Shadow of the Groundhog # 9: The Original Hair

From Abe, comments section in previous post:

The question then becomes how to integrate the earthly ego with this soul and through it with its angel, for it is through such an engagement that the individual becomes fully a Person, an integrated whole, connected to the source of Being yet also active in the world.

*** Indeed failure to connect with the angel results in very real powers of darkness invading the soul, and here Corbin differs from his contemporary Carl Jung, for he did not see the dark forces as a shadow to be integrated, but as an enemy to be defeated by the powers of Light. ***

Is this not the splitting of the original hair?


There is a throne upon which the Soul waits to be seated.

Before the throne can be occupied, it must be vacated.

But whatever has occupied the throne has only done so because it has been given the space to do so.

The shadow is a throne-filler.

7 thoughts on “Shadow of the Groundhog # 9: The Original Hair

  1. [The Shining] as a whole is a metaphor for the genocide of Native Americans.

    Alex Tsakiris: … Columbus was a horrible, horrible mass murderer, right? He wiped out well over a million people and he was conscious about doing it, if you really read his letters. … Some people have pointed out … that our history is so much tied to this mass murder, butchering, and gore at a really hand-to-hand level that we can’t really get. …

    John Michael Greer: We are not naturally good, loving, peaceful, kind, or any of that stuff. We have the capacity to be something other than murderers. We do have that potential, but it is a potential that has to be striven for. It doesn’t happen automatically. …

    Never mind the fact that the economic order that supports our comfortable middle class lives depends on the suffering of millions of people in the third world.

  2. “There is a throne upon which the Soul waits to be seated.” Abe, the commentator talks about.

    I don’t get this, what sounds like illustrated FANTASY comic book jargon. It makes for storyline alright, an idea to work wonders with. Preternaturally obsessing perhaps in materials that are elliptical and realmed in the unknown of ‘both sides now’, as: define one thing is to open up the ‘known’ if not arbitrary meaning–man made and thus fallible, linguistic label–presumed by the other ‘side’ of the same thing. Both sides presumed in the first place consequent opposite is the other side of the same thing. That is certainly well and good, for IT is before our very eyes, eh. Or beyond: gut intuitiveness? Soul. Shadow of the Soul. As if that which is vapor, rather less than, is dismissed before there is a source to rise from, as if IT is actually an element of reality to devote time and energy, separating it into parts from likely no part in the first place, for double standards reduced to one standard/mean initiating IT at ALL, and altogether one. If at all.

    “Before the throne can be occupied, it must be vacated.”

    So a Soul, again definition for core essence of the purest of life as it is meant to BE, my words, in it’s original nonform surely is absent all things dark and evil and bad, or negative to life force being what IT allegedly is by ‘design’ to BE. Eh? That which is NOTHING of the sort but original goodness. Providing the wonder of life after all must be absent a darkness of light which has no dark, since IT is light. Maybe was light even before the absolute entityless spark, begininning THAT WHICH IS all that matters. (Let’s stick with the organic for this point here) But for the sake of this argument narrative, a light/soul that can be infiltrated, infested by a shadow force of itself, an angel/devil sort of thing, both of the same essence in the beginning of the pure start from NOTHING that much, okay. And I understand, I think, that this topic of Soul and it’s overshadows can only be talked about in terms of metaphor since it is metaphor describing a presumed essence that is not solid in the wildest of interpretation, unseen, unmeasured, and only presumed, consequent perhaps a human ‘feeling’ that there surely is a BEYOND beyond this what I ‘know’. This surely can’t be all of IT sort of thing. Reminding me of singer Peggy Lee’s earthy tune, “Is that all there is?” But back to the meta of cosmos eh.

    Thus there is much more. Why, I ‘feel’ IT! So much more that cannot for the life of me be described/explained in any terms but examples, metaphor and analogy from which I actually draw up from ‘things’ I’ve put together as certain learned truths, explaining the unexplainable. That, within life is the seed of itself that blossoms pure essence of the magic and ‘purpose’ of the seed originating from . . . and which according ABE’s declaration, and by extension and exrapolation, perhaps more than just infers that the SEED like SOUL is the essence of fruition, the human SPIRIT. Absent the dark of the d’vl. Blossoming itself as IT is ”designed to be, altogether one-way, beauteous. But according to Abe, as I am unintentionaly, I hope, mutilating his points, all this loveliness can become ugly when IT leaves it’s own ALLNESS, vacating ITSELF for . . . whatever. Perhaps to excite the jolt conflict perpetuating absolute perpetuity abrasing ITSELF to seamless motion. Or maybe simply to excite ITSELF away from the sameness of ITSELF always and forever as SUCH, thus allowing in the darkness that abounds, lurks, exists. That is if we choose to define light in terms of its opposite, dark. And dark is bad for light, replaces it, blackens out ITS intrinsics, of which is a Soul Essence that speaks in our tongue, our language, describing ITSELF to us who make it up . . . .

    “But whatever has occupied the throne has only done so because it has been given the space to do so.”

    ITSELF on throne ALL MIGHTY so to speak, listen itself up! I AM royal here due my own recognizance. I give myself retreat from ALL that I occupy and replace ITSELF with that which is my SPACE to occupy. Or empty out at NO THING’S behest but my own value in the equity of the otherwise. Bow before my light. Either side it IS within all my source to and is you, arise and be glad It Is neither nor but AS IS.

    “The shadow is a throne-filler.”

    Seated as ‘thee’ is thy answer cast as substitutes for shadow.

  3. Jasun. Then you are the voice behind the 4 declarations that I mistook as Abe’s. Not surprising, they sounded like you deploying your format style as well as manner of expression. I replied in consideration the points of course, not the source. My responses are no less delightful I would presume.

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