7 thoughts on “Ominous Parallels (Midnight Wizard 3)

  1. Jasun, it is a very pleasant surprise to find you can draw “comix/cartoons” like this; its a very effective communication dimension for people who only know you through text and speech.

    I feel like Ive descended/ascended to another level of ontology with this medium because in some ways this is better because its more static than the disembodied voice Im used to hearing? or even the text Im used to reading.

    Not being schooled in the esoteric, I confess I miss a lot of your references and often have to
    listen to a single podcast several times in order to “get” where you are going on certain questions/topics.

    don’t get me wrong. Your podcasts and text are great; but I get the sense these “cartoons” are a more “residual?” projection of your thinking because you hafta write the words AND draw the pictures; and how those two things pollenate and influence each other… and the time it takes

    I suspect its extra information not necessarily present when you speak?

    Are the pictures for you or for us?

    • I think you are onto something, harmonizing the two sides of the brain, so to speak. There’s something about representing the subject matter visually that seems to require an extra level of immersion. I actually find it really hard doing these comics, experience artist’s block the way I almost never do as a writer. The form itself is nonlinear & intuitive, so I generally don’t know what I want to express when I start a comic, and have to navigate a LEVEL OF ANXIETY TO GET THE PENCIL TO MOVE. (CAPS not intended)

      I’m glad if it’s effective so far as amplifying the signal of what’s being transmitted here. I do think that’s one thing comics are good for, conveying difficult subject matter in a way that is lighter (comic), more entertaining, & hence easier to digest. Like a veg smoothie?

  2. “I am finding this really hard to read, I don’t like to read about animals getting hurt.”

    They kill babies don’t they?


    I’ll get my coat.

  3. “Have you salted those Lambs yet?”, schizo’ hearkened.

    “There must be an Angel (tempter)”, was His soliloquy.

    “Put up my lighting fixtures yet?”, ’twas her nagging.

    Might all be heard by…The One assailed by The Light.

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