3 thoughts on “Vast Regions from Nowhere: Paul Bowles, Unfathered Authors, Mother-Bonded Sons

  1. Hi. I enjoyed this. Thank you. Just some thoughts triggered by your writing.

    Have looked for the address of where Paul Bowles lived in Jamaica Queens, but can’t find it easily. Would like to find that house.

    .. Somewhere , when I was reading about him, I read “Jamaica Queens Long Island” which is wrong. Jamaica Queens is near my pottery school.. one more stop on the LIRR. It’s not Long Island .. Thought both Queens and Brooklyn [King’s] or on the “Long Island” .. They are not named that.

    When I join the Ashram at ~ age 17 , a friend , who had dropped me after finding Ayn Rand, and who subsequently became a billionaire and TV Producer, said that I was just like Marlena Dietrich – taking off with the Foreign Legion to disappear forever.

    The Catskills for me, was a bit like that too,, one could disappear there, only to re-emerge 20 years later, after the life that would’ve been, is over: As Washington Irving’s van Winkle – played nine-pin with the wrong gnomes.

    I also ran away from home at 17 because of an infatuation that was not going to work out. I found out, many years later, that I was still “in love” with the same [bad] man, and realized that if he had loved me back at the time,.. we really might have had 50 or 60 years of heaven.

    Unfortunately after that realization, I discovered he was a Munchausen – style outrageous liar and a cruel inonsiderale aghoraphobe. A accomplished medical doctor researcher, friend of mine, said I was lucky he scorned me – since he was mentally ill. [My fault , of course, for picking such a dreaded person, I could never see through – [ until just last year.]

    Also , I remembered recently why I had written you about parallelisms.. My sister, Judith , and I had a bond over Winnie the Pooh.. She was “Pooh” .. I was “Piglet.”

    I realized I was given a surrogate father in the form of my Guru, as I mentioned before..( I even had a “UFO” experience, a few months before I met Swami M. the same month as P.K. Dick had his vision from the pink fish – Feb ’74. ).

    I was very fortunate.. My Guru, wrong or right, good or bad, saved my life.

    I’m glad you had Mr. Bowles.( I’m making bowls now , a short ride from “Jamaica” .. As if. )


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