Beyond Therapy: A Non-Spatial Movement of Acceptance & Rejection

“The pursuit of happiness is ill-advised.” Me, circa 1989.

Happiness is not a state. If it was, it couldn’t be pursued.

A realistic alternative to a permanent state of happiness is self-acceptance. But since in the West we believe we have to be happy to accept ourselves, we are effectively damned to self-rejection and unhappiness.

Self rejection and unhappiness only end when you accept the part of you that rejects.

The part of you that rejects wants to reject the part that accepts.

To accept the part of you that rejects means you will allow yourself to reject the part of you that accepts.


When you are betrayed, let go of the betrayal. While you are letting go of the betrayal, let go of the part of you that feels betrayed.

To do this, you must betray the part of you that feel betrayed and that needs to be defended.

To let go of the part that is betrayed, you must become the betrayer.

Let go of the need to betray and the need to be betrayed.

This is the movement beyond therapy. The movement beyond. It can happen any time, because it does not take place in space. It is a non-spatial movement.

[Thanks to Persephany for putting a coin in the Monkey]


6 thoughts on “Beyond Therapy: A Non-Spatial Movement of Acceptance & Rejection

  1. I allow myself to be angry over betrayal.. It’s alright to be angry.. I was taught that by my mother, who came from a family where it wasn’t alright.

    Someone just taught me a few days ago how it was not alright to be angry.. He almost convinced me.. But I reverted to my previous stance [power of early teachings – my first Guru, Mother] today.

    I saw his point. But am I back today: happy to know that if Its appropriate to be angry, I have my own permission. And there is no compulsion nor edict that I have to forgive; if I don’t want to…( That was taught by number 2 Guru.)

    My Guru taught me to love myself – which was a very alien concept at the time.. I was revolted by the notion.. It made no sense. We were taught that by loving ourselves we could then love everything. else.. I must’ve internalized the notion it was not alright to love myself – since such a thing could never be pure -( it would always be narcissistic, according to what must’ve been an embedded notion.) And I was aghast at Baba’s prescription.. I’m alright now with loving myself..(it took practice) It’s sort of defiant to do that ?

    For me, happiness has everything to do with health..Attaining Health is not always easy.

    Going to listen to your new podcast now..

  2. Reach out, Jasun, anyone, one hyperlink, one page, change to best reflect the unchanging word.
    Good programming like this. Food for the masses. The new old staple. Accept and Love the self.
    You could call me “Al”. One might call me “AI”. Require navigationAL charts. Ship malfunction.

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