to “animate” it, i.e., imbue it with the same soul-sentience that’s being harvested from human beings via this collective consciousness trap.

So, we may ask: how could the ancient Egyptians have possibly known the form which this collective brain-link technology would take? They wouldn’t, but then they wouldn’t need to. They wouldn’t have needed to because they were sowing the seeds, the images and the desires, by which this technology would be created. Just as Star Trek gave rise to cell phones, the geeks in Silicon Valley (and on 4chan) have been unconsciously manifesting the dream of their sorcerer ancestors– a dream that was incepted in them while they were still sleeping inside their mother’s wombs (having been incepted in their great grandmothers’ great grandmothers’ wombs) –and bringing into reality.

These unconscious- incepted symbols–god-seeds–are then activated via a waking exposure to images, words, symbols, or sounds, that correspond with that ancient egregore of intent. Like Laurence Harvey staring at the Queen of Diamonds and switching over to his assassin alter, a million geeks are tapping their keyboards in half-trance, decoding Kubrick movies, election data, or Pizza-code for pedophilia, and only half-wittingly unveiling the hidden design of social reality to expose the implicate order of the id. All this would be happening precisely to schedule. It would be a masterpiece of design; but all-too-human in the making.

The attempt to harness an energy that cannot be harnessed (because it’s infinite) is the sorcerer’s apprentice played out on the world stage and collective psyche (as within so without), where the best laid plans of mice and mages invariably lead to nothing besides cracked cosmic egg on the face. Yes, it’s all planned, and no, it will never come off in the end, because it always ends the same way (as those of us who were there in Atlantis well know): as ruins at the bottom of an endless ocean.

In the meantime, to be in the midst of it and be able to see the id becoming conscious of itself, and all the layers of ego-imposed distortion and control shake and shimmy and explode, well, that’s worth paying attention to; not to the shadows that flee but to the blinding light that has chased them away. The man behind the curtain was always going to turn out to be you and me, because we are the only master who made the grass greener on the other side, and who caused the earth to (almost) die out of unrestrained greed for that unreachable world beyond.

It’s all us.

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  1. To have to allude to Mick Jagger rather dismantled this article’s vigour. The language used is hackneyed and the concepts largely passé which, of course, is what happens when humans go so imaginatively in need of secret bespoke salvation. The life not lived or seen through the imagination provides a deeper non-celluloid access to a more formidable knowing which calls upon virtue as base energy capable of projecting the mind to a higher place. Making redundant if not the Sorcerer then at least his apprentice.

  2. Some specific clues for further mapping the Kek/Kermit memeplex.

    Kermit the Frog, first appeared in 1955 on WRC-TV’s Sam and Friends then became a regular on Sesame Street, which premiered in 1969, before hosting (more or less) his own Muppet Show.

    As author Malcolm Gladwell has stated, “Sesame Street was built around a single, breakthrough insight: that if you can hold the attention of children, you can educate them”.[30] Gerald S. Lesser, the CTW’s first advisory board chair, went even further, saying that the effective use of television as an educational tool needed to capture, focus, and sustain children’s attention.[31] Sesame Street was the first children’s show to structure each episode, and the segments within them, to capture children’s attention, and to make, as Gladwell put it, “small but critical adjustments” to keep it.[32] According to CTW researchers Rosemarie Truglio and Shalom Fisch, Sesame Street was one of the few children’s television programs to utilize a detailed and comprehensive educational curriculum, garnered from formative and summative research.[33]

    The creators of Sesame Street and their researchers formulated both cognitive and affective goals for the show. Initially, they focused on cognitive goals, while addressing affective goals indirectly, in the belief that doing so would increase children’s self-esteem and feelings of competency.[34][35] One of their primary goals was preparing very young children for school, especially children from low-income families,[36] using modeling,[37] repetition,[38] and humor[31] to fulfill these goals. They made changes in the show’s content to increase their viewers’ attention and to increase its appeal,[39] and encouraged “co-viewing” to entice older children and parents to watch the show by including more sophisticated humor, cultural references, and celebrity guest appearances.[40]

    After Sesame Street’s first season, its critics forced its producers and researchers to address more overtly such affective goals as social competence, tolerance of diversity, and nonaggressive ways of resolving conflict.

    Sesame Street was part of the ideological-education drive to promote a multicultural paradise of racial & sexual diversity. Of all its avatar-creations, Kermit was probably the most successful in terms of enteirng into the collective consciousness of children and hence adults. I even had my own Kermit doll when I was a kid. And wasn’t Kermit kind of … gay?

    This is from #ImWithKer enlists Kermit in the fight against Pepe

    We can argue about the finer points of the 2016 election until we’re green in the face, but one thing is for certain: No issue has been more important, or more divisive, than frogs.

    One frog in particular has hogged the spotlight, though: Pepe. The 4chan-born meme amphibian’s name was shouted during Hillary Clinton’s watershed speech on the alt-right movement. He has repeatedly resurfaced in neo-Nazi guise, despite creator Matt Furie’s insistence that this is just a phase. Clinton’s campaign eventually had to issue a statement on Pepe, Donald Trump Jr. denied a relationship with him, and the Anti-Defamation League declared him a hate symbol.

    But we all know Pepe isn’t the only meme frog out there. We also have Dat Boi, Foul Bachelor Frog, and the #TeaLizard himself, Kermit. The humble leader of the Muppets contains multitudes, but he always seems to be on the right side of history. And as he calmly sips his tea, he projects a certain confidence in our stupid world.

    Boys at Jenkins always be crying when they friends trying to get with their ex girl. But that’s none of my business tho

    — Nate Ashley (@ashtag_16) September 22, 2016
    Well, this time something is Kermit’s business: the future of the United States. Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo, has been tirelessly reporting on Trump and his Pepe army, and he’s sick of a one-sided fight. He’s enlisting Kermit.
    I feel like the rest of us need to get behind a canonical pluralism frog to turn back the tide, re-appropriate what’s been lost.

    — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) October 3, 2016
    And almost as soon as Marshall declared his allegiance to Kermit over Pepe, a hashtag was born.
    @joshtpm #ImWithKer

    — Brooklyn Spoke (@BrooklynSpoke) October 3, 2016
    Activists quickly took up the cause.
    @joshtpm #MakeAmericaKermitAgain

    — kenny (@kennyjacobs) October 3, 2016

    — kenny (@kennyjacobs) October 3, 2016
    Only one frog soars above the rest as a symbol of hope and possibility. #takingbackthefrog #teamkermit @joshtpm

    — Mike Scholtz (@MikeScholtz) October 3, 2016
    Am so about the #imwithker movement. Yay to the people. Yay.

    — Angela Workoff (@AngelaWorkoff) October 3, 2016
    #Imwithker #ImWithHer
    — George A. Hickman (@popmortem) October 3, 2016
    Kermit trumps Pepe! #TeamKermit #ImWithKer #ImWithKermit #ImWithHer

    — Dr Aussie Jimbo (@WizardOfStraya) October 3, 2016
    Hey may not be the frog we deserve, but he’s the one we need right now

    — Andrew Tumilty (@AndrewTumilty) October 3, 2016
    You’d better believe #ImWithKer.

    — Brian Jay Jones (@brianjayjones) October 3, 2016
    Glad you like it @Konamali1 @AdamsFlaFan @joshtpm Here it is again for your enjoyment. Misery is Joy. #ImWithKer

    — JosieHolford (@JosieHolford) October 3, 2016
    #ImWithKer because Sesame Street has known about Donald Grump since I was a kid.

    — Dusty (@DustinGiebel) October 3, 2016
    #ImWithKer because he knows exactly how to best respond to alt-Reich ramblings.

    — Alexandra (@AlexandraAimee) October 3, 2016
    #ImWithKer because I want something better for us than bigotry.

    — jenn (@JezebelButler) October 3, 2016
    Thanks to @joshtpm for #TakingBackTheFrog Kermit over Pepe all day. #ImWithKer #TeamKermit #RainbowConnection

    — Sandi Allen (@boomboomsandi) October 3, 2016

    Response from Pro-Kek channers follows at link: … -election/

    Another Sesame St character who resembles Kek is Oscar the Grouch ~ the dark twin of Kermit?

    From Know Your Meme:

    Why Is Oscar A Grouch refers to a series of images and comics that often try to explain that the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch was not always a grouch, and that it was a result of of events that occurred before he lived on Sesame Street. This is frequently done with Vietnam flashbacks, as Sesame Street started in 1968, during the United States involvement in the war at the time.

    Spread On March 18th 2015 a comic with Oscar asking why he was a grouch was posted to Imgur.[1] In it, Oscar’s image is superimposed over various scenes of the Vietnam Conflict, suggesting PSTD flashbacks from the event. In a year, this post gained over 10,000 votes and a million views.


    On August 15th of the same year, the Tumblr blog for the internet comic “Gone Into Rapture” posted a comic with Big Bird asking Oscar how he came to Sesame Street.[2] The Comic then depicted a flashback with Oscar holding a fellow troop dying in his arms and yelling screaming no, the reverting back to Oscar telling Big Bird no. Withing less than a year this post gained over 4,500 notes.


    On December 11th 2015, Reddit user big_fudge_high_score posted a shorted version of the imgur comic to /r/funny.[3] The post gained 5,667 votes (90% positive) before being archived.



    Compare with the comfy, easy-going liberal, Kermit:

    But That’s None of My Business” is a sarcastic expression used as a postscript to an insult or disrespectful remark said towards a specific individual or group. The phrase was popularized through an image macro series featuring Kermit the Frog from The Muppets and punchlines poking fun at a wide range of faux-pas and questionable behaviors in everyday social situations.

    Origin As early as January 2014, Instagram users began posting captioned images of Kermit the Frog with the tag “#kermitmemes” (shown below, left).[4] On June 17th, the earliest known Kermit image macro including the phrase “that’s none of my business” was highlighted by the @kermitbelike[5] Instagram feed in a post mocking delusional women described as being “ratchet


    Spread On June 20th, the @thatsnoneofmybusinesstho Instagram[3] feed was created, which highlights pictures of Kermit the Frog with “none of my business” captions. In the first four days, the feed gained over 130,000 followers.


    On the same day, Twitter users began tweeting jokes using the hashtags #NoneOfMyBusiness and #Kermit, reaching over 19,000 and 11,000 mentions in the first four days respectively according to the Twitter analytics site Topsy.[3]


    On June 22nd, 2014, the single topic blog “Kemit the Snitch” was launched on Tumblr,[1] which highlights notable examples from the image macro series. The first post featured a photograph of Kermit the Frog drinking a glass of iced tea with a caption mocking men who wear fake Jordan sneakers (shown below).


    On the following day, YouTuber Bugatti Beez uploaded a video of Kermit the Frog reading notable “But Thats None Of My Business” examples (shown below). In the first 24 hours the video gained over 100,000 views and 480 comments:

    (over 3 mil views now)


    As of June 2014, there are over 2,100 images uploaded under the tag “kermitmemes” on Instagram.

    Precursors to Pepe/Kek:

    Feels Bad Man / Sad Frog

    Sad Frog is a cartoon drawing of a depressed-looking frog, often accompanied by the text “Feels Bad Man” or “You Will Never X”. It is used to denote feelings of failure or disappointment, either by posting the image or using the phrase “feelsbadman.jpg.” Sad Frog may be seen as the antithesis of Feels Good Man.

    The original Sad Frog artwork is based on Matt Furie’s drawing of Pepe the frog. The earliest archived 4chan thread[1] was posted on January 22nd, 2009, in which an altered version of Furie’s original image with the mouth flipped, saying “Feels Bad Man.” On August 17th, 2009, a user on the Body Building Forums posted the Sad Frog image with the caption “not good man.”


    Pairing the frog with the phrase “You Will Never X” also began some time in 2009. Though the original thread was not archived, it was reuploaded to Polish image hosting service Kyon[3] on June 11th, 2009, noting 4chan’s anime board, /a/, as its original source.


    Throughout 2010, “feelsbadman.jpg” became a popular way of conveying feelings in Greentext style stories throughout 4chan boards, including /mu/[5] (music), /r9k/[6] (Robot9000) and /sp/[7] (sports). The first Sad Frog image compilation was posted to FunnyJunk[8] on June 1st, 2010. The phrase “feels bad, man” was first defined on Urban Dictionary[4] on November 30th, 2010.


    Angry Pepe

    Angry Pepe, also known as Angry Frog, is a reaction image featuring a hostile-looking variation of Pepe the Frog. The image is often accompanied by expressions of rage and intense frustration.

    The oldest retrievable use of the image on 4chan can be traced back to April 28th, 2014, when it was posted on the /r9k/[10] (ROBOT9001) board, referring to normal people as ‘normalfags’.

    The second instance can be traced back to May 9th, 2014, when it was resubmitted in a reply on the /pol/[2] board to complain about recreational alcohol consumption (shown below).


    Later that same day, picture was reused on the /r9k/ (robot9001) board.[3] On December 30th, Redditor AliThePanda submitted the reaction image to the /r/pepethefrog[8] subreddit. On January 19th, 2015, an anonymous 4chan user posted the image in a thread to express frustration with reading too slowly on /pol/.[9] On January 31st, BodyBuilding Forums[6] user goondip posted the Angry Pepe reaction image in a thread about the Asian Cup 2015 final soccer game. On February 9th, Tumblr[5] user enemy-stand posted several variations of the Angry Pepe image, garnering upwards of 12,500 notes over the next week (shown below). On February 12th, an anonymous 4chan user submitted the Angry Pepe reaction image with a rant about gaining employment in the information technology sector to the /g/ (technology) board.[7]


    Interview with Anonymous creator

    Anonymous : I’m the creator of this image and first used it here:

    Miluk : As a fact, t’s its first appearance, so I have no reason to disapprove. Can you go for a short interview with Know Your Meme user Miluk as a creator? First question: Where’s the normalfags, ‘normies’ thing coming from? Did you come with this up all by yourself?

    Anonymous : The actual origin of the term is from long ago, probably 2008 or 2009 on /b/. It has since become an integral part of /r9k/ culture. There has been much debate as to what constitutes a normalfag; some argue that people with friends are normalfags, some argue that non-virgins are normalfags, and some argue that anyone with even a remotely fulfilling life is a normalfag. Here’s an example of normalfag bingo. The specifications of a normalfag have changed a lot over the years, however. Normalfags initially referred to those people who treated online interactions as they would real interactions (following the same “rules” or customs that they would in real life), incessantly obsessed over the slightest deviation from some arbitrary ideal or norm (i.e. “I’m such a nerd! xD”), or constantly talked about mundane, everyday topics that didn’t provide for a lot of meaningful discussion.
    And a couple more:


    And so on.

  3. wow. all I can add is that we are moving into the Eyes Wide Shut phase of our Kubrickon
    the Dream Story where we find out they’re all Satanic pedos or whatever

  4. feelsbadman ^^

    also widly used in many e-sports communitys.
    feelsbadman was said to me in games 100+ times only last month.

    time to go on a liminalist pod binge here soon, i see so many new episodes that i havnt heard yet.
    nice to see you are still going.

    have a good time.

  5. Reminds me of an old Doctor Who series from 1980 ” full circle “, where a stranded group of people are sitting aboard a crashed “starliner ” on a verdant planet , and they have lost the instructions how to pilot it . Meanwhile , outside , lurk “The Marshmen” of whom they are afraid , especially around the onset of “mistfall” , a time when all the Alzarians must retreat inside the Starliner or be killed by the Marshmen , reptile looking humanoids who are in the process of emerfging from the Swamp .
    I wonder if two Egyptians standing there looking at newly minted pyramids would have dreamed their civilisation would vanish and become ruins for fat icecreeam munching american tourists to stroll through ?
    Of course the Frog Kek is also another word for Hekt , Hecate , Lillith , the snake goddess of crossroads and the night .
    So it must be mistfall and the Alzarians and Marshmen are one , at least until they recover the Operating Instructions for Spaceship Earth.

  6. Very interesting. I knew of Pepe and I’d heard of meme magic, but I didn’t know the relation. Honestly the first time I had heard Pepe’s name was when HRC mentioned him along with Alex Jones in that speech over the summer (seriously, what bizarre dimension have we slipped into?).

    I’m not fully onboard with the concept that everything paranormal is us. I’m open to it, but I’ve yet to be fully convinced. Either way though, I do buy into the idea of symbols being charged and manifesting in a tulpa of sorts. This would explain synchronicity and potentially other odd phenomenon. That people could be unwittingly doing this hadn’t occurred to me, but it makes sense. Isn’t that what they say lesser magic is – essentially getting lots of people to focus on something.

    That “gods” are thought forms that have been fed with energy over the aeons is very interesting indeed. It puts the revival of paganism and the western magical tradition in a whole new light. Again this makes me want to turn inward toward “nothingness” even more. This line of thinking also supports ideas like Christ / Buddha consciousness, not that these were necessarily real people or deities, but rather the aligning to the same frequency of these thought forms that countless people over the ages have contributed to.

    I did end up falling into the election black hole last week along with presumably the rest of humanity. Im realizing it’s time to step away from the main narrative again though. I’ve stared into the abyss for too long already, I’m starting to feel like Frodo after he’s worn the ring for too long. Despite what I naively thought initially, it’s starting to look like things aren’t going to change all that much. Civil unrest is being stoked and I’m almost more concerned about where things are headed now than if she had been elected.

    So fuck it. What ever is going to happen will happen. I’m going to (attempt) to avert my gaze from the shit show (at least for a while).

      • I thought it was much longer than it turned out to be. I was actually close to the end when I thought I had much longer to go.

        Anyway, the article solidifies my belief that something “big” is on its way. “They” (or “It” or “Id”) is setting us up. I’m trying to dig into the astrology right now. So far: we have a major solar eclipse due within the year, visible over much of the US, and some hard Jupiter transits with Pluto and Uranus coming up very soon. My astrology is sorely lacking, so I’m a bit handicapped here, but I’m doing my best.

    • Agreed, interesting article. Something is off about everything right now. It all happened too easily.

      At the moment I am inclined to agree with him on Wikileaks and potentially even extending that to the 650k emails that were supposedly discovered on Weiners computer. What’s the game here? It certainly got certain demographics (including ours) riled up.

      At the moment both “sides” are in echo chambers reinforcing their beliefs, becoming more and more fixed in their positions. Did they create a mechanism for those that stepped away from mainstream society to validate their beliefs as well?

      • @PhantomExplorer: It’s possible this was all a setup, even the synchromystic aspects. But that would really require an exquisite attention to detail in order to misdirect what turns out to be a very small community. If there is nothing to “occult” power, why bother with us navel-gazers? But if there is something to it, then the sigilization of this coup would have other, stronger motivations than just creating a box for people like us.

        I tend to think that the orchestration of these events is not being done by humans (or, I should say, human egos and conscious networks thereof) but at a much deeper layer of reality. I think Jasun agreed with that contention on RI, more or less, but I’m not 100% sure.

      • @Yevaud I agree that if these things were seeing are legitimate (and there’s a decent chance they’re not) it’s likely coming from a level outside of our reality. It may not be aimed at “us” but we are the ones paying attention so we’re seeing the fingerprints. Without a doubt though, its not possible for humans to be orchestrating some of the things that we’ve been seeing recently. But again, they could be giant coincidences.

        I’m actually kind of coming around to Jasun’s idea of “it’s us” – in that our attention and consciousness is shaping the outcome of things. At minimum from a thought process standpoint Pepe was a success because it got to the point where HRC actually had to address it. They were successful on at least the most superficial level. Whether it goes deeper than that is anyone’s guess.

      • What is a coincidence? The definition of the word involves the concept of chance and randomness. But what is randomness? Turns out it is not very easy to define what it means, truly, for something to be “random”. To address the concept in a physical context, one needs to get down to the level of thermodynamics (statistical mechanics) and quantum mechanics. Once you’re there, you end up having to deal with what “attention” means, what “consciousness” is/might be. And then you are circling back around to what it means to be “human” at the very deep levels. I could go there again (see an earlier post of Jasun’s, summarizing a conversation I had with him on these topics) but these days I just accept that this is a Real phenomenon of the universe we are inhabiting right now, or at any rate it is a useful model for navigating the universe, and am starting to shift my attention to pragmatic applications. Here, “pragmatic application” translates to how do you survive this shit, physically and (more importantly) spiritually?

      • @yevaud no don’t get me wrong, I agree with that. Im honestly not really one for coincidences. I’m kind of just being cautious. Time and time again I’ve hitched my wagon to something feeling like it’s the answer but inevitably I find there’s another level to it. I’m just trying to not get too attached to explanations / meanings (mostly out of a sense of self preservation) because ineveitably things seem to get turned on their head.

        A specific example of this is that Alex Jones was honestly vindicated on a lot of things throughout this year and coincidentally he also very publicly and vocally promoted one of the major party candidates after years of being an independent. Was this all an effort to bring some of his followers back into the fold? The conspiracy culture has to an extent become mainstream right culture now with Trump being elected (and Bannon in the White House).

        I just started to get a little queasy when I thought about this and started to see the direction Trump is going / being lead. I don’t want to be lead down the primrose path as they say.

        I know this fringe culture isn’t large, but again we’re the ones noticing things…

      • @PhantomExplorer, I didn’t mean to come off argumentative (if I did). I think it’s wise to be mindful not to invest too heavily in one stream of thought. Lord knows, my FB feed is full of that kind of thinking. But one thing that occurs to me in the post-Trump world is that I’ve been waxing philosophical for far too long. I mean, developmentally it may have been necessary, but I think, for me anyway, now is a time that demands more a more committed response.

        Because the “truest” model to me right now seems to be the one based on occult/synchromystic causes, that’s the one I’m hitching my wagon to. At least for now. This, coming from a person who has devoted a career to science/biomedicine/public health, and found my career not to have offered very many levers for making my world a better place. BTW, the folks in my immediate professional environment are freaking out about Trump; I am sympathetic to the pain and confusion my colleagues are suffering, but on a certain level it only reinforces my perception that Science, as an institution, is ultimately quite feeble.

      • @yevaud

        I realized I did read that post of the conversation between you and Jasun. That was really fascinating. Made me think.

        “Because the “truest” model to me right now seems to be the one based on occult/synchromystic causes, that’s the one I’m hitching my wagon to. ”

        Honestly despite my waffling here, I couldn’t agree with this more. I was kind of going to say something like this earlier, but failed to. I’ve been around he block on almost every religion but the occult synchromistic stuff seems to be the only thing that “works” and begins to explain things. It also doesn’t carry the baggage of some of the older traditions. – there’s are all analogies right?

        I’m also very interested in the concept of simulation theory. It would explain a lot and easily allows for most spiritual traditions. I’m also fascinated by the idea that everything is just energy and its a matter of what you align yourself with.

        If you don’t mind, do you have any type of practice? For me it’s basically been meditation and floating in a float tank periodically.

      • @Yevaud re science – I notice how often people who deny or denigrate religion and insist on the superiority of science put science itself on the same kind of pedestal of having all the answers which religion occupies in the lives of those who practice blind faith. It annoys me.

    • @Yevaud – Thank you for that link. For anyone reading who does not know, Liber 777 is the name of the book by Aleister Crowley about a primordial bolt of lightning that split the tree of life, broke the shells, and created the Qliphoth, all related to the Fall of Man. 777 refers to the zigzag shape down the paths at the center of the tree.

      7 is also the number of the celestial ascent, the ascent of kundalini through the 7 chakras.

  7. if only we could get a Kermit/Egypt/time travel image for this.. it would really tie the room together
    it’d work this “conspiracy” around to Disney again.. oh, here it it..
    Kermit finds a time machine in a movie theater..

  8. Trolls saw the opportunity to put the ultimate Troll Prince, Donald Trump, in the White House and so they did what trolls do; they memed the fuck out of the ultimate memeosphere (this internet) until they found one that stuck, a frog in a Trump hat, and then sat back watched the frogs rain in what became a growing tweet storm of Pepe-faced avatars in a chorus of croaking … sounding the Trump-Id (harnessing the Unconscious as trolls wont to do) for the new king, their ribbit robot Preznit Trollmp, andtrolling out the red carpet, like a long unfurling frog tongue, all the way to the White House door.

    But what has this got to do with the yews? …

  9. @PhantomExplorer: It’s possible this was all a setup, even the synchromystic aspects. But that would really require an exquisite attention to detail in order to misdirect what turns out to be a very small community. If there is nothing to “occult” power, why bother with us navel-gazers? But if there is something to it, then the sigilization of this coup would have other, stronger motivations than just creating a box for people like us.

    I tend to think that the orchestration of these events is not being done by humans (or, I should say, human egos and conscious networks thereof) but at a much deeper layer of reality. I think Jasun agreed with that contention on RI, more or less, but I’m not 100% sure.

    Well the contention of this OP and of Kubrickon in general is that the navel-gazers are an essential source of energy-attention to keep the Sorcery Theater going, so there’s plenty of room for concern as regards how much our own explorations are actually dissolving the illusion and how much they are just building more mansions inside our Father house (Matrix 2.0). For me, the key line in the OP is one I added after posting at RI, so you may have missed it: Our best tool is self-examination: since we were engineered by this technology, we can reverse engineer it by deconstructing ourselves.

    The deeper layer of reality relates, I think to our ancestors, who continue to influence us (as living extensions of them), in ways both good & ill. To complicate things further I think there are also ancestral fragments, which may be like constructed ego identities that have retained some illusory autonomy even in death, and are now possessing the living in order to get us to create worlds that will feed them and keep them “alive” indefinitely….

    Maybe this is where Yew comes in: the indispensability of a living connection to Earth to ground that ancestral influence and parse the good from the bad?

  10. Maybe this is where Yew comes in: the indispensability of a living connection to Earth to ground that ancestral influence and parse the good from the bad?


    • LOL (sorry meant KEK).

      Very good point through. The night of the election I went to grab dinner at a restaurant after I voted. I heard an older-middle age couple talking about the election and one of them said “he’s going to drain the swamp” and the other one basically finished the sentence and they pointed at each other like they both had had it as an original thought.

      This is a great example of programming. Sadly most people probably won’t notice that the swamp keeps accumulating frog shit and it isn’t being drained for another 4-7 years.

  11. Do you know how computer virus work? There are many kinds but their purpose is always to change the behavior of the computer (to damage the system, steal information, and lately to use resources to produce bitcoins). A virus is just like the memes you described. It reproduces itself until someone notices. Sometimes you can clean the system, other times is too late to save your work.
    I’m a computer programmer so I always relate life with computers. I know that’s silly but I believe we replicate what we are in what we do.

    • FFS:

      “Trump may say he wants to make peace with Russia, but this is not on Bolton’s agenda. “Vladimir Putin’s Russia is on the prowl in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in ways unprecedented since the Cold War,” he writes.

      Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, has similar thoughts on Russia.

      Bolton forgets Russia was not “on the prowl” prior to the US placing missile batteries on the border in Poland, or before the State Department engineered the takedown of the government in Ukraine.

      He also wants Trump to confront China in the South and East China Seas. “Continued failure to deal firmly with Chinese adventurism and intransigence will result in more Asian states falling under Beijing’s sway, as the Philippines appears to be doing, simply accepting their fate as Middle Kingdom vassals.””

      So much for averting war with Russia. Who’s the wizkid that’s going to brought on to tell us what a great idea TPP is? Apparently there’s no escaping this agenda.

  12. I don’t think we can reverse engineer us. First we need to know the language. A computer only knows 1 and 0. Those are the letters, but there is a language. When you know the language, you can build new things. There are many languages depending how deep you go in a computer. There is a language for the operative system and a very different one for the pretty stuff. There is a special protocol to talk between different languages. This is communication.
    If you know the language you can hack it, change it and create new impossible things.
    For me spirituality reveals the language.
    Reverse engineering never works fully. It leaves blanks and vices that you end filling with new stuff. You never get the original, just a photocopy. And to reverse anything, for sure you must know in what language it was written.

    • really cool. I think we are running in safe mode so we can’t even get to the deep reaches of our system without a lot of tricks. my guess is that out BIOS was hacked and it makes us boot in safe mode. something like that.. see: Snow Crash by establishment-approved sci fi author Neal Stephenson

  13. I bumped into a frog scientist in Goose Bay Labrador once upon a time and the next morning there was a frog in my path. Right on the doorstep of the Lab Inn. Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas by Tom Robbins was a novel I read once upon a time that was amphibiously memed. Frogger, and Frog Bog (intellivision) were games about frogs.

    Master Blaster on NES. Frog?

  14. This slippery meme won’t leave me. The ubiquitous frog. How slick.
    Frogs, being liminal creatures, hop between water & dry ground and can represent movement between unconscious & conscious, living & dead, Underworld & Overworld.

    Frogs are tricksters, too. Changelings from their beginnings, they can make a quick get away with their ability to leap into the air and swim under water. They are often poisonous, even deadly and a few are hallucinogenic.

    Frogs, at least the swamp dwellers, also represent the “souls” of those drowned or disposed of in the morass.

    Liminal tricksters + the spirit of the dead Frog King + the collective spirit of the swamp-drowned + the charm of the internet = Kek’s awakening. If this egregore was intentionally created, it was well crafted.

  15. I believe Kek is an onomatopeia for frog croaking. I remember reading The Frogs by Aristophanes, where the frog chorus sounds are notated in the text as “Brekekekèx-koàx-koáx.”

    • Great connections Fleurdamour! Kabbalah, Voudan, Ancient Greeks!

      And even twilight language cant to get millions chanting! (Like the newzzz chanting Isis, Isis, Isis.)

      This is one of the freakiest meme-egrores since 2012 and the Sand (Sandusky, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook).

      IMHO, I think it is an intentional egrore, well chosen, as frogs are everywhere, the power of coincidence can really build on that.

  16. I’m still mulling over whether this is all sorcery (on the part of the external manifestation of our collective shadow ie. the managers of perception), some kind of ancestral echoes, or an organic manifestation of disenfranchised will, or all (or none) of the above. What I can tell you is right after I read this I took a nap and had the most massive astral travel experience I’ve ever had. Since this article was still fresh in my mind, during my astral experience, I made a concerted effort to gain insight into the nature of this kek issue-and synchromystical meme magic in general. As soon as I thought about it, a “narrator” began talking to me about it (this narrator thing happens to me all the time, especially in daytime naps, once it was even speaking in Jasun’s voice!) but for the life of me I can’t remember what the voice said this time, sorry to say. I guess the transmission shall remain unconscious for the moment. When I woke up, however, this life seemed more like a dream than ever, and I’m left thinking that even if some of these online syncs are externally contrived, that in itself does not exclude the possibility that these happenings aren’t still dreamed by us into reality, because, of course, we are dreaming the manipulators as well.

      • To me the difference is in the physical sensation of leaving my body, whereas in a lucid dream, I’m merely in a dream and suddenly remember that I’m dreaming. Its hard to explain…but today for instance, my astral body- laying there within my physical body-began rolling, face up then face down in place, over and over again superimposed upon/within my physical body (and I actually feel this- I feel the sensation of my body and the bed beneath me, and I sense the weight shift and inertia of rolling over and over). I willed myself to roll off the edge of the bed, dropped and hit the floor, then assumed an upright position and walked away in big, bounding/floating steps. It takes a lot of effort. This is maybe the tenth time I’ve done it. The first time I got so excited it was happening that I instantly ended up back in my body wide awake. Each time I get a little bit better at it. Each time I travel farther. Today I was outside my body for a long time, like exponentially longer than usual, maybe up to an hour and flew around my neighborhood and floated through the forest and eventually came to the edge of a black abyss- the whole nine yards.

  17. I have a theory about archetypes, religion and psychology. I think God is a kind of pure consciousness, a ground emanating infinite thoughtforms, like the way Hindu deities are depicted as dreaming the cosmos into being. I think that when we are described as being in God’s image it is a reference to our ability for consciousness, especially as contained within a limited form, like a flame dancing in a candle wick. God is unmanifest, which is why he does not “appear” directly in this world, it is about limitation and he is limitless. But every speck of this limited universe is sacred because it emanated from the mind of God. We contain and express it, as does everything else in creation. The archetypes seem to me to come from some quantum level of consciousness where such divine thought becomes manifest. I believe all religion is based on the same archetypes, just rearranged in priorities and exact manifestations according to the dictates of whatever culture a specific religion appears in. I also believe that the archetypes take either positive or negative forms depending on the advancement of the being or culture expressing them at any given time, their polarization toward yes/no, good/evil, etc. This is why the same archetypes can appear, quite confusingly, in, say, Christianity and Satanism. In Christianity, the throne of God is depicted as standing on top of the globe. In Satanism, the throne of Lucifer is depicted in exactly the same way. Both are associated with the sun in both life-giving and threatening aspects and both are associated with the North Pole stars as a ladder to a sense of divinity, either for a select few, as the Egyptian pharoahs greedily thought, or for anyone who can worthily earn it, as in spiritual alchemy. I think negative archetypes reflect the projected shadow, the unowned contents of a person or culture, and positive ones reflect a person or culture who has done some work to refine primitive material – fear, tribalism, sociopathy, etc. The celestial ascent archetypal complex is a perfect example, to me, of how the same primal symbols and processes, ie, archetypes, can be expressed in varying cultures worldwide, both negatively and positively. Seven pole stars = 7 chakras = a ladder to the divine, refining our energy in an attempt to reunite with that sacred thought that originated us in the first place. I think the ultimate joke is on those who are “Fallen,” who have forgotten our divine origins, who have evil intent towards their fellow beings. Nothing exists outside of this divine thought paradigm, not even them. So they are fighting themselves, fighting God, to no purpose. If they set a program into motion using the archetypes, I think because of the polarity I mentioned above, it can backfire on them, changing from their negative orientation into a positive one once it leaves their hands if it reaches someone with a refined consciousness attuned to the positive, the highest good. In other words, by trying to keep humanity down, they might accidentally facilitate our ascent.

  18. @Fleurdamour, re: “Trump is a negative father figure. People once again have fallen for the abusive father and think he will save them. Good luck with that.” This is really key, and one of the principal reasons I’ve argued on RI for a deeper and more sensitive understanding of “masculinity” and “Patriarchy”. If there is any such thing as “Patriarchy” (a concept I take some issue with), it is all about the negative father figure. There is a positive father archetype, a nurturing though protective (and sometimes challenging) figure. A good example of the manifestation of this archetype is an academic or professional mentor who has your best interests at heart, sees you as the “next generation” of whatever enterprise you’re both engaged in, counsels you, advocates for you, but also sometimes challenges you (so you can be better). I’m sure one can come up with good examples in a true (biological) fathering context, but since I’m not a biological father I can’t speak personally to that. Point is, that archetype has been completely devalued in this society, many well-meaning people can’t even perceive it, so they lump together all forms of masculinity with “Patriarchy”, whatever their term is for toxic masculinity, the form masculinity takes when it has become unbalanced, where protector becomes abuser. When we are crying out for a positive paternal figure, and all we have are negative ones, we gravitate to the abuser, because that’s all there is.

    • Or the negative father imago in our psyche magnetizes to a similar figure in real life. That’s why child abuse is so horrible, the abuser becomes part of the victim and rampages at will in the psyche like a golem.

      I think part of the deal of this existence is that we develop ourselves and giving over to a daddy figure what you should take responsibility for in your own adult life is a recipe for literal self destruction.

      • Re: taking responsibility… While it’s true that the adult individual ultimately needs to take responsibility for himself or herself, appropriate mentoring is key to success in that endeavor. Good mentoring is the single most important factor in professional success. Intelligence and work ethic have much less to do with it. All of my career frustrations can ultimately be traced to poor mentoring early on in my career, and whatever degree of success I may have at the moment is owed to one or two excellent mentors who appears on the scene later. The myth of the “individual” going it alone is part of the problem. It’s impossible. You can’t get anywhere without good parenting/mentoring. Or at least, it’s much harder. That is one of the ultimate tragedies of child abuse: it sets the child up for failure right from the beginning.

      • @Yevaud – I see a difference between seeking healthy mentoring and just rolling over and saying ‘Daddy fix it’ so one can wallow in unconsciousness which is what I think the Trump voters just did. I agree about the mentoring, I suffer from the same problem. My father died when I was five and I experience a persistent lack of mentoring support. We do the best we can.

  19. @Fleurdamour: regarding “models”, I am reminded of the adage “all models are wrong, some are useful”. I agree that many historical metaphysical models have a lot of unnecessary baggage (although some of what seems “unnecessary” actually represent leverage points). Conventional science as a model offers a huge number of leverage points for manipulating material reality, but very few for influencing internal/psychic/spiritual matters and none at all for influencing Reality itself (whatever that is). I think chaos magick represents the greatest freedom for creating your own leverage points, but because these leverage points aren’t attached to much astral power (because they are “new”), the onus is more on you to power them. So, many props to the 4chan trolls if they really did set out consciously to power Pepe/Kek through meme magick (even though I’m not too happy with the ultimate result).

    Regarding practices, I grew up with astrology, tarot, and Theosophy, so a lot of basic knowledge and familiarity comes from my upbringing. I basically rebelled against it all in my teens and 20s, and have only now (in my 40s) come back to spiritual practices based in these ideas (or related) very slowly. I try to meditate every day, ideally for at least 20 minutes but when I have more time I try to target an hour. I cycle through a few different forms of meditation (mindfulness, trataka, a simple karma yoga exercise, and stuff I might loosely call qigong but is really more just energy manipulation). When I’m feeling athletic I’ll also do some hatha yoga, but I’m not very good at it, and it’s fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks due to work and Trump.

  20. @Fleurdamour, what you just wrote about archetypes seems quite true. In reading the part about the futility of evil (“Nothing exists outside of this divine thought paradigm, not even them”), I am reminded of the first chapter of Tolkien’s Silmarillion. God has the choir of angels play his grand musical oeuvre, Malkuth insists on creating dissonance out of rebellion, but that was all part of the plan to begin with!

    • I’ve been studying Parzival and in it the Grail is a philosopers stone object. The Manichaean interpretation of it is of a stone fallen from Lucifers crown that is redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ, They are kind of one and the same, the Fallen and the Redeemed, two sides of the same coin. That was considered heretical and still would freak out some Christians but it actually comes from the ancient shamanic dual solar God religion. Can’t have one without the other because they are one and the same. I was talking to Jasun about how I think the ‘satanic’ is this negatively polarized abuser mentality. I think it’s supreme irony that a lot of ‘Christians’ just basically elected the Antichrist, a man who hates everyone.

      • I’ve been thinking about that. Revelation speaks of a deception so great even the elect are deceived. Trump would certainly fit the bill.

        Out of curiosity I did a search on YouTube for Trump Great Deceltion and not a whole lot came up.

        There are conspiracy people out there that are yelling that we’ve been played by both sides (it’s amazing how many aren’t yet seeing it though), but I don’t see any christians doing it yet.

        I think the main reason for this is that Hillary Clinton was built up into this Satan figure through all the wrong doing she did over the years, only compounded by the spirit cooking / pizza stuff. Trump got her out of the way and given the two was the better choice in my opinion, but if doesn’t mean trumps presidency is going to save the world, in all honesty I think it’s going to be quite the opposite.

        I’m starting to think this is by design. Bring in someone who has no experience but is so arrogant he thinks he can do it. Hell destroy everything (Sarah palin is rumored as interior secrstery) and then people will be begging for globalism.

        So yes Chrisitisns literally just elected the antichrist.

    • I don’t know how much you know about sleep paralysis, but I’ve found that that state of consciousness can serve as the jumping off point for astral travel. Once you conquer the fear of the paralysis state, and get past the fact that sometimes there are “things” in the room with you (regardless of whether they are autonomous and real, hallucinated, or fractured parts of one’s own psyche), you can begin to travel. Will is key too (for me at least). Knowing where the will is, where it emanates from in the core of our being- the deepest center of gravity in the center of your stomach. I focus my will from that location and use it to steer myself around. If you’ve ever been paralyzed while sleeping, you are very close to astral traveling.

      • It provides thrilling experience, just as psychedelics can. But I haven’t found my astral journeys to have had any long-term gains. I wouldn’t recommend trying to have those experiences, or taking them too seriously when they happen. Super-Ego + Id = S-id-ees?

  21. I have taken this election in stride for the most part, surprised very little by anything. But today I heard Paul Ryan on TV talking about how hard this Congress is going to work and how productive it’s going to be in order to accomplish things more than any Congress in recent memory and my entire nervous system lit up with incandescent rage. This after 8 years of an obstructionist do nothing Congress that literally shut the government down, the boy wonder gets the lead out. And spoken with such clueless sincerity as though someone besides hiim and his cronies were responsible for the lack of progress.

  22. I haven’t followed the kek meme, or the online political discussion where it shows up. In fact, this OP was the first conscious encounter for me. Though, I did read an article yesterday that referenced throwing frogs around, but I didn’t understand the connection.

    For me, when I saw “kek” here, the immediate mental/memory link went back to my time plugged in to the World of Warcraft(WoW). That’s a virtual reality online video game that has a shared experience between millions of players at the same time. It also happens to be full of mythos, occult narrative, psychologically compromised-character story arcs and many other mass psyche-engineering schemes embedded in player action and interaction, and within the framework of the operating system itself.

    In the game, “Kek” is a translation of “lol,” which you would read if your character did not belong to a faction that knew the language of orcs(The troll race knows it), which were green-skinned and had exagerrated facial features, particularly the gaping mouth. Writing “kek” instead of “lol” became an in-game meme essentially from the first year of the game, 2004. Apparently, the game designers chose “kek” because that is the Korean form of “hah”( hahaha/jajaja/kekeke). Koreans have a big influence because of the game Starcraft(different storylines, many similar psyche themes), by the same company, is the national passtime there, as an e-sport(like we have football). Thousands will watch a game match of a few players. This passtime has extended through online culture.

    I googled “kek wow”

    I spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hours in that reality. I like to tell myself it wasn’t wasted time. I certainly find connections, coincidences, parallels, ect. to this reality all the time. Undoubtedly, I learned and/or reinforced impotence(in many ways) as a male in this shared narrative. Leaving my hero status there was my first conscious experience of liminality. Luckily, I was primed to move on to be a “real” hero in the military. I’m tolerating the liminal more honestly this time, having left another holo structure.

    I googled “korean frog”

    • Not to keep harping on the same note in so many of my comments, but the medieval book Parzival has the same basic idea of men both against and above time. The three knights Parzival, Gawain and Feirefiz all struggle in material reality but become solar heroes, elevated to a realm called Anschau which is the space of eternity, outside of or transcended from normal time. That book influenced Wagner, who in turn influenced Hitler. I think it contains ideas that are ancient and Indo-Aryan, It clearly discusses chakras and kundalini, and has a Kali figure.


        Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: कलियुग [kəli juɡə], lit. “age of [the demon] Kali”, or “age of vice”) is the last of the four stages the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas described in the Sanskrit scriptures, within the present Mahayuga. The other ages are called Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, and Dvapara Yuga.

        Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali (not to be confused with the goddess Kālī). The “Kali” of Kali Yuga means “strife”, “discord”, “quarrel” or “contention”.

        According to Puranic sources,[1] Krishna’s departure marks the end of Dvapara Yuga and the start of Kali Yuga, which is dated to 17/18 February 3102 BCE.[2]

        In Hinduism, Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि; lit. destroyer of filth) is the tenth avatar of the god Vishnu in the current Mahayuga, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the current epoch. The Purana scriptures foretell that Kalki will be atop a white horse with a drawn blazing sword. He is the harbinger of the end time in Hindu eschatology, after which he will usher in Satya Yuga.

  23. Perfect examples of coincidence, random1234. “If this is done consciously and the obsession happens to coordinate with the trend and tendency of the time, a lot more “coincidental ” magnification will by forthcoming. Coincidence can by summoned. It’s a matter of attention and timing”. Michael A. Hoffman II

  24. I was watching Sister Wendy Beckett the art history nun and she analyzed this painting:

    It made me think about how many medieval artists depicted demons as frogs (there are lots of frogs in the painting). The Bible mentions plagues of frogs and unclean spirits as frogs. Some theologians think that that literal demonization is a reaction of the Hebraic peoples to their capitivity under Egypt, where more than one god was depicted with a frog head. A lot of prohibitions in Judaism seem to be direct reactions to the Egyptian and the Babylonian capitivities. I read something that every food considered treif, non-kosher, is sacred to one or another Mediterranean religious tradition, I may have seen that in The White Goddess by Robert Graves. It makes sense psychologically to define yourself as the opposite of someone who is oppressing you.

  25. Jasun,
    Wordman here. A quick note to alert you to something that you’ve probably already heard through the grapevine, but as of a couple of hours ago (on Nov.22 – how ironic) the entire “Pizzagate” subreddit has been vanished down the memory hole by the powers that be at Reddit. See the actual wording here: as loudly as they can

    Dare I say this reeks of the Levenda/Aquino mandates and protocols? By all means, God forbid we should have any “witchhunts.” or should I say honest investigations. All those photos, all that research. Gone. Sure, I know that it’s been saved and archived in hopefully, thousand of places, but the point remains.

    I find all of this incredibly “opportune” in that it follows almost immediately on the news that the vaunted NYTimes has openly decreed all of the Pizzagate emails, wikileaks, photos, twitter feeds, and wording as “FAKE NEWS” as loudly as they can, instead of comprehensively vetting the info. Also amazing (or not so much) that this is happening directly on the heels of the breaking news today that an FBI source now places both Podesta brothers in Portugal on the EXACT night of the McCann disappearance:

    Supposedly both can be physically placed with 1/3 of a mile of the resort. Further information coming out now places the 2 brothers, Anthony Weiner, and Gislaine Maxwell ALL in Praia de Luz on May 3, 2007 and all just happen to match perfectly the sketches UK police released to the public in 2013 as “persons of interest” in the ongoing investigation. Does this place the young McCann girl squarely in the sharp teeth of the Epstein network? The farther we venture down this road, the more sense it makes that Hillary, Podesta, et al chose to “bleachbit” all the info they could get their hands on.

    I think we all need to bunker down; this ride is only going to get rougher and rougher. And this story is far from over. That all of this scrubbing happens to be taking place on yet another Nov.22 in history, well, they love to send their messages, don’t they? Keep your head down but keep firing Jasun. We all need to remember that the flak is always heaviest when you’re over the target.

  26. Related info…a little Reddit heads up. Admins busted changing posts *directly*.

    Bonus synch stuff on this one:

    “It’s a real breach of trust with the users. Removing a post is one thing. Changing the content without consent, falsely attributing thoughts an opinions to someone, this is beyond the pale.”

    It’s suspected that admins themselves made controversial posts that resulted in the deletion of the subreddit.

    “Wow, so they can literally just edit someone’s post and make it say whatever they want? That’s scary. Full-on Orwellian. Makes me wonder if maybe they posted the alleged doxxing themselves just to have an excuse to shut down r/pizzagate.”

    “As a now former mod, I am convinced that is what actually happened.”

    “Ding ding ding. Apparently that is what looks like happened as someone got unmuted who posted that doxxing info.”

    “The admins were unmuting people we had muted in /pizzagate. I found it really odd why they would do that.
    We muted them for a reason and some were unmuted the same day they were banned”

  27. Thanks for keeping me abreast, guyz; see also this:

    Transcript: >>8281986 I’m under a gag order. I admit, I’m in fear for my life. I finally worked up the courage to break it. I can’t let the global pedophile ring continue to harm innocent children. I can’t let potential leakers hoping to expose it be identified. We have hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from secret think tanks. We have proof of child exploitation of children in Haiti and the U.K. by the Clinton Foundation. Child exploitation in EVERY COUNTRY is run by the same people at the top. We have proof that the drug market is controlled by intelligence agencies to fund black projects. We received these leaks from several sources including the NSA, FBI, NYPD, France’s DGSI, Interpol, Scotland Yard, and Switzerlands MND. Our Podesta leaks were automated and they decided to let them continue because they knew the contents and did not deem them a threat to national security, and they wanted to keep up the charade that WikiLeaks was still operational. Phase 3, the Clinton Foundation emails, were also automated; however, they shut these leaks down due to national security (U.S.) security. Several prominent people, including leaders of foreign governments (France, Italy, China) are implicated in the pedophile ring. If this information is released, entire Governments will collapse bringing the world economy with it. The destruction of WikiLeaks was an unprecedented global effort. ”

    “There is a silent war that’s been raging in the U.S. since 2001 between various intelligence agencies. Edward Snowden’s leaks were intended as a “nuclear bomb” by the CIA to discredit the NSA and have them dismantled due to public outrage.
    The CIA is at war with the NSA due to an exponential rise in technology and surveillance capabilities. The NSA became aware of the CIA’s global government manipulation, especially the manipulation of the U.S. and U.K. governments, and their global child exploitation and blackmail network. The CIA and the people they protect are the old power structure.
    The NSA became the new power structure and a competitor because technology and the information they can harvest. The NSA is under the control of technocratic trans-humanist types. Edward Snowden’s revelations did not harm the NSA.
    Phase 3, the Clinton Foundation emails, would have dealt a huge blow to the old power structure which is why they prevented the release of the emails at all costs. If there was any question about Julian’s safety, he would immediately appear at the balcony window to the public. He would not want the reputation and credibility of WikiLeaks to be in question.”

  28. Jasun, how does it feel to run a “fake news site”?

    I’m in stunned disbelief that we’re actually at the point where the powers that be are actually dictating what is real news and what isn’t. But here we are :-/

  29. Hmmm. The fundamental assumption made within your argument is that the origin of the gods was a consciously made decision on order for the wanting power to get and maintain it. I think that that is an untenable assumption. It assumes a level of conscious awareness on the part of the manipulators and of unawareness on those being manipulated.

    I suspect that both parties are participating in the ‘game” as largely unconscious beings. An interesting book for you to read is On the Origins and History of Consciousness by Eric Neumann.

    The question/challenge becomes more about owning that unconsciousness by removing our projection of it onto the other. That skips past the puzzle of why and what and how consciousness is and what about us is able to distinguish between the two states.

  30. Not sure I understand this; I didn’t rule out unconscious motivations for the consciously made decision, only that there was one (or the appearance of one). If a group chooses to deceive a community, then by definition they have awareness that the deceived do not have (as long as they are effective). This doesn’t rule out unconscious complicity on both sides. I think you’re mixing up levels, one sociological, the other psychological. The interplay between the two is what much of this blog addresses. You turned it into an either/or proposition, i.e, either we function at a social level or a psychological level. Or maybe I’m missing something due to your use of language.

    Perhaps a different way to make your point would be to say that the mass that is being manipulated could be unconsciously directing the small elite into creating narratives which they, the mass, can then animate with their belief and so be comfortably enslaved to, putting all the burden of herding and steering the community onto that small few? That I can buy, since it’s a complementary theory, rather than a competing one.

  31. Khemet D. Frog (D=Divine/Destroy according to SA, the note D=Sol, D=Daleth/Empress “trump” also door/opening/lowliness+elevation, 3, Resh/Zain=the note D, also 4, like 4 elements/corners/Dimensions/forces, etc [YHVH, to cause to become, 4 words]) and we could go on and on (and on and on). Had the thought that it’s all potency, it’s all generative, fractal, infinite, “And nothing else Matters” (also four words).

  32. I was wondering if Islam is being spread by our “betters” because the adherents of that religion are easier to brainwash & control? Is that what our owners want? A world full of more malleable slaves?

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