4 thoughts on “Liminalist # 5: Eye of the Heart

  1. I’ve enjoyed very much all the dialogues so far.

    I liked the analogy you made between being able to choose to turn away and ignore the tv in a bar and being able to create space between awareness and the internal dialogue.

    I find it hard to find a space between awareness and strong feelings like anger though, like I’m too easily caught up inthe drama of it,even if I do have enough space to observe it mentally, it’s like some feelings have so much momentum and drive they have to be acted out even if that means doing obviously destructive things. But it would seem that ideally having some space between awareness and a feeling would help diffuse it or at least put it into healthy perspective? But maybe it’s not the feeling or even the action that’s the most problematic, so much as the taking it personally afterwards, the ego feels affronted because it’s self image was spoiled and so finds it hard to like itself again. Which again acts as an invitation to find perspective.

    I like the similarity in words depressed and deep rest

  2. 1:33:00
    Couldn’t stop thinking of Robert Anton’s story of Bucky Fuller when you dug up that quote about Aldous Huxley wishing he was more kind to people as he grew older.
    Something to ponder…

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