Voices from the Margins

Liminal people. What do the margins have to say?

This week’s podcast is with Random Dude. I couldn’t get any of the people I emailed to agree to come onto the podcast; in most cases, I didn’t even receive a response. Is it because of my recent turn towards the conspiratorial, ever since I hit the magic number of 30, or is it something more subtle? (Even some regular listeners are getting triggered and acting strangely.)

Either way, it is five weeks since I spoke to Ann Diamond and it still feels as though a threshold was crossed and that I am now on the other side. I am no longer on the outside, looking in at the murky world of MKULTRA and organized child abuse, I am on the inside, looking out. If so, no wonder people are wary about joining me! Some voices are even trying to persuade me to cross back over, come to my senses, and/or seek medical assistance.

It turned out that my conversation with “Random Dude” was as satisfying as any conversation I’ve had for the podcast so far, and I think it makes for one of the most energetically rich (soul-ful) ones in the series. This invites me to question, why do I want to try and get more mainstream or “known” people onto the podcast? Partially it has to do with a fear of losing access to the mainstream and of being marginalized, a primary survival fear, because to be marginalized is to be in danger of being ostracized, even scapegoated. But it’s also a practical and creative concern. Here’s why:

“Alternate perceptions” are not alternative if they are confined to an “alternate perceptions community.” Instead they are quickly subsumed into a dominant (if marginal) narrative, and so become increasingly irrelevant.

This is from an email I sent to a fellow researcher of a case I prefer not to mention:

FYI, I am more than wary of terms like “Illuminati,” which IMO have by now been thoroughly uncoupled from any historical meaning and shackled to a conspiratainment industry aimed at, and designed to create, an audience cult of paranoid true believers, the existence of which only makes the debunking work of trolls like [redacted] that much easier.

The first website I ever had, the paranoid awareness section had a slogan, “There is a worldwide conspiracy to create the belief that there is a worldwide conspiracy to create the belief….”

The value of a place like Rigorous Intuition for me is that there is every bit as much skepticism among the serious participants of such passed-down conspiracy-jargon as there is of the cover-ups that keep the Consensus running. I called it the 2nd matrix for convenience. It’s not even so simple as an ideology, it’s more like an energy, and once it gets a hold of what we do it distorts everything and turns it into something, well, Icke-y.

Context is everything, and a word can bring with it a whole context strong enough to counteract and even undo the context we may have worked so hard to create. For me, words like “Illuminati,” “Satanist” and even to a degree at this stage “Pedophile” tend to do this; they are buzz words that both carry with them and trigger in people a whole memeplex of associations and assumptions and thereby shut down deeper inquiry. [I realized after writing this that I used “Satanic” in the last blog post title, entirely without thinking; that’s how contagious these memes are.]

I’m also wary of confusing research and exploration with social activism or the desire to bring about change. I strongly believe that the latter can only ever be effective as a side effect of the former, never as something that’s being consciously desired or directed. Our conscious reasons for wanting to change stuff are, I think, not merely secondary but mostly irrelevant when compared to our unconscious ones, which is why social reform never works on anything but a surface level, IMO. After all, the very perps being identified by this deep research ~ or at least the ones behind the perps ~ are social reformers! What is social engineering but activism on a grand scale? So Satanism and Illuminism, in my view, are just as much masks, sock puppets, and weaponized memes as are Labor & Conservative, Christianity and Democracy.


A regular listener recently suggested bringing my liminal listening audience into the podcast discussion in some form or another. I have already brought up the idea of recording a podcast with live listeners, via Skype, listeners who could pipe in at any time with questions or comments. It’s probably too soon for that, but another possibility is for people who read this blog and who listen to the podcast to provide me with audio or written material for upcoming podcasts.

If anyone likes this idea, send me your statements, expressions, questions, etc., and I will incorporate them into a future podcast, thereby dialoguing with the fragments of my non-localized self “out there.”

These collective podcasts could alternate with usual format (in which I discuss things with a single person), as a way to continue that discussion and keep it going, back and forth between a two-person dialogue and a multilogue.

I’m always cautious about proposing these sorts of things because I tend to get demoralized if there’s no response. But here are a few suggestions for anyone who wants to participate, suggestions that relate to my latest conversation with Random Dude:

The individual vs. the collective.

How Jekyll creates (makes necessary) Hyde within society. How the excessive appliance of reason leads to the worst excesses of the id, erupting behind the scenes of “decent” and rational society (MKULTRA, etc.).

Specifically, my own predilection for exploring dark subject matter. Why do I always accentuate what’s wrong about existence (i.e., the world) rather than focus on what is right within us (the soul). Is the balance off, or is it just right?

Or, introduce your own subject.

If you’re interested in participating, record an mp3 audio of your “statement,” whatever it may be, and send it by email (jasun at auticulture dot com) or online file site. If you feel inhibited by speaking, you can also write it down & send it to me in an email, or even post it here in the comments.

If I receive enough statements, or if whatever I do receive is interesting enough, I will build a podcast around that offering for the following week.

That’s all, folks.

12 thoughts on “Voices from the Margins

  1. I really admire your engagement with your listeners. It’s rare the line between audience and performer is so gracefully blurred. No curtains, no seats, no stage, no show. But I guess, that’s the nature of liminality 🙂

    I’ve been following your descent into these dark undertows. I’m there too; ’tis the season (oktober and all). It’s nice to know there are other lights out there illuminating the murk; in a way, it emboldens my own quest for the “truth”. I’m so curious to hear more about your (briefly mentioned) Lucifer ritual. I also have a past-life as a sorcerer of sorts, and have also “graduated” from that phase, but still, revelations from that time period still ring true for me. Like there are ripple effects. Maybe you’ve noticed this? Whether we are still or are not practitioners anymore, the point is, it worked.

    Individuation is why I love Jung. Maybe it’s inseparable from negative identity. Nonetheless, we must get back to ground zero, square one, the root, the cause, the source, et al. How the fuck did we get here? It’s no surprise to me, this Ann Diamond stuff or SRA cases. It’s confirmation of an intuition I’ve had forever. That the technicolor dream cloak we’re salivating at is hiding the most macabre and grotesque reality. It’s like discovering your species is, in fact (on some level, to be fair) a bacteria, a virus. The religion of transhumanism maybe understands this and seeks inhumanity as salvation.

    You mentioned Christ. Christ is interesting, as a myth, at least. I have it in my possession finally, Girard’s Scapegoat, haven’t read it, but get the idea that society itself was born out of sacrifice. The group is enlivened in the scapegoat’s slaughtering. Abraham changed the dynamic, by introducing the animal as replacement. Christ, by sacrificing himself for the “sin” that is “society”, transcends society, truly individuates. Yet the irony is his idolatry. We should either, keep sacrificing the individual to be part of the collective, or choose to be the individual who sacrifices himself “against” society. Interesting, too, that this underbelly of pedophile rings and SRA is not so far off from the ol’ human/ child sacrifice cults.

    I will work on an audio clip. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. HI Jasun, as far as i can tell you are one of the few researcher’s taking the shadow seriously apart with a fine tooth comb, rather than the usual lips service ” we have to address our shadow” yeah…how exactly? You don’t say how or give some formula, you literally demonstrate! I have often tried to express how much this has and does aid my own process of self discovery. I think it comes off as blowing smoke up your ass, and seriously i have half the intellect you do,(so i feel a bit lame) but it’s true! I have 50 million questions id like to ask you, but they wont form! I’m intimidated but the idea of a conversation with you feels similar to trinity getting that upload to fly the helicopter, “do you know how to fly that”…. “not yet”. Picture me mouth on floor nodding, that’s about it. Your attention to detail is awesome. I’m going to try and think about this, since you’ve put this call out, see if anything bubbles up, try and send you a video, I’m quite disorganized and it kinda takes a lot, like cramming for an essay?

  3. Yes mate , it did feel like we crossed a line with Ann Diamond , i felt the revulsion in myself as ” anti semitic conspiracy theories !” , in big flashing neon . Had to work hard to allow myself to consider that here in the liminal zones , there are no absolute truths , merely quantum particles that seem to spin faster the moment you try to pinpoint their position . In the end there are merely probabilities constantly emerging and reemerging , particles as diverse and diffuse as khepas , jake ,the one , jasun etc etc .
    I admire your stubborn refusal to rule anything in or out , perhaps all you have done is spook some people who found Charon scary , yes everyone must pay the ferryman , but perhaps best not to do so until he gets you to the other side. !

  4. I’m thinking the titles of Jasun’s pieces on Cohen might’ve had a resonance with anti-Semitic stereotypes that would indeed scare folks away

  5. samdiver: someone recently suggested that I only seem to receive feedback that tells me how awesome I am. I do seem to attract extremes, either this sort of glowing and eloquent appreciation or (what I experience as) really nitpicking, nonconstructive criticism that seems to miss the point of what I’m trying to do. I only hope this doesn’t create a closed system in which anyone who gets it loves me and anyone who doesn’t love me doesn’t get it! I certainly know how to piss people off so give it time and I am sure I’ll manage to take a misstep (don’t mention the war!).

    Mari: at the risk of having a love-bomb party, it’s great to hear that my shadow-analysis is what I hope it is, for one person at least. It may be that without participating in the process, no one can really “get” the meaning of these doodles, in fact I hope that’s the case, even if it condemns me to the margins of the deconstructing few.

    Kutumn/reivax, funny, i missed that possibility, probably because the Mrs.. is usually warning me off whenever I get too close to THAT weaponized meme, and this time well it was all quite organic, Mr. Cohen IS Jewish after all. Funny how that works, when dodgy theories get spun out of facts & factoids, the facts start to be seen as dodgy, ipso facto.

    I guess I did sorta wonder about mentioning Zion….

  6. I’m new here and I don’t yet know what to make of Mr. Horsley. On the one hand, all the talk of “autism” and “spectrums” makes me think that..no, you are not special, everybody has some degree of loneliness/alienation/whatever that makes them seek a label (whether autistic or queer or so forth). It’s like, shit man, stop being such a pussy.

    But then Mr. Horsley also steps into some very interesting territory that redeems himself (at least from my perspective) when, for example, he interviewed Ann Diamond. That was some really exceptional work. My only beef with that is that Leonard Cohen is hardly an icon. In fact, I can safely say that I had never even heard of him until interview. Either way, it was all very plausible. MK-Ultra is hardly a secret and somehow with deep Jewish bloodlines tied to a local (montreal) underground who is the pied-piper of a generation? Seems so obvious that no one is even allowed to think it anymore.

    Personally, my recommended reading list would include the following:

    Born to Run; A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

    Sex at Dawn; The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

    With honorable mentions to:
    The Shock Doctrine; the Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

    Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

    The Cosmic War; Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts by Joseph Farrell

    The Hunt for Zero Point; Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology by Nick Cook

  7. Not sure where the reading list came from. Stop being such a pussy, dude, and write your own book! 😀

    Regarding the invitation, I’ll need a couple more statement-submissions to build a podcast around, so it won’t be the next podcast, which will be a convo with Bill Morrison, of this blog.

    Anyone who’s got a statement in them, let’s have it.

  8. I think that is certainly true, we can only know via direct apprehension, and I’ll say again (though you may not have heard the next pile of videos i sent yet) this is a margin I’d be more than happy to be condemned to… Oh for the artistic freedom to never have to cater to an audience….

  9. It has been a real pleasure discovering your website and podcast series. I like the conversational tone and the very pertinent subject matter. Like listening to my own thoughts only better 🙂

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