11 thoughts on “The Red End of the Animal (Part 2 of candid dialogue with Neil Kramer)

  1. that last bit was really a killer — shocked me. good to see neil being so revealing; thank you for provoking that. for the life of me, i would never be an assasin. i just can’t embrace the destruction of life, nor can i say that it’s cool if someone else does it. i’ve known two former mercenaries, and they were thoroughly broken and fragmented people — they know they are damned. i find it hard to consent to such wreckage of life. you brought up so many excellent points that i will have to listen to this again. right on.

    • Just heard NK on his most recent Veritas radio interview. He stated that the whole assassin thing on your show was a wind up…good to know I suppose!

      • You mean the idea that he would wind someone up for the hell of it is preferable to the idea that he was being honest?

        Do you believe him? If so, what was his motive?

        Is it as or more likely he was telling the truth then, and is lying now?

    • So, if he wasn’t winding you up then, why do you think he made that claim? I would love to know your thoughts…

  2. So now we are attacking people for opening up? Neil Kramer want’s to be an assassin?…who gives a shit. What does that have to do with anything really. Kramer, just like everyone else, doesn’t have to be anyone for anybody. At first it seemed that you had unmasked Neil as being a bit unauthentic, and you came out looking more sincere, in hind sight i would definitely say it is the other way around.

    • Quick disclaimer; I am far from perfect, I fuck up almost continually, so now you know you can trust my point of view

  3. How’s this for a sync!

    NK looks remarkably like the character Trumper from the Shaun the sheep movie. Trumpers job is to assassinate the sheep who have escaped from their prison/home.

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