5 thoughts on “Liminalist # 6 with Alan Green of Sync Book

  1. 42 minutes in, fuck it, I’m commenting now: My time in the space betwixt, I had such a fidelity for sync, there, I was assulted by sync… The sync, It, were the horny monster/saviour. (How can I sell my body/mind/soul like that again, anybody? Heh! Shortcut, please, I know what’s in store, the sensual horrors.)

    I remember (now) I knew (intimately then) it was the (Yattering) trickster. The “I am being tested” with the gumption to best it at its game and some other lost/unknown ingredient was a surefire recipe to grow perpetually in sync, I was manic, it was magic, magic, psychosis. I received, also increasing in fold, random bliss in place of random constricting pain. Readout: a healthy body, more alive. I know The Light exists, I know there’s an On switch, I know it can remain affixed in either of the binary positions (“so fuck Off”, brain). This was indeed by virtue of Not eating the lotus flowers, And I know I had taken ambrosia, And ever more did the lovelies serve me flowers… – which was and is, some kind of dream inception mechanic trying to Get Me/You Off (to sleep… where you can no longer dream, not even of clowns with razor sharp teeth… pity…, Pity the Clown.)

  2. It’s good stuff. You mention you get little feed back from listeners/fans, so I logged on to say the new podcast is your best work podcast wise, I’m greatly enjoying the liminalist episodes. keep up the work! Or smash it and start over! it’s all good. cheerio.

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