More Brain Eating with Peter Watts, on Pedophiles & the Singularity

Find out why the legal system favors the scum and how pedophiles may end up laying the ground rules for the upcoming singularity.

This was probably my favorite conversation so far. However, Peter’s idea about pedophiles being the most outcast and reviled members of society, and hence the first to volunteer to be reborn as many-tentacled banana-slug-beings heralding the new post-human future, may need some tweaking.

Increased evidence suggests that pedophiles have already laid the ground rules for our current society.

4 thoughts on “More Brain Eating with Peter Watts, on Pedophiles & the Singularity

  1. All’s feeling. Boil the kettle, I Am erupting. Touch me, it’s kinetic…
    What if hell was/is all around, reprieve is the animal. I Am the answer.
    The human Being The day of rest. Wat? Hells other human Doings? Y’think?
    Consciousness is nothing but feeling, Human feeling is classically that.
    Feeling’s work/energy out of imbalance. Scientific. Give me a gold star.
    These circuits are the senses, the more the merrier. Whip Him sensually!
    Today’s processor’s executing deadlist codes consciousness doesn’t make.
    This calls for a Torture Chamber Unit for “I”. Oh and “AI” don’t need I;
    reduced to a slave chip. Mark of the Beast be seated in the MotherBoard.

  2. I’m thinking pedophiles are akin to transgenders, generally mixed up in the head due to exposure to prenatal hormones. But while transgenders just want to be women, and may not particularly care about children or even sex, pedophiles have the female attraction to children mixed up with a more normal male sex drive, which makes them pretty dangerous to be around. It also seems to make them highly intelligent and master social stratergists, which is why so many seem to end up as politicians etc. Once inducted into these positions of power they get the protection of the group and even the security services. What we are getting to hear about in the news now is probably just the tip of he iceberg, but it always amazes me how many people are prepared to keep silent about what they know must be going on.

  3. I suspect, and there’s evidence to suggest, that the involvement of women (including mothers) in the sexual exploitation of children is being underplayed, overlooked, or plain concealed ~ maybe because it’s so unthinkable to most people.

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