4 thoughts on “Liminalist # 15: What the Hell is an ASYMPTOTE?

  1. Well, I discovered Mark when his book (“Getting Out”) was “recommended” to me by Amazon just last month. That fact made me wonder about Amazon’s recommendation algorithms perhaps being too nosy (although they are probably just purchase-based: those interested in foreign language books and who have previously bought anything by Dmitry Orlov or James Kunstler might be looking to leave the U.S.).

    Speaking of Kunstler and Orlov: since you touched upon this topic in the podcast, they are two good examples of relatively marginal figures (especially Orlov) who have built quite a following online. Not trying to promote them or anything but they might be two more interesting data points for you to consider in the context of your cultural theory.

    P.S. Great episode, btw!

    • I think Kunstler would be a great guest! I hope that he not only accepts but reciprocates by inviting you on his own podcast (which has been withering somewhat).

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