New Podcast Series with Doug Lain & Zer0 Books


Artwork and logo design by Lucinda Horan

Jasun Horsley is the first guest. His book Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist is coming out from Zero Books at the end of this month.

Also in this episode: the voice of TJ Clark, the music of Dan Lett, the Zero Books manifesto as written by Tariq Goddard, my call for submissions of books written about Marx’s peculiar materialism, and a brief recap of the event that led to my landing in the publisher’s seat and a veiled call for peace.

Credit  goes to Lucinda Horan for the Zero Squared logo and to the Art of Flying’s “Song for my Peeps” for providing the introductory music.

Jasun Horsley will be recurring feature of this podcast with updates from what we’re tentatively calling his “Liminalist Corner.”

(Doug doesn’t mention it but our tentative plan is for me to co-host the show, maybe once a month, alone or with Doug, and for the two of us to have regular dialogues.)

7 thoughts on “New Podcast Series with Doug Lain & Zer0 Books

  1. You mention that phase 4 includes turning away from the film screen and toward the projector. Ironically enough this is precisely what Kubrick seems to showing us in the opening to 2001.

  2. Well, I’m not sure what this will be about, but I sure like the hosts, and it would be great to hear from Jasun again, a true original in every way. I know I’ve missed out by not looking into the written versions on the blog, which I always mean to go back and search out for the true genius I know I’d find there…but audio is the easy thing for me.

  3. OHHH, nevermind, I see I had already subscribed to it, it’s been put into my long list of podcasts, many I haven’t heard yet, but I didn’t recognized it, didn’t recognize the name as connected to you. I’m going ditzy, I suppose.


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