1. Enjoyed the interview. He seems like a nice and interesting guy, though for me it was more interesting to observe how in this age of ubiquitous exposure, if a western artist reaches any degree of fame his opinions start to take on the tone of a politician, he feels compelled to take a conservative stance on everything. This seems to me detrimental to real exploration and discovery, I wonder if it is in any way intentionally designed – or merely an “unspoken agreement” among everyone in order to maintain a sort of social equilibrium, status quo.

    • I did feel like Rodney was proceeding with caution throughout, as if not wanting to commit himself to saying anything “off-message,” and I did wonder if this is something that is instinctively learned, hence becomes unconscious, via the process of getting to be an industry insider (however marginal)….

  2. I was going to say something about Ascher’s passiveness through out the whole podcast, but didn’t want to be the first to spew negativity. I was jaded through out the whole podcast. I think it was due to the overload of previous Kubrick material…

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