4 thoughts on “Midnight Wizard # 4: The Rule of Icarus

  1. I once had an upstairs tenant (a former student) who asked me to feed her cat while she went out of town for a couple of weeks. When I went upstairs to collect the catfood and cat I noticed her kitchen table was strewn with little dolls, pins and paraphernalia. The cat (whose name was Roo) had come to her as a black kitten and was about a year old, It moved in with me that night and behaved very strangely, wandering the apartment and emitting weird shrieks. In a dream it screamed: “I’m not a cat! I’m a human trapped in the body of a cat! You have to help me! You used to know me!” As I was absorbing this it landed on my chest jolting me awake. Later, my upstairs neighbour went out of town again but I had to be away at the same time so I left food out for it in one of those feeders which I hid in my backyard shed. Unfortunately a skunk discovered the food and ended up killing the cat. After a burial ceremony in the backyard, my tenant became a heroin addict and later disappeared for good. I dreamed she joined a New Orleans Voodoo cult and ended up as a human sacrifice. As for the cat, I dreamed it thanked me for releasing it from an incarnation it had fallen into through black magic. Moral of the story: this stuff is real. Now what?

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