Shadow of the Groundhog # 7: King of Kings


Thanks to Abe for all his info-filled comments keeping up the blog while I stew in my own self-generated juices.

Tonight the conversation I had with Douglas Lain goes live over at podomatic.

Meanwhile the notes I jotted down for the conversation has mushroomed into a 4000 word liminalist object which may or may not contain the final, ultimate secret about Grand Master Stanley. To the extent that I am wondering about releasing it at all.

Remember how the character at the end of Watchmen realized that all they had done was fail to stop one of their own team from saving the world?

and just to prove that nothing is constant in a moving Universe, tonight I re-watched The Shining for the first time in ten years, and had a totally different experience!

Horsley eats crow. Film at 11.


17 thoughts on “Shadow of the Groundhog # 7: King of Kings

  1. “Remember how the character at the end of Watchmen realized that all they had done was fail to stop one of their own team from saving the world?”


    There are two versions of “Watchman” the graphic novel is one; and the movie is the other..

    Very funny video, released one year ago exactly, tomorrow, the 13th. #sync

    Check the look on “Stanley’s ” face.. Hilarious.

  2. There is one thing I cannot understand here: why obsess about movies (“fiction”) at all? Is “reality” not much more interesting? And infinitely stranger than any “fiction”?! If people obessed about justice and truth as they do about a Kubrick’s film scene, the world would turn into paradise overnight!

    (fiction / reality – not easy to distinguish, hence in quotation marks)


    The neurotic obsesses about “fiction”, the true artist about “reality”!


    He was Ezra Pound (1885 – 1972), considered by many of his contemporaries to be the greatest, or at least the most influential, American poet of the 20th century. And he had been indicted by a federal grand jury for treason against the United States of America.

    I am writing to resist the view that Europe and civilization are going to Hell. If I am being “crucified for an idea”—that is, the coherent idea around which my muddles accumulated—it is probably the idea that European culture ought to survive, that the best qualities of it ought to survive along with whatever other cultures, in whatever universality. Against the propaganda of terror and the propaganda of luxury, have you a nice simple answer?

    … thousands of letters Pound wrote … incessant letters to “elected delegates” and correspondance with men in positions of influence: senators and representatives in the United States, …

    When a political system breaks down, its failure is precisely attributable to individual failure of virtue. …

    Thus individual virtue predetermines the success or failure of the political system.

    “The best of Pound’s writing – and it is in the Cantos – will last as long as there is any literature.”

    Canto XLV (With Usura)

    Canto XLVI

    Said Paterson:

    Hath benefit of interest on all
    the moneys which it, the bank, creates out of nothing.

    “Very few people
    will understand this. Those who do will be occupied
    getting profits. The general public will probably not
    see it’s against their interest.”


    FIVE milllion youth without jobs
    FOUR million adult illiterates
    15 million ‘vocational misfits’, that is with small chance for job
    NINE million persons annual, injured in preventable industrial accidents
    One hundred thousand violent crimes. The Eunited States ov America
    3rd year of the reign of F. Roosevelt, signed Delano, his uncle.

    England a worse case, …


    Canto CXV

    Time, space,
    neither life nor death is the answer.
    And of man seeking good,
    doing evil.
    In meiner Heimat
    where the dead walked
    and the living were made of cardboard.


    Canto CXVII

    M’amour, m’amour
    what do I love and
    where are you?
    That I lost my center
    fighting the world
    The Dreams clash
    and are shattered —
    and that I tried to make a paradiso

    • There is one thing I cannot understand here: why obsess about movies (“fiction”) at all? Is “reality” not much more interesting?

      Similar to my criticism of the Synchromystics. But since you put reality in quotes there, seems you aren’t so sure yourself? Also the idea that what we obsess over is a conscious choice would seem to be erroneous.

      And infinitely stranger than any “fiction”?!
      Also infinitely larger, so impossible to explore in toto: we have to emphasize a particular aspect of it first. Even if we choose an aspect of reality aren’t we then making our own movie and getting obsessed with it?

      If people obessed about justice and truth as they do about a Kubrick’s film scene, the world would turn into paradise overnight!
      Really? really?
      Do you think obsession with truth and justice leads to liberation?

      I doubt any form of obsession leads to liberation, except insofar as it is obsession we are seeking liberation from? Following obsessions inward, back to their root may free us. But following them outward to some supposed result – wouldn’t that only lead us deeper into the Maze?

      • Similar to my criticism of the Synchromystics.

        # Exactly.

        But since you put reality in quotes there, seems you aren’t so sure yourself?

        # As I wrote: fiction / reality – not easy to distinguish, hence in quotation marks. It would take a whole essay or even a book to sketch out this distinction. That’s why I don’t like blog writings. A subtle idea (a “perception” or “Erkenntnis” in German) cannot be communicated this way. Maybe it’s only a projection of mine, because I certainly have this “problem”, hence I don’t even try, but I feel the general lack of resonance to your artistic and philosophical efforts is largely due to your (semi-) conscious attempts to communicate deeper insights than this medium can convey.

  3. Jason in Diet Soap: … How did he become Kubrick? By having that power. It’s a bit of a circular. It’s a mystery. There is a mystery about Kubrick and it is not just about my personal one. How did he get to be considered such a great film maker when his films to my mind are very empty – his later films. There is also a kind of sociological mystery and even a political mystery. How did he get such influence? Was he given this amount of influence? Was he somehow chosen to be a communicator or conveyor of ideologies?

    — The ULTIMATE red pill, or How far down the rabbit hole can we go? —

    Stanley Kubrick: Self-hating Jew

    The late Stanley Kubrick once remarked that “Hitler was right about almost everything,” …

    Frederic Raphael, who authored the Eyes Wide Shut script for Kubrick recalled that Kubrick once remarked that “Hitler was right about almost everything,” and insisted that any trace of Jewishness be expunged from the “Eyes Wide Shut” script. Kubrick’s bizarre relationship to his own ethnicity deeply troubled Raphael, a fellow Jew. Raphael was further puzzled over Kubrick’s cryptic praise for Hitler, unable to decide if Kubrick was jesting.

    “For Kubrick, those with power on the scale of Hitler or Stalin are the proper subjects for an understanding of the world,” …

    The Enigma of Hitler
    Léon Degrelle

    Approximately two hundred thousand books have dealt with the Second World War and with its central figure, Adolf Hitler. But has the real Hitler been discovered by any of them? “The enigma of Hitler is beyond all human comprehension,” the left-wing German weekly Die Zeit once put it.

    The mountains of Hitler books based on blind hatred and ignorance do little to describe or explain the most powerful man the world has ever seen. How, I ponder, do these thousands of disparate portraits of Hitler in any way resemble the man I knew? The Hitler seated beside me, standing up, talking, listening. It has become impossible to explain to people fed fantastic tales for decades that what they have read or heard on television just does not correspond to the truth.

    People have come to accept fiction, repeated a thousand times over, as reality.

    Adolf Hitler : The Greatest Story NEVER told!

    Adolf Hitler

    I’m not worthy to speak up for Adolf Hitler, and to any sentimental rousing his life and deeds do not invite.

    Hitler was a warrior, a warrior for humankind and a preacher of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reforming character of the highest order, and his historical fate was that he functioned in a time of exampleless [unequalled] brutality, which in the end felled him.

    Thus may the ordinary Western European look at Adolf Hitler. And we, his close followers, bow our heads at his death.

    Knut Hamsun

    Knut Hamsun (August 4, 1859 – February 19, 1952) was a Norwegian author, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920.

    One of the most important and controversial writers of the 20th century, Knut Hamsun made literary history with the publication in 1890 of this powerful, autobiographical novel recounting the abject poverty, hunger and despair of a young writer struggling to achieve self-discovery and its ultimate artistic expression. The book brilliantly probes the psychodynamics of alienation and obsession, painting an unforgettable portrait of a man driven by forces beyond his control to the edge of self-destruction. Hamsun influenced many of the major 20th-century writers who followed him, including Kafka, Joyce and Henry Miller.

      • The Declaration by United Nations, on 1 January 1942, was the basis of the modern UN.

        Roosevelt suggested “United Nations” as an alternative to the name “Associated Powers.” Churchill, accepted it, noting that the phase was used by Lord Byron in the poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Stanza 35).

        The term United Nations became synonymous during the war with the Allies and was considered to be the formal name that they were fighting under.

        … “unconditional surrender”. The defeat of “Hitlerism” constituted the overarching objective, …

        Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage is a lengthy narrative poem in four parts written by Lord Byron.

        The work provided the first example of the Byronic hero. … The hero must have a rather high level of intelligence and perception as well as be able to easily adapt to new situations and use cunning to his own gain. … The hero also has a tendency to be arrogant and cynical, indulging in self-destructive behaviour which leads to the need to seduce women.

        Characters with the qualities of the Byronic hero have appeared in novels, films and plays ever since.


        The Psalmist numbered out the years of man:
        They are enough: and if thy tale be TRUE,
        Thou, who didst grudge him e’en that fleeting span,
        More than enough, thou fatal Waterloo!
        Millions of tongues record thee, and anew
        Their children’s lips shall echo them, and say,
        ‘Here, where the sword united nations drew,
        Our countrymen were warring on that day!’
        And this is much, and all which will not pass away.

  4. Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 American erotic thriller film loosely based upon Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Dream Story. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. It was his last film, as he died six days after showing his final cut to Warner Brothers studios.

    Schnitzler meticulously kept a diary from the age of 17 until two days before his death. The manuscript, which runs to almost 8,000 pages, is most notable for Schnitzler’s casual descriptions of sexual conquests – he was often in relationships with several women at once, and for a period of some years he kept a record of every orgasm.

    Schnitzler’s works were called “Jewish filth” by Adolf Hitler and were banned by the Nazis in Austria and Germany.

  5. Forces which were against Nazism defeated Hitler, but that is not the real history. That was just an outward phenomenon. Hitler was used by an esoteric group. This was one of the most desperate efforts, because this esoteric group was working for centuries but could not help humanity as they desired to help. This was a desperate effort to help humanity before humanity destroys itself on this earth. So they had tried through saints, through persons who were powerless, who were poor in spirit. They tried through Adolf Hitler to win the whole world before it is destroyed and to give a certain teaching to humanity.

    ‘He used to boast to Sheela and me that he’d succeed where Hitler failed.’

  6. Almost Everything in “Dr. Strangelove” Was True

    … we now know that American officers did indeed have the ability to start a Third World War on their own.

    “This is absolute madness, Ambassador,” President Merkin Muffley says in the film, after being told about the Soviets’ automated retaliatory system.

    The Soviet military science not without reason was proud that at the final stage of the war the Red Army implemented into practice such term as the “artillery offensive”. … For instance, in breaking through the German defenses in the course of the Vistula-Oder operation (January, 1945) in the corridor of the main strike were created fantastic artillery densities of 420 guns per 1 km of the front. Within each meter of the German force defenses exploded 15 shells of medium and large caliber. Within the 5th Shock army offensive corridor 23 kilotons of ammunition was expended in one hour – this is greater than the Hiroshima atom bomb.

    Little Boy was the codename for the type of atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

    It exploded with an energy of 16 kilotons of TNT (67 TJ).

  7. Operation Unthinkable was a code-name of two related plans of a conflict between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union. Both were ordered by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1945 and developed by the British Armed Forces’ Joint Planning Staff at the end of World War II in Europe.

    The study became the first of Cold War-era contingency plans for war with the Soviet Union. Both plans were highly secret at the time of their creation and it was not until 1998 that they were made public.

    The initial primary goal of the operation was declared as follows: “to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and the British Empire.”

    The hypothetical date for the start of the Allied invasion of Soviet-held Europe was scheduled for 1 July 1945.

    The Chief of the Army, General Sir Alan Brooke, was appalled at the plan and likened the Prime Minister to a warmonger. Brooke noted in his diary that Churchill was “longing for another war”.

    One of the reasons that made Churchill so bellicose was the fact that he knew about the Manhattan Project and how close America was to developing atomic bombs passed the test phase. He even told Brooke that if Stalin failed to listen to the West’s wishes, the US could target Moscow, Stalingrad and then Kiev.

  8. Funny the subject is Hitler ; Just finished a post on Hitler and Scat.

    And posted a radio show by Mae Brussel today – this morning, without reading any of this – who speaks , not only of Hitler, but of the fact that nobody is really interested in Truth and Justice.. It’s a total bullshit lie.. They are obviously not interested in it. No matter what they profess. They go after what they want.. According to Brussel, Hitler had a genius for knowing what people wanted, what buttons to push to get what he wanted.

    I recently looked up, today, what I wrote about the resemblance between Hitler and Angela Merkel. It has my opinion on the hagiographic new Hitler documentary, which , I believe, is what got Henrik Palmgren X-ed from Iphones podcasts.

    I’ve been thinking over some of what you have written Jason, in these recent threads.. I have no comment.. And can have no comment.. I don’t like hearing about it.. And so I doubt you like thinking about it.. I don’t even want to tell you what I would do if I had thoughts like that – since of course, I might not be able to stop them.. And of course,, you’re not really interested in my oint of view toward them,. Which I ‘ve found out earlier in our communication. .If you can’t figure it out yourself, me saying something will not help.

    I hope you get what you want, Jason.. And I hope you lead a happy and peaceful life.. I look forward to reading the Kubrick article. I enjoy very very much, a lot of what you write.. And am glad you are still writing.. Thank you for letting me share on your blog.

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