4 thoughts on “Part Two of Zer0 Squared Talk with Doug Lain

  1. I got totally confused by this. Couldn’t find a way to download, tried several ideas,the right click, the click then the right click, etc., things that normally work everywhere, was next thrown off by the 2013 date on the page, and then taken to what looked like Doug’s 2014 archives, after trying the more obvious stuff first. Maybe if I see your other email, it will show me how to actually download something, thanks. So I’ll go back and find it and hope it’s not the same experience for me to figure out.


  2. I was able to download from the same page that a few minutes ago I couldn’t get to work. So it DOES work, how weird. I also couldn’t find a donate button to send to you personally. Penny


  3. I enjoyed this chat even more than the first part. you seem to be connecting on a deeper level. it’s an interesting experiment serving as matching foils. it’s a dance. and it reminds me of my relationship with you over at http://kubrickon.com/maze/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17&sid=6ecdc3f1c2703d99478464122907997d
    the only difference is I seem to stepping all over your feet. ironic cuz I’m a way better dancer than you are, tho you did impress me with your latest performance

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