Patreon Liminalist Project now in testing stage


Here’s the url:

You will also find some all-new material on Kubrickon (including an audio file).

Naturally I am hoping for subscribers/patrons, but I’m not going to start plugging the site outside this blog just yet. I’d like if possible to hear back from some of you regarding how clear the presentation is, what you like/don’t like, find inspiring or off-putting, and so on, with the video, description, “about,” milestone goals, etc, as well as any technical issues you may have with the site itself.

Remember I tend to have communication difficulties (social deficit) so don’t be shy about spelling things out, things that may seem obvious to you may not be at all obvious to me.

Thanks in advance.


17 thoughts on “Patreon Liminalist Project now in testing stage

  1. Just created a patreon account, and when i try to pledge with paypal, it asks me for my CC info even though I have money in paypal allrdy. Is it not possible to pledge with paypal currency?

    Seems weird to have paypal at all if its still needed to give out CC info to subscribe.

    Never used patreon site before and most likely I have missunderstood something, and hopefully someone will be able to explain it to me.

  2. Ok.

    Do you have a CC allrdy attached to your paypal account? Could be that I dont, only have founds on the paypal account itself.

  3. I’ll support the project.

    Would love to hear an audio version of your new book.
    And Kubrick theories are fascinating in itself; you may have outsiders donate just on that alone!

  4. the lesson i have learned here: don’t ask for feedback when you are also asking for money.

    I can only interpret the dearth of response in one of two ways, either a) people don’t like the presentation and don’t want to say so or: b) people don’t want to give money and are embarrassed to offer feedback instead.

  5. Not sure if this is it but I feel like there is missing structure to the project. Being a patron, I can see other patrons but I don’t feel like there is a space/structure for synergy to take place within the project.

  6. You’re right, and I haven’t really explored it much. I think I’m jumping the gun mentally a bit and sort of thinking of a space that is a bit more formless, a space to hold a space.

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