Shadow of the Groundhog # 17: Insurrection at Ground Zer0


I recently looked up the word insurrection and decided it was a good one for the sort of writing I do, or at least try to do.

This week—during the partial lull of the Kubrick Brain Storm—I have been working on a piece for another author’s site about consensual perception and how to escape it.

This is the abiding, presiding, overriding focus of everything I do. It was behind my recent split with the spiritual group I was part of, and it’s the underlying theme and focus in the Kubrick exploration.

Like Jesus Christ, split every atom in me and you will find it there, this burning question.

So insurrection (not resurrection) for me has to do with splitting off from the involuntary formation of consensual perception and venturing into the wilderness outside the herd, then bringing back field reports of what I have found, into the dominant perceptual framework.

This is what I have recently termed “liminalism,” and/or “arguments for the impossible.”

This would be a foolhardy or courageous endeavor—since it is not only by definition impossible but also potentially suicidal—were it not for the fact that it is involuntary. I am not and have never been able to blend in with the herd or carve myself a niche in the consensus/mainstream; so my ongoing experiences of failing to do so have guaranteed a regular return to the margins and beyond, since I am not comfortable in the margins, and also since my attempts to break the membrane of consensual perception usually cause a ricochet effect, bouncing me further outside than I started—or whatever. I am getting confused now because it seems as if my struggle is both to break IN to consensual reality (get noticed) and break OUT—become/forge a fully autonomous self.

But whatever! Apparently two seemingly mutually exclusive trajectories mirror and complement each other. I don’t know how, but fuck it. Onward, mutiny, give me freedom from the shackles of consensual perception, or give me death!

And then comes the latest development as if to test my resolve and push it to the sticking place: my publisher, Zer0 Books, has just undergone its own insurrection movement, as the founding participants abandon the good ship Zero and form their own company, the “consequence of a long standing antagonism with the ownership of John Hunt Publishing, our parent company.”

Which begs the question, is every insurrection event a coming of age story?

The fact this occurred at the precise moment Seen & Not Seen is about to be released (it went to the printers this week) cannot, surely, be attributed to mere coincidence. Cannot and will not!

Rather than be discouraged by what may be a major setback, I choose to see it as negative reinforcement.

With this groundhog’s emergence comes the Spring, and no wonder if all the forces of Winter gather together to prevent it from happening. But to no avail! Not even the darkest shadow can stop me now!

Meantime, back in the real world, the cold water pipe to the kitchen has frozen, without my consent.

While the groundhog barks, reality bites.


4 thoughts on “Shadow of the Groundhog # 17: Insurrection at Ground Zer0

  1. “I am getting confused now because it seems as if my struggle is both to break IN to consensual reality (get noticed) and break OUT—become/forge a fully autonomous self.”

    That’s funny!

    Also, Your dancing was a very positive influence.. So glad to see that.. You are a good dancer!

    I didn’t proof the end of my entry… I was just so tired after writing all that .. And just wanted to get it done.. I’ve smoothed out some phrases and clarified some whole sentences that were bad..I’m not adding anything, just clarifying.. If I need to add more I will just make another entry.

    I listened to your podcast, Or really just the first part of it so far this evening.. (The recent one about Kubrick on the Sync Book conversation),I heard you mention the suspicion that Kubrick was a scientist, not an artist..

    Earlier in the day I had listened to another podcast , which I really must listen to again, And turn over in my mind.. And it sunk-in / doved-tailed/ matched in some way, with what I heard you saying about Kubrick, the scientist.

    The Hidden God of Atheism – – Dr.. Rupert Sheldrake is not only a scientist but an expert on the philosophy of science and on the history of science.

    Synchromysticism is really science, the study of Nature.. The human mind is also a field of Nature.

    Also , “Artist” “Artisan” is an alright title for a director in the theatre; But a writer,? Unless he or she is a fiction writer, does not want to be an artist; but rather would prefer to identify as a scientist?

    Honestly I hadn’t heard Alan Green describe Kubrick as a puzzle maker, before I wrote my own piece. Or heard your list … , some of it you read out … I think #5 … I liked what you said about meeting other sentient beings, as a purpose.. I would think that is always the goal of the critic.

    Just as Gurdjieff wrote of “objective art” – when people reach the same conclusions separately, without ever talking to each other about it, sometimes that is science..When people see the same things in the art they encounter, without prompt – that is “objective” art; And Synchromysticism practice circles around that.

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