Shadow of the Groundhog # 14: The Light


I feel the hum of many questions burning, both out there and in here. It’s a good feeling.

To answer my question to Abe (see last post, “Becoming Kubrick”), there is something that looks a lot like obsession but isn’t. It is the burning, unbridled engagement of every cell of one’s being with the contents of perception. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as it engages all of the senses and all of the faculties and focuses them into a single point – a burning eye of a needle that swallows every last camel without blinking.

The experience, I can only imagine, is that of a baby locking onto the world with all its senses and just sucking it up.

It is to be what we are and can never not be: pure perception.

I want to say two things today: one is to ask for your patience with this “grand unveiling,” because for me it feels almost, very much, like unveiling my very own Soul.

The other thing is not so easy to express, but last night I was failing once again to sleep while all my atoms were vibrating with the soft intensity of awakening, and I felt a sudden, quite unfamiliar feeling of immense gratitude to everyone who has stuck with me in reading this blog (never mind commenting on it, which is off the chart). It hit me as so improbable, and as an incredible generosity of spirit, for all of you to take the time to read and respond and be interested in what, at the end of the day, might just be one guy working off excess brain activity.

I know it must mean you are entertained (though of course I hope there’s something more in it for you than passing time). But even so, I am …. Touched to my core by this . . . show of sentience.

Light recognizes itself only when it first sees its shine.

6 thoughts on “Shadow of the Groundhog # 14: The Light

  1. For what it’s worth, my interest has been held not by the entertainment of any particular theory or idea, but by your decision to chronicle your personal quest. The quest feels more fundamental – the point of connection at least for myself.

    I’m sure many of us following you are in a similar maddening dance of dissolution and reformation. There is something universal and abstract there, by writing you have touched upon it and made your fellow outlanders feel less alone.

  2. You and your work is much appreciated and I am sure it have been entertaining but also mostly helpfull and interesting to most of us, myself included. And you havnt even asked for a dollar yet or inplemented some “member only” area to hear the words of wisdom. Nice to see some genuine people still out there.

    Even though I dont read books before the power grid goes down, I will order your new book. And I hope others will do the same. You deserve more “success and recognition” in my opinion and I really hope you make some $$$ on your new book.

  3. thanks, both; i think the new book is a new departure point in that, re djc’s comment, it tries to present the act of writing/being written as a personal quest for self-discovery – for why else write or do anything?

    so I hope people will read it and review it, etc, & while I am working harder than before to get this one noticed, read, reviewed, etc, it feels risky because there’s that much more of “me” in there

    then again – what am I? an ever-changing point of view

  4. “A work of art and an assumption of ourselves, is created from the concentrated energy of the Source, permanently boiling with the activity of a thousand options.In the concentrated meditation/effort of creating, we choose one of those thousand options to mask us with or to see and dress our world with.
    How could the “Hero” remain conscious of being the Source/All Creator, without getting confused with being one of Its own creations?; how to keep the consciousness, the knowing of “being” without getting diluted and swallowed within one of our own creations?
    Is what we create an illusion? or does it contains a holographic part of our “Real” self, showing or projecting the whole within that created assumption?
    How to keep the feeling of a “Primal” unity without feeling fragmented and entangle with the spasms and elations that every single creation produces in our psyches, wrapping our world with the created illusion and blinding us to the “full picture”?
    Creation: every manifestation we produce not only in the arts, but also within our emotional and physical lives.
    As we know, the art of creation is a unique, personal experience-even if we are getting the ingredients from the same “Source”-. Thus, when creating or performing a particular state, even if we manage not to get entangle in our particular creation, even if we manage to understand and rejoice in the knowing that we have created just a part of the All, or to consciously know that the part created contains the All as well: how to avoid misleading or getting others tangle up into a particular creation.
    How to let the spectators, the readers understand that the created fact is just a particular seed that will unveil only part of a truth?; and that the full unveiling of a Creative Act can only be done by a reader/spectator that goes to the “Source” within- just as the creator has done- .”

  5. “[T]here is something that looks a lot like obsession but isn’t. It is the burning, unbridled engagement of every cell of one’s being with the contents of perception. … ”


    Excellent! I am captivated.

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