9 thoughts on “There’s Something About Stanley: Kubrick’s Strange Science Of Obsession

  1. First I have heard of Lucy’s Day; i was just lamenting today wasn’t Friday!

    “Saint Lucy is one of the few saints celebrated by the overwhelmingly Lutheran Nordic people — Danes; Swedes; Finns and Norwegians”

    Spoke to a Nord just yesterday.

  2. About the [sexual] Torture of innocent captives

    “The majority in world (with
    access to information and Internet) still don’t care at all. People are
    still posting pictures of their food instead of talking about this.
    It’ll only matter when the victims are white Americans.” [?]

    If the white Americans are “trailer trash” / “hobos” / homeless / mentally ill / elderly … “noone” still will care..

    This last weekend of the sun’s transit of the “Dark Horse” nebula seemed to have passed a new milestone in the “Revelation of the Method?” The Leftists are freaking outraged [for once] since the papers now said it was socially acceptable to be so.. But the researchers are saying “Old News, Fools”

    Anyway,, no one is allowed to write about the German’s experience of “Hitler” because of course that was a “once off” just like the SCOTUS decision to shoe-horn W. Bush into the White House.. “Never will happen again.. It’s a one off”

  3. St. Lucy is celebrated in Spanish countries, in Italy, in the Philippines, in Rumania, in Croatia.. The actual “Light” festival this time of year, is part of YULE.. which stretches over a long period of time.. The Dark Months of the year in the Northern hemisphere. . It’s not just the Norse.

  4. bnet, you mean the picture above of a room in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining? if I remember correctly the model of the maze is seen in The Shining

  5. yeah, weird thing is that i have not seen the shining.

    maybe i seen a trailer and forgot about it or so and then remeber the room from that, dunno.

    thanks for bringing clearity where the room is from though.
    and maybe i should watch the shining then.

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