18 thoughts on “Among the Ancestors

    • I take back my guess on the red sweater and agree with purple oleo. I think I accidentally guessed Sebastian because he’s too old to be Jasun.

  1. Nicholas is the back row , center left …. The one with his mouth fully obscured by the head of the mother.

    Jasun is the one who looks like he’s working for Scotland Yard … The one with the hat, with his mouth almost fully obscured.

  2. damn i was to late to make a guess.

    i would have been wrong though :o, or i had you’re father right but not you.

    we looked very similar as children, almost looks like me 😛
    if i can manage to get a childhood photo into the computer il show you.

  3. so funny…when i saw the photo i was hoping there would be a “in order of appearance clockwise from top left” i did wonder! (got it wrong btw – i had you as boy in blue – Sebastian, and Nick as dude with very flower power shirt on) and when you first mention Nicks wiki page i was like – who’s Nick? That became clear as the podcast went on!

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