A Transitional Life

For Persephone on the Precipice


We all live in a  yellow submarine.

What keeps a person going is the hope of someday arriving. But if we were to arrive somewhere, we would no longer have anything to move towards. We would have nothing to hope for.

The only hope for arrival is to arrive at a state of no longer hoping to arrive.

That means reaching the end of our exploration, winding up where we started, and knowing the place at last. Then we can see that there is no longer any need to embark, because there is nowhere to go to and nothing to explore.

There is nothing to do the exploring and nothing to be explored.

Life begins when the quest ends. The purpose of the quest is to reach the end of the quest.

To live fully means to live for nothing, to have nothing to live for.

It’s only then that the future ceases to come first, and the present can begin.

A transitional life.

One thought on “A Transitional Life

  1. My dad passed recently. Going back in a few days. I talked to my family and was told the one thing I can’t have of his, is my self-portrait as Persephone. The house could burn down but the painting stays. Hosting meditations, doing nothing these days. It all seems full circle.

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