Vancouver Shadow Work Shop Nov 21: No Such Thing

{Please note time has been changed to 8 pm}

Jasun Horsley will be traveling from Mount Hope and presenting—himself—in Vancouver this November, expressly in order to find out why he came here.

Horsley is a cultural analyst, “existential detective,” and the author of Seen & Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist. With the world for his looking-glass, he reframes popular culture (with special emphasis on conspiracy and spirituality) as a way to glimpse the workings of his own unconscious, and demonstrates the essential individuatory journey of owning and integrating the Shadow. Process becomes him; personal past traumas become dark and expressive brush strokes, using the world of “social engineering” as a canvas. This is shadow work.

“There is no such thing a lightworker,” Horsley says. “No one gets to work with light. The light works with us, if we’re lucky, and then we get to work with the shadows—starting with our own.”

When we use our imagination, are we creating captivating mental images, or are we uncovering the ground of our own souls? What’s the difference? The presentation will be a live demonstration of how Horsley explores the liminal space between fantasy and reality and finds clues to navigate this twilight zone of postmodern life. Using self-expression (i.e, this presentation) as a means to discover the ground of his essential being, he offers up a mirror for others to do the same.

Facebook Event Page, sign up here. Attendance is by donation.

5 thoughts on “Vancouver Shadow Work Shop Nov 21: No Such Thing

  1. thanks Jasun. Hope all is well with you. Sent it to my son Tiago who is studying in Vancouver at the moment. He’s got an engaging mind and may take an interest in this. best regards Joao

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