Repackaging Satan: Satan Schools, Secularism, Superstition, & Neoliberal Scapegoating


(Thanks to Mike B for bringing my attention to this)

After School Satan

A word of introduction: my recent research—and to a degree my own family history—has of necessity led me to recognize certain practices and philosophies that involve deliberate child sexual abuse for supposed “spiritual” (ritualistic) ends, as in the case of MK-ULTRA and what has become known as Satanic Ritual Abuse. This latter is something I am convinced is real, though the adjective Satanic seems, at least some of the time, to be both superfluous and obfuscating. It’s possible for example that Satanism, in the context of ritualized abuse, is less a belief or a philosophy than a means to trap the attention with the more garish and fantastic aspects of the abuse. This could work both in terms of how this sort of archaic imagery psychologically impacts the victims, and how it then colors their recollections of the abuse, making them sound “beyond belief.” To this extent I am, or try to be, on the fence about Satanism as a set of beliefs, just as I try to be about Christianity. Neither are for me, but this doesn’t mean that they might not work for some people, at least some of the time.

A recent Disinfo article by Jessica Thorne stated that “Satanism’s focus is more on worship of one’s self.” The Thorne piece emphasized the centrality of rebellion to the Satanic credo, along with a Richard Dawkins-like rejection of the supernatural, which Thorne insisted has no place in the exclusively rationalistic religion of Satanism. The article concluded with this statement:

Overall, [Satanists’] mission is to “encourage benevolence and empathy among all people.” So, Satanism isn’t the devil-worshipping black magic occult religion bible-thumpers may lead you to believe, it is just a bunch of people who believe in themselves above all.

The audacious reinvention—or at least repackaging—of Satanism which Thorne’s article partakes of has apparently been successful: The Satanic Temple recently announced the establishment of After School Satan Clubs for children “in public elementary schools across the nation this school year.” According to the ASSC website:

All After School Satan Clubs are based upon a uniform syllabus that emphasizes a scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious world view. While the twisted Evangelical teachings of The Good News Clubs “robs children of the innocence and enjoyment of childhood, replacing them with a negative self image, preoccupation with sin, fear of Hell, and aversion to critical thinking,” After School Satan Clubs incorporate games, projects, and thinking exercises that help children understand how we know what we know about our world and our universe.

The ASSC makes it clear it is not advocating for religious teaching in schools, but only acting to  correct “an environment in which one religious voice enjoys the exclusive benefit of delivering its teachings to the children.” Its aim is “to ensure that plurality and true religious liberty are respected.” As such, the ASSC program of The Satanic Temple seems to have come about expressly as a reaction against the preponderance of Christian Good News Clubs in US schools. The Satanic Temple is

not interested in operating After School Satan Clubs in school districts that are not already hosting the Good News Club. However, The Satanic Temple ultimately intends to have After School Satan Clubs operating in every school district where the Good News Club is represented. . . . To be clear, the pre-existing presence of evangelical after school clubs not only established a precedent for which school districts must now accept Satanic groups, but the evangelical after school clubs have created the need for Satanic after school clubs to offer a contrasting balance to student’s extracurricular activities.

After School Satan Clubs are “operated by local chapters of The Satanic Temple by volunteer members who have been vetted by the Executive Ministry for professionalism, social responsibility, superior communication skills, and lack of criminal history.” According to its website:

The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will. Civic-minded, The Satanic Temple has been involved in a number of good works including taking a stand against the controversial and extremist Westboro Baptist Church, working on behalf of children in public school who have been subject to corporal punishment and more. . . . The Satanic Temple (TST) facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty.[1]

Scientific Rationalism Advocates 


This latest mainstream manifestation of the “satanic” has lead me think about how Satanism is probably the least defined and least understood of all religions, and about just how little we know of its practitioners. This present campaign, for example (and possibly The Satanic Temple too), seems to be more of a secular “stunt” whose aim is to remove religion from US schooling entirely by a soft form of “terror” tactics: if you want to allow religious coercion of your children, this is what you get. If so, then The Satanic Temple isn’t actually made up of satanists but atheists for whom Satanism is the closest they can get to a religious position, namely, one that is opposed to the dominant religion. One problem with this stance is that Satanism is a religion or else it is nothing at all, just a stunt. Another problem is that it presupposes the total irrelevance of religious symbolism, an assumption which flies in the face of thousands of years of history in which religious symbolism and belief in it have been one of the primary driving forces behind human behavior. If we rule out the purely instinctual drives, then it has probably been the primary one.[2]

So it is unclear, to me at least, whether these satanists worship Satan, or whether they only worship scientistic rationality and “Satan” is a jokey symbol for that preference. Perhaps is it both, or sometimes one and sometimes the other? Or, as I think was the case with the much-revered Aleister Crowley, perhaps they claim to be approaching the subject scientifically and rationally when in fact they are being driven by the same kind of religious fervor which they profess to despise in evangelical Christians?

Returning to the ASSC website:

Satanism is a religion that endorses scientific rationalism as our best model for understanding the natural world. Just as a moral sense of altruism exists independent of any religious construct, scientific rationalism is the best method for understanding our physical universe, regardless of what religion we identify with. A religion need not make exclusive claim to a value, ethical principle, or practice, to advocate its advance.

This is a very peculiar, and peculiarly brazen, contradiction in terms, for if Satanism as a religion endorses scientific rationalism then how, exactly, is it a religion, and what does it have to do with Satan (who is obviously not a scientific or a rational proposition)? Why not simply called it Scientific Rationalism? The answer, I think, has to do with the fact that, while Satanism may endorse scientific rationalism, and even practice it to some degree (and maybe even worship it), it is not 100% restricted to it. There are aspects of Satanism (those that have to do with Satan!) that surely don’t come under the banner of scientific rationalism? Or is it not safe to say that Richard Dawkins is unlikely to come out as a Satanist anytime soon, unless it be in the nudge-nudge, wink-wink style of the ASSC video.

An Unholy Inquisition: Is Satanism the Neoliberal Religion?

So what is with that video anyway? It seems to present Satanism as a scientific rationalists’ way of thumbing their noses at the silliness of Christian credulity. But if it’s a joke, what’s the reasoning behind it? Obviously The Temple of Satan isn’t aiming its campaign at Christian parents because there would be no point. If the video is aimed at Christians at all, it seems meant to fan the flames of moral panic, in the hope of making them react exactly as the Satanists want people to see Christians: as humorless hysterics who see devils hiding behind every artifact of neoliberal modernity. For the neoliberal, atheist parents, the video is a joke they can laugh with. It seems to be saying, “Look how silly those Christians are and look how we can make fun of ourselves, how wrong they are about us! Satanism is the opposite of this stupid, spooky, religious stuff, and it’s loads of fun too!”

Okay, but: if The Satanic Temple is sincerely using Satanic imagery in this video, and maybe even Satanic principles in their quasi-religion, to show people how silly Evangelicals are and to prove that rationalism conquers all, then I think they have made a leap of faith easily as audacious as belief in the Virgin Birth or the Holy Trinity. The images, words, and beliefs which make up the body of Satanism, old and new, have to have come from somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether it gets called the archetypal realm, the hidden dimensions, or the collective unconscious, whatever this reservoir of human experience actually IS, it’s immeasurably older, deeper, and vaster than the flimsy veneer of scientistic rationalism or secularism that’s being promoted by the Satanic education agenda. So to use these symbols believing they will only resonate with stupid, credulous people is to dismiss practically the entire body of humanity prior to the past few decades as stupid and credulous and beneath serious, scientific-rationalist consideration.

Scientific Rationality Advocates want to shut the lid on humanity’s “superstitious” past, which would include our shared ancestry and a large portion of our unconscious life. Trying to argue this to the SRA-ers maybe futile, however, because I am not sure terms like the past, ancestry, or unconscious life have any meaning to the neoliberal rationalist “set.” Strangely, the ASSC presents Satanism as a kind of politically correct, neoliberalist religion for anyone interested in real progress; and yet Satanism in its pure form is anything but divorced from our primal origins. It celebrates carnal desire and places man among the beasts, albeit, in agreement with the Neoliberal perspective, at the evolutionary apex. What makes this modern neoliberal übermensch so persuaded of hir superiority over the ancestors and other animals? The conviction that scientific rationalism is somehow a less superstitious, faith-based set of beliefs than the beliefs of their ancestors. Which is probably what human beings have always believed, as they struggled to divorce themselves from the past through the assertion of a belief in Jehovah, Christ, Newton, Marx, or “individual freedom,” or whatever was the current “enlightenment” of the time.

This politically correct new form of “secular” Satanism wants to dismiss religious beliefs as atavistic delusions that any thinking person ought to be able to move past once and for all, simply by deciding to do so. This is like telling a lifelong drunk that all he has to do is make up his mind to stop drinking. It’s puerile, and, like dismissing a thousand generations of ancestors as superstitious idiots, it’s the very opposite of an empathic approach to our shared human experience.[3] A person becomes an alcoholic not through rational choice but because of factors in their past that compel them to act self-destructively at an unconscious level. A person adopts a set of beliefs at the same level, if not for the same reason, which means that, at base, all belief is “religious” belief, and that one man’s idea of rationality is always going to be another man’s idea of dementia. Whatever’s being stirred in the unconscious by the imagery in the ASSC video, or by the “barbaric” names of Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and so on, drives people into real forms of behavior that have real consequences, exactly as Christianity does. It is also generally the same sorts of pathological behavior which Satanism Redux seems committed to eradicating though its Unholy Inquisition.

Debunking the Unconscious

Jesus satan dance

So what does Satanism Redux want to eradicate, and how does it aim to do so? In the simplest terms, Christianity is (supposed to be) about surrendering one’s will to God’s. Satanism is (supposed to be) the opposite of this: the rejection of any power that is not oneself, autonomy, self-determination, and so on. The Christian view of Satanism is as lacking in nuance or complexity as the Satanist view of Christianity (as if there were only one kind!): since Christians can only view Satanism through a Christian lens, they presume it is about worship of Satan as a deity who is competing with their own. At bottom, I guess they’d be right about this, since Satan is a Christian concept that only has meaning or resonance in that context, i.e., in opposition to Christian beliefs. This implies that most, if not all, Satanists are Christians in denial, rebelling against their programming the only way they can: unconsciously. Secular-type satanists, the scientistic, Dawkins-types, for their part, seem to view Christianity through that lens, and only see its contradictions and fanaticism while failing to see the kernel of truth in it, which is that self-worship really IS akin to devil-worship (a destructive path both to self and others), and that true empathy is only possible by surrendering to the greater part of our being, surrendering to the whole of life. Since this greater portion of our being is unconscious, it gets dressed up in religious iconography, which distorts and obscures it, but still points in the general direction of something real. The rationalistic idea of individuality seems to stem from a fragmented, ego consciousness which itself depends on a suppression of our greater being, and so is a form of bondage. “Individual freedom”—a relatively modern concept—seems to me to be a kind of oxymoronic ideal. There may be no freedom for the self, only freedom from (the illusion of) it.

Philosophical speculation aside, one thing seems clear to me: satanists (or Satanists) can only be this brazen, and this effective, in selling their religion to parents because the reality of ritual abuse—and of the psychic fragmentation it causes—has been so well debunked. As I demonstrated in a previous article, ritual abuse is a documented historical reality and has at least some proven overlap with Satanism as a practiced religion. If these are really secular satanists having a bit of a laugh while seriously intending to restore reason to American schools, they are also the sort of people who would scoff at the idea of ritual abuse or that Satanism as an actual religion has anything truly diabolic about it. Would an organization that knows the truth about ritual abuse promote itself in this way unless they were complicit with it, or at least approving of it? Who on earth would want to associate with something that horrific except real (non-secular) Satanists?

It’s ironic to note, then, that the primary selling point of the “Satanism in schools” campaign (bolded on its front page) seems to be “exemptions against corporal punishment & solitary confinement in schools.” This links to another site, that of the Protect Children Project whose declared aim is “First Amendment protection to support children who may be at risk for being subjected to mental or physical abuse in school by teachers and administrators through the use of solitary confinement, restraints, corporal punishment, and bathroom deprivation.” More ironic still, perhaps, though also consistent with rationalism’s blanket denial of the unconscious aspect of human experience, The Satanic Temple’s child-protection campaign includes a dedicated attempt to debunk ritual abuse, trauma-based amnesia, and dissociative identity disorder: by blaming it all on abusive therapists cruelly exploiting patients (including children) and turning them into helpless receptacles for their own twisted sexual fantasies! The Satanic Temple site is linked to sister sites whose goal is to discredit ritual abuse survivor testimony, push false memory syndrome, and write off dissociate identity disorder—and even the whole concept of suppressed memory—as the diabolical fantasies of irresponsible therapists and crazed Christians:

Throughout the 80s and 90s there was a moral panic against Satanic Cults that turned out to be nothing more than a delusion-fueled conspiracy theory. As with the alien abduction phenomenon, therapists were compelling their clients to confabulate false memories under hypnosis. While we now know that this process of creating false memories can be very damaging to individuals and has never been known to draw forth accurate recall, we find therapists still endorsing this practice and even still continuing to spread conspiracy theories related to Satanic cults […] The Grey Faction seeks to expose therapeutic pseudoscience and bring an end to its practice. (Sarah Ponto Rivera quoted at Emphasis added)

Another linked site has an interview with Douglas Mesner at the main page about “Satanic Panic,” called “They Should Live in Infamy for What They Have Done”:

Mesner discusses the shameful mental health scandal of Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder — a diagnostic classification that persists in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association despite being debunked by the best available contemporary empirical evidence, and despite the very evident harmful effects of the imaginary condition’s so-called treatment. Mesner speaks of his own experiences in documenting the pseudoscientific psychotherapeutic subculture of dissociative disorders, and reveals how, at its core, it is a subculture that is driven by, and dependent upon, Conspiracy Theory of the most paranoid delusional kind.

The question of why these delusional Conspiracy Therapists are so driven to infect helpless children with their fantasies—of where this irrational fear of satanic child abuse comes from in the first place, what these fantasies are sourced in—remains conveniently ignored as usual (along with all the documented evidence for the reality of this “paranoid delusion”). Apparently it’s enough just to know that Christians are crazy fucked up people who like to get lost in sordid sexual fantasies about Satan and then try and inflict them on the rest of us reasonable people. And of course they blame the most rational folk of all: those empathic, child-protecting Satanists! The head spins just trying to wrap itself around this cosmic Rubik’s cube.

So what then of the parents who, I presume, are going along with this craziness and thinking it’s all just a cool idea? Is it because, in an insane world what seems craziest of all starts to seem like the only way out? Is it that the fevered distortions of intolerably backward Christian fanatics have to be met and matched somehow, and that neoliberalism just doesn’t have the necessary fangs to take on that beast? Are these parents being driven by sheer desperation into the idea that Satanism is a kooky religion that at least knows how kooky religion is, and that, in its true form, it is really all about freedom from dogma, rationality, self-determination and empowerment? If so, once again this can only be because these parents are clueless about the reality of unconscious archetypes, and of ritual abuse, which they have instead chalked up to Christian hallucinations, making Christians the ultimate abusers. If so, they have missed the forest for the trees. Take a few steps back and it’s impossible not to see that Satanism and Christianity are made up of exactly the same religious principles, only that they are emphasized and applied differently.

Morris Berman describes this sort of thing in A Question of Values:

Negative identity is a phenomenon whereby you define yourself by what you are not. This has enormous advantages, especially in terms of the hardening of psychological boundaries and the fortification of the ego: one can mobilize a great deal of energy on this basis and the new nation [the US] certainly did. . . . The downside . . . is that this way of generating an identity for yourself can never tell you who you actually are, in the affirmative sense. It leaves, in short, an emptiness at the center, such that you always have to be in opposition to something, or even at war with someone or something, in order to feel real.

J’Accuse: An Infant Rebellion

In etymological terms, Satan means accuser, which suggests an identity that exists exclusively in opposition to, and judgment of, something or someone else.  As the French philosopher Rene Girard has argued, Satan is that within us that scapegoats. As well as scientific rationalism, the Satanic doctrine proscribes self-interest above all else, albeit now a new, kinder, gentler, empathic self-interest! It encourages the assertion of personal desire and the worship of self, and along with these things, a constant form of rebellion against everything that gets in the way of our self-gratification. This ideal—even if it were truly desirable, which I think is questionable—is every bit as unlivable as the Christian commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself. It is like the flip side of a coin that never gets to land.

As a personal aside, I grew up very close to this sort of “Satanic” ideology, in a wealthy, intellectually elitist, liberal-socialist, atheist family, and I can say with confidence that there is nothing remotely liberating (or genuinely rebellious) about self-worship or the gratification of desire. It is closer to a form of slow suicide. Certainly, there is no possibility of benevolence or empathy in it, although I suppose a “Satanic” ego (a negative identity) can learn to imitate the appearance of these things to get what it wants. The best predators know how to put their prey at ease, and putting parents at ease about handing their kids over to Satan seems to be the primary goal behind the ASSC campaign. What better way to be trusted with people’s children than to start a child-protection agency? The same thing happened across the UK, when child care homes were used to traffic in children for sexual and other, even more horrific purposes, so there is a precedent for this kind of strategy. It is called wolves in sheep’s clothing. The odd new wrinkle is that the wolves are wearing wolves’ clothing, and claiming to be sheep underneath.

For the record, I am not equating practicing Satanists with child abuse, ritual or otherwise. Probably 98% of Satanists are no more faithful to the precepts of the satanic than 98% of Christians are true to the teachings of Christ. Christians have been accusing Satanists of child abuse for decades; apparently it’s time for Satanists to turn the tables and accuse Christians of the same. (At least they are living up to their etymological meaning this way!) Yet ironically, the idea that Christianity and Satanism are two sides of the same coin may be truer than we think, at least in the case of Satanists who are also ritual abusers and practicing Christians by day. In this regard, it makes sense if this current crop of friendly Satanists are now promoting empathy and benevolence: they are behaving like unconscious Christians! But however innocent they may be of the more extreme Satanic practices, and however ignorant of their cultural reality, I can’t help but think that these proud, self-identified secular Satanists are not entirely exempt from the implications of the “faith they advocate.” I would like to think they’d be appalled to know the sorts of historical abuses with which Satanism has been associated, or that these abuses are every bit as horrendous as those for which they condemn Christianity. Perhaps they would even be appalled to the point of renouncing their teenage-rebel religion, along with their faith-based rationalism, and scurry back to the drawing board. When we adopt an ideology, it is invariably for unconscious reasons, not rational ones (though the two are not always mutually exclusive). To be part of a pack is one primary reason, and the satanic pack does seem to be growing rapidly in numbers. And every pack requires a scapegoat to bind it together. That’s unconscious rationalism at work.

I suspect this is not simply a matter of the wolf in sheep’s clothing but of Jekyll and Hyde: when what is repressed, denied, resisted, or rebelled against is pushed into the unconscious, it eventually takes possession of us. And while we naively think we are shaping the ideology to suit our souls, the ideology has been busy shaping us from before we were born. By dismissing the unconscious and its contents—our shared human past—as religious superstition, secularism has banished religious superstition into its own unconscious, and so become possessed by it. Satanism—embodying of the Satanic—may be a way to become complicit with that process, which at least suggests the possibility of becoming conscious of our complicity with these “dark forces.” But I think this can only really happen when we are willing to call a devil a devil and face the true horror—the infantile nature—of our “rebellion.” Like childhood nightmares, it’s a horror no amount of scientific rationalism can protect us from. Nor should we want it to.


[1] Also at the site, The Satanic Temple describes its “seven fundamental tenets. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason. The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions. One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone. The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own. Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs. People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused. Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.”

[2] Satanism isn’t a formalized religion with a history that can be tracked in the way other religions can be. It doesn’t even have a formalized doctrine, unless we attribute one to Crowley or Anton LaVey or whoever. And if Satanism in some of its manifestations does include ritual abuse and ritual sacrifice, none of that is going make it into the log-books of practicing Satanists, for obvious reasons. Add to that the fact that, if Satanism did or does exist as a formal religion that entails ritual abuse & sacrifice, etc., then practicing Satanists are not likely to self-identify as such, at least until such a time as it can all pass as a secularist joke against Christians and/or a rationalist-based religion (whatever that is)…. As for what written material there is about Satanic beliefs, I think the seemingly benign philosophical premises, the ones I am familiar with, are quite consistent with the darker more destructive ritualistic aspects (I would say the same of Crowley’s writings). I am writing now as someone who has embodied these same tenets to some degree and for a large part of my life (being something of a follower of Crowley for a time, and always quite anti-Christian in my beliefs, though not anti-Christ).

[3] Pure rationalism and empathy seem to me to be mutually exclusive anyway, but that’s another discussion.

49 thoughts on “Repackaging Satan: Satan Schools, Secularism, Superstition, & Neoliberal Scapegoating

  1. Fantastic rundown. This whole thing is a monster to unpack. Kudos for even attempting to describe it.

    “Satanism isn’t a formalized religion with a history that can be tracked in the way other religions can be.”

    I think many forms/sects of “satanism” have been created or co-opted for govt. intelligence projects just like anything else.
    If the 70’s Jesus Freak “movement” was CIA, you can bet they were into all the “satanic” garbage of the era as well.

    Satanism is like a generic catch-all deal. In 2016 it’s whatever you want it to be lol.
    Old Scratch with one hypnotic eye and a candycane.

    This part has always interested me:
    “In etymological terms, Satan means accuser, which suggests an identity that exists exclusively in opposition to, and judgment of, something or someone else.”

    The Masoretic text is a pretty suspicious thing. But that’s a whole other deal.

    The actual name of “Jesus” is something super strange to pin down as well.
    I mean…as the books of the NT tell us, he was an actual legit man walking the Earth at first.
    But, the surviving full copies of the NT only mention his name as an abbreviation.
    These abbreviations trace back to Syria. They are covered up by the latin phrase “Nomina Sacra”, but this is just the Catholic church claiming to tell you what they mean.

    So much confusion and outright deception from both camps.

  2. From the YT comments on their crappy video:

    “I’m still waiting to know what Satanism has given to the world in the form of science.”


    • and I guess on a serious note in relation to the Berman quote – modern life tries to create this “emptiness at the center” where the soul is supposed to land or be born, yeah ? well, nature abhorring a vacuum and all.. plus, all of this inversion/opposite stuff.. what’s the opposite of a soul ?

  3. A Lucid View , as ever , Jasun . The Deities i tend to associate with Satan (Saturn) , at least Cabalistically , are Kronos , the lord of time , who devours his children . He who after having castrated his own father Ouranos , is then brought low by Zeus , the son who his wife Hera (Isis) managed to save from his ravages . So these clowns are seemingly caught up in Saturn in its male aspect . In its female aspect i tend to think of people like Poe , Byron , Marilyn Manson, Bram Stoker , the deep ecologists and environmentalists , Heidegger, the peak oil writers, myself , yourself etc . Jungian analyst Liz Greene has written an excellent job of expanding on these concepts in her 1976 book “Saturn, a new look at an old God”, her timing was exquisite , just preceding Reagan and Thatchers death star launching .
    Those who preach scientific rationalism and worship of the individual ego will end up mired in Heras unreason and collectivism , you can see it in the socialist cliques at the elite managament level of large corporations , golden parachutes , jobs for the boys etc.
    Isis, Hera , Juno , Nepthys , Cybele, Demeter , Rhea , Frigg , Janus

    • I have heavy Saturn in my makeup for sure. A serious camper. I hadn’t thought about it being the feminine aspect, or even that there was such a thing. I do recall saying to someone once that death was a woman, and being told I had got it wrong!

  4. Jasun, thank you for this. I can’t help thinking of Castanedas works throughout reading the whole essay. I almost felt you could of replaced satanism or Christianity with danjuanism.
    All are an obsession with the saving of the individual perspective, or soul.
    I have had the ideas that Christianity ( atleast in all the forms I have seen) is rooted in satanism. Being that both where obsessed with the saving of the soul. Individual salvation.
    Christianity’s prize: staring at gods face in heaven forever.
    Satanism: I guess rock n roll, fuck, and gardening forever.
    Don Juan: fly off into infinity while retaining your ego forever
    Christians, satanist, and juanist, oh my

    • You forgot Whitley & the Master of the Key. But yeah, seems like you can’t overestimate the power of primary cultural conditioning to shape all subsequent belief systems at however unconscious a level. That said, these religions that we are imprinted by themselves emerge from the unconscious as distorted representations of psychic realities, so in that sense, all spiritual belief systems are like different sheets thrown over the same ghost. Except by now there’s probably just a big pile of dirty old sheets, and the ghost is long gone.

  5. “Satanists are Christians in denial, rebelling against their programming the only way they can: unconsciously.”

    ” By dismissing the unconscious and its contents—our shared human past—as religious superstition, secularism has banished religious superstition into its own unconscious, and so become possessed by it.”

    Brilliant insights. You hit the nail on the head (no pun intended).

  6. Yeah , each of the spheres of the Cabalistic tree have a positive or negative , or male / female , god/ goddess balance , which makes it a somewhat useful psychological metaphor , perhaps constructed by people who knew a thing or two about psychology. To be sure , i think your rationalist Satanists are Kronos obsessed , but by allowing themselves to be so unbalanced will find themselves being assailed by the Hera aspect of Saturn . I think Hera/Isis inspires the romantic poets of the world . Tarot Cards most often associated with Saturn being The Devil and The World , The World reminds me of a spaceman in a vehicle , assuming all these things to be aspects of the human psyche .

  7. As a member of the Satanic Temple (I’m not a spokesman for it or anything) I have to say that a lot of what you say is spot on, including a lot of the contradictions. The Satanic Temple is a ‘religion’ that believes that all people should be treated equally, with respect and dignity, that people should be free to be who they are and that we should strive to live our lives and craft public policies based on the best evidence that science gives us and with consideration to all people. However it is only a ‘religion’ in so far as it is designed to challenge evangelical christianity, fundamentalist chritianity and other Christian ‘churches’ that seek to mold public policy and laws based on their non-scientific, non-humanist world views.

    Christian churches and organizations are allowed to mask their political agendas by claiming that they are religions, the religious right continually seeks to promote candidates for public office, write public policy and attack gender equality all based on their biblical interpretation and still claim the tax immunity of a religion. The Satanic Temple does the same, it is basically a progressive,liberal organization that uses the religion loophole in America to counter the dogmatic, discriminatory and anti-human influence of christianity in areas that they go unchallenged, where by law they should not be allowed to by exploiting the same Freedom of Religion loophole.

    The Satanic Temple does not worship Satan (although maybe some members do, that is their right) as a rule but Atheist/Agnostic organizations are not protected by Freedom of Religion in America so the Satanic Temple picked Satan as our ‘mascot’ to display our direct opposition to the ignorance and dogma of mainstream christianity. Christanity chose ‘Satan’ as it’s embodiment of everything they are opposed to , we are opposed to basing law and public policy on the bible, to discriminating against LGBT people, muslims, the jewish and other non-christians so we choose to ‘worship’ Satan to challenge evangelical and fundamentalist christians in their own arena. Satan is a handy tool to immediately display what we think of christianity and those who want to force everyone to be christian. It’s much easier to say ‘I’m with Satan’ than to explain all of this each and every time we move to publicly oppose ignorance and dogma.

    • Obviously though I can’t comment on other Satanists like the Satanic Church or other Satanists, I just wanted to give you a run down on what the Satanic Temple is all about since you mentioned us.

  8. Yes, I appreciate it. It seems you left unaddressed any points you disagreed with (or even those you agreed with) in favor of simply clarifying what you think is the ST position. As i just wrote at a forum:

    I get that this is what people are being led to believe about ASS. Two points: there are countless examples of intelligence agencies creating religious or political fronts for their activities, as well as for memetic/mimetic engineering purposes, so there’s no reason to give this movement a free pass simply because it puts its satanic aspect front and center. (That’s called glamour magic, & it worked for Savile for four decades).

    Secondly, even if the above is what ASS is about, truly, it is going to backfire precisely because you can’t simply say “fuck them” about billions of people’s beliefs that go back throughout history. This isn’t a question of whether believing in hot pepper birth control means it works, it’s about how believing in hot pepper birth control means people are going to use hot pepper birth control, regardless. Ditto with child sacrifice, tho honestly, there is every reason to believe that this does work, and without getting metaphysical about it, in psychological terms of giving power/relief to the abusers.

    What The Satanic Temple doesn’t appear to grok, or care about, is that associating with Satanism, adopting the title of it, means associating with organized ritual abuse for a lot of people who are not Christians, or hysterical, but who simply know that this is a reality. Satan is an archetype, not a toy mask to play with. You can’t just put it on for a lark and then expect it to come off again without leaving scars. I know, because I tried it.

    But this is at bottom of the neoliberal madness of scientific rationalism that wants to reduce people to what we say we are, not even bodies but little desire-filled humunculi selves that can have and be whatever they want to be just by saying it.

    God is just another word for the unconscious, or for death if you prefer. You can deny it all you want to try and forge a meaningful life, but all you create is a bottomless pit. IMO!

    • You are correct, I just wanted to clarify it’s ‘core’ founding principles and why the imagery of Satan was chosen. The rest I didn’t see any need to clarify or rebut you lay out your ideas clearly and are all valid from a lot of people’s perspective. You are right we do not care about people that react from fear or ignorance about the Satanic imagery, again it goes to our main point of question everything and learn before you judge. I’m fine with taking your points at face value. I joined the Satanic Temple for a lot of reasons but one was that my religious beliefs (if any) were mine and would have no bearing on the good work being done by the Satanic Temple. Religion is between you and your God, when you try to force those belief on others through public policy that is where I care.

      I don’t care about people’s beliefs throughout history I believe about making the future better. Religion and beliefs aren’t inherently good or bad it’s how we choose to use them and let’s not use them to hurt others.

  9. And the desire to create a better future by disowning the past? What’s that about? (= dissociation)

    How we use beliefs? If you can choose how to use a belief that implies you can choose what to believe, which is not a belief but a pretense of a belief. The beliefs that really count aren’t what we think we believe but what we think we know, which are the things we don’t question. Like science & rationality being whatever we decide is scientifically rational, and everything else is superstition.

    The notion that consciously good intentions are all that are required for positive results is a peculiar notion that is only possible by ignoring thousands of years of history and/or dismissing it as the product of delusional mindsets and poorly chosen beliefs.

    • I’m not advocating ignoring history, just learning from it. That is the hard part. We need to separate what it is we simply do because of ‘tradition’ or out of respect for ‘ceremony’. When I say I don’t care about people’s beliefs it’s because ‘belief’ has almost always been used as a weapon against non-believers and other ‘others’. People do choose what to believe, perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously but it is there and it is strong and though people want to deny it. core beliefs change all the time for individuals and society. Belief isn’t static.

      It’s better to live based on what we empirically can prove to be true than what we believe to be true. That leaves a lot of grey area but that’s just the way life is and why it’s so important to consciously not try and hurt others in trying to figure out the grey.

      I’m also against good intentions, after all the road to hell is literally paved with them……………..That is why I am against fundamentalist christians who seek to do ‘good’ intentionally and instead label anyone who won’t do ‘good’ as they see it as evil and blame them for everything up to and including acts of nature. Don’t do good, do what is fair and don’t force other people to live what your ‘traditions’ define as a ‘godly’ life. That is what I mean by good work. It’s just a lot simpler to say ‘everybody, let’s try and be good’ than to launch into a whole discussion o0f what is/isn’t good to begin with.

  10. It strikes me that the Fundy Christian God Botherers are Satanists , and the ( unwisely) self professed Satanists are also Satanists
    What was it Coleridge wrote in Ye Ancient Mariner
    ” satanists , satanists , everywhere , and not a drop to drink ” ( or a hero in sight )

  11. How are you/we defining/understanding Satanism? Those who worship only themselves? Those whose entire sense of identity comes from opposition to an external other? Those in complete denial of their own unconscious? Those possessed *by* it? (I can keep going till the goats come home…)

  12. Yes they are materialistic and dogmatic both in their own creed and their disavowal of each other .
    They are flat like the face of a Quartz Kronograph .
    How can Hera act upon this to restore balance , assuming the psyche may self correct over more than one generation of a family .
    Through saving Zeus , the son , who may take things in a different direction , as you are in your family , through the body , by making them sick , or otherwise bringing them face to face with that which they disavow .
    In this case , the focus on compassion and the need to protect others may well lead to dispassionately harming others , as our uber scientific , rational consumer system is wont to do .
    There are as many possible psychological permutations as there are people on the planet , i think .

  13. This interview with Joseph Atwill just appeared on Tim Kelly’s Our Interesting Times podcast, and apparently links Alfred Kinsey and Aleister Crowley to pedophelia. I don’t know Atwill’s work and haven’t listened to the interview yet, but I thought I’d link it here:

    Make of it what you will.

    • Alright, so the Crowley part is very brief, and if you can weed through the alt right white genocide stuff, you arrive at Atwill saying that there is primary documented evidence that Alfred Kinsey (one of the father’s of the sexual liberation movement who had a compulsive interest in the diaries of pedophiles- diaries he used to collate data and formulate pseudo-scientific theories from) met with Crowley and apparently (though this part is not documented) attempted to buy Crowley’s sex diaries (and may have successfully purchased them) because he knew that Crowley was a serial pedophile. The fact that Kinsey was clearly backed by the establishment and was aware that Crowley was a pedophile because they moved in the same elite circles is noteworthy I suppose. The rest of the interview doesn’t mention Crowley again. In the beginning of the interview however, Tim Kelly mentions that Atwill has a podcast called The Secret Society Revealed where he goes into much more detail about Crowley and his sexual exploits. Might be something to look into further. Apparently Joseph Atwill co-created Manufacturing the Dead-Head with Jan Irvin- a sync with the latest Liminalist podcast.

  14. Jaguar 1024 wrote: It’s better to live based on what we empirically can prove to be true than what we believe to be true. That leaves a lot of grey area but that’s just the way life is and why it’s so important to consciously not try and hurt others in trying to figure out the grey.

    Care to list some things that you believe can be empirically proven? How about that the earth is round? Can you prove it? There are plenty of things we believe have been empirically proven to us, but we can’t empirically prove them for ourselves. We have to take them on faith, only now it’s faith in science rather than religion.

    To move even further down the rabbit hole which we fall down the moment we talk about using proof as a gauge for living: how about empirical proof that slavery is wrong, or that all men are created equal? There isn’t any, because these statements refer more to a value set than to a set of facts. Whatever we may say, we live far more based on values than we do empirical proofs. The entire notion of the desirability of not harming others is itself a value and not a fact, and it’s one that is generally practiced by referring to values and not facts.

    According to The Satanic Temple, there is no such thing as dissociative identity disorder, and it seems dedicated to proving this empirically under the guise of protecting children from harm. It wants to empirically prove there is no ritual abuse and that all memories of it are false, and in the process, to deny that extreme trauma causes amnesia, something that CAN be empirically proven for and by ourselves, at least some of us. (I know the truth of it personally & directly.) The reality of ritual abuse, meanwhile, HAS been “empirically proven,” I would even say at least as well as the reality that the earth is round.

    The Neoliberal, Scientific Rationality Advocates of Secular Satanism would, I am sure, want to challenge the Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin by arguing that it is impossible to empirically prove and therefore worse than worthless, and actually harmful as a belief? It probably would use this kind of thing as an example of the harm done when we believe things that can’t be empirically proven? But has it been empirically proven that homosexuality is a healthy, harmless lifestyle choice, and/or genetic predisposition with no relation to early trauma, say, or some sort of psychological dysfunction? The idea that homosexuality (at least when it includes sodomy, which of course overlaps with heterosexual behaviors) is harmless and even healthy (I am using this deliberately as a hot topic) is a value, but it is not an empirical fact.

    To move to another hot topic: The belief that a child can be born the wrong sex and should be allowed (or encouraged) surgical intervention to correct that mistake is not based on any sort of empirical proof but on ideology. What’s more, it is a self-contradictory ideology, since this “scientifically rational” viewpoint denies the existence of a soul or essential self apart from the body, yet at the same time argues that something has a gender that ended up in the wrong biological container. So what is that something? Neoliberal secular scientism isn’t saying, but meanwhile children are being coerced into surgical intervention at extremely young ages (well before becoming sexually conscious beings, much less socially responsible adults), thereby providing massive profits for a medical industry. All this happens under the guise of tolerance, liberalism, freedom of choice, and scientific progress. Yet I personally find it hard to imagine a more harmful appliance of “progressive” ideology, totally divorced from any sort of ontological understanding. This isn’t to air my own (nonscientific) opinions, but merely to illustrate how unlikely we are to agree about even something as basic as what constitutes harming others. Also, to underscore how little our values ever have to do with facts. We select the facts to support our values, but we rarely ever re-examine our values in response to the facts.

    This is nowhere more obvious in the selective fact-citing by The Satanic Temple around ritual abuse, sexual trauma, and psychological fragmentation, which, frankly, is a disgrace. Anyone involved with TST who isn’t consciously practicing deception needs to look more closely into this matter, in order to avoid being complicit with that deception, and therefore with the abuse practices being denied, and the incalculable harm being done to human beings, not merely by the abuse but by the ignorant or malicious denial of it.

    Do some reading, man. Start with Sara Scott’s The Politics and Experience of Ritual Abuse: Beyond Disbelief and Donald Kalsched’s The Inner World of Trauma to get an idea of how little Douglas Mesner’s program of denial and harassment has to do with empirical proof.

    FYI, this subject is also being discussed at RI, here:

    A couple of links about Mesner that came up there:

    • Jasun wrote: “The reality of ritual abuse, meanwhile, HAS been “empirically proven,” I would even say at least as well as the reality that the earth is round.”

      I was born in the 60’s, during which TV was ablaze of fantasy of Star Trek, My Favorite Martian, The Jetsons, Lost in Space, and many more. We were all kept busy dreaming about our future space homes (not about Vietnam or the reforms being enacted.) I was raised to believe the United States of America is the greatest country on Earth and all men are created equal.

      It was all propaganda. After a year of looking at looking at my flat earth home, I can find NO ’empirical’ evidence that it is round. None. Brit-BBC-rock-star/physicist(?) Brian Cox says the Earth is round because of gravity….. or rather the THEORY of gravity. The spooks can’t have a bunch of slaves on Plane(t) Earth believing they are special so make them believe they are all just an accident that just happened out of nothing. BOOM!

      Crowley had Jack Parsons (NASA) in his back pocket, inserting Jack as the head of his HOLLYWOOD perverted sex gig. Was Jack making rockets or making sex magic or was it just a con to keep the guy close to the spooks? What guy doesn’t enjoy group raw sex without the baggage of love? And to be the ‘head’master – well that was just icing on the cake.

      Jasun, you rally against Jimmy Savile and the heinous crimes he supposedly did. But where were you when Jimmy Savile admitted years prior to his death of his ability to do anything he wanted when he spoke with Louie Thoreau for the BBC? Jimmy Savile was a creepy looking guy and every man in England should have stood up to him but all the GOOD MEN did nothing.

      When all the good men did nothing.

  15. Last two links. Wow.

    Possible C.I.A. link…Harvard rich kids that studied linguistics (NLP!)

    The whole thing is one big marketing scam. Overt marketing + occult is all the rage now.
    But Doug Mesner is going to eventually find out that “The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away”

    He may wind up rambling naked on a street corner talking to Siri like the Kony 2012 dude!

  16. I very much agree with you on both the confusing aspect of the resurgence in Satanism and the cultural propensity in general to dismiss the archetypal unconscious and the intuitive faculties that access it. I think that if a movement is supposed to be all about rationalism, it’s a very odd choice to pick something as polarizing as Satanism as the vehicle to promote that philosophy. I can’t think of a less rational symbol than Satan, the emblem of the bestial in man; it seems like a way to instantly alienate the followers of several major world religions who all see Satan as the personification of evil. Personally as someone who is deeply intuitive, I think that pure rationalism that denies the existence of an irrational aspect to the psyche is highly abusive, so in that respect it does go together with the worst that is said of Satanism. I studied art history as an academic discipline, and religion via independent research, and realized that I was less interested in specific objects or dogmas than I was in the archetypes that underlie both. I am naturally drawn to archetypal material that either seems to frighten others or to which they seem oblivious. I agree with you that the archetypes are powerful, to the level of nuclear blast potential. I think the unconscious and the imaginal realm are somehow quantum, acting by different principles than the Apollonian conscious mind and the classical physics of the apparent world. Messing around on that level especially to ordinary people who are unaware of its importance and therefore highly susceptible to negative effects seems Satanic indeed. As far as the ritual abuse “Satanic panic” I don’t know if SRA is real, but it sets off my alarms that Satanists have both set up child-oriented programs and that they have chosen reproductive rights as one of their causes. As a progressive person, it is odd to find myself on the same side with the Evangelical Christians, but they think that the Satanists promote abortion as human sacrifice and that Satanists are using the education programs to get access to kids for abuse. That might sound ridiculous to some, but then why would the Satanists pick those particular issues to focus on? It’s pushing the primal hot button to go after children, in any way, shape or form, like how authoritarian governments throughout history have stolen the children of the people they have conquered in order to traumatize and control the oppressed population. I get that the Satanists are reacting to the overreach of Christian programming, which I feel is just as wrong. I just think they are reacting in a way that is inappropriate by involving children. But every Satanist I have ever encountered was basically egotistical, arrogant, know it all, argumentative, contrarian, and resentful of boundaries, emotional adolescents all in an eternal rebellion. Maybe I am expecting too much for them to think through the potential consequences of tweaking the nose of society.

  17. As a progressive person, it is odd to find myself on the same side with the Evangelical Christians

    It is an odd experience, isn’t it. Symptomatic of binary opposition, that one finds oneself being driven into more ‘extreme” corners, or positions, than really represent one’s perspective. Not that I will be converting to Evangelicalism any time soon, but the need to belong to some sort of collective combined with an increasing estrangement from, and frustration with, the dominant ideologies, is a powerful carrot/whip combo. Why kids are joining far-right groups in Europe now, to name one obvious example.

    • Yes, it’s reached the point where I feel like we are living out Jung’s concept of enantiodromia, where a system is pushed so far it snaps back to its opposite, like a rollercoaster on an infinity loop. Maybe everything really is a giant circle and if you go far enough left you end up in the right. Some of my more liberal friends are aghast that I put any credence at all in conspiracy theories, and the more conservative people on some of the sites that I read are aghast that someone like me, politically and socially progressive and tolerant of religious diversity, shows up there. But my position on that is, if even someone like me thinks something is wrong, perhaps that’s a validation that should be welcomed. Maybe the enantiodromia is a factor in the weird permutations of Satanism we are seeing, with the Christians pushing so far that they are forcing an exaggerated response. But I think the most rational reaction to a clear US Constitutional violation like promoting one religion in the public schools would be to take it to the established precedent of the secular courts, not to sic the boogieman on the problem. And the least rational response to allegations of ritual abuse of children is to involve oneself with child education. The optics are terrible no matter what’s actually going on. It’s kind of the perfect cover – the allegations of child sacrifice and abuse are so bizarre that many people would say, That can’t POSSIBLY be happening. And thus it could be hidden in plain sight.

  18. Hiding in plain sight does seem to be the MO of many MOnsters- fits the modus operandi of dark occultists, and illustrates a psychological similarity bt the related acts of destroying innocence and duping nescience

  19. the force that inhabits The Overlook wants Danny..
    but the hotel works to trap him
    and Jack abuses him or what have you

    so, Satan and Politician-types.. the system/religious/anti-religious organization as hotel.. Jack as.. anyone
    doesn’t seem too far-fetched really

    maybe the deleted scene at the end of The Shining was about that force still being in Stuart Ullman ?
    when he visits Danny in the hospital..

  20. I once saw a short film where a handful of people were living in biodomes because the world outside was so polluted. After some final dramatic paroxysms, they opened the door and the planet outside was a lush green paradise. It turned out that they had been living the final moments of the Kali Yuga, and it flipped back to a new starting point once it had been lived out to its bitter end. Sometimes I feel like things are getting that surreal. I used to live in New Orleans and had to leave because of Katrina, and now the apocalyptic flooding in southern Louisiana is barely being covered by the media because they are distracted by the election, the Olympics and celebrity gossip. I am sure there is also a deliberate black out since it’s clearly climate change related and we can’t talk about that in the mainstream or ad sales might suffer. Who needs Satan, really?

  21. As appealing as that vision-hope is, the problem with it is that a reboot implies a return to zero which means that eventually the rebooted garden will wind up a cesspit for gangrenous vipers all over again, ad infinitum.

    Alas, the only solution that doesn’t entail avoidance seems to be lying back in the cesspit and letting the vipers crawl all over you until you realize this IS the garden…. :/

  22. The flip side of that is that the cesspit of gangrenous vipers will return ad infinitum to a paradisal garden.

    And you actually just described the entire Eastern philosophy of the wheel of rebirth in one sentence. 🙂

  23. Very interesting thread about the ritual sacrifice “prank” at CERN here:

    The video:

    My response:

    It’s hard for me not to see a correlation between this latest . . . whatever … & the continued effort to keep all “rumors” of ritual sacrifice/abuse by the elite (or by anyone) strictly in the realms of delusion, fantasy, fiction, and now, the latest “nothing to see here” strategy, PRANK!

    That some people assume without investigation or analysis, or apparently any thought either, that something of this sort must be a prank, of one sort or another, signals to other people who might investigate, analyze, or just think about it a bit, not to, and that they would only reveal themselves to be squares & dupes if they do.

    It’s mimesis, also known as crowd control (which is also thought control), and one thing we’ll never know for sure is which of the “hipsters” laughing about it being a prank really believe that, as oppose to knowing it or knowing otherwise, and only pretending to believe it to signal to others to follow along. What we do know for sure is that the ha-ha-ritual-sacrifice-that’s-so-wacky narrative serves the interests primarily of groups and folk who aren’t pranking at all, and never have been; and serves them in multiple ways.

    (It also creates a false dichotomy & the corresponding faux polarization: either this is an actual ritual murder OR it’s a prank; clearly there is a large area in between being erased by this dichotomy, the “liminal” area in which real autonomous questioning occurs.)

    Meanwhile, for those of us not inclined to signal back “no-threat to power” with mimetic smirks & chuckles, the correlations between the scientific goal of the Hadron collider & the spiritual one of ritual sacrifice is probably worth unpacking a bit..?

  24. Acc to David Shurter
    August 15 at 5:21pm:
    “That whole satanist after school club is ALL FAKE. None of it is real. I called the schools on the lists- and those who even knew what I was talking about said NO. That ABC “news site” that first reported it was made in 2016 and when I looked at it- wasn’t even fully developed yet. It is all bullshit- trying to say that it is going to start another “satanic panic hysteria” because our government realizes that this whole child trafficking thing they have had going is about to hit the light and cause some shit. Don’t be fooled- it is nothing more than a propaganda campaign being run by an idiot.”

  25. Commendable, but unnecessary depth of philosophical analysis. It quite simple – the use of school space “after hours” for Christian (or any other faith group) indoctrination programs, violates US constitutional separation of church and state. Asserting a credible, (credible according to the standards set by violating school districts), claim for “Satanic” use of that space will force some violators to close the space to all religious proselytizing. It has worked before, with related issues, and will likely work again here.

    It is very apparent, in the Hampstead Hoax case, that mom and the boyfriend concocted the basic SRA scenario – drawing on multiple online sources perhaps including your own site, who knows? – and manipulated the children in a variery of ways including physical abuse, to speak it themselves as though it was their own invention, as the adults recorded them. The children didn’t “make it up”, the adults did. Mom and boyfriend were transparently motivated by the desire to push birth father out of all their lives, and also by a desire to gain status within the Truth movement as emminent NWO/ SRA whistleblowers – with the children fronting for them. Many of their supporters are equally transparently engaged in similar Truther cred-status seeking, riding the coat-tails of the children’s false testimony.

    • These are highly contentious claims; you do not know the Hampstead case is a hoax, you merely believe it to be so. My impression is that you are unaware of the reality of widespread organized ritual abuse as a context for the Hampstead case which makes it at least plausible in some but not all of the particulars. Go & do the reading before spouting irresponsible opinions as statements of facts.

  26. I got this email today and thought it pertained to this subject.
    I thought the story was overblown and there were actually very few of these Satan clubs.?
    The after – school “God Love” clubs have less than 200K participants . There are supposedly 72.7 million children / young people under the age of 17.. And the Satan Clubs are said to be much smaller than the God clubs. [after – school]. 9 school districts ? there are said to be 98,817 public schools in the U.S. – So I guess that makes 9 schools districts a lot? I thinking, of those 9 which are “threatened”, that not all have accepted the program? Seems like some scare-monger news?

    Isn’t TV a worse threat? More hours are spent on it? (I used to read up on Saint of the Day to learn about history and geography. so I am on their mailing list. ) Doesn’t the Catholic Church attack little children? I’d say it was a case of mirroring / projection? “attack on innocence?” hmm? I’m thinking both sides will use this controversy to raise money?

    “Dear Catholic Online Reader,

    Satanists from The Satanic Temple are zeroing in on our school children with a very clever and diabolical “smart bomb” called “After-School With Satan.”

    The Washington Post and many other press outlets have reported that The Satanic Temple (TST) has petitioned 9 school districts in areas with local TST chapters to allow them to preach Satanism in those districts’ elementary school facilities after school by forming “After-School Satan Clubs.”

    The idea is to plant the seed of Satanism in children, to influence them to accept Satan and evil from an early age.

    Take note on how it is reported that these Satanists are focusing on elementary schools; normally ages 5-12 (grade levels K-6). I have the list of all 9 schools and they are all elementary schools.

    Absurdly held to be a religion by some of our nation’s courts, Satanism is using false legality to attack our country’s most impressionable citizens: little children.

    But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones, that believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

    That’s quite a denunciation by Our Divine Savior.

    My friend, stop a minute and think… can you imagine how far we have come? I did not expect to live in a time when I’d have to write you about this.

    It is complete madness. But it’s really happening!

    I am sure you are as shocked as I am, and I’m confident you’ll join me in this effort to keep Satanism out of our schools.

    Please urge these 9 school districts to do everything in their power to oppose and resist the satanic onslaught against the souls of America’s future: our school children; perhaps your own children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces….

    Send My Respectful Message To The School Districts…

    GOD: Always! SATAN: Never!

    Defend our Children-No “After-School Satan Clubs”

    My Friend, you can plainly see why we should be seriously alarmed that the evil of Satanism might be spread through these After-School Satan Clubs to our nation’s impressionable young minds.

    To even consider Satan Clubs for our school children – well, in my opinion, that’s basically un-American, and I’m sure you’d agree that it’s definitely anti-God, regardless of how The Satanic Temple tries to cloak this attack on the innocence of our children.

    But someone might object saying it’s “Constitutional”, what can be done?

    Let me give you an example of what can be done. The Tucson Arizona Area School District, in early August, rejected The Satanic Temple’s application for an After-School Satan Club.

    With the will to resist Satanic influence in our schools, other school districts could also put on their thinking-caps in order to help save their own school children. They could pass policies similar to the policies that Tucson used to reject the applications for After-School Satan Clubs.

    Where there is a will there is a way and schools have a choice to either just accept or fight. They should do it legally but, if they have the will to fight for what is right, there is a lot that they can do.

    You see, that is what these Satanists don’t want. They don’t want to stir the pot and have the school board make a case, involve the parents, and thus turn each of these school districts into a national case.

    So help me pray and motivate our schools to fight. Within the law of course, but fight indeed.

    We CANNOT just hand our children and schools over to Satan. That is not why good parents send their children to schools.

    If faced with a school board disposed to battle them, this alone will greatly slow these Satanists down and discourage them. Our past efforts have shown us that they flit from one failed project to another…never gaining much traction in public opinion… BUT ONLY BECAUSE GOOD PEOPLE HAVE VOICED THEIR RESISTANCE.

    We must tell school officials to resist this onslaught as much as possible because there should be no room in any school at any time for the promotion of Satanism’s damning philosophy.

    Send My Respectful Message To The School Districts…

    GOD: Always! SATAN: Never!

    Defend our Children-No “After-School Satan Clubs”

    Seriously: do we want Satanism influencing the little children anywhere in America? …especially in our schools? With ready caution to ‘click away’, a quick search of YouTube shows even more radical public displays of mockery, incivility, and socially offensive behavior.

    Here is the satanic program in a nutshell:

    deny the existence of God, eternity, sin, and the spiritual realm
    promote science and reason as the sole sources of truth
    try to replace Christian charity with mere humanitarian kindness
    says children should have no fear of future punishment for sin or reward for virtue
    In other words, they’re trying to erase the notion of God from the souls of children…!

    Like the father of lies, the Satanists try to make evil look good to children. And we cannot allow this to happen.

    That’s why I urge you to sign the No After-School Satan Clubs petition.


    Defend our Children-No “After-School Satan Clubs”

    As you may know, The Satanic Temple is the same group that:

    tried to promote a public black mass at Harvard University
    held a public ritual to unveil a 9 foot statue of Baphomet (Satan) in Michigan
    tried to lead public prayers to the devil at the opening to city council meetings in Arizona, which lead several city council officials to abolish all public prayer
    tried to counter the free distribution of Christian materials in Florida schools by handing out free Satanic coloring books to children of their own
    more recently, supplied free satanic coloring books to students at the Delta Middle School in Colorado
    a member of the Satanic Temple is running for state senate in California
    carried out public satanic rituals in the Los Angeles area on 6/6/16
    … and another like-minded Satanist Group performed a black mass and a desecration of a statue of the Mother of God in Oklahoma City on the feast day of the Assumption, August 15th
    Help me fight this onslaught on the innocence of children. Don’t let the seed of Satanism be sown in children. Stand up to the Satanists.

    Sign this petition today: Protect Our Children From Satan.

  27. Young Marx was a young rebellious dude- so much that after breaking with Christianity he worshipped his self ergo Satan

    “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above. I will wander god-like and victorious through the ruins of this world. Thus heaven I forfeited. I know it full well. My soul once true to God, is chosen for Hell.” ~ Karl Marx

    In his book “Marx and Satan” Richard Wurmbrand analyses young Marx´s correspondence, poems and plays and finds a satanistic impetus for his Anti-God stance.

    Maybe Communism was the first secular Satanism…

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