Why Kubrickon?

It’s ironic that I pledged not to write any more essays at this blog unless I got a donation to inspire me, because now I am writing essays daily over at the forum for zero compensation. Difference is it’s a community discussion.

There are only a few of us but it’s pretty lively, so you might want to sign up for it while you can still catch up on what you’ve missed.

Here’s a few direct links to the most relevant threads, to make it easier.

About the Overlook (Why Kubrickon?) (Not a discussion but an attempt to explain what this whole thing is all about)

2001 & the Case Against Kubrick

“Eyes Wide Shut”

Consensus-Making (Boyhood: Why I Hated It)

2 thoughts on “Why Kubrickon?

  1. Interesting point about 2001 :I remember I used the Phillip Glass soundtrack for a student film project and the tape in the video had warped slightly to the images of a Bbc model computer game called Elite. However the slight variable of warping seemed to synch itself in a more connected way to kubricks work . Metallic stagnation inside his audio blocks our channels and is poured over the dialogue , current less towarding a moulded sand dune .

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