LSE & the Beginnings of Psychiatric Social Work & Child Care (Occult Yorkshire 12)


“These ‘educational missionaries’ spoke of schools as if they were monasteries. By limiting the idea of education to formal school instruction, the public gradually lost sight of what the real thing was. The questions these specialists disputed were as irrelevant to real people as the disputes of medieval divines; there was about their writing a condescension for public concerns, for them ‘the whole range of education had become an instrument of deliberate social purpose.’ (emphasis added).”
—John Taylor Gatto, Underground History of American Education

As a possibly last series of connections to map, I am returning to Robert Graves’ buddy William Sargant, who worked at St Thomas’ Hospital from 1948 to the end of his career as head of the department of psychological medicine. In 1962, Sargant found himself a new assistant in one David Owen, a neurology and psychiatric registrar who had only just qualified as a doctor. Two years earlier, Owen had joined the Vauxhall branch of the Labor Party and the Fabian Society.[1] The reason this is relevant is that Owen was allegedly complicit in allowing Jimmy Savile access to the psychiatric hospital Broadmoor, where he (Savile) abused countless patients over a period between 1968 and 2004 (when Savile had use of a personal set of keys to the hospital). According to The Daily Telegraph, Savile’s “involvement at Broadmoor was rubber-stamped in 1974 by Dr. David Owen, now Lord Owen, who was health minister.” Thanks to Owen, Savile “came to be in charge of Broadmoor for a period in the 1980s when he was put in charge of a task force to run the secure hospital.”

It’s generally been assumed that the reason Savile wanted (and was given) access to Broadmoor (besides visiting his pals Reggie Kray and Peter Sutcliffe) was to indulge his sadistic sexual proclivities by taking advantage of defenseless young girls (many of whom were simply runaways or troublemakers at school). No doubt this was part of it, but it may not have been the whole reason. It’s also possible, in the light of all the other evidence of similar “schooling” programs going on through the UK and the US and elsewhere for decades, that Savile had a specific role at Broadmoor, and that the institution was being used as a locale for the sorts of sexual and social research and experimentation which has fascinated the Fabians and others since at least the turn of the century. Maybe Broadmoor was, like Wedekind’s Sadian castle, a prison-school for “the bodily education of young girls”?

Nor are we talking only about Broadmoor. In 2014, Kate Lampard carried out an independent review of Savile’s predations within the British National Health Service (NHS), including over forty hospitals. Her report was quoted in The Guardian in 2015: “Savile’s status and influence . . . . was enhanced by the endorsement and encouragement he received from politicians, senior civil servants and NHS managers. His access within NHS hospitals gave Savile the opportunity to commit sexual abuses on a grand scale for nearly 50 years.” (emphasis added)

The article goes on to quote Liz Dux, a lawyer who represents 44 of Savile’s victims, calling the report a “crushing disappointment” because it held no one accountable.

“‘It beggars belief that a report which has revealed Savile was widely known as a sex pest at Stoke Mandeville can find no evidence of management responsibility,’ Dux said. ‘Ten victims had reported their assaults to nursing staff on the ward, including one complaint being made to management, yet still his deviant and sickening behaviour continued.’ She said the revelation in the report that three other doctors had committed serious sexual offences at the hospital in the past four decades suggested “something seriously amiss.’” (For the dozens of separate hospital reports of Savile’s fifty years of sexual abuse, go here.)

I have said that I wish to avoid unnecessary speculation with this work; but on this occasion I’m willing to go out on a limb, because without the horrifying context provided by Savile’s activities, the following information may seem random and bizarre. And maybe it is, but the only way to find out if the pieces fit is by placing them side by side.

The following facts are taken from a Mental Health History Timeline assembled by Middlesex University:

“In 1926 [the year Jimmy Savile was born] An appeal to The Commonwealth Fund (New York) by Cyril Burt and Amy Strachey, (born Amy Simpson 1866) ‘Mrs. St Loe Strachey’ for funds to start training psychiatric social workers at the London School of Economics (see below) and support for Child Guidance.” (What exactly do economics have to do with psychiatry or child guidance?) Three years later, in 1929 (the year Westlake founded his Forest School): “With money from The Commonwealth Fund, a Diploma in Mental Health started at the London School of Economics to train Psychiatric Social Workers. The fund’s Director, Barry Smith, had written in 1928 that ‘the training of psychiatric social workers is an essential and fundamental part of [a] child guidance program.’”

Some corroboration from the US National Library of Medicine:

“When the Commonwealth Fund agreed to finance the establishment of child guidance clinics in Britain, it stressed the need to train social workers in a university setting. Thus in 1929, the London School of Economics established the first course to train social science graduates with some experience of social work as PSWs. In the same year, the Association of Psychiatric Social Work (hereafter APSW) was inaugurated with the dual objectives of promoting mental hygiene, and raising the professional status of psychiatric social work.” (“‘Often there is a Good Deal to be Done, But Socially Rather Than Medically’: The Psychiatric Social Worker as Social Therapist, 1945–70”)

The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation that is still around today. It was founded in 1918 by the widow of Stephen Vanderburgh Harkness. Harkness was the American entrepreneur and silent partner of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., in the founding of Standard Oil (and a director of Standard Oil until his death). Today, the Rockefeller Foundation houses all the archives for the Commonwealth fund. From their website: “As an independent, nonpartisan organization, the foundation has aimed to help develop common ground from which policymakers across the political spectrum can lead the nation toward a health care system that assures its residents have long, healthy, and productive lives.” (emphasis added)

Anna M. Harkness

Cyril Burt, mentioned above, was a member of the London School of Differential Psychology, and of the British Eugenics Society, so probably a Fabian. Amy Strachey, a.k.a. “Mrs. St Loe,” was the wife of John Strachey, a British journalist and father of the other John Strachey already mentioned in this work, the Labor politician who was at Oxford in 1922, when my grandfather arrived. Strachey joined the Labor Party the following year in 1923. From 1946 to 1950, he was the Minister of Food, which would have given him plenty of reason to have had dealings with Alec Horsley. While I have found no definite links to MI5 or MI6, his name certainly crops up a lot in related literature, and he is almost certainly one of the circle.[2]

The Mental Health Timeline continues (for 1929) by mentioning a work called Our Baby—For Mothers and Nurses, eventually published in 1936 by John Wright/Simpkin Marshall, which “on page 126 lists Idiocy under Congenital Defects”:

“This is a term for mental weakness which dates from birth. It varies in degree from a mere feebleness of intellect, to a state in which the mind seems wholly absent. Should a child fail to answer to most of the tests of normal progress given on page 88, it must be considered backward, and the child should be taken to a doctor, as systematic training should be begun very early, considerable improvement being then almost always possible.”

This description clearly evokes what would become standard operating procedure with autistics in the coming decades. And do I need remind the reader of Russell’s plan for close surveillance, categorization and the use of “behaviourism” with children, from the moment of conception onward?

The Timeline then quotes a “Wood Report on Mental Deficiency published by the Board of Control”[3] from the same year:

“the majority of the feeble-minded are to be found within a relatively small social group, a group which may be described as the subnormal or social problem group, representing approximately 10 per cent of the whole population. Most of the parents in this subnormal group are themselves of poor mental endowment, and would no doubt have been classed, when children, among the dull or retarded. Similarly the dull children of the present generation, who form a large majority amongst children in this subnormal group, are the potential parents of many feeble-minded in the next generation. Therefore, from the standpoint of the prevention of many social evils it is of the utmost importance that the problems of the education and social care of the borderline retarded child should be effectively tackled. . . . Let us assume that we could segregate as a separate community all the families in this country containing mental defectives of the primary amentia type. We should find that we had collected among them a most interesting social group. It would include, as everyone who has extensive practical experience of social service would readily admit, a much larger proportion of insane persons, epileptics, paupers, criminals (especially recidivists), unemployables, habitual slum dwellers, prostitutes, inebriates and other social inefficients than would a group of families not containing mental defectives. The overwhelming majority of the families thus collected will belong to that section of the community which we propose to term the ‘social problem’ or ‘subnormal’ group. This group comprises approximately the lowest 10 per cent in the social scale of most communities.” (Full report in several parts here.)

The Mental Health Timeline then refers to the April 1929 Journal of the American Medical Association about the establishment of the London Child Guidance Clinic (citing “Bowlby 1936” and “Tavistock 1967” and cites (in 1929) a “Conference on Mental Health convened by the Joint Committee of the National Council for Mental Hygiene and the Tavistock Square Clinic. Held in Westminster.”

The Bowlby referred to is Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, a British psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, notable for his interest in child development and for his pioneering work in attachment theory. (A Review of General Psychology survey published in 2002 ranked Bowlby as the 49th most cited psychologist of the 20th century.) Bowlby worked during World War II in Canonbury in the child psychiatry unit with maladapted and delinquent children, which led to an interest in the development of children, and to his work at the Child Guidance Clinic in Islington, London. By his own account, he had help getting established from some “academic economist” friends.[4]

As for the Child Guidance Clinic, it was founded by the Jewish Health Organization in 1927 and was the first children’s psychiatric facility in the UK, and allegedly also Europe. From The Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts in Therapy with Families, by Hilary A. Davies:

“It was set up to meet the needs of the immigrant population who had settled in that part of London since the beginning of the century and whose children were perceived to have emotional, psychological, behavioral, and educational difficulties. A foreword to an early report by the Clinic is quoted as saying that ‘in its efforts to adjust the groping child mind to life, to make useful citizens of difficult and abnormal boys and girls [it] is doing the work of civilization.’ . . . The Clinic was able to offer a service to almost 1900 children and families from all over the UK in the first 4½ years of its existence. The Clinic later moved and became the Tavistock.”[5]

Returning to the Mental Health Timeline, John Bowlby joined the Tavistock Clinic in 1946 as Deputy Director and set up the Children’s Department to develop clinical services, training and research. In 1948, he obtained a small grant from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust to “empirically study the effects of early separation and deprivation” (emphasis added). For his research, he hired a psychiatric social worker (James Robertson, presumably LSE-trained). The London Child Guidance Clinic eventually became the Child Guidance Training Centre and was housed in the Tavistock Centre from 1967. In 1985, it merged with the Tavistock Clinic’s Department for Children and Parents and became the Child and Family Department.

I noticed in the Timeline at this point (1986) the mention of “MBE [first appointment to the Order of the British Empire, the one before OBE] in New Year Honours: Miss Eve Saville, General Secretary, Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency.” A quick search revealed that Miss Eve Saville was a Fabian.[6] Whether she was related to Jimmy, OBE, I do not know and I doubt anyone else does (not counting those who do). The names Savile and Saville seem to be more or less interchangeable, and one easy way for Sir Jimmy (who called his mum “the Duchess”) to cover any possible aristocratic ancestral tracks might have been to remove one of the l’s. Eve is a somewhat mysterious character, considering there is almost nothing about her online and yet there is a Memorial Lecture named after her. She was the author of an obscure tract called “A History of the I.S.T.D [Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency]: A Study of Crime and Delinquency from 1931 to 1992.”

After a period searching through Google Books, I found a most unexpected affiliation between Eve Saville and Victor Neuburg, Crowley’s ill-fated homosexual partner and disciple, and fellow phallus-worshipper with Dion Byngham. In The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, the author Jean Overton Fuller reveals, through her correspondence with Eve Saville, that Neuberg was one of the founding members of the ISTD. In a letter to Fuller, Saville writes that Neuberg “was present at the very first meeting [at Primrose Hill, near Hampstead, and] appeared as one of the original members of the Executive Committee and as Honorary Secretary at the beginning of 1931.” A list of thirty-nine Vice-Presidents for 1934 included Freud, Jung, Adler, Havelock Ellis, and H. G. Wells.

Victor Neuburg


[1] Owen went to school at Mount House School, Tavistock, an English town written about by Arthur Conan Doyle and Neal Stephenson. I can’t find any link between the Tavistock Institute and the town, though it stands to reason they must have taken the name from somewhere.

[2] Without going into all the details, Strachey also has traceable links to Lord Boothby (whom he probably met at Oxford), Tom Wintringham and Victor Gollancz (of the 1941 Committee), Keynes and Laski (of LSE), Richard Acland, Tom Driberg, and so on.

[3] “In June 1924 the Chief Medical Officer of the Board of Education, Sir George Newman, appointed a committee to consider the problems presented by the ‘mentally defective’ child. A year later the committee was asked to include ‘adult defectives’ in its inquiry, so the report was presented, in January 1929, both to Newman and to the Chairman of the Board of Control. The chair of the committee was Arthur Henry Wood. Born in Reading in December 1870, he was educated at Cranbrook Grammar School and New College Oxford. The 1901 census describes him as an examiner for the Board of Education and he went on to become Assistant Secretary to the Board. He served as secretary for the Consultative Committee’s 1909 report Attendance, Compulsory or Otherwise, at Continuation Schools. . . . Also on the committee was the eugenicist Cyril Burt.”

[4] John Bowlby told Milton Senn in 1977: “The London Child Guidance Clinic was set up in a part of Islington called Canonbury. That clinic, I think, was founded in 1929.  It trained educational psychologists, social workers and child psychiatrists.  Each year three fellowships in child psychiatry were advertised—they were half-time fellowships for one year—and in 1936 I was successful in being appointed to one of them.  I used to spend every morning at Canonbury and a bit of the afternoon usually as well, and then I went on and did analysis later in the day.  I should say that I always had a few hundred pounds of private money—very important—which meant to say that I was not pressed for bread and butter. I was at the time also much influenced by two close friends who were academic economists, one of whom is my brother-in-law and one of whom was a very close personal friend with whom I shared a flat, and they represented a strong academic interest. . . . Both were very able people, both have gone a long way though unfortunately, one, Evan Durbin, died in a very tragic accident in 1948.  They were first-class people which was very important, really, because I was espousing a very novel and peculiar outlook as an analytically oriented child psychiatrist as we might call it. That was what I was aspiring to be. The whole field was still very controversial and needed a lot of academic justification. Well, to cut a long story short—first of all I had had a good scientific training at Cambridge, and secondly, my academic friends were very powerful debaters and any position which I took up I had to justify up to the hilt by argument and evidence.  This was an invaluable discipline I think.” (Emphasis added.)

[5] Hilary A. Davies, Karnac Books, 2010, p. 15. The citation about doing the work of civilization is attributed, via a website, to “Lady Lawrence” who was Chairman of the Clinic in 1934 and had written a foreword to a report.  The website states its source as The Times and makes a guess as to the identity of the Lady Lawrence in question being Lady Rosamond Lawrence, a British novelist who wrote several popular books before marrying and relocating to India. However, it’s also possible the Lady Lawrence referred to was the British Labor MP Susan Lawrence, who was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health in 1929. Lawrence had joined the Fabian Society a few years previously, and was close friends with Sydney and Beatrice Webb.


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  1. Wow. Amazing research. Neuberger stuff is priceless. Have you heard of Jeffrey Masson? I haven’t read this book but “In 1981, J.M. Masson was fired from his position as Projects Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives, shortly after suggesting in a talk in New Haven that a key theory Freud had developed in 1895 and later repudiated – the so-called seduction theory – may have been valid after all. This talk scandalized the Freudian orthodoxy, as reported in Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times.”….”In 1896, Sigmund Freud presented his revolutionary “seduction theory,” arguing that acts of sexual abuse and violence inflicted on children are the direct cause of adult mental illness. Nine years later, Freud completely reversed his position, insisting that these sexual memories were actually fantasies that never happened. Why did Freud retract the seduction theory? And why has the psychoanalytic community gone to such lengths to conceal that retraction?” “Masson makes available previously unpublished letters from Freud’s closest friend, Wilhelm Fliess, which reveal that Freud had grave doubts about abandoning the “seduction theory.” Masson discovered that not only had Freud read the contemporary literature documenting the high incidence of sexual abuse of children, he had in all likelihood witnessed autopsies of children who had been raped and murdered. That Freud abandoned his seduction theory, Masson argues, was a failure of courage rather than a clinical or theoretical insight.”

    The Assault on Truth reveals a reality that neither Freud nor his followers could bear to face.”

    Another interview by a Freudian escapee scholar analyst is here: Tales From The Freudian Crypt. Dr. Todd DuFresne

    It appears Freud also reversed reality with his idiotic uber-popular Oedipus Theory. Kinda like black holes, “science” colonizing the educated mind with total bullshit.

    • Apparently there is more nuance to the mystery. From The Emotional Life of Nations by Lloyd deMause:

      Ever since Jeffrey Masson wrote his book The Assault on the Truth: Freud’s Suppression of the Seduction Theory,19 there has been a widespread misconception that Freud backed down from maintaining the reality of childhood sexual abuse. The truth is exactly the opposite. Freud continued all his life to state that sexual abuse of children in his society was widespread, insisting in his final writings that “I cannot admit [that] I exaggerated the frequency [of] seduction,” that “most analysts will have treated cases in which such [incestuous] events were real and could be unimpeachably established,” that “actual seduction…is common enough,” that “the sexual abuse of children is found with uncanny frequency among school teachers and child attendants,” and that “phantasies of being seduced are of particular interest, because so often they are not phantasies but real memories.”20 What he actually “backed down” from was his initial idea that hysteria could be caused by sexual abuse, since, he said, “sexual assaults on small children happen too often for them to have any aetiological importance…”21 That is, it was because children were so commonly sexually abused in his society that Freud thought that seduction could not be the cause of hysteria. Otherwise, nearly everyone would be a hysteric! The only opinion he changed as he gained clinical experience, Freud said, was that further information now became available relating to people who had remained normal, and this led to the unexpected finding that the sexual history of their childhood did not necessarily differ in essentials from that of neurotics, and, in particular, that the part played by seduction was the same in both cases.22

      The truth is that Freud and most everyone else in his society knew very well what I have since confirmed by my research into the history of child assault: that the overwhelming majority of all children throughout history were sexually abused.26 […]

      Both men and women have commonly used children sexually throughout history. Mothers and other caretakers used their children as erotic objects, and were often instructed by doctors to masturbate their little boys “to make their penises grow longer.”29 The author of the nineteenth century’s standard work on The Sexual Life of Children, Albert Moll, said he observed that nursemaids and servants often carried out “all sorts of sexual acts” on children “for fun.”30 Freud agreed, saying that “nursemaids, governesses and domestic servants [were] guilty of [grave sexual] abuses,”31 that “seduction is common…initiated…by someone in charge of the child who wants to soothe it, or send it to sleep or make it dependent on them” and that “nurses put crying children to sleep by stroking their genitals.”32 Freud was straightforward about how common the erotic use of children was by parents and others, referring to “the ‘affection’ shown by the child’s parents and those who look after him, which seldom fails to betray its erotic nature (‘the child is an erotic plaything’)”33

      Freud was very much part of general opinion in considering the seduction of children as harmless. Freud even sided with perpetrators of seduction. […] He blamed the children because their sensuousness provoked the sexual assaults by adults: “The last word on the subject of traumatic etiology [is] that the sexual constitution which is peculiar to children is precisely calculated to provoke sexual experiences of a particular kind namely traumas.”63 His psychoanalytic colleagues often blamed the victim too. Karl Abraham called sexual molestation of his patients by adults “desired by the child unconsciously [because of an] abnormal psycho-sexual constitution,”64 concluding they had “an abnormal desire for obtaining sexual pleasure, and in consequence of this undergo sexual traumas.”65 Many other psychoanalysts after Freud continued to label patient reports of childhood sexual abuse “wishes.”66[…]

      As for the Oedipal theory, I’ve found it to have some merit, for example in understanding Strieber’s opus; tho I am aware of the (feminist?) theory that he invented it to cover up sexual abuse. Freud has been generally rejected by many modern “psychologists,” apparently. But then so has the psyche!

      I have read Masson’s book tho. Was persuaded by it at the time.

  2. The Tavistock Institute must have taken the name from Tavistock Square, which was so named because the landowners held estates in Devon:


    The square is now owned and administered by the London Borough of Camden, but was formerly part of an estate owned by the Dukes of Bedford, and takes its name from Tavistock, a market town in Devon, also part of a Bedford estate; the name is additionally the courtesy title given to the eldest sons of the Dukes of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock. Tavistock Square was developed in the 1820s by the builder Thomas Cubitt.’

    The Tavistock Clinic was previously based at 51 Tavistock Square:

  3. i’d say it’s a lot more likely reversed 99% of the time…the son is afraid of being killed (sacrificed) by the father, and has no interest in his mother sexually

  4. I don’t think a child has a sexual interest in the mother, true, but there is a sexual bond and so the child’s sexuality may become enmeshed with the mother’s; and if the father takes the mother’s attention away from the child (himself mother-bonded, demands his wife’s attention to meet his own unmet needs), there may be some primary/primal struggle around that.

  5. re: Bowlby and attachment theory and how they studied it, and why. It’s been said they were looking, overall, at ways of breaking down the family and breaking down the parent-child bond. By “they” I mean social engineers, inspired by Freudian ideas, and Tavistock types like John Rawling Rees who inspired Brock Chisholm and other globalists with the means at their disposal to put these theories into practice via the UN, and psychiatry. In Canada since 1945, there have been serial scandals and mass tragedies involving orphans ( e.g.Duplessis orphans), native residential school children, and Child Protection Services (Children’s Aid) taking children from “broken” or disadvantaged homes and making them wards of the state subject to all kinds of experimentation, drugging and sexual abuse. Literally hundreds of thousands of children have been victimized in Canada alone — to what purpose? Is there an agenda to create a “new” type of human who grows up detached from parents and emotionally traumatized, making them more susceptible to social control and manipulation by media and all the other bombardments. And is that the ultimate goal of all this “social work” and endless “caring and compassion” — ? I forget where I’m going with this but it’s like the air we breathe and the soup we all swim in.

  6. “…to what purpose? Is there an agenda to create a “new” type of human who grows up detached from parents and emotionally traumatized, making them more susceptible to social control and manipulation by media and all the other bombardments. And is that the ultimate goal of all this “social work” and endless “caring and compassion” — ? I forget where I’m going with this but it’s like the air we breathe and the soup we all swim in.”

    Appears to be the outcome, regardless of intent. Social/behavioral liquefaction? No bedrock upon which to stand.

  7. Jasun, you may or may not be interested in the following. I went digging into Fairfield Hills Hospital last fall. Similar work at this Hospital In Newtown, Connecticut ( yep that Newtown ) was going on regarding psychiatric social workers in the 40’s and 50’s. Caitlyn Jenner lived in Newtown CT for a time in his youth.

    “A film for psychology students was filmed in Kent House in 1954. The film was titled Man to Man and highlighted the need for caring and compassionate psychiatric aide workers and how the relationship between aide and patient is an important one. It also showed regular ward life in a mental hospital.”

    Two other shrinks listed on credits as consultants are Kenneth Appel and Thomas Rennie. Both are Humanistic Psychologists. Rennie specialized in how “environment” and “class” effect the individual. He was also Zelda Fitzgerald’s shrink . Allied Film Producers and Rennie made several psych movies . Allied Films went first to family life courses in colleges and then high schools.

    The producer was Irving Jacoby who lived in New Haven and was a war time propagandist film maker in the US.

    “Mr. Jacoby wrote and produced some of the first documentaries dealing with psychiatric therapy. They were made for the Mental Health Film Board, which was established in Manhattan in 1949 as a department of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene.”

    Relevant movies

    Angry Boy= The beginning of Psych intrusion to education in elementary and the presumption that the state has any role in personal inner life. Blaming the mother. Setting up parents as defective and inept. Creating an industry for $$ and control through schools. Pathologizing the human experience.

    Social Class in America 1957

    Improve Your Personality

    Control Your Emotions

    also of note; one of Fairfield Hills hospital founders Dr. Waldo Fairfield Desmond ( Yalie ) was never officially on staff it seems but was an expert on the “pituitary” and did ” mental examinations” on the women there until 1968 or so. Makes me think of MK Ultra. That program used mental institutions to hone their craft before they took it live at Langley or Presidio or SRI etc…

  8. I’ve been researching my own background and found a lot of evidence that support my notion that there was some kind of intervention in the lives of my twin and I and also my parents and probably my grandparents. I suspect it is some kind of eugenic research and probably experimentation and have been trying to identify exactly what.

    Up to now I had been looking into medical research and hadn’t been aware of the psychiatric social workers and their close links to Tavistock, until I read your article. I am going to look closely at this aspect – my mother was a nursery nurse which I suspected was relevant but hadn’t found a link. My twin and I were hothoused and highly conditioned by her.
    The link I posted firsly confirmed the link you described between the LSE, Tavistock and Social Psychiatry. Also I find these informal interviews often provide a lot of useful background information. I will have a closer look at it and let you know what interested me.

    Aspects of my research fit nicely with some of what you have written, for example: A Sir Peter Parker came to my attention due to his ‘CV’ and because he became a director of the firm my father worked for. When my father got the job, our family moved from Rochdale, Lancashire to Swainswick in Bath, Somerset to live in a house provided by his employers.
    I was particular interested because as well as being a member of the Medical Research Council, Peter Parker was chairman of LSE – 1988 – 98.

    As chairman of British Rail, it was Parker who brought in Jimmy Savile in as the face of British Rail in the ad campaign. Parker’s wife Lady Gillian Parker was a founder member of the British False Memory Syndrome Association. In the US the False Memory Syndrome Association has apparently been shown to have been set up by MKULTRA linked Drs. to discredit witnesses. In close association with Prince Philip, Parker was instrumental in setting up Commonwealth Conferences.

  9. As a child living in the UK and born in a particular year (1958) I was studied as part of the NCDS longitudanal study except the rest of the the 17,000 children weren’t visited by a Doctor at least every 3 months till the age of 4 as my twin and I were.

    I began by looking up a couple of names my mother said her mother had frequently mentioned. One was Lady Moran. I realised I was probably onto something when I discovered she was a Porton Down chemist and wife of William Sargant’s mentor – Lord Moran aka Churchill’s doctor. Lady Moran’s tutor – Joseph Barcroft was head of the Physiological dept at Porton (and an expert in inter-generational sciences and feotal development). He was also a tutor to Joel Elkes who published with MKULTRA linked Florence Bender who gave LSD to children. Elkes worked at Queens Hospital, Washington, after which he opened an LSD clinic at Birmingham University, UK – funded by the Rockefeller Institute.
    Barcroft was also tutor to William Grey Walter who attended the Cybernetics Macy Conferences and by looking into those I found out about MKULTRA and realised Sargant was linked.

    Then I researched the village we were moved to at the age of 4 until 11, Swainswick, Bath, Somerset and discovered a neighbour is on a committee – Bath Institute of Medical Engineering meeting 3 miles away. Also on the committee were prominent Eugenicists, one of whom was a colleague of William Sargant – Erasmus Darwin Barlow, (Grandson of Charles Darwin).. (see illustration). A subsequent chairman of the BIME was Ludwig Guttmann who brought Savile into Stoke Mandeville.

    Lots of pieces of a jigsaw – I’ve been looking into this for 4 years now but I still want to know exactly what happened to us – the exact study, how it played out, how it may have shaped my life. There’s a lot more – my mum reportedly had a twin that disappeared at birth. My mother’s cousin (Who I’d never been aware of) was brought up “away from the family” and went on to work on the UK Space Programme. The Blue Streak and Black Knight rockets in the 60’s There’s me thinking I was just a council house kid with an unremarkable family. Fast forward to the seventies and at the age of 15 I’m a runaway working at the Athenaeum Club in Pall Mall serving previous and soon to be again Prime Minister Harold Wilson and half the cabinet.

    At seventeen I was briefly the recipient of unsolicited chaneled messages. My first partner/husband’s godfather was Brian Inglis who I recently discovered had started a foundation with Arthur Koestler and a chap called Instone Bloomfield. The K.I.B. Foundation – so called as it used the first letter of each of it’s founders Koestler, Inglis, Bloomfield).

    Bloomfield was hugely wealthy – Andrija Purharich called him my good friend Tony Bloomfield, describing him as the owner of the hotel they were staying in. Bloomfield is a member of the highly elite 1001 Club with the likes of David Rockefeller, Prince Philip and Prince Bernhardt – founder of Bilderberg. He also has a unit named after him at Guys Hospital as he donated big time. He’s pictured there at the opening of it – the first Child Guidance Centre with a teaching unit attached – the Bloomfield Clinic.

    There is more of this ilk too. I’ve documented pretty much everything – have it all on my computer. I can post links to verify all of the above but rather tired just now.

  10. Puharich of course developed implants under MKULTRA and worked with embedding hypnotic suggestions in ELFrequencies. He also channelled the so called Council of Nine that was so influential in the new age movement . Peter Levenda has some interesting research into that.

  11. As I see it, Freud was compelled to renounce his seduction theory as it was exposing what was going on with parents, caretakers and the kids. But there is more as well. the so call hysteria was what we might call recovered memories or the reliving of traumatic psychological memories. Once these were relived, being emptied from buried places in the brain, the mind is able to recover and integrate, and progress from there, being formerly stunted and frozen at that spot. ONe of the best known recovered memory therapists is Dr. Arthur Janov PhD, who had some dealings with John Lennon in the USA. Janov practices in California to this day. but as well, recovered memory therapy is used in treating Satanic Ritual Abuse victim and Mind Control victims. It is the opposite of inflicting trauma on someone. PTSD victims are also treated with the method by many.

    As a result, those who did not want to be exposed and those who did not want people to heal, both attempted to suppress this mechanism that is part of being human. I dare say that sexual abuse of children as been far too common, in particular, among the elite, who passed children off to other for care, and perhaps knowing that those caring would do. inflicting psychological injuries constantly, created people who were easily controlled as well as programmed. Its been a long kept dirty secret, no doubt. Our species and our world is a sad pathetic mess. only God can fix it all. It numbs the mind.

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