6 thoughts on “Red Ice & the New Thule?

  1. Henrik just ran out of material. And, suggesting that the Holocaust might not have happened, is exciting. It’s one of like just two things that you’re not allowed to think/talk about.

    And too, I think If I lived in Sweden, I might be a bit agitated and paranoid too. While in the West, things just keep going on as they always have, ideas actually get implemented in Sweden. Just like they did in Germany! People like watching other people get shit done.

    My bet is the people in this little movement will keep dancing around these most controversial topics. It’s like foreplay. They’re willfully teasing themselves. Then maybe in a few years they’ll blow their collective loads – coming out and saying what they only hinted at before. Then, it’ll be over. They’ll smoke a cigarette, roll-over, and spend five minutes objectively looking at the evidence. They’ll be like “Oh, that was fun. But I guess the consensus opinion was mostly the right opinion.”

    • As a Swede and a direct descendant of the Aryans, I feel compelled to reply. Oh If only my blood
      would be purifed, I would be godlike again and if Ahmed did not come here 8 months ago, Sweden would
      have its former glory, shining brighter then ever.

      I can get that none Swedes and people at GLP have no idea whats been going on in Sweden, I hear people
      use the word cultural marxism or saying that things are being inplemented in Sweden without actually knowing
      what they are talking about.

      But to see Henrik go down that road is weird. I thought higher of him, he should know better what have been going
      on in Sweden since we had our prime minister murdered in 1986. And he should know better overall.

      And most are not dancing around theese topics in “this little movement”, infact it has been infested by it.

      As the noose tightens, peoples true character is being revealed and this is the best/worst time for the
      bääh bääh white lamb…I can hear Manson from his prison cell, singing “HELL YEAH, ITS ABOUT TIME”

    • No problem, its not the Swedish perspective rly though, The Swedish perspevtive is turning more and more
      towards the same as Henriks. And not only the Swedish perspective btw, but most of europe and the west.
      Races is once again being manipulated to fight each other, nothing new rly. just about time for another race war to
      spice things up. popcorn anyone? ^^

      • i’m in france, and i see the rise of the right as much as triggerhappydelusion does — left & right have become so polarized and neither is listening to the other. however, since i am an american immigrant here, no one wants to hear what i have to say on the subject.

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