Mimesis, Liminality, “Je Suis Charlie” & Catharsis-NLP Theater Gone Bad

charlie zombies

A short essay, driven by despair, on the current Charlie Hebdo Tangle of Lies, in relation to the liminal zones and Rene Girard’s theory of mimesis.

In the current global narrative, the two opposing communities are Islam (meaning surrender!) and Western/Christian “freedom.” “Je Suis Charlie,” if I grok correctly what people are huddling together about, is an expression of the sanctity of “free speech,” in contrast to the evil intolerance of fanatical Islam. Yet, as has been pointed out, France has plenty of laws against free speech when they are considered “hate crimes,” only these laws are generally not extended to Moslems. Even more revealingly, the reaction to this latest (seemingly staged, pls note!) event has been to further reduce freedom of expression within the Western world under the guise of defending freedom of expression!

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