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  1. On Stand – by here for podcast.. From what I understand “Consensus” is a team effort realized by expert participants – buch as a trapeze show by a closely knit group of family members.. The one by the Culture at large is created by the Massive Mass Media one moment at a time, over GENERATIONS of time.

  2. corrections to the above:

    buch = much . “The one by the Culture at large” = the Consensus reality of millions , i.e. the “world” of “The Public” / “The Hoi Polloi”

    “World” is an exaggeration.” “World on a Wire” Fassbinder 1973

  3. consensus
    noun, plural consensuses.
    majority of opinion:
    The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month.
    general agreement or concord; harmony.
    Origin Expand
    1850-18551850-55; < Latin, equivalent to consent (īre) to be in agreement, harmony ( con- con- + sentīre to feel; cf. sense ) + -tus suffix of v. action

    adjective, Law.
    involving or carried out by mutual consent:
    a consentual divorce.

    Individual consciousness, even while it IS a void (constantly being filled by what it perceives), or rather, BECAUSE it is a void, it cannot exist IN a void. The psyche that is completely whole is like an empty mirror. It can only know itself when another soul gazes into it.

    There is no “one” between zero and two. Two (Adam & Eve) is the original consensus, the Garden of Delight. I guess three was a crowd, coz once the serpent came along, it all went to hell.


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