9 thoughts on “Liminalist 10, with Joseph Chilton Pearce

  1. Popping in for a word visit but I see it is video talk. And while I know this got to be interesting I am going to pass only because . . . well, now wait a minute. I think I will go back and tune in.

  2. Oh, boy, I read the introduction reaffirming my suspicion this old man is cousin. And knows how toexpress it. The entree way into his talk I won’t navigate. Quite a bit of bother it seems to me. I am burdened, it seems programmed to fight to ratain more than my share of knowing next to nothing yet unashamed. I insist I continue to be that stupid person. I seems almost religious to me.

  3. For some reason I first read “Your comment is awaiting moderation as ‘thwarting’ moderation. A slip of some psychological problem that will forever disallow me from entering the pantheon of real secure thinkers.

  4. Did I hear the buzzer?

    It can’t be just me wondering how upon hearing that old hoarse wisdom will sit with purple oleo’s model, or does that just validate his enlightenment in a nursing home puke-okeo! Well, the universe has got your back. Maybe. But I tend to think not. Not unless you start the process already!

  5. The End process. Rah rah rah rah Ra! But I said Love, but I said love, make peace not war for Peace on Earth.

    New orders just in from cosmic-love headquarters, no less hang upside down from a tree for Purity of Essence.

  6. “I am feeling inclined to read his/her book”

    what in the Fuck

    Do people need to be told we’re doing wrong?

    got it All wrong

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